Board The Train Of Big Head, Small Brain!

Have to wait and see who this could be!

So a few days back the cat noticed a so called article of a cat study at my shack. Then yesterday thanks to a certain bay, maybe the guy in the above pic? I'm still not telling about that little trick. Anyway, back on task. What was this so called study you ask? The Smithsonian Conversation Biology Institute, let's call them stick up their ass humans or maybe instead of stick, flute, went on about a "funded" study that stated, cats kill millions upon millions of birds each year and the stupid media made it highly rated.

They blame the trap-neuter-return and want cats to feel the burn. No more returning and such, instead bring on death's touch. Now it doesn't matter if it is cat, dog, bat or hog, I'd still rant about these big head, no brain idiots at my blog. So away we go with a rant that will show they are nothing but asses in glasses.

Look at the stats!
Oh no, it's those cats.
They are making the world a bad place,
Killing birds at a steady pace.

Let's shout it out to one and all.
So now people will ignore the big bouncing ball.
Meaning old rich bald men,
Can still go buy another den.

The world is going to shit,
As cats walk around in it.
Doing what nature intended,
Unlike the stuff humans have amended.

But shhhhhh let's not talk about that.
We have to blame the cat.
Who cares if we make more houses than we need?
Who cares if the world is run by greed?

Who cares if we like it when people get sick?
It adds more money in our pockets brick by brick.
Who cares if we want to start another war?
Who cares if people are killing each other in some far off shore?

Who cares if we never change from oil?
Isn't it fun to be greedy and watch all boil?
Who cares if cows produce tons of greenhouse gases?
We are big headed, no brained asses in glasses.

Who cares if many in the world are dying of starvation?
Who cares if you're charged up the ass with taxation?
Who cares if we produce more trash than half the planet?
At least our asses with glasses can fan it!

Next we'll blame the dog,
For farting and creating fog.
Then you can read and your little mind can believe that,
While our wallet gets fat.

For we really need that grant.
So we will ignore the harm of a nuclear plant.
The de-forestation, pfft who cares about that?
When we can simply blame the cat.

But why end there,
With the ordinary pets at your lair?
Rabbits chew,
That could turn all blue.

Hogs spread the mud.
Could slip and fall with a thud.
And oh my God!
Can't forget the cod.

I wonder what biased study we can cook up now,
So our asses with glasses can take a bow?
As long as the money comes in,
We'll make the results work towards the donors way for the win!

Many may know at my show that I hate studies a ton. For they are always biased when given a run. Cellphones don't cause cancer at all. Says the study done by the cell phone company at their hall. This drug is oh so safe to use. Says the drug company who gets your dues. And just like those, which will come as no shock, this whole thing is one big crock.

For the study from the asses in glasses that they spread to the masses, were done by those with an anti-cat track record out there on display. So what else would you expect them to say? Cats are good. Pffft another form of greed in the hood. Cats kill birds, humans shout nasty words, birds eat worms, those poor billions of worms are getting bird germs. Oh me, oh my, for the worms let's have a good cry.

Fact is humans have wiped more species off the planet than any animal, of any kind, ever has and ever will. Unless dinosaurs come back for a thrill. But we won't go there. So if getting rid of cats for birds is fair. Then I guess we better start killing off humans for all they've destroyed at their lair. And there was my rant for today class. It was a long one from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. The greediness of the government is something that irks me so much Pat. Thank goodness there are people like you to question it because so many people just take it for granted haha, great post Pat, shame I was beat again to your mat.

    1. Yeah never believe that crap they tell
      And this time Hank beat you in plenty of time at my cell

  2. One can't escape, one can't hide
    They'll find you on this planet wide
    A scary drone will shoot you down
    Like Bozo who's a big fat clown
    Don't get me started on this mess
    For I surely do confess
    Your rant is timely for this day
    Do we shut our lips and pay and pay?

    1. Never will shut mine
      Not even if they try and ban the feline
      Will rant away
      For the crap continues to pile up at every bay

  3. It has become a very scary world that we live in..... Take me back to "The Good Ole Days"

    1. Gonna break into an all in the family theme song?
      Who knows, some may sing along

  4. oh these studies arent biased
    just pulled out the ass, ha
    its funny the things that people
    get money to study as if we had extra to burn
    as this knowledge will really turn
    society around you know...did you hear the groan
    at your show...

    1. haha big groan indeed
      And yeah none of this crap we need
      Wow, cats kill birds
      Done in 100,000 words
      What moron doesn't know that?
      Clearly some so called scholar ass hat

  5. When cats eat birds,
    and birds eat worms -
    it's circulation on the Earth!
    Example of China is the worst,
    when in 50s there order was
    to kill all pigeons and sparrows
    to save the crop..
    no birds - much worms,
    and anyway
    the crop is died,
    what the crime!

    1. Yeah humans think they are smart
      Trying to take nature apart
      And they never win
      Just screw things up more at their bin

  6. We have feral cats at my job. As a matter of fact, I caught one of the kittens and he's now a member of my family. They are hunters, but so are we.

    1. Yeah humans kill each other every day
      At least about most cats that you can't say

  7. To many people in the world are anti-cat
    I'd even say they outnumber those who are anti-rat
    What did cat's do to get such a bad name?
    I for one think it's a crying shame
    I for one will always love a cat's purr
    One of the sweetest sounds ever to be heard

    1. Yeah they sure seem to pile up
      Maybe too much booze in their cup
      Either way
      Give me a cat over many a stupid human anyday

  8. If the bird isn't quick enough
    that can be tough
    nature can be very rough!

    1. Yeah an nature it is
      Not some strange act or biz

  9. Best of luck, with the coming of the Big Storm.

    Or, is your cat's influence, protecting you already? ,-))))

    1. Yeah he will protect me
      Or pretend to as he runs and tries to flee

  10. A cat follows
    Natures way
    and keeps
    things balanced
    every day.

    Predator and
    prey in
    lockstep dance
    to a tune
    so old
    in their
    blood it flows.

    But Man
    has forgotten
    his song,
    lost his way
    so out of
    tune he'll
    always stay.

    Well said today Cat.

    1. Yeah it all is just nature's way
      Man is the idiot here on display
      Just like every day
      In some new way

    2. We had the most beautiful Blue Jay here last Summer and my neighbors children loved watching him at my bird feeder. Well, one day he turned up as nothing more than a pile of feathers in front of my house. The children cried when they saw the bird was dead. I felt a wee bit bad as my Fang had eaten him. It turns out my bird feeder isn't so much of a bird feeder as it is a cat feeder :)

    3. Yeah they are good cat feeders indeed
      A squirrel got caught in one near my feed
      Not fun the kids at to see
      But you can't blame the kitty

  11. My dog must be credited for a lot of fog

    she sure does it after eating with all that natural smog.

    thank goodness for air fresheners.

    1. hahaha they come in handy
      When out the fog comes like candy

  12. so true, it is easy to say cats kill that many birds but how many do we kill by destroying there nesting space or killing of their food supply?

    1. Yeah humans kill waaay more
      Just looking to shift the blame to some other shore

  13. After know Betsy Zoo
    I really love cats and dogs
    why not?
    we all live after the same sun
    not onñy in your land
    anyway I love birds in her yard!!

    1. Yeah both are fine by me
      Birds are too at my sea
      But it is natures way
      Humans need to wise up at their bay

  14. That was a terrific rant Pat to which I tip my hat!

  15. I'm with you about studies; they study one thing and say it is bad and then five years later it is suddenly good. What?? Don't get that. All things in moderation I think :)


    1. Yep studies are a load of crap
      Just round and round they go for a lap

  16. What Cats do to deserve all these
    Ills of the world are always there
    Do we blame Cats with ease
    Somehow it isn't fair!


    1. Yeah always need someone to blame
      To ignite some flame
      And ignore
      The real issues at ones shore

  17. You hit a nerve with this one! I have very strong feelings about research, grants and wasted funds. I'm all for giving charity, just not to bogus causes! Best of the weekend to you:)

    1. Pffft to many charities too
      May as well flush your money down the loo
      But there are some good ones
      Just not tons

  18. You're right of course. But hey, it's always easier to blame someone else, right?

    1. Yep, always take the easy way out
      Creating something to blame and bitch about

  19. Is there nothing else on which to spend money or to study?? Cats also keep the rodent population down. The Black Plague was assisted in part by the elimination of cats, which were seen as evil asst. to a witch. Cats killed, rats flourished, people died. Folly of man.

    1. Never knew that
      Learning all kinds of things at my mat
      Nature has its way
      And we stupid humans take one thing away and we get hit by something, it would sometimes seem, deserving at our bay

  20. You nailed it with this rant! There will always be someone crying foul over something small to draw the attention away from the bigger mess they are creating.

    1. Yeah that is exactly what they do
      So pathetic how many fall for it too

  21. Sometimes people just need to find something to bitch about. Like you said, today it's the cat, tomorrow it's the dog. A few years ago it was the cow and their farts. It never ends and there will always be people who find something to whine about. At least I'm consistent - I whine about the same thing all the time!

    1. haha yeah your whine is fine
      As you don't hold up some animal hating sign
      Just the migraine one
      And yeah people need something to blind them so they can bitch and pretend everything is right under the sun

  22. orlin N cassie...OK ta rant coz we will two;

    everee yeer sum azz comes out bout this...what we find amazin iz they all ways FAIL ta menshun, dont WANNA men shun, FORGETZ ta menshun....

    how many burds iz killed by cars, habitat loss, pollution, pest control toxins, electrocution, high rise buildings, windows, disease, communication towers, high tension wires, wind turbines, airplanes N ther own species; de predators da hawk N owl.

    we also never heer bout de burds that iz killed simplee coz dee burds R lame, wounded, sick ....ore any combo oh de three, and de burd is killed coz it remains GROUNDED and CAN'T fly ta escape....

    de USDA admitted ta killing 100′s of birds in SD back in 2011 and de National Audubon Society admits half the deaths of the ENTIRE burd population of de US is from.....

    natural causes.....

    ok, we iz done rantin two...hope everee one haza grate week oh end !!!

    1. Damn that was a good rant as well
      And yep just proves they are biased as hell
      Trying to blame cats for all the burd crap
      When humans and the crap we make are an even bigger threatening trap

  23. I heard about that on the news!
    and now they say it's worms that cause the global warming blues!
    Have they forgotten about the food chain?
    Leave it alone and let it do it's thing.
    That's how God intended it to be
    and the balance comes about naturally.
    Geesh, people!
    Those studies are such a waste of money
    while children all over go hungry.
    But we know how fast a shrimp can run
    on a miniature treadmill to save his bum.
    Meanwhile sick people are killing others
    but why should they care or bother
    while cats are eating the birds?
    It's just really absurd!

    1. geesh...a little rant I gave!
      Now I'll go unload groceries and behave.

    2. LOL got you going too
      Oh so fun to do
      And all of it is true
      Dumbed down to nonsense at each zoo
      If it isn't crap reality tv
      It's news about some stupid study
      That makes no sense
      Only proving they are dense
      Hope the groceries weren't to heavy to lift
      Might leave you more miffed haha

    3. I guess if I had 67.000 cats
      we wouldn't have any sparrows at my mat.
      Would save on buying bird seed
      and making suet on which they love to feed.

    4. haha but the cat food bill
      Would be enough to make you need a nerve pill

  24. Yes, I heard that study too about how many animals cats killed. Well, as far as I'm concerned they can kill all the mice they want. Seems a waste of money to 'study' such things to me! (Here cats have to be kept indoors always...they can't run loose. City law.)

    1. That isn't a bad law
      Keeps them safe and can have a draw
      Any study like this is crap
      And yeah they make a good mouse trap

  25. Rant away Pat as those studies and ads are paid for
    and funded by businesses ~ Surely there are bigger
    problems to be solved, let animals be, most will leave
    us be ~

    We are having a winter blast here, not good at all ~

    1. Yeah it is so dumb
      As they talk out their bum
      And people believe their crap
      We are going to get blasted here soon with a snow trap

  26. I concur so much. I have a real bias about research in this manner.

    1. Yeah all a load of crap
      That needs to take a big dirt nap

  27. Few creatures are as destructive as humans.

  28. What a shame when time, money, and resources are wasted so effortlessly in the name of research.

    1. Yeah it is rather sad
      How much they waste that could go to some worthwhile stuy or pad

  29. Death, murder, hate, and rape
    and plenty of wars on hand.
    All are started by hairless apes
    Not those who crap in sand.

    1. Yep very true
      But they ignore that and blame those who use a sand loo

  30. I'm glad they've solved that climate change dealio and can concentrate on us cats now.

    1. Yeah now everything can be blamed on the cat
      Climate change, what is that?

  31. yeah that's stupid. some of these studies are so stupid and pointless when they can focus on more useful things.
    for many, it's just a money-making ploy sadly.

    1. Yeah that is all it seems to be
      Another way to be greedy and bring in the money

  32. Ugh, as a researcher I'm conflicted because yes, some studies may seem frivolous but they serve their purpose.

    Except the ones that have data being skewed. Those have no place anywhere.

    1. Yeah true
      Some could come through
      But one telling cats eat birds
      Doesn't need 10,000 words

  33. True. Lots of insight here. Great questions and excellent closing paragraph. You know, I saw this article on the news feed, and it's so funny, I was going to let you know about it, as I knew you'd have something to say regarding the cats at that bay, and what the talking heads had to say, glad to see it passed by your desk, and from that, this post then addressed such a quest. Excellent piece.

    1. Yeah seems all have seen it here and there
      Cropped up twice at my lair
      So away I went
      Ranting away as I hit the cement

  34. Loved the repetition of Who cares :P


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