It's A Gun Run!

The cat has no problem letting go as said at my show. But dVerse brought it up at their shore and I saw the below, deciding to explore. As clearly some letting go needs to happen in such a way that big canons aren`t legal to hang on the wall at any bay. So away we go with a different letting go below.

Gun sales up 20% down below. That means the US show. Is something the cat came across the other day. Wow, you guys like your gun play. I mean why not? You can use them to shoot at a pot.

The economy is down,
But don't frown.
Let's buy a gun.
And make all run.

You get a free apple.
Maybe some snapple.
A free pack of bullets too.
Look what free can do.

But food prices are high.
I suppose you can give hunting a try.
Oops, your poor toe.
Forward is where the barrel should show.

Even a cat knows that.
Oh, it was for a rat.
Yeah, those traps are no good.
Shoot it with a big gun you should.

Might make a tasty treat.
If you pick the lead out of the meat.
But that is a task.
Don't forget your freaky Jason mask.

Oh, you got that for free too?
Wow, oh so special at your zoo.
I bet you want to visit a store.
Become something of lore.

Oops, that Id card you left.
Proves you aren't good at theft.
But oh what fun,
An idiot with a gun.

That isn't all.
You have to get a sniper rifle for your wall.
It just looks so pretty there.
I'm sure all will stop and stare.

I mean compensation is key.
You can stare at it when you pee.
That will make you feel ducky.
Even if you can't get lucky.

Oh my what guns can do.
You should get two.
For you never know,
You may be attacked by a killer, zombie, five eyed, pink crow.

That cat just had to have fun with the gun, which it seems so many need. Too bad Jimbo didn't first learn how to read. Maybe he'd still have that toe and not be high enough to see such a crow. But he helps them sell in mass which is pretty pathetic to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Hank's wasn't lurking about
      Right on time like his usual clout

  2. Replies
    1. Usually right on time
      Guess your clock missed its chime

  3. This post is so true and for once something that's very serious over at your bay despite the comedic aspect to it. Was this written after Newtown mate? It's very true that guns are bought way too easily, I guess I'm all for the right to bear arms in the same way I'm all for the right for Indian families to do arranged marriages but things are just too easy at the minute, great post Pat.

    I'm back to work tomorrow so won't be first to my sorrow.

    1. Just saw the stat
      And knew some fun would be had by the cat
      So away I went with the gun run
      And yeah serious but still fun
      Maybe Brian will beat Hank tomorrow at my bay
      Making it three in a row he missed on display

  4. Have gun will travel
    Sales up not unusual
    But calls for the ban
    Heard for sometime
    Enforcement a difficulty
    Interest groups are many


    1. Yeah never will be done
      As long as interest groups run
      For they want the dough
      And will always make sales grow

  5. ha good luck getting them to relent untill all the breass is spent, the wont give up their guns, or want to limit whoe gets to have funs...previous gangbanger---you qualify, psychotic---you qualify, too young to drive---well if you buy it at a yard sale---you qualify...

    1. LMAO oh that last one was good
      Use that in a verse you should
      Pretty sad how it is true too
      As you don't have to buy them brand new

  6. Good post Pat to ponder
    Information from out yonder
    Peter Breggin is a shrink
    And wiser than the most, I think
    He is a man of dedication
    Tells the truth like Carrie Nation
    He writes a book to counter sadness
    Calls it "Medication Madness."
    My cat approves, so does my dog
    Awake dear people from your fog

    1. Even a dog agrees
      Bet even the fleas
      As yeah the fog surrounds
      At many grounds
      And it never seems to lift
      Some aren't too swift

  7. It's funny that you inspire so many people to rhyme. You effectively bring out the play in all of us sometimes way too serious adults. ;)

    My opinion on guns is way too complicated to bore you with, but I like that you address the tough topics.

    1. I guess being crazy at my sea
      Is contagious for others when they come visit me haha
      Yeah nothing is off limits for the cat
      I'll blabber on about whatever at my mat

  8. ha - think if i had to hunt my own food in the forest, i may become a vegetarian and just eat berries and wild honey...smiles... no rifle for me..i have some garlic in my pocket in case a zombie attacks...ya know...smiles

    1. Yeah I'd prob go vegan too
      Good call by you
      As you never know when a zombie will arise
      Might want to get a sword in case they swarm like flies

  9. Buying more and more guns isn't an option for me Pat ~

    I think its crazy that people have access to them so easily ~

    Happy Sunday to you ~

    1. Yeah it is crazy indeed
      But many feel the need

  10. The bang in your poem
    made an interesting tome
    But I'm back to the range
    a little more deranged
    but that ain't no change

    1. Enjoy the range
      Hope it isn't strange
      With some weird targets at hand
      As some alien things land

  11. Why do we believe in The Right To Keep And Bear Arms, in the USA? Because it is guaranteed by our Constitution, for one thing.

    And because... WITH The Right To Keep and Bear Arms, a person is a CITIZEN.

    WITHOUT The Right To Keep And Bear Arms, a person is a SUBJECT.


    1. Well doesn't seem to civilized down below
      As the guns grow
      So hmmmm to that
      But I'm just a cat

    2. A simple request
      That Ids be checked
      and criminals don't stock pile glocks
      Yet those in the South
      Only hear with their mouths
      and share their opinions in bold and CAPS LOCKS

    3. Hmm seems to be the case
      In such a place
      As the caps fly
      Under the sky

  12. we have been following (with our American friends) the gun stuff... its an anathema to me ... I don't get it or want to (but will try to understand). thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave us a comment. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

    1. Yeah don't get it much at all
      Up here at our hall
      But it is their way
      So what the hey

  13. Chuck Norris got lost in a forest, and he had no gun for fun, so instead he kicked , a pile of sticks and disrupted Martin Scorses film Kundun.

    In England you simply cannot get guns, and the only people who shoot each other is a tiny minority in the black community. I know that sounds terrible, but that is the reality. We get the odd nut, but most people have never seen a gun nor want one.

    1. haha nice rhyme at the start
      And yeah we can't walk in and get them at walmart
      But they are around
      More than in England at our ground
      Not a bad way to be
      As really they aren't need by any

  14. Well we will see if something changes now, but sometimes I wonder if it is already too late.....

    1. Yeah the guns have got control
      Be really hard for any changes to take a stroll

  15. My opinion is that guns are not the problem, it's the people who use them. There is a common ground if we'll use it. Check out people before selling one to them. Limit the type of guns sold.

    I love America and our freedoms.

    Great topic! Love the rhymne, of course. :)

    1. I totally agree with you Teresa!!!

    2. Yeah the rhyme was spun
      As I gave it a run
      People should get checked out a ton
      Before given one
      And yeah limit the types would be good too
      As having big cannons is still nuts to me at my zoo

    3. LOL.... I like my little gun and with a carry permit, I had a complete backround check to make sure I wasn't a felon or worse.

      Pat, are you allowed to talk about guns on blogger? I thought they had a policy where you couldn't talk about guns, gambling or other things I don't know about. You better check so you don't get your blog shut down.

    4. Hmmmm never knew about that
      But I think it is only in a malice type way at ones mat
      Making fun of them shouldn't break any rules
      Plus if so, then they'd need to ban a lot more fools

    5. Yeah just checked and it's all good
      Just not allowed to make a profit from adult content, show graphic pictures, sick things like kiddie porn, pretend to represent a company you aren't affiliated with, give away personal info like credit cards and make death threats at ones shore

      The rest is fine
      As long as it promotes speech and stuff like the feline

    6. Now you know
      Thanks to my show

  16. I have never understood my country's gun obsession
    We're worried more about that than the recession?
    They say gun's don't kill, people do...
    Yes people do kill, people with guns you sill poos

    1. Yeah it does seem rather lame
      How they worry more about the gun game
      And true, people with guns kill people indeed
      Faster and easier than if they used something else at their feed

  17. if you're against guns
    you need to redo your logo, son.
    Double barreled western cat
    with his pistols and a cowboy hat.

    1. haha he just shoots flags and no ammo is had
      So he isn't that bad

    2. just so he isn't a mental case
      and a background check was put in place!

    3. haha he's crazy as can be
      That's why they don't work at our sea

    4. Yes, crazy thoughts galore
      as I've been on the brain tour!
      But smart, too
      and would pass any check that came due.
      At least he only shoots insults
      and words of wisdom to adults,
      about life as he sees it in his cat mind
      and his little rhyming behind.

    5. LOL smart behind the crazy
      The line could get hazy
      But yeah I could pass
      Unless I started being a rhyming ass
      Then they might shoot me right there
      And think fair is fair

  18. There ya go with the zombies Pat...I am still convinced you know my neighbor!!!

    1. haha those zombies are all around
      Sure next door they are found

  19. I can't see owning a gun, some think its fun, I know its good for safety, as long as it is used wisely


    1. Yeah safety it can be used for
      But many don't use them wisely at their shore

  20. As a pistol packin mamma.... I say stop it Obama!! I have a carry Permit and Yes... it is legit!!

    1. Well there you go
      Being legit is fine at ones show

  21. I don't think guns are a problem - it's the people who use them.

    1. Guns make it easier for the nuts though
      That is about all at their show

  22. 'Shoot at targets' as a game
    could attract a lot of brains
    to distract
    from real gun attack.

    1. Or could give them practice to get it done
      When they want a real target run

  23. Into this
    I'll not get
    as it's sure
    to cause woe
    and anger
    in my direction

    To you
    an opinion
    you have
    a right
    and get
    no flack
    and none
    will attack.

    Though foreign
    born a
    Citizen am I
    in the States
    I stand
    denied free
    speech by
    natives born.

    I voted in the last elections and in theory have a right to express my opinion here and anywhere else I want to. But you know it's simply not worth the hassle. However, they are already putting the insulting Saint Patrick's Day products on display in the stores. So while an entire country gets together to mock my country I must remain mute and suffer the insults in silence. Because you see, I have no rights here-none.

    1. I'll say what I have to say
      No matter what at my bay
      Can't stop me
      And many can disagree
      Also won't bother me
      As all can have an opinion with ease
      You need to get back to your Irish breeze

    2. The Hubby will be having one and maybe two more surgeries this year, so going home isn't looking good anytime soon. It's hard this time of year as Easter is the best holiday for me and my sister Leilon. And then to put up with all that hate directed at us on the radio, the telly, in the stores and then on the day itself, it really does cause me great pain. I don't see how I can survive another year of this and not shoot myself.

    3. Uggg that sucks a ton
      Hopefully soon you will be home for the rising sun
      Sure you can survive too
      With all the crap that came due at your zoo
      One more year will hopefully be all it is
      With this surgery biz
      Hmm maybe the tight gun laws should be in play
      Wouldn't want you to shoot yourself at your bay hahaha

  24. Less guns, more love
    Time to end the Wild West
    I do not jest.

    Peace and hope and with hope, we cope.


    1. Yeah it would be nice
      To get rid of such a price
      But some would rather not
      Happy to let thing rot

  25. people are so crazy down here that stores are out of bullets.

    and yet they still blame Obama even though they bought them all out.

    1. hahaha that is pretty sad
      Glad I'm here at my canadian pad

  26. Your poem sounds like a lot of fun, but deep inside there's a strong message whose light is as strong as the sun, beaming on those of us who see guns as a big problem and not much fun.

    Many thanks. That was very, very good.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Yeah always fun is spun
      Even when about the gun
      With a little message within
      As I rant away at my bin

  27. Oh Pat - that's a good rant. What are these crazy people thinking??? I like your funny treatment, it makes me so mad I could er...spit bullets. (well, not really) Seriously though, good for you!

    1. haha spitting bullets would at least forgo any need for a gun
      Although that powder may burn the tongue when done

  28. No guns for King Spitty
    Cause crime isn't pretty
    Right here in my city
    It's truly a pity.

    1. Yeah heard there was a ton
      Under your sun
      Can't be fun
      Would be nice if it was done

  29. Gun lunatics
    Are first-class pricks
    Stupid too -
    With a gun, they know not what to do.
    They accidentally shoot a friend
    It seems gun deaths will never end
    Go away, NRA!
    We've had enough of your whine
    As for your rifles,
    Kindly shove 'em where the sun don't shine.

    Ooh, I feel better. Thanks Pat and cat.


    1. hahaha that was fun
      Glad I could help you make it be spun
      And agree about the dumb NRA
      They can shove em all up their gazoo through the day

  30. Hey Cat, I may be gone for a few days as we have some appointments. Hope to be in to comment on Wednesday.

    Nitey Nite Cat.

    1. Hope all goes well
      See you wednesday when you ring the comment bell

  31. oh yes lyrical but tragic. so many other freedoms and civil rights under fire and the guns are the only debate.

    1. Yeah people want their gun play
      Forgetting the rest on display

  32. nice fun with the gun run. Such a serious topic here, love that you handled it in rhyme without fear. The zombies are at bay, so perhaps a couple guns will put them away, the pink crow won't know, when a gun is flung. Yes on the wall looks great, but dumb under neath some animals head that contrasts with the wall paint. Dumb criminals are much fun, stealing and robbing then leaving their ID and posing for the camera before they go with their flow but these dumb dumbs are the ones running around shooting with the guns, not fun. Great post Cat. And yes, guns can put an end to rats, but what's the fun in that

    1. Yeah not afriad to tackle anything at my shore
      As in rhyme the cat will explore
      Yeah animal heads are just creepy too
      Who wants those staring back at you

  33. I am all for responsible gun ownership. Unfortunately, too many guns fall in the hands irresponsible people :(

    1. Yeah that is usually the case
      And they cause flack for everyone else all over the place

  34. guns falling into wrong hands. how do you control that. it seems most tragedies are results of that and it's just so sad.

    1. Yeah that seems to be the case
      As the nuts find them at a steady pace


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