Canada is Out Of Luck Unless You Have An Even Buck!

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

So last week here at our Canadian creek the penny officially became dead. Yep, off with its copper head. Or whatever it is made out of. That cat is too lazy to show that fact some love. That means now if it comes to $1.96 you are in a fix. But that isn't the worst part which I will show at my cart.

Step on our Canadian shore,
Bring your snowshoes to explore.
But forget some sayings you once had.
For they are no longer valid at our pad.

No finding pennies for good luck,
Instead throw salt and make people duck.
In for a penny, in for a pound,
I guess that would be nickel as up you round.

No longer can be called a bad penny,
Because there just isn`t any.
At least nothing can cost you a pretty penny,
So you can buy moose tails, many.

It even helps out poor you,
For no longer will you be blue.
You won`t feel like a penny waiting for change.
Boy, that was lame at my range.

I guess one still will stick,
As here it does the trick.
Now no one will have two pennies to rub together.
Think that will make all the same under any weather?

And you will feel the burn,
As a penny saved is a penny you could earn.
But now there is none,
Ruining your penny saving fun.

Fools will still turn up too,
But won`t be like a bad penny that they come due.
Instead will have to be like a quarter,
Or we just send all the fools across the border.

And this last one bothers me,
As I don`t give away things for free.
I have to eat you know,
So I hate to see this one go.

A penny for your thoughts.
Really hurts me lots.
I have lots of thoughts,
So I could have plenty of penny plots.

But at least we still have the loonie,
And if that isn`t enough the toonie.
Now if we were tiny,
We`d be a bit cartoony.

Just had to give that a go. Overall glad we no longer have to carry those things around at our show. But hmm rounding up or down? I bet down will be were all go to make us frown. Anything to save a buck, right? Which is why pennies are gone to the dead of night. Sorry penny, I don`t mourn your pass but you were fun to hit around the floor by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. A penny for your thoughts
    A rounding off in the works
    Not a bother to consumers
    Accepted as convenience for most
    Can total a tidy sum if added
    But Pfft! it goes into thin air
    It would only benefit the traders
    For most others nobody really care


    1. Yeah that is true
      The traders and idiot in office too
      As they want to save the cost
      By making it get lost

  2. I always thought that the idea of Canadian Tyre money was stupid, is it finished or what now? It's a silly idea though, just like you said it really only amounts to a few pennies so it's not worth saving.

    1. That money has a point
      As it is free at their joint
      So a little off is okay
      Even if it is a penny or two at their bay

  3. So who profits from this?
    What kind of madness?
    Pennies add up when you save
    So why send them to their grave?

    1. Take a wild guess
      Who profits from the mess
      The idiots on the hill
      Who want their pockets easier to fill
      As it supposedly costs more to produce than it is worth
      So now it is extinct over Earth
      And as Anne said below
      Now they can round everything up and charge more at each show

  4. To Canada's penny farewell
    Soon will ours be going pell mell
    It was a nice run, we had lots of fun
    Though a fortune with it wasn't won
    Fat piggy came with to the store
    Machines for counting stood by the door
    Klunk klunk slid the coins from her belly
    As the counter clicked on just like jelly
    Eighty bucks richer as I left the store
    And fat piggy is pregnant no more

    1. I like that last line-very nice. I do the same thing. I save up my pennies and then cash them in. I love doing it as I walk in broke and walk out with cash in hand.

    2. Damn eight bucks in pennies you say
      That must have been one heavy piggy you lugged to the stores bay
      Used to do that too
      But lately no change has come due

      Technically you weren't broke though
      As you had the dough in one way or another to show

  5. It's a good thing my daughter's school had a penny drive not so long ago; Otherwise, we'd be stuck with a lot of pennies around here. I totally missed that we (Canada) were getting rid of them.

    1. Yeah I'm stuck with a bunch
      I heard abut it on lunch
      As work had to adjust
      Rounding up is a must

  6. Dang, ya gotta go hog wild and throw a nickle in a fountain to make a wish now a days huh?

    1. Yeah getting damn expensive to visit a fountain
      Like we have to climb a damn mountain

  7. Up they'll round
    not down
    and tax to
    that will add
    the new amount.

    And in
    the end more
    the cost
    to shop.

    Screwed you'll be
    one way or another
    as the rich
    get richer
    and the poor
    get poorer.

    After 6 months you should do the math and see how much money the government is earning with this change. That would tell the tale.

    1. Yeah I have no illusions as to where it will go
      Sucking away more dough
      In the pocket of each schmuck
      Who about I couldn't give a feck haha

  8. man never thought about all the cultural ramifications of of death of the penny, i one breath wiping out a whole range of cliche wisdom, at least you still say 'eh', right? no more penny earned, my checkbook might as well be burned

    1. Yeah the cliches are toast
      With our penny roast
      My checkbook doesn't exist
      Nothing there in the mist haha

  9. A world without a penny???
    This presents problems aplenty
    What do do if you're a penny short?
    I suppose you'll just have to be the creative sort

    1. Yeah they'll make it so
      Everything hits the right price at their show
      Either that or round up
      Just to take more dough from our cup

  10. it won't be too long until that comes true in America. Silly inflation.

    1. Yep all will follow suit
      Getting rid of the penny like brute

  11. I did hear you guys were losing the penny. Wasn't there talk to of going to plastic money? I think I saw that on a blog. Who knew there were so many penny references, and they're all familiar. :)

    1. Yeah plastic money was the talk
      No sure if that idea will walk
      There are a ton
      Never realized until I gave them a run

  12. wait no more pennies? So, do people have to cash them in or what is going to happen?

    1. Guess they will use them until there are no more
      In circulation at our shore

  13. Now you can collect them at your hall
    or take them to an antique mall
    they will become scarce
    and collectors will be fierce
    in holding on to them
    as they are lucky once again!
    I'm sure we aren't far behind
    in seeing their demise
    paper money will never go
    cuz they just print more, you know.

    1. haha yeah the paper will always stay
      Although our is some funky type now on display
      And one day the penny will probably be scarce around
      Not sure in my lifetime though it will be worth much at any ground

  14. When we lived overseas, we had no pennies either. Even if it was $4.97 it didn't matter, no pennies. The upside, the store rounded up.

    Oh, and who has two pennies to rub together anymore?

    1. Surely not me
      A flea has more money haha
      And don't you mean they rounded down
      As up would make one frown

  15. I remember as a kid how excited to find a penny on the street; now I don't even bother to bend down to pick one up that I should meet; I know they gather more than any money, so I would not be sad to see them go; it would actually be kind of funny, for us to figure out what to do without them.

    what will happen to all the pennies? can people cash them in?


    1. Yeah now they aren't worth your time
      As they can't get anything which is a crime
      God knows what will happen with them though
      I read somewhere there is a million bucks worth of pennies in dumps at each show
      Maybe they will go there
      As no one will care

  16. I have heard they want to do away with our pennies in the US too....

    1. Waiting to see how we do I suppose
      And if well the penny hating grows

  17. Yes, they've been talking about doing away with the penny in the U.S. for years. I don't know what will finally push that into a reality for us.

    1. If we save some dough
      I'm sure you will follow suit at your US show

  18. Hehhhhh... Canada did it, hu? Betcha' you are the tip of the spear, on such stuff. ,-)

  19. Interesting! I did hear that, here in the US, at the moment it costs 10 cents (dime) to produce a 5 cent coin (nickel)! What a crazy world. Soon everything will probably be done electronically, and money will be totally obsolete.

    1. Yeah they are trying to lead to that
      Not sure if it is good or not at ones mat
      But we shall see
      What comes fro the money tree

  20. Ah, as Beethoven would say, "The rage over a lost penny!"

    1. Bah no rage here
      But another penny expression works for my rhyming rear

  21. Now I suppose America will follow suit. Talk has been going that direction. In fact our new pennies are little more then copper colored aluminum foil.

    Loved your collection of penny sayings.

    1. Yeah will prob go that way
      The penny will be extinct in a few years everywhere I say

  22. Does that mean you have no cents?

    1. hahahaha lost my cents long ago
      But I did look high and low

  23. orlin N cassie:

    MOL at brian !!!

    n think of de FUN ????? all de storez iz gonna have, changin their equipmint for even nickles....

    1. Yeah the will be an expense too
      But hard to feel bad for those that fleece you

  24. I was wondering when all the pennies would become obsolete.

  25. A penny isn't just any
    piece of copper money
    For a supersonic penny
    can kill Kenny
    and, buster, that ain't funny.

    1. Going all South Park today
      A supersonic penny on display
      May even travel through time
      Making it worth more than a dime

  26. By the way, if the US were to get rid of the penny, poor Abe Lincoln would only have his face on the $5 bill.
    On the other hand, Washington has a coin AND the $1.00 bill.
    Even Jefferson has a coin AND a paper bill (albeit the little-used $2 note).
    Abe needs disrespect like that like he needs a hole in the head.

    1. But Abe is worth more than both combined with his note
      So maybe the penny going extinct will get his vote
      After all people do throw them in the trash
      That has to leave a bad rash

    2. Hmm, well, whaddya say?
      I never thought of it that way.

    3. See the cat can turn it around
      Faster than a hound

  27. I laugh at a penny for your thoughts ~ Well, I am glad not to be carrying them as its value has really diminished ~ What's really bothersome is the change, but it will be okay in the long haul ~

    Your last verse is really funny ~ May our wallets be full of toonies and loonies~

    1. haha yeah it is a pain
      Glad it's gone too from our lane
      Plenty of toonies and loonies would be grand
      Many prob think we're crazy reading that in my land

  28. Well, you just squashed my 9 year old's dream of coming to Canada to spend the Canadian penny she found. Maybe it will be worth more than a penny some day now? lol

    1. LOL sorry about that
      Maybe she will be able to sell it for more one day at our Canadian mat

  29. Oh, they talk of getting rid of pennies here too, but no one likes that idea. Too bad it wasn't all talk in Canada!

    1. Yeah they actually did something for a change
      Better or worse it's done at our range

  30. They keep talking about getting rid of the penny here in the US and frankly I wish they would. Apparently, they cost more to make than they're worth! Once again, Canada leads the way!

    1. Yeah they do cost more
      I bet they will follow suit at your shore

  31. There's only 1 type of penny that's worth anything so I'm keeping my eye out for it. Only 3 of them exist and they're worth over 100k each.

    1. I heard there was one like that
      Would be awesome to be found by the cat

  32. In Chicago the value their Pennies because they have Lincoln on them :) I hate the idea of throwing out any type of nostalgia coin. And is it okay if I come to Canada and just keep saying 'eh?'. :)

    1. Letting nostalgia win
      Well that isn't a sin
      And you can say eh all you want
      Just don't say it near my haunt
      Hate that word
      So absurd haha

  33. You mean you can't spend a penny no more? To that, I say: Oh, cor! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Can still use if you have one I think,
      If not toss it down the sink


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