The Lame Is Around And Easily Found!

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

So the cat heard you all whining at my hall for such wonderful things to come due. I mean you did not believe those wonders were true? Now a sequel has come due and will be shown off at my zoo. I know it is just so boring to see. But you called for it, so don't blame me.

Look, it's a big pointy rock.
Doesn't that make you want to talk?
The grass can grow too.
A rock with grass, who knew?

Rocks with faces.
Staring off at other places.
Don't you humans already do that?
So now rocks have to also stare like a dingbat?

A great big hole in the ground.
It sure wasn't dug by a hound.
That is impressive I will say.
It's an out of date litterbox on display.

And we have a great big wall.
My, it is tall.
Who ever would have thought of building a wall?
My, it is tall.

A building that can't stand up straight.
You humans and your screwed up fate.
Next a wiggling building will come due.
That will prove you have no clue.

Another rock face with no nose?
God only knows.
Why you humans have a thing for rocks.
Maybe they take your lost socks?

A woman in a toga thing.
Who can't even have a fling.
Just standing there forever more.
What a bore.

A round building with no glass.
How is that going to keep out the bug mass?
Tons of windows and no glass.
Must have been built by a singing wall bass.

A building with tons of doors.
And lots of white floors.
First you have to choose,
Then clean a ton, how can you lose?

And finally water going down a hill.
That really has to thrill
Almost as fun as a trip to the vet.
Oops, poor you got wet.

Now are you even still awake? Go hop in a cold lake. That will wake most of you up. Certain parts may suffer a hiccup. But at least it won't be such a bore. Like it was watching those oh so lame things at my shore. So the lame wonders have to come pass. Another reason sequels can annoy my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Ruined Hank's streak
      Sending him up the creek

  2. First comment aside this is a brilliant idea for a post Pat, one of your funniest in ages. You're so right, all of these historical landmarks such as Niagara and that big wall of China really are just buildings or statues, things that you see in day to day life, I guess it's all about symbolism and the history behind them. Great post Pat

    1. Figured I'd turn it around
      From when the other wonders were found
      And yeah all just rocks and stone
      With some symbolistic type tone

  3. ha...nice..thanks for the trip around the world...i've been to the colosseum in rome and it's breath-taking even though it has no windows...ha.. feels strange to stand in such an historical place and just imagine what kind of things happened cold lake for me today..i could roll in the snow though...smiles

    1. Yeah it would be quite the place to see
      Figured it was seen by thee
      After all your Rome posts haha
      Glad it was a fun trip to other coasts

  4. And how goes this Nor'easter, on your shore????????????


  5. If all those rocks could talk. I wonder what they would say? As for the jump in the lake.... I am not a Polar Bear, nor do I want to be. I will stay in my cozy little house and keep warm thank you!

    1. They would sure have a lot to say
      Some being around since dinos were out to play
      haha no dip?
      I hear it is a numbing trip

  6. It's like the best holiday snaps slide show ever....but only shown once!

    1. Yeah no annoying ones over and over
      Having to get in everyone from granny to rover

  7. Honesty is a virtue tells cat
    At least that's what he hears from Pat
    Big rocks and holes can be a bore
    Humans search them more and more
    He'd rather have a big dead rat
    And sit around and chew the fat
    Cat's scratching post of pure hemp rope
    Is better than a bar of soap
    Cat likes his fuzzy ball of string
    It's so much better than human bling
    But what the heck who gives a care
    It's tit-for-tat, go climb a stair

    1. haha that is true
      The can would rather have a rat come due
      But then from a human way
      What we do would be a boring day
      So I guess it's all perception
      With the odd exception

  8. Taz mahal... building with tonnes of doors... Loved that :P

    1. haha well that is true
      Glad it was liked by you

  9. Nice post today, Pat. Loved all the sites I could visit from the ease of my own chair.

  10. My favorite post of yours so far
    All these images from afar
    I would love to see all of these in my lifetime
    But for now, I'll enjoy them at rhymetime

    1. A favorite seeing one and all
      Here at my hall
      And yeah would be fun to see
      In reality

  11. That was quite a tour and we really enjoyed tagging along!

    1. Thanks for hopping on board
      Now the cat will chew the cord

  12. nice tour through the architecture...there is just something about a structure you know that catches my that another face i spy, i dont have to wonder why we put faces on all our places, we love ourselves, always have always will...

    1. Yeah something sure does catch the eye
      At least as a human gives a spy
      As a rock is a rock
      Face or not to the cat without a shock haha

  13. Lady liberty was originally a dull bronze but then turned green with envy... and by that I mean acid rain.

    1. I guess she took to it
      As the skies acid began to spit

  14. Doesn't Canada have any neat things to show?
    Oh, I suppose you'll claim the Niagra Falls flow.
    But you have to share it with us
    so that argument is bust.

    Are you buried in snow?
    Still have a whole day to go!

    1. Lots and lots of trees
      And maybe a cool breeze
      That is all we really got at my sea
      And yeah snow is hanging from ever tree

    2. OK...I took a look for you!
      You have Butchart Gardens, with flowers of blue
      Montmorency Falls and the Canadian Rockies, too!
      Lake Louise and the Capilano Suspension Bridge,
      and Whistler with it's great big ridge
      The Northern Lights
      and the Calgary taking flight.
      Makes me want to go!
      Oh, and there are moose, you know!

    3. haha The Northern Lights and the Rockies I knew
      Also the bay of fundy which is supposed to be a view
      The rest I never knew though
      Just the trees and the moose are all that show haha

    4. Had to google Bay of Fundy here!
      Never heard of that I fear!
      And those rock formations look like dinosaurs!
      Not to far away from your shore!
      but they don't have faces
      like in other places. haha.
      but not manmade, either
      which is even sweeter!

    5. Yeah never been there
      Even if it is close to my lair
      The rocks may not have faces
      But maybe they were home to dinosaur races

  15. So busy in the big city this week
    Missed some fun posts at your creek
    Pisa and Rome, great places to go
    Good food and sights, quite a show
    Take a bite of The Big Apple some day
    You will love it, what a cool bay
    I wonder what you'll post next
    Your creativity is at its best xx :)

    1. Oh I went to the big apple last May
      Was such fun and quite the display
      You never know what will come
      From my little rhyming bum

  16. You gave us a short trip to almost every single beautiful place one would like to visit.Thank you for representing Taj Mahal as well...close to my heart because its from my place India :)

    1. It was fun to show
      Each one with my rhyming flow
      Glad I could represent
      Here at my tent

  17. Lovely pictures today one of them are amazing and look at you
    have some thingd of here from Easter Island, LOL
    love this post!

    1. Yeah that bunny gets a showing today
      At least in a certain way
      As easter island shows with those aliens and such
      Glad you like it much

    2. aliens?? ha ha not aliens there I heard the easter island is just beautiful!

    3. haha aliens made the rock faces
      Yeah it is supposed to be a beauty of all places

  18. Rocks eat socks? I thought it was the fox! Bad rhyme I know, that's why you steal the rhyme show :)

    1. Borrowing is fine
      A rhyme is fun to this feline

  19. LOL; now I won't have to travel, I can stay in my seat, because this rhyme has kept me from getting itchy feet, to hop on a plane to see these sights, I'll save my money for a long winter's night.


    1. Glad I can help out
      So you don't have to pout
      While sitting in airports and such
      Now you can stay home and save much

  20. Ohh, you made me want to travel.

    It's amazing that the Leaning Tower is so trusted...I'd visit in a heartbeat, but it's still odd that we trust something so off kilter.

    1. Yeah it is odd indeed
      But I guess we trust the design feed
      Even if we should take heed
      Or get crushed like a seed

  21. I would love to visit Taj Mahal and the Leaning Tower ~

    Smiles, do you have another book coming along ?

    Have a good Saturday Pat ~ It's terribly cold here ~

    1. Yeah they would be fun to see
      In real life at ones tree
      And hmmm maybe I do
      There will be many first to view

  22. That was great. I might have visited some of these places when I was younger.

    1. Too old now you say
      Bah can still do it at ones bay

  23. Too funny! And you should see how the humans lean to have their pictures taking with that leaning slab of stone!

    1. Yeah the humans try and do it too
      I bet they fall over before the building in view

  24. Hi Pat,
    Thanks so much for stopping by blog today and commenting about hilarious Schultz.
    And I loved your bio. It made me smile.

    1. Glad I could get a smile
      Always fun to do as I go the rhyming mile

  25. And the artwork on your header is awesome! :-)

  26. We all human love
    to put our faces
    at all places,
    including the rocks-
    they make fame to talk,
    the bigger - the greatest
    in stock!
    Great post,Cat! You rock!

    1. Yeah seems the faces have to show
      To make ones ego grow

  27. I am the best whiner of them all
    to ever grace your lovely hall
    and don't you dare dis my great New York
    you know you love how we all talk!
    I hope you and Pat are faring well
    up in that snowy hell!!

    1. Yeah that I won`t dispute
      You whine worse than a bad playing flute haha
      And I just dissed the statue thing
      It was after all from the overseas wing
      The snow is all around
      kinda wish the warmth of hell was found

    2. ha ha ha! You know you miss my ranting and raving!

      I just checked my FB page and saw all the pics of my family up in NY - boy did Long Island get hammered! 29" for my family - crazy!

      Stay warm, Pat!!!

    3. Yeah we got about 50cm or so here at least
      Don't worry a hermit is all at our place including the furry beast

  28. What a fun pairing of photos and verse!

    I've recovering from my Bayside, Queens, NYC shoveling. Not fun at all!

    1. Ugg shoveling is not fun one bit
      Hate all of this white shit haha

  29. where i come from, we have plenty of rocks with grass. not just grass really but other plants too.
    they're limestone hills.

    1. Sure would be a sight
      And you also have no snow to cause you a plight

  30. I saw recently Superman2 the one where he pushes the leaning tower straight. Often that which we see as epic is marketed, but most history is marketing.
    I always wanted to see Niagra though, i think some religious nut jobs say its proof of The Great Flood.

    There is a great film starring Marilyn Monroe and Joseph Cotton set in the Niagra Falls.

    1. Yeah most all is marketed in some way
      So they can make money at their bay
      Always has been and always will be
      Niagra would be something to see

  31. Loved the tour Pat. Way cool.



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