It's Prophecy Day For Many At My Bay!

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

So the cat found a random prophecy generator thing and thought it would be fun to use at my wing. I took the comments from the last post and generated one for all who visited my coast. Of course when this goes to air that would be three months ago at my lair.

Waffles beat Hank that day.
So he is first on display.
"A humble prince will never flinch."
Not even an inch?

Brian beat Hank too.
Must have been an off day at his zoo.
"A relationship ending shall not happen with the regretful player in the age of eternity."
So I guess don't go joining a fraternity?

Hank finally got around,
To being found.
He shall not lead with the aged jaguar in the fall for the sake of fate."
Good thing it is winter so there is no jaguar hate.

Then Betsy came to be,
Rhyming away at my sea.
"The faithful slave will never knit and a discovery will finally happen with the drunken angel in a wheat field."
Hmmm maybe she should look into a big shield?

Old one eye was up,
Giving her this little hiccup.
"She must skirmish near a well."
Lassie won't even save her from such hell.

Brian the cat came due,
Next up at my zoo.
"The smug hangman must not ensure with the curious jaguar during midnight."
I guess you know what do to if you see such a fright.

The Pokey Rock gave a cheer,
This one may cause fear.
"A breakdown will finally occur."
I hope nothing breaks to ruffle your fur.

Next up was Susan Kane,
It seems she might get banished from some lane.
"A banishment must not happen at a meeting place for the sake of redemption."
Think there is some kind of exemption?

Folklore came due,
With her big long keepin' it real spiel at my zoo.
"An announcement will finally take place with the gloomy orphan on a cloudy day."
Awww she's going to save little orphan Annie at her bay.

Da tabbies o trout towne,
Were next to come on down.
"They will finally rust near a holy site on either equinox coming."
Hmm better get licking so no rust comes a humming.

Peaches Ledwidge showed her face,
Giving a cheer for my crazy place.
"The wise hamster must dither."
At least you can do it watching Slither.

Mary came to spy,
With a rhyming cry.
"The diamond warden will finally scare in the summer."
Getting a diamond sure wouldn't be a bummer.

Anne of course had her 0.00001 cents worth added in.
She can never truly win.
"A takeover must happen with the crazy thief on some spring equinox day."
I knew she was so deceitful at her bay.

Adam came with a rhyme,
Thankfully it wasn't about a mime.
"A rebellion will finally occur with the cold-hearted lad."
I hope cold hearts don't catch on as a fad.

Spitty-the-Kitty came to spit,
And to rhyme a bit.
"He shall rush with the lilac hermit."
Just don't drool or spit.

And finally came Oui Oui.
Rhyming up a spell at my sea.
"A thwarted plan shall not happen near a fortress."
Maybe you better court less.

And that was the Saturday comments at my sea. Don't you just love a good prophecy? I hope none of them come true. That would mean many have a loose screw. At least none will come to pass for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. haha they are after your spot
      But you're here 7 on the dot

  2. Hahahaha Hank is gonna be hard to topple.

    I am sure I have a loose screw in there somewhere!!

    1. Thanks Ma'am! It might turn out good!


    2. haha yeah will be hard to beat
      Have to lurk and take a seat
      Sure there is a loose screw
      Seems we all have one or two

  3. Have friends around your sea
    They are very good company
    To win some
    To lose some
    Makes for some great prophecy

    P/S A tribute to Madeleine Kane

    1. Yeah makes for fun
      To give a post run
      With a little flack
      As I go on the prophecy attack
      A tribute you say
      At your bay?

    2. No, only just above something quick
      To the wonderful Queen of limericks


    3. Oh I got you now
      Was early we I gave my retort meow haha

  4. oh snap, at my map i am already in a frat, i wonder what that will make in my lap,,,the prophecy is obviously true, now what relationship will come due, maybe by spanish flu or falling piano, or catching flees from a wino and i will be all like doom on you, prophecy that has no clue coming due

    1. Damn, hope it's not the spanish flu
      Rather have a piano come due
      At least you can dodge that
      Fleas from a wino beats a rat

  5. Rhyming, rhyming by the score
    All who visit at cat's door
    They love to spin some fancy yarns
    Of ghosts who dwell in haunted barns
    Or duels with swords or killer bees
    Or some new fangled rant they tease
    If for lunch you happen to stay
    There will be wisdom from Morgan le Fay

    1. Wow did you run out
      Of things to talk about
      And just hit the space bar
      To make the comment seem larger at my bar? haha
      That witch I will avoid
      And be overly paranoid
      So no frog is in my throat
      Or I get turned into a goat

    2. Right....Early to bed, early to rise
      Proves my life won't get any prize
      I honesty think I fell asleep
      And the space bar fell into the deep
      Sorry, I didn't know how to undo it????????
      (one of those mornings) LOL

    3. LOL fun to see
      A screw up from thee
      And yeah might want to go to be early
      Don't want to become squirrely

  6. Those are great! Can't go wrong with those comments. Lol

    1. Nope hard to do
      As I make fun of many at my zoo

  7. I will take a prophecy any day
    if it drops diamonds at my bay!
    I will hope for two or three --
    and I will share one with thee!

    1. Well I'll hold you to that
      If diamonds comes because of the cat
      I'll wait for the mail
      For my diamond to set sail

  8. I think Mary just potentially promised you diamonds. :) You just never know when these great offers are going to come up...;)

    It's almost the weekend, woot! woot!

    1. Yeah I agree with you
      Have to keep that offer in view
      Already the weekend at my bay
      As I don't work friday
      Woot woot
      And toot toot

  9. So my comments
    not a penny's
    to a Cat
    so vile
    none ever
    gave birth.

    On Holidays
    when I don't post
    still stop
    in to share
    your mirth.

    And insult
    me you do
    for all to
    see here
    at your berth.

    You are most cruel Cat, cruel.

    1. Bah you love the attention
      No matter the mention
      If the cat was all nice and cheery
      Things would then just be eerie

    2. I'm in trouble with her as well Pat, what can you do?

    3. haha yeah just find a good place to hide
      Forgetting any pride

  10. This rhyme was many kinds of witty
    Oh you silly clever kitty

  11. how do you cope after being assaulted by a waffle?

    1. ummmm get some maple syrup maybe?
      I do not know how else to get passed that at ones sea

  12. Well ai do know that Spitty would never waffle!

    1. haha he may plop around
      But not waffle like a hound

  13. I'm full of loose screws pat :P
    enjoyed this prophecy rhyme..

  14. "Of course when this goes to air that would be three months ago at my lair." Whatttttttttttttttttttt??? ,-)

    1. haha three months ahead at my place
      The ideas just keep flowing at a steady pace

  15. too cute to incorporate comments when making a rhyme, you never know what will come to mind, lots of faithful followers I see, what a nice feeling that must be :)


    1. Yeah always fun to cause some flack
      And go on the attack
      To those that come
      And visit my little rhyming bum

  16. Dun dun dun, I am going to the gym today for my first spin class, I better get a helmet so!

    1. haha yeah better wear one
      Or bad things may come under your sun

  17. The 3-day weekend is in the air. Prophecy, smoffecy, I don't care. Limit the fear. Set of with good cheer, and tell that cat to drink a beer!

    1. Three day weekend you say?
      Always that at my bay
      But no holiday here
      Also no beer haha

  18. DANG, I must have been in a good mood the day I made that comment huh? Usually I just say things like Little Orphan Annie can suck it.

    1. haha poor orphan Annie out in the cold
      Wait until you see an upcoming post I used a retort from you, pure gold

  19. Pat and his cat,
    They have no peers,
    But I didn't know,
    They were also seers.
    Huh! Just my luck,
    I wasn't around
    So for this old gal,
    No prophecy profound.

    1. Yeah that was well before
      You came to my shore
      But when one is three months ahead
      Can prophozise with ease before bed

  20. Those are hilarious! Such a profound group of followers you have!

    1. Yeah all so profound
      Not ure why they stick around haha

  21. This prophecy website is so strange Pat, I'm glad to hear that mine reminds the prophecy maker of a prince though haha.

    1. Yep oh so strange
      So that means it had to be used on my range

  22. Haven't been to a prophecy your rhymes though.

    1. Just saw it here and there
      Figured it would work at my lair

  23. How fun! I don't know what this prophecy website is, but is sounds like a riot. Like a fortune cookie online :)

    1. haha yeah that is basically the size of it
      Put in a name and out some random stuff it will spit

  24. I loved your poem, Pat. Such talent!
    I signed up last week to follow your blog, but it's not coming to my email inbox.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog again this week, Pat.
    I appreciated your comments.
    Tracy :-)
    P.S. Is there any way you can add a box to the bottom of your posts where one clicks to see responses? My old brain forgets to check back in. LOL

    1. Glad you like
      My rhyming hike
      Yeah stupid blogger can do that
      Screwing with every mat
      Always fun to stop on by
      I'll look into the button for the reply
      But might make blogger have a fit
      As it is touchy a bit

  25. Ah Pat Hatt,

    Haven't got to time
    To leave a rhyme.
    Been too busy to visit your site
    Or leave a comment
    Hope that's alright.

    1. Well you are after all
      Dancing at you hall
      And flapping like a tree
      Trying to pee haha

  26. Whatever happened to Anne and One Eye
    always trying to make you die?
    Did I miss a truce being called
    or did you threaten to make them bald?

  27. Am I your faithful slave?
    haha You see, it's that tour in that brain like a cave!
    No exit to be found
    as I'm forced to study the files laying around.

    And you know what's kind of funny
    is that I keep saying I want to learn to knit, honey!
    So there may be some truth to be told
    about the prophecy wheel so bold.
    But I guess it says I'll never learn how.
    No time to learn so I won't have a cow.

  28. Yes, bizarre. Fun and interesting too.
    There's never a dull moment at your zoo.

    Spitty the Kitty's I like best.
    A "lilac hermit" does perplex.

    I enjoyed the rhyming comments as well
    So much talent here, as all can tell.


  29. Every gamer on my blogroll picked today to post. Jaysus, I spent about 6 hours commenting today. Sorry I didn't get back for a second go 'round.

    Nitey Nite Cat.


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