Let's Take A Peek At The Greek!

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

First if you get a chance give this new blog a glance. The cat has sent him around to many of you, as he asked me for many tips at my zoo. I guess I can add that to the resume at my show. Helping new bloggers while chewing Pat's toe.

The cat has always liked the Greek gods and such. Although Drazin is a bit out of touch, thinking he is one with his third person yap and bald head under the sun. But at least he did not claim stuff like the ones below, out of the weirdest things they seem to grow.

Aphrodite was oh so grand,
She was the most beautiful in the land.
But guess how she came to be?
She grew from the sea.

Uranus got his genitals chopped off,
Which must have made him scoff,
And they landed in the sea,
With foam forming around the thing no longer attached to thee.

Poof! Aphrodite was born.
So to be beautiful, have a males genitals be torn.
Wonder what happened to the cat's?
That is what those vet's do, those rats.

Athena is another story,
And far more gory.
Zeus did the humpty hump with Metis,
And then ate her and her fetis.

For some prophecy said,
The baby would bring him dread.
And what happened instead?
The baby keeping growing and Hephaestus had to crack open Zeus's head.

Poof! It's a girl.
Makes my toes curl.
I guess Junior ripped Zeus off.
Sure he won't drown them in a horse trough.

Seems Zeus really likes to give birth,
After he diddled around on earth.
For he humpty humped another one,
And Hera did not think that was fun.

So she tricked the women into asking Zeus,
To show her his divine godly caboose.
So he let his divinity loose,
And she cooked like a goose.

Zeus snatched the baby and sewed it in his hip.
A few months later Dionysus took his birth trip.
So out of a thigh,
Came such a godly guy.

Damn! Oh so strange,
Those gods were truly out on the range.
So far out in left field they'll never return,
Coming out of ones hip truly must burn.

And now that the cat has made you all sick. I will end it before Zeus turns another trick. Or maybe tries to strike me down. I guess Drazin isn't from such a crazy town. Just look at those gods, I've seen more brains cells in cods. Of course after seeing them come to pass, those cods were eaten by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Looks like more competition is coming after you
      But watch out from your top of the hill view

    2. A coveted position
      Begets competition


    3. And many are after
      Cocky with laughter

  2. Almost first with my burst! Look a rhyme.

  3. Your're right about the Greek Gods, behaving more like Rockers vs Mods! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. That they do
      Whoever came up with these stories has a loose screw

    2. It was the Ancient Greeks that came up with these stories-hence the name Greek Gods.

    3. I meant who ever the person/people were
      Not ever Greek got together and ruffled the gods fur

    4. Settle down Cat, I was just yanking your tail.

    5. The cat is settle in
      Soon time for bed at my bin

  4. Bobby Vinton sang a song about Aphrodite, or maybe I am getting my thoughts crossed... Isn't Aphrodite called Venus by most?

    1. Venus is the Roman version of her I think
      Not sure as their are so many versions of her dressed in pink

  5. nice...john has been cool to get to know this last week or so
    so if he came from your show much appreciated, now on we go, in the stories the gods are crazy, turning into bulls so they can go fem grazing, the original bestial, now that is sick, i wont soil the comment box with what rhymes with sick, but they are screwed up as us, that is all the fuss...

    1. Yeah sent him your way
      Adding another stop as you hop to many a bay
      Lots of it is quite sick
      Whoever made them up is less than slick
      Yeah screwed up quite well
      As they cause just as much hell

  6. I don't know a thang about that mythology crap. It's all Greek to me.

    1. Just Greek?
      Not Roman, Norse or Egyptian at your creek?

  7. Ha, Pat, I like your version of Greek Mythology. It deals with the most important things and cuts out the rest! Your version should be the one taught in schools. Smiles.

    1. haha they may kick me out
      As the pta gives a shout
      Saying it is too crass
      But I'd at least make sure all the kids got a pass

  8. No wonder they all had issues with zeus!

    1. Yeah he liked to diddle around
      Worse than an un snip sniped hound

  9. It didn't matter if Roman or Greek
    It was all a lusty side show peep
    Talk about cheating
    And odd places for meeting
    Made my spottings in the park
    Look like a Green Gables lark
    A mortal mother, father God
    Gave one prestige, wink and a nod
    Now one born without a name
    Doesn't merit quite the fame

    1. I guess you can that the stars
      That there are no god bars
      Then all you get as a peep
      Of some cheating creep
      And nothing of this day and age
      Ever merited such a descriptive page
      To content with the real
      Of the ever out of control wheel

  10. "The Old Folk" made up some pretty weird acting Goddddddds and Godddddesssssses, didn't they?!? Yikes! Wonder what they were smokin'?

    Cause don't humans keep making up Gods, which act in a human way? Yikes!

    Did those Olden Priest/Priestesssss want to birth from the hip???? Yip!!!!!

    1. They had to have some good stuff
      And gave more than one puff
      And yeah supposed to be divine
      But they still tow the humanity line

  11. Mixed fortune the Greek Gods
    They come away as a bloc
    Without his manhood Uranus
    They had problems with Zeus
    Aphrodite the pretty one
    Some good yarns are spun
    Famed Greek mythology
    Famed for great stories


    1. Yeah they make good tales
      Reading such godly fails
      Probably half the reason why they were made
      So humans could feel good as gods were just as screwed up with the trail they laid

  12. Greek Mythology: still makes more sense than Scientology.

    1. That is true,
      They can shove that up their gazoo

  13. Hey, it's still all Greek to me!

  14. I checked out that blog; I enjoyed his humor (gosh I hope it was humor). I like the way you taught mythology; so much more enjoyable this way then the way I was taught in school :)


    1. Yeah it was just humor and nothing more
      Over at his shore
      I can beat school any day
      Here at my bay haha

  15. Pat, about damn anon spamers... Make your comment settings, to not allow anon comments.

    Ahem, if you don't know how to do this, I'm sure the Cat will help you.

    Running, ducking and hiding... ,-)

    1. lol the cat can do it with ease
      Might bring Pat to his knees
      I have it set to only allow comments without approval on post 6 days or less
      So that tends to avoid the mess
      Most times anyway
      I did think about the anon comments at my bay
      But if for some reason the comments have a hiccup for some
      Keeping it on does still allow them to have their hum

  16. To meddle
    in affairs
    of men did
    caused woes
    until eternities

    But once
    upon a battlefied
    Athena got
    a force to

    Euripides loved
    to use them
    most when
    writing plays
    he'd surly boast.

    When man had
    made a mess so
    large with
    no way out
    but a hand
    from gods
    Deus ex machina
    would save the
    day and keep
    a man from being

    I followed your friend Cat when you sent him anon. Seems like a funny chap with lots to offer.

    1. Yeah that battlefield
      One would need a shield
      As they meddled away
      Screwing with humans night and day
      Or just screwing
      With their godly chewing haha
      I saw that too
      As I sent him to your zoo
      Funny indeed,
      Started helping him out after giving his book a read

    2. I made you into a god and the world will never be the same. You do like to screw around alot, especially for a cat who is snip snip.

    3. Yep can't beat viking fat
      I'm an egocentric cat
      Even hoping out those
      As my legend grows haha

  17. Everyone who took Greek Mythology as an elective is having flashback central now, myself included. ;)

    Just wanted to let you know my son LOVED Cassie the Wild Cat. There's just something hysterical about such antics that gets the kiddos giggling. I think it's going to be a new fave. Power Rangers is your biggest competition, but only because it's new too. I think the glory will wear off of that one. ;)

    1. Hope it was a good flashback
      And didn't cause any kind of flack haha
      Glad he enjoyed it too
      And the power rangers that are new
      Are blah to me
      But the older ones are still good to watch at my sea

  18. Egads - crazy gods! Better watch out for lightening bolts now Pat.

    1. Bah he is too busy diddling away
      To have good aim at his bay

  19. So the baby girl cracked Zeus's head. Zeus needs to learn that women can really mess up a guy's head! LOL!

    1. Yeah that is all to true
      Something I'm sure Zeus found out quickly after that at his zoo

  20. ah yes, the mating patterns of the Greek Gods are one of the earliest perverse drama/sitcoms the world ever had seen. Nice write.

    1. Yeah they were truly out to lunch
      As they had kids by the bunch

  21. orlin N cassie...

    we gotta lovez Poseidon...that dood rocked de seas...

    ....sea bass anyone....

    oh, N de mewvie wuz pretty good two !!

    1. Yeah not a bad flick
      At least Poseidon didn't have a loose ummm wick haha

  22. you can say what you want but they were never bored it seems...ha...in school i loved all the greek sagas.. though they made me shiver..and still do...ha

    1. Yeah they sure had great minds
      With stories of all kinds
      Or maybe they were just high
      As they looked into the sky

  23. I never read any of the Greek Mythology. I figured some day I might, but since you just brought me up to speed, I can cross that off my list :)

    1. Glad I could help out
      With my crazy greek shout

  24. In college I wanted to take a class on Greek Gods
    But it was full, what are the odds?
    So instead I took history of the Pacific
    The Polynesian Islands, to be more specific.

    1. I bet many took it as a bird credit
      Figuring the could just use reddit
      And wing on through
      Filling it up on you

  25. omg...I go to his blog and he's insulting my political party. And I think I wrote a review for him...kinda sorta....lol... Geesh...wtf!?

    1. LOL but he is an equal opportunity insulter too
      Plus all just fun anyway at his zoo
      As he even gave a good retort to you
      I'd bash all three up here at our Canadian shore, sad but true

    2. equal opportunity insulter? lol....

      guess I just happened to land upon
      the insulting of the republicans.
      yeah, just all in fun
      and it's always great to meet someone.

    3. I read all of his posts and didn't see
      a single slam on the democratic party. haha.
      but since he's a friend of yours
      I'll behave as sweet as flowers.
      haha...I am just kidding of course
      I'm sweet to all without remorse.

    4. LOL yeah all in fun
      Under each sun
      As it is clear he sees both sides
      Of the political rides
      And hmmmm well that you can kinda sorta maybe blame on me
      As I set up the posts so far at his new sea
      Just grabbed some tweets he showed
      And made the post go to timer mode
      He didn't know how
      But I've seen your violent side, so now now hahaha

    5. oh, so that's how it is!
      I will blame you then for that biz.
      Let's see some equality, ok?
      Since in the comments he's preaching tolerance at his bay.
      Tolerance of the conservatives would be nice
      but I won't ask you twice.
      Where are all of his real life fans
      that would come and read his blog and
      leave comments on his posts?
      I noticed that he has none until you started the boasts!
      I hope he's paying you well
      since I might give you hell.

    6. haha I only took what he said
      As I set it up before bed
      So that is simply that
      Politics either way doesn't mean a thing to the cat
      And a little hell
      I can take at my cell

  26. So nice of you to help other bloggers Pat, the rhymes are awesome as well and you can be sure of that.

    1. Here everyday
      And yeah don't mind helping the nice ones at my bay

  27. Well I said HI to him too ~

    I also enjoy Greek stories but
    take out the Gods/Goddess, and its
    just another human story, full of
    greed, lust, desires, what not ~

    Happy night Pat ~

    1. That is so true
      The human part shines through
      Can tell who wrote it
      Easy enough at each pit

  28. Oh my, oh my
    How I try
    After a bummer of a week
    A bit of a strain us
    You have to mention Uranus

    1. But that isn't Greek
      Plus then I'd have to go all shit creek
      Without a paddle
      With such anus prattle haha

  29. I knew Athena came from Zeus's head but I hadn't known Dionysus was born out of his hip. Interesting. :P

    1. Yeah each body part
      Gave birth it seems at his cart

  30. Pluto, a planet no more.
    A shame which is most heinous
    But, he could be much more sore.
    He could be called "Uranus."

    1. Yeah that is true
      That would turn on blue
      As he would surely show a moon
      Blue or not bare arse like a baboon

  31. Greek gods get all the love

    Roman gods get none of the above.

    1. That does seem to be the case
      All over the place

  32. Hmm, I never thought of all the gods that Zeus birthed through his body. Kinda gross now that I see it all.


    1. Yeah nasty indeed
      Zeus sure popped them out at his feed


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