Go Away! No Bright Shadow Play!

Damn dVerse getting Pat to chase us about, flashing us with his camera as we shout. He wanted us to bring more fame apart from the rhyming game. So he chased us around hoping a weird shadow would be found. One that was bright and showed a figure in its light. Then we could say it predicted the winter and soon we could stop bashing the printer. But that plan made us form our own. It was time we put an end to the groundhog and his bright shadowy groan.

I was fast asleep,
When the camera gave a beep.
I told Pat to go bug Cassie,
She does think she is so classy.

See, what I mean?
Thinking she is so serene.
With her nose to the sky.
Posing for that Pat guy.

I was awake.
But I still would not partake.
Screw this shadow play.
That flash was too bright with its display.

Cassie climbed our door condo thing.
I think she too was sick of the flashy thing.
Then we heard a sound,
That was worse than a barking hound.

I checked to see if that fish was still good and dead.
Maybe Betsy put in some kind of noise to cause us dread.
Nope, that was not it.
So the search was on for this noisy fit

Cassie checked the cupboard and gave the all clear.
Of course she knew Pat was near.
So the door she didn't close,
Even finding time to strike a pose.

I checked each crack.
That sounds like a bad gutter attack.
Can you tell I was pissed?
This noise was at the top of my list.

Suddenly it caught Cassie's eye.
It was two creatures making this awful cry.
She said she would take the tall one.
So I got the one who fears the sun.

Yeah it was this over grown rat.
One half that was annoying the cat.
He thought he could hide here,
And be protected by my little rhyming rear.

Screw that!
Now he's stuffed and a play toy for the cat.
No more bright shadow play,
Adding any more winter to our bay.

But Cassie's was also a feat.
She did something really neat.
She found the other noisy nut,
And pulled out his hair until his mouth shut.

Thus now Bill  is bald as well as an ass.
Maybe next he'll turn into a lass.
If he lives the day all over again.
I hope he knows to avoid my den.

And so a bright shadow came to pass. Thanks to the cat and Cass. It was different than what you would expect, might not have caught it if you suffer brain neglect. For the over grown rat had a shiny bright life. Now he's mourned by his dear wife. From bright to dark all from being more annoying than a dog bark. And Bill  can now shine the shadows away with his bald head each and every day. Damn, that was quite the bright shadow pass. All better not mess with Cassie and my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Hank and Brian are both slow
      I guess they are out chasing that shadow glow

  2. That no way was said when I logged into Blogger and realised that this post had been left uncommented haha. This post is great Pat, Cassie is so cute and I honestly wouldn't object to seeing more photos of her, I love the way in one photo she just randomly starts posing for you, she's adorable! I also don't know how this post ended with a Bill Murray burial or a "murial," but I laughed and loved it all the same, this post is great and deserves no slate or hate.

    1. haha yeah Murray was a bit of a Groundhog Day rift
      As unlike the groundhog he isn't very swift
      Cassie does think she is all of that
      Far more prissy than the cat

  3. You cats had quite the day
    With a bright shadow ray
    But what does it mean
    On the whole weather scene?
    Will it be winter or no
    From that bald headed schmoe
    You 2 cats are quite a combo
    Took them on with a lively mambo
    I am sure you saved the day
    Now ask Pat for your royal pay.

    1. Pat is too cheap
      To pay us at our keep
      But we will get him back
      And it means winter will be over soon at each shack
      In march there will be no snow
      Don't hold us to that though haha

  4. That Cassie is quite a poser. I doubt the camera flash ever did bother her! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. I doubt it too
      She likes to pose away at our zoo

  5. They're both gorgeous, and I have to say they look pretty happy and content. :)

    1. Yeah they sure have to life at our sea
      Treated better than any humans around me haha

  6. I had all the intentions of going to PUNXSUTAWNEY, Pa yesterday morning to get some pictures of Phill. Since Hubs had his eye surgery... that nixed that plan.

    We only live a couple of hours from there but I have never been.

    Cassie is adoreable!!

    1. Poor Phil has to be flashed to death this time of year
      No wonder the sun gives him fear haha

  7. hahahaha...nice...i love how yout cat drapes the back of the chair in your lair, and too funny an adventure to indenture your cats to tell you of spring, slaying the rat and making a toy is just the thing, but spring will come early indeed, the rodent has already planted the seed, and i love that bill murray movie, to relive the same day would not be groovy...

    1. Yeah he does that so slick
      Like he's performing a trick
      Just sprawling out
      Giving a little shout
      Early it better come
      And yeah reliving the same day would be glum

  8. Wonderful photos showing shadows and light
    I can surely tell cats bring you delight!

    1. A bit of shadow play
      And yeah they sure brighten my bay

  9. ha - your cats make for good models for sure...they obviously had some fun with the light and shadow play and that movie is a winner

    1. Yeah they had some fun
      As this tale was spun
      The movie is great
      Although be an awful fate

  10. Nice pics,
    Nice tricks,
    The great comedy's
    Standing at your brig!

    Cats - comedians!
    Cassie - first class,
    Orlin - entreprenur, -
    Excellent cast! :)

    1. Yeah they think so
      All spoiled at our show
      Posing and such
      Even if they hate the camera much

  11. They are so cute Pat and didn't mind all the camera flashes ~

    And Bill Murray is really funny ~ Have a good Sunday ~

    1. Yeah they got through
      As the camera flashes came due
      He was funny
      Now he's less than sunny

  12. It's so nice to see the kitty gang! Hey, we watched that movie yesterday...all day, over and over!

    1. Stuck on repeat
      I hope you were able to defeat

  13. What beautiful and cute pictures of Cassie
    She's even more beautiful than Lassie
    She does seem like she thinks she's a queen
    What with her fur and its beautiful sheen
    I love both canines and felines
    But I must admit, felines are more divine.

    1. She does think so
      Standing all aglow
      Ruling over the place
      And yeah both are also enjoyed at my place

  14. LOVE your kitty-cat pics!!!!!

    Even if the snapping of said photos, does tend to piss-off the cats , themselves. -chuckle-

    1. haha yeah they get rather ticked off at me
      But then they just run around with glee

  15. loved all the cat pictures! very cute rhyme; I have to say I did enjoy Groundhog Day the movie :)

    enjoy your Sunday!


  16. Okay - so I am still laughing. The Bill Murray stanzas took the cake for me. And I love the poor dead goldfish. Make sure he's still dead, by the way - zombie goldfish are very worrisome. Take care, and thanks for participating. Thank the cats too. k.

    1. Yeah zombie goldfish could be bad
      Not as bad as zombie feet though at my pad haha

  17. hahah..geesh, Orlin has got the evil eye
    wishing that camera would just go and die!
    But Cassie enjoyed the show
    and even gave a pose!
    Glad to see fishie is still there.
    Hasn't even lost his tail!
    Jack's fishies got run through the washer and dryer
    and they looked so fresh and smelled much better!
    But he promptly took them to the water dish
    and let them all swim like real fish. hahaha.

    1. Yeah he sure can give a look
      That makes you feel like a crook
      Cassie hates the flash
      But she likes to bat an eyelash
      Their fishes are still fine
      They bat them around and have adhered to the no waterbowl swimming sign haha

    2. well, look at you
      home again with clean laundry to boot.

    3. Was back to my little crap hole yesterday
      To avoid all the crap snow that came today at my bay

    4. 'crap' is the word of the day
      as you whine away at your bay.

    5. And Cassie with Bill's toupee in her mouth?
      Gee, her tastes have really gone south!

    6. Crap is always the word I use
      As I abuse haha
      Yeah she tortured him good
      As he wouldn't make ghostbusters 3 in his hood

  18. Oh how cute. I love the pictures. What beautiful kitty's.

  19. this is so cute, and ultimately, cats are creates who do chase their own shadows (are they???)

    hades gate

    1. Yeah that they do
      Or at least chase the shadows on the wall that come due

  20. Cassie does have class.
    You say Bill Murray's an ass?
    I'll take your word for it
    And avoid that twit
    The movie doesn't laughter bring
    It's silly and not my thing.
    I'd prefer a holiday for
    The sheep or dog
    Than one dedicated to a groundhog.


    1. Yeah he was fun
      Now crap is all that is spun
      Plus he is really an ass
      Chasing away and swearing at some fan lass
      Also prefer a dog day
      But prob not a sheep one at my bay haha

  21. So I finally meet your cats
    What a couple of spoiled brats
    Condo owners, lots of toys
    Girls have more fun than boys
    Cool stripes and leopard spots
    Running around like two nuts
    They sure are flashy and classy
    Cute names, Betsy and Cassie
    Move over, groundhog and Bill
    These cats are a thrill :)

    1. They are surely nuts
      But don't sniff butts haha
      And spoiled rotten too
      Here at my zoo
      Although one of each gender as well
      For Betsy is a commentator that at my place comes to dwell haha

    2. Oh, Orlin is the boy,
      Cassie is just his toy
      Betsy, not a cat
      Everyone is still a brat
      Including you, Pat :)

    3. hahaha that I can be
      Doesn't bother me
      Fun to be a brat
      As you pretend to be a cat

  22. Way cute Pat (and cats). Beautiful pictures and a very fun rhyme.j


  23. This post reminds me of LOLcats

    and how every cat I meet in real life is not a LOLcat

    I'm like "why you no funny?"

    and they pay no attention to money

    1. Well they'd pay attention
      If you gave money a mention
      Although they'd eat it
      And out it would spit

  24. omg, I LOVE THIS. What a great digital camera process. So, so cute. He is such a looker.

    1. He sure thinks he is too
      But not the prissy one of the two

  25. Cassie is a darling. i can understand the flashes.
    Cassie and I are cranky celebrities :)

    1. Yeah those flashes sure get her going
      And they just keep growing

  26. Cassie's so cute
    There's no dispute
    It holds on its own
    Every bit of regal-born
    Better not to mess around
    Bill Murray be forewarned


    1. Yeah best not to mess around
      With Cassie at our ground
      As she will let all fry
      Yanking the hair of that Bill Murray guy

  27. Groundhog Day sucks! Loved the photos today :)

    1. Don't like the movie haha
      Glad the photos were groovy

  28. Replies
    1. hahaha yep he does
      That is the cat's buzz

    2. Omy I always love Bill Murray:)

    3. haha I did
      Until he went all stick up his bum and flipped his lid

  29. Are you Japanese? I have not heard so much bald-bigotry since I lived there.

    Hey, and did you read about the recent study showing the huge ecological impact of cats allowed outdoors? Not that I can imagine you doing that with your spoiled creatures.

    1. haha Murray deserves it
      As he treats people like errr shit
      And never heard that
      But studies either way aren't bought into much by Pat or the cat

    2. Well, two studies for the cat scholar. The first about how deadly your 'cute' pets are. The second explains why you may write the way you do. ;-)

      (1) http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/01/29/cats-wild-birds-mammals-study/1873871/

      (2) http://www.sciencenews.org/view/feature/id/347461/description/Little_Mind_Benders

    3. Well the first may be true
      Again only shows what they want to you
      Take the affect humans have on birds, plant life and such
      And it is probably in the 100's of billions that we destroy as we touch

      The second interesting indeed
      Things can be caught from cats at ones feed
      Prob have the thing in me
      But humans, dogs, food, etc. easily give us more crap we never see
      So wash ones hands and don't be a fool
      Avoid little things like dog drool


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