Random Time. Is There Any Other Chime?

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

The cat knows he is always random here and likes to keep all on their toes with his little rhyming rear. But today things pop in his head that don't go together until I make it so and cause your mind dread. It is fun to confuse and so I will light the fuse.

If it is warm and sunny,
You can go outside and your nose isn't runny,
Shouldn't winter be done?
Instead of going into March twenty one.

For a time save,
You use the microwave.
So you micro a wave?
Poor wave in a grave.

I will pay you CASH in hand.
Shouts someone across the land.
What else are they going to use?
Swipe their debit card on your arm and abuse?

On a budget at ones work den.
Can't afford a pen.
But oh yes to that big new $1000 chair.
It just has such flair.

If you open your store,
But forget to unlock the door.
Is that false advertising of some sort?
Better watch it, might get taken to court.

What is up with the lemon?
Did it originate in Yemen?
For if you are out to lunch,
You are the lemon of the bunch.

If a judge is bought,
With a huge money lot,
Doesn't he become a peace broker?
Of course John Smith did not choke her.

Shouldn't it be the people not of Walmart?
Because 96% of the US lives near such a cart.
Only 20 miles away.
That may take the value down of your bay.

Want to go to Alaska and yet not?
Then take a hiking trot.
Visit the Unalaska city.
So you are Unalaska in Alaska, what a pity,

If the average person watched 900,000 hours of TV in their life.
Couldn't reality TV that causes the cat strife,
Be ones own room?
No wonder obesity brings so many doom.

Now wasn't that a random day? Have anything to say? Of course you do. Maybe today Brian will get first at my zoo. I bet it will be Hank. Of course Waffles could make him walk the plank. There was some more random sass from my always random little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. It was open for the asking
      for the whole of 28 minutes!
      I happened to be lurking
      And just made it!


    2. Yeah you gave all a chance
      But they never came to glance
      A minute too late
      So first is still your fate

  2. Winter!!! I know it isn't quite over yet, but I am so done with it.

    Have a GREAT day Pat..

    You too Manzi!! I know you will be strolling by here soon

    1. Yeah done here as well
      Snow can go cool down hell

  3. yes it is no wonder on the obesity considering actions scarcity, sucked into the tube...i'd rather cash than plastic personally, they do have those handheld machines now, swipe your card and pow its paid for, more credit it will lure, you should look up the US debt clock and watch as the debt skyrockets...

    1. Yep sucked on in
      Trying to sell sell sell at each bin
      So the plastic can swipe
      Not to mention some prob smell ripe

  4. Obesity is a fault
    Not given much thought
    The ease of using plastics
    Enhanced sales statistics
    Purchases made easy
    Makes one lazy
    Makes one sedentary
    Addicted much to TV
    Becomes another candidate
    Of the walking dead


    1. Yep the ease
      Like a breeze
      Sure sets up lazy
      As eyes go hazy
      Nice reference too
      At the end from you

  5. The race to be first is funny. I may put on my running shoes next week and see if I can place first for a day, woot! Competition is healthy, you know. ;)

    Happy weekend Orlin, Cassie, and Pat.

    1. Another challenger at my sea
      Yeah watching it is quite funny
      Happy weekend to all at your place too
      From our little zoo

    2. Go for it Rosey!! I am rootin for you

    3. Cheering squad
      And look with your applaud
      You scared Manzi away
      As she never came today hahaha

  6. I never use the microwave any longer. I did a test with it one time on plants. After watering using microwaved water for about 2 weeks, the plants started dying.

    1. Hmm that is scary indeed
      But it's all I use at my feed

  7. Ha ha, loved the verse about Walmart
    and 96% of Americans who live near the cart;
    I have AT LEAST four Walmarts within 10 miles
    depending on the direction I want to depart
    and then there is Target, the competitive mart

    1. The later we are just getting up here
      I have 4 within 20 minute to my rear
      Sad indeed
      How many do we really need?

  8. Good! I love walmart, microwves and Alaska:)))

  9. Walmart stores are plentiful indeed
    More plentiful than tree seeds

    1. Yeah chop a bunch down
      To add a third in town

  10. I would love to go to Walmart
    And drop a sneaky fart
    Then how about that
    I'd blame it on the cat

    1. And I'd laugh with glee
      As the joke would be on thee
      For when you lift up your shoe
      You'd find a load of my poo

  11. You were quite random at your bay
    and even made me laugh today
    except when you mentioned Walmart
    that made me sad of heart
    because that place is straight from hell
    and there I will never dwell!

    1. Not even for something cheap?
      Your walmarts I'd never want to take a peep
      Ours are better I fear
      Used all the time by my rhyming rear

  12. Random day,
    Random thoughts,
    Just particular cat
    who's connecting the dots.

    Interesting to see
    this connections
    on paper- all in colors spree...

    1. A dot connection
      Is surely an election
      Which comes due
      Once in a while at my zoo

  13. I don't know about a lemon from yemen

    doesn't sound like heaven

  14. ha..no $1000 chairs for me...buying all my furniture at IKEA...never been to walmart though...ha...guess i missed a serious part of american culture then...ha

    1. Yeah they are everywhere
      Down there
      You missed out
      Actually all it would give you is something to talk about

  15. Very random today, I have to say; I want to visit Unalaska some day, wonder what the weather is like there per se?


    1. Unalaska would be fun
      Prob the same weather as Alaska's sun

  16. Winter should
    be short
    is my retort.

    Enough I've had
    of coats and gloves
    of ice and snow
    where nothing
    will grow.

    A microwave
    I will not use
    the time it saves
    is lost on food.

    Tastes not as
    good as what
    I make on
    stove or in oven
    I'll gladly bake.

    Reality tv
    not at my sea
    but cash in hand
    I always take.

    Walmart you say
    not near my bay
    but far away.

    1. Guess you are one of the few
      Without a walmart near your zoo
      I cook it up for the week
      Then heat it up at my creek
      Yeah cash in hand
      Is sure grand

  17. Loved the random-ness. And enjoying the winter without smashing printers. :)

    1. Pfft that is no fun
      Have to go on a smashing run

  18. Great post Pat, I love when you go all random on us. I can't wait to enjoy my Spring and maybe have a fling.

    1. Yeah random is grand
      Always fun to do in my land

  19. We can bury the microwave with carbon dioxide man. RIP micro wave!

    1. It might squash what is left of the man
      Or give him a radiated tan

  20. I wish winter is done but the DST is coming soon,
    Yikes for waking up an hour earlier like a drone~

    I don't mind going to Walmart for cheap stuff,
    plus their pharmacy takes my drug card plan, no sweat ~

    Have a good weekend Pat ~

    1. Hate DST
      It is just a crime
      Taking away my sleep
      And yeah walmart is ok for the cheap

  21. That is a bunch of TV watching, we are way below average!

    1. Yeah not even I'm that high
      Here under my sky

  22. Here kitty, kitty.

    Where are you? I hope Pat is out on a date getting a little some some :)

    1. The cat is here
      Nothing like that I fear
      Just resting the pain in the ass arm
      If Pat got a little some some he'd prob break in two and need to pull the alarm haha

  23. Pat, sorry to report
    I can't come up with a decent retort.
    So I'll say goodnight.
    and...sleep tight.

    Thanks again, for popping over to my blog today.

    1. Well a good night is fine
      To this rhyming feline

  24. Where do you find the time
    To post every day and rhyme
    To read and answer each comment
    Without wasting a single moment
    To visit your friends, too
    And say a kind word or two
    You must be Supercat
    Flying all over the internet
    With magic paws that write
    Faster than the speed of light!

    1. Yeah and all typing with one arm too
      Oh so good at my zoo
      Helps when you have no life haha
      Just cats, no kids, dogs or wife

    2. Oh but kitties
      Are just like kiddies
      Enjoy single life
      Until you find a wife
      Get a puppy, too
      Like Scooby Doo :)

    3. Yeah that they are
      Except you can leave them alone at your bar
      LOL a puppy like scooby doo
      Would prob make the cat moo

  25. Here I am, although very late
    but I made it at any rate.
    Nursing a poor Whiskers, I'm afraid
    and it isn't looking good at any rate.
    A trip to the vet hasn't helped
    and I don't know whether to cry or yelp.
    But hey, I rhymed any way
    and I'll be back tomorrow at your bay.

    1. Hopefully she pushes through
      As they can be resilient at every zoo
      Food tube and all
      Cassie was back to running down the hall
      Could be an allergy maybe too
      As that is what made cassie's tongue go all blue

  26. Loved this and didn't know that a city Unalaska actually exists!

  27. Cash in hand- I went to a yard sale last year and was shocked when the sign said "We take credit cards!" My husband had to explain to me that they now have an iphone attachment or something or other that you connect to your phone and can swipe credit cards. Um, no thanks. I'll give them cash in hand.

    1. Yeah I wouldn't trust that either at my sea
      Could prob steal your info rather easy


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