Revenge Is Grand As One Takes A dVerse Stand!

The cat was thinking the other day how some hold a grudge forever at their bay. When really the other person does not even care unless of course they are aware. For a dVerse war goes on and they fight from dusk to dawn.

You stepped on my toe.
Do you want to go?
Wham! To the head.
That headache causes me dread.

Whack with a bat.
I squashed you flat.
Slam with a hammer.
Now you will forever stammer.

Cut with some glass.
A scar on your ass.
An axe to the arm.
I intended to cause harm.

A wood chipper for you.
Now you are gone from view.
You killed my brother!
Time to fight another.

Shot to the head.
Now long past dead.
You killed my friend.
Sense a growing trend?

The house catches fire.
Your car blows a tire.
Or just goes boom.
Either way spells doom.

You get chucked in front of a bus.
A pile of puss.
A tank runs you down.
Smushing you into something brown.

A big bomb drops on your head.
Now everyone is dead.
All from a step on the toe.
In which you could have said ouch and forget any thought of a blow.

But oh no,
The vengeance had to show.
And now in the ground you are,
Along with all friends and family near and far.

All because you could not walk away,
Or apologize if you see it the other way.
So the cat hopes it was fun.
To give such a run.

For in revenge there is no point.
Unless of course fun is what is looked for in your joint.
Then drop a waterballoon on their head.
Otherwise put such things to bed.

Before you go there forever,
Form such an endeavor,
Thinking you were clever.
May as well stand over a trap door with spikes and pulled the lever.

That just popped in as I saw two arguing at a nearby bin. Oh what you humans can do. I swear you have no clue. Have to get out your sass in such a way that isn't as fun as my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Stepping on the toes
    Can bring lots of woes
    If one is uncompromising
    It can start with lots of arguing
    Young blood needs releasing
    Rushing with arms swinging
    Maturity takes a back-seat
    On impulse slugging a big beat
    On all matters work with caution
    That is certainly a better option!


    1. Yeah a better way
      Sure should see the light of day
      But many would rather swing away
      And try to get some kind of back pay

  2. violence begets violence...and what starts with one shot can end up killing the lot, over what? wounded pride? lets the start of the slide and no one wants to be wrong and stop and apologize, which is really strong, and on and on...

    1. Yeah pride and ego
      Sure run the show
      And so on they go
      With the punches they throw

  3. Why get even, I agree
    Let it go or hug a tree
    Two exceptions that I see
    But who will agree with me
    Revenge is sweet, the name is Heathcliff
    Dark, foreboding, enjoy the riff riff
    Scorpios will never waver
    Tit-for-tat try a different flavor

    1. Well not sure I'd hug a tree
      Could be covered in dog pee haha
      But yeah revenge does seem grand
      As on takes that stand
      Only to get themself in a hole
      For taking such a stroll

  4. i shall always apologize form now on if I step on a cats toe....seriously, i will beg for my life!

    1. hahaha the cat would like that
      Might want to throw in a dead rat

  5. Do onto others and they do to you and then run like heck!!

    1. haha make sure to get a good head start too
      Maybe wear a mask as well on you

  6. They say revenge is a dish best served cold
    I have heard that since I was 5 years old
    Revenge, to me, is such a pointless pursuit
    Often arising where anger takes root
    We should all learn to forgive, is not for them, for us
    Then we can all hug each other and ride home on the bus

    1. hmmm I agree with all but the hug
      Don't need the germs of some pug haha
      But yeah forget it and go on with your life
      Why let the fools who hold onto it cause you strife

  7. The Hatfield's and McCoy's started it. ;)

    We ordered another one of your books, a hard copy this time for the shelf. Excited for it to come in, my little one likes the e-reader book we have, but he likes an actual books in hand better (gets that from his mama). :)

    1. Yeah they are to blame
      For the revenge game
      Thanks a ton
      I too like books as an actual print one
      And just got back something too
      That involves you

  8. Revenge cat? And what you win with this??
    I try to forget always!!! Is better of course the human that hurt are not my favorite lol but I think the life revenge for us lol
    anyway I never stepping in cat toes!!

    1. haha the cat just lets it go
      Unlike so many to and fro
      Of course he may rant away
      And get revenge in a fun way
      But other than that
      Can't be bothered by it at my mat

  9. Oh, it's all just pride
    and they would rather stay on the grudge holding side
    instead of apologizing,
    and do a fair surmizing.
    and so they forever are mad
    and it's really quite sad!

    1. Yep that is all it is
      With the revenge biz
      But they hold onto it
      And grumble and spit
      While the foe they claim
      Moves on and lives life all the same

  10. Admit it cat - you're just scared of me and that's what all this ranting is about. You're afraid that I am going to do something like blow you into tiny bits and so you throw your little fits!!

    1. Right!
      I'd wait for a migraine plight
      Then just poke you in the eye
      And laugh while you cry hahaha

    2. See one more for me
      No one likes a cyclops at my sea haha

  11. I rather lose a farm

    than get an axe to the arm

    unless it's that smelly fake cologne

    that's just worth a groan

  12. I agree - people get their panties in a bunch over the littlest things and it escalates into a monstrosity. Cat is a wise feline. More people should read this!

    1. Being wise I can be
      Once in a while at my sea

  13. I have to admit that often in my past I have been nothing but the proverbial grudge holder, revenge is sweet but as time's went on I've kind of held grudges less, great post Pat, getting your ass slashed with glass is not fun sounding at all, I'd rather get kicked in the ball haha.

    1. haha hmmm toss up between to two
      More fond of my ball than gazoo hahaha

  14. A big topic written without narcotics.

    Funny but real.

    The first paragraph sums up everything.

    1. Yeah kept it in lane
      With those who pop a vein
      Over meager crap
      That goes into so bigger revenge lap

  15. We can be silly, can't we with the things we do to each other? If we just didn't try to always have the one man up philosphy or live or let live or the best love each other, we wouldn't have to have rhymes like this I think!


    1. Yeah if only we could
      But greed and ego seem to win out in many a hood
      And no rhymes like this?
      Geez then a day I may miss haha

  16. I like reading these comments because everyone has such healthy attitudes. I used to hold grudges for life and be the queen of revenge until that caused massive stomach problems. Thank goodness for therapy!!!!

    1. Yeah those stomach issues can sure be a pain
      Those and neck crap I hate at my lane

  17. yeah...those battles go on and on if not someone is smart enough to stop them...

    1. Yeah some need to just walk away
      To have a brighter day

  18. orlin N cassie

    guess sum times uz kittehz aren't any diffrunt then peepulz.... reely....

    "If the cat had wings she'd choke all the birds in the air"
    author unknown......

    1. Sometimes we are all the same
      But cats aren't as lame haha
      And choke they would
      All your favorite burds in the hood

  19. Revenge goes on forever, we can't agree ~

    Maybe we can just do something together, like eating or drinking ~

    In reality though, I remember grudges but I would extend a hand a friendship
    if things change ~

    Happy Tuesday Pat ~

    1. Yeah I remeber everything
      Here at my wing
      But I just go on
      And let them curl their toes up at their lawn

  20. Great! Loved reading this. Do cats really remember? Lol!


    1. Cats remember indeed
      Just have to watch them at ones feed

  21. Pat Hatt and a cat
    We have a dog
    That does a blog
    Still, I guess
    You where's it at
    Have a look at the 'alien eye'
    Go on Pat
    Give it a try

    1. The alien eye
      Won't pull a probe from the sky?
      If so
      You can keep it at your show haha

  22. An eye for an eye
    and a toe for a toe,
    otherwise things get out of hand -
    maybe vengeance should be banned?

  23. The cat is mad :) better to let go ....

  24. so is the bus's fuel tank full of puss??? oh my!!!

    epideictic rhetoric

    1. haha the bus is blown
      Hit the driver with a stone

  25. Before you go there forever,
    Form such an endeavor,
    Thinking you were clever.
    May as well stand over a trap door with spikes and pulled the lever.

    Ouch this one would hurt. Glad to read this made me laugh so hard. I always like reading your work.

    1. hahaha yeah that would really hurt a ton
      Glad it was a fun run

  26. If everyone seeks revenge
    the 'games' never end....
    best to just walk away
    and keep idiots at bay!
    That's my philosophy of the day......

  27. Pretty smart cat, and such a way with words too!

  28. Bruce Lee in a major key!
    a one inch bunch goes wham! Bam!
    Body slam to the mat . . .
    i aint messin with this cool cat - meow!


    1. haha yeah with one bite of the toe
      Bruce Lee wouldn't stand a chance at my show

  29. Wow this is a violent place! Its starts with cranial damage and just gets worse. We're going to stay UTB under the mood passes.

    1. haha but it comes to pass
      So no need to hide under the bed from my sass

  30. This one reminds me of an episode of Tom & Jerry!

    1. haha except this cat would win
      Unlike the one at their bin

  31. Replies
    1. Pretty much how they all start
      With some rich old fart

  32. truly no point in revenge. People think it will cure their woes but when completed only a small piece of the void is filled, this is how super-villains origin stories begin. With all these examples, no one better cross the cat on this or any other eve. lol Great vengeance fun in words and then the war is won.

    1. Yeah avoid crossing the cat
      Or one might become a stuffed door mat haha
      But there is no point
      So why get your nose out of joint

  33. oh yes, i never get it
    when people have to play at tit
    for every tat..
    i don't get that!

    as always, enjoyed the read. and these lines you wrote - so true, made me smile as i recalled people i know -
    When really the other person does not even care unless of course they are aware.

    1. Yeah all can relate
      One way or another to such a fate
      As many like to hate
      And drive themselves irrate

  34. This has a feeling of world politics - futile disagreements with no-one to stand up and say STOP!

    1. Never thought of that
      But it is true enough at my mat

  35. sometimes the best revenge,
    if I may be so bold
    is pretending nothing went awry
    and leave the drama cold.

    Much enjoyed, as always. Wishing you a day of smiles. :)

    1. That is the best
      Beats all the rest
      Plus you can annoy the pest
      As you move far west


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