The Real Deal Of The Reel!

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

So you got stupid Cameron all egocentric and such. Blabbing on about being top dog at the box office way too much. The cat just has to say how full of strat he is with such crap. For all seem to be a sap and forget inflation at their sea. Of course you can win at the box office when it costs three times more to see a movie. So let's show the real deal of the top 50 and of course it will be nifty. It goes in order too from the first one you view.

Gone with the Wind I may be.
It beats being stuck in Star Wars with a wookie.
The Sound of Music is in my head.
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial's finger can cause dread.

The Titantic is sadly number five.
The Ten Commandments help all survive.
I like to flap my Jaws.
Doctor Zhivago curls my claws.

The Exoricist isn't very scary.
But Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs may have a hairy.
As 101 Dalmations sniff their butt.
The Empire Strikes Back at Jabba the Hutt.

Ben-Hur likes to purr.
Avatar is fourteen making it a blur.
Return of the Jedi will get your ewok on.
While Star Wars Episode 1 I wish was long gone.

The Sting might just hurt.
The Lion King deserves a Hakuna Matata insert.
Raiders of the Lost Ark,
Steered clear of Jurassic Park.

The Graduate likes a mommy.
Fantasia lets you and Mickey get chummy.
The Godfather gives quite the bed head.
Forrest Gump might run until he's dead.

Mary Poppins will cure all.
A spoon full of sugar would make Grease have a ball.
The Avengers will, well, avenge.
Thunderball will have its revenge.

Then comes a The Dark Knight.
Him in The Jungle Book would be a sight.
Might turn out to be a Sleeping Beauty though.
Until Shrek 2 decided to show.

Ghostbusters makes you feel good?
Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid got stuck with some wood.
Actually stuck with more than a Love Story.
Even Spiderman would find that gory.

Independance Day brings the probe.
Or leaves you Home Alone stuck in a snow globe.
Pinocchio could not tell a lie.
Cleopatra sure gave it a try.

Beverly Hills Cop gave bananas a run.
Goldfinger thought that was fun.
Stuck in an Airport though.
At least gives you an American Graffiti show.

The Robe is oh so shiny.
Pirates of the Caribean: Dead Man's Chest is far from tiny.
It goes Around The World in 80 Days.
Bambi wanted to try and get some sunny rays.

Blazing Saddles will hurt your ass.
Batman thought that was rather crass.
The Bells of St. Mary's tuned it out.
The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King knows what that is all about.

Finding Nemo means lunch for me.
The Towering Inferno I will push into the sea.
Spiderman 2 swings into view.
My Fair Lady has a crush on him too.

The Greatest Show on Earth,
Was when National Lampoon's Animal House gave birth.
But the Passion of the Christ.
Couldn't even stop Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith's childhood heist.

Back to the Future going 88 mph is some serious shit.
The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers had quite the pit.
I also have The Sixth Sense.
The Dark Knight Rises was worth a few cents.

See what a Superman I can be?
Meant cat, but it beats being called Tootsie.
Smokey and the Bandit might run you down,
In some West Side Story town.

Harry Potter and the Sorcer's Stone,
Made Lady and the Tramp groan.
Close Encounters of a Third Kind,
Had even Lawerence of Arabia protecting his behind.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show,
Had quite a Rocky flow.
The Best Years of Our Lives,
Weren't when The Poseidon Adventure gave you hives.

The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,
Is quite the word Twister to sing.
But the Men in Black,
Will cross The Bridge on the River Kwai to attack.

For those Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World with a mad callin.
Swiss Family Robinson knew such a fact.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest as they got in on the act.

M.A.S.H is where they had to go.
Beats getting stuck with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom don't you know.
Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones,
Even gave Mrs. Doubtfire the groans.

Aladdin on the other hand.
Was too busy dropping a Toy Story 3 grand.
He was afraid of that Ghost.
The Duel in the Sun made him roast.

The Hunger Games sound tasty.
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl leaves you pasty.
But a House of Wax,
Makes you look out your Rear Window unable to relax.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park,
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade avoided that mark.
Spiderman 3 came on back.
And Terminator 2: Judgement Day killed it for its abysmal flack.

What? You counted away at my hut? I sorta, maybe did double it up. Hopefully you had some extra coffee in your cup. For the top 100 did show. Proving Cameron is well down below. I just could not stop myself but I did so before I hit 200 at my shelf. You did not even have to pay for a pass for such sights from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's all he has to say, right? I can do that too. Here it comes...


      and I raise you an exclamatipn mark !

    2. Hank comes back later with a chime
      All that lurking makes me need a break first before dropping a dime

    3. That's right!
      I will normally come back
      after a breather
      Tough being an early morning lurker


    4. See even back to see
      The replies at my tree

  2. The movie king, almost first too damn.

    1. A ways away
      From the first display

    2. Twenty-one minutes, John, that's too late
      Gotta get up early to seal your fate

    3. I could have been first... I was up but I did it once and that is enough.

    4. Yeah need to be right on time
      With your chime

      And shoulda coulda woulda you say
      At my bay haha

  3. Awards galore
    Awards some more
    Awards that are smashing
    For someone who is dashing
    But tee hee hee the joke's on the fox
    When x-wife beats him at the box
    He thought he had it nailed
    But he finally really failed
    He thought he had the money
    But the money's on x-honey
    And she snatched the big award
    On a shoestring from her lord.

    1. Damn that might make him choke
      Poor fox bloke
      Now from her poke
      And treating his award like coke
      His eyes may soak
      As he hides behind his cloak
      The she'll whack him with an oak
      And away he'll croak

    2. I can't believe how good you are at this Rhyming Manzi!! You are a natural.

    3. That she is
      With the rhyming biz

  4. I am a movie buff extraordinaire
    But not movies that are made with too much flair
    Though I did love Jurrasic Park
    But not as much as Raiders of the Lost Ark

    1. Yeah many are over the top
      But did the top 100 at the box office that didn't flop
      Just to prove Cameron and his ego crap
      Can take a big dirt nap

  5. holy rolled the movies today, whats wrong with kissing a wookie, you say, hey dont worry on a dark knight, just cut on the light, its quite a fright though, so good movie...and well some your show....

    1. Yep top 100 I did
      As I flipped the lid
      And you can kiss your wookie all you like
      And agree, many of the above can take a hike

  6. The list is quite familiar
    Notable ones through the years
    The thrills
    Of the reels
    Cannot be matched by fears


    1. Yeah all having made a ton of dough
      Most of them many will know
      Not to say they were good
      But pulled in much money from each hood

  7. Now that is impressive Pat
    And I've got to come clean
    some of them I wasn't too keen!

    1. Yeah I will agree
      Many I would bury in the sea

  8. Gotta' love those oldies. Sure, the B and W ones. But I mean more recent "oldies." Like The Sting, for instance. ,-)

    1. Yeah the older ones are better than the crap of today
      As they suck in most every way

  9. So all I needed to enjoy Grease was a spoon full of Mary Poppin's sugar? No wonder I thought it was terrible and overrated and John Travolta has always been very obviously gay.

    1. Grease was fine by me
      But yeah he is as gay as can be
      But oh well
      Who cares as long as he finds it swell

  10. I am not a big movie buff, but there are a few up there I recognize from my younger years. Speaking of younger years... You know what? Getting old sucks!! Big time....

    1. Yeah on that I agree
      Fecked up at 27 at my sea
      Fifty will be even worse
      Hell thrity will prob make me curse

  11. I hope Episode VII will be good

    Or Disney wasted a lot of dough that never would.

    1. Yeah lets hope it is
      But who knows with the crap movie biz

  12. On my roll
    you did not
    update, you've
    earned yourself
    some Blogger hate.

    So if few
    come near
    now you know
    it's not
    because you
    are a troll.

    Movies galore
    you have here
    today and
    some have been
    seen at my

    Of Transformers
    not a fan
    nor Superheroes
    I find quite bland.

    M.A.S.H. to
    me was really
    great but
    Harry Plopper
    can keep his stone.

    Of Star Wars
    I thought not
    much, but
    Raiders of the Ark Lost
    I liked a bunch.

    Mary Poppins
    the Spawn adored
    when small she
    was we watched a ton.

    Those days are
    gone and so are
    these most
    movies cause
    me just to sneeze.

    I know my rhymes were mainly shite today. But it's Monday, give me a break.

    1. After 6 posts at your sea
      It is okay if the rhymes are shitty
      I mean you have to be so stressed out
      Surprised you can even give a comment shout LOL

      Oh the cat loves that.
      Pfft to blogger hating my mat
      They do it every once in a while
      But they are oh so vile

      And yeah many on the list I thought were crap
      But they filled the top 100 grossing lap

  13. Who has time for movies anymore?
    I watch and I watch and still I am bored.
    They don't make them like they used to.
    I'd rather have lunch with Dr. Seuss and the Who's.

    1. That is true
      99% suck now that you can view
      Barely give a care to any at all
      Older ones are better than any currently in any movie hall

  14. If I didn't have kids in the house I'd probably never go to the movies.

    You've named some of my faves here though... gotta give big props to the Hakuna Matata mention. :)

    1. Yeah I only go there once in a blue moon
      Usually wait for the dvd at my sand dune
      Timon and Pumba are grand
      Just keep that meerkat out of my litterbox sand

  15. Now you've got me in the mood to watch some movies.

  16. I was impressed how many of those movies I had seen; now I'll have to try to catch more some time in between!


    1. But some you should avoid
      Unless you are trying to fill some boredom void

  17. Classic, simply classic, Cat!

    1. The cat can do movies with ease
      As many hang from his mind trees

  18. Hey Pat! I enjoyed your rhyming about your favorite movies! You've named so many that I have liked. I have to admit, though, I am a huge Star Wars fan, and Han Solo is one of my all-time favorite characters; also, I'm and even bigger LOTR lover. I simply can't name one favorite movie, but I could definitely name 50. Rhyming is way beyond me though. This is going to be a fun blog, I can tell! Have a good one!

    1. Yeah no way I could name one
      But 50 is easy to give a run
      Star Wars the old ones are grand
      And LOTR is sure liked in my litterbox sand
      Always fun here
      Although sometimes I may rant and scare I fear

  19. The best thing about the box office has gotta be the box!

    1. That much is true
      As most of them aren't worth a view

  20. movies...who has the time, and why are they getting so much money??

    1. Because stupid people pay to watch stupid things
      At many a movie wings

  21. I wonder what Mary Poppins would do if a dalmation sniffed her tush.

    1. Give it a spoon full of sugar to help the smell go down
      Or feed it something brown

  22. Whoa what a long list
    but I read with bliss
    had extra coffee, too
    so I didn't turn blue!

    1. haha at least there is no need to spit
      Today at my pit
      So the coffee you can savor
      and enjoy the flavor

    2. yep, and it was a clever title, too
      but I'm sure that you already knew!
      And I know who those little teasers are
      so I feel special, by far.

    3. Yeah had fun with the title
      As the fingers weren't idle
      As any time
      With a movie chime
      haha but yeah you kind of cheat
      Having seen it on your street haha

  23. You have me reeling and I lost count. So many movies...

    1. Nice use of the reel
      And yeah spun more than one movie wheel

  24. Smokey and the Bandit, and Beverly Hills Cop?
    I thought those movies were a flop.

    Very impressive rhyme, my friend.
    Packing in 100 movies from beginning to end.


    1. Nope they are in the top 100 earnings of all time
      When inflation drops a dime
      And yeah I can go on forever
      With a rhyming movie endeavor


  25. Watch movies on a computer
    be the attorney and prosecutor
    watch any sort
    switch if you bored

    1. That is true
      Don't like the view
      Switch back and forth
      Gives us something to do when it is cold up north

  26. I love a lot of those older movies. I haven't seen a new release in a really long time that has made me go "wow!" The movies today suck.

    1. Yeah so true
      Most today aren't even worth a view
      Complete waste of time
      Not worth a dime

  27. Absolutely amazing job getting so many films into this incredible list. Excellent work Pat, some serious skill on show here, glad to hear you giving the newer Star Wars films the burials they rightfully deserve.

    1. Yeah they deserve to be flushed down the loo
      After you chuck them in and have a big poo haha

  28. Replies
    1. Don't eat too much though
      Then you could become the show lol

  29. orlin N cassie... on de best films ever made....

    we say...lunch brake !!!!

    uh, on second thought...may bee we shuld stick ta what we can catch with a fishin pole N werms....

    1. Yeah it was grand
      But stick to the fish without sharp teeth in your land haha

  30. Ben-Hur, I must say
    is better than his sister or brother,
    Ben-Him and Ben-Gay

    1. Which one is which?
      Telling the siblings apart must be a bitch

    2. Ben-Gay is a sight
      with his loincloth so tight.

    3. Saves on washing I suppose
      Must be rough on the toes

  31. Great list of movies and I do think The Exorcist is scary. lol

    1. Bah to the spinning head
      Just a girl in need of a med haha

  32. So many awards...
    I agree with most...
    Lincoln is tops definitely....
    and Argo deserves what it got.
    I always like to see these award shows
    to see if they agree with me!!!

    1. haha that is a good reason to see
      I jut ignore them though with glee

  33. Can we have the Oscar presenters speak in rhyme? That could keep things interesting for once

    1. I may actually watch then
      But that still may be stretching it at my den

  34. Mr. Pat Hatt,

    You mention "Cameron"
    Me thinks of politics
    And the Cameron I mean
    Is the biggest of pricks!

    1. Ah yes, that one is a schmuck
      Also some cocky, err umm, duck

  35. That would make some movie marathon!

  36. I love it when you do the movie rhymes, Pat.

    A chummy mouse is scary indeed. :P

    1. Yeah one of my favorite to do
      As they come with ease at my zoo

  37. Uh oh, we don't even want to think about how many of those movies we haven't seen!

  38. So what's the dealio with all the Humans in their fancy outfits giving out little gold dolls? There was only one little girl there and none of those grown-ups gave her a dolly or nuffing. What's up with that??

    1. They want praise
      And to get a raise
      Plus they are paid to dress up in crap
      That I would throw up a hairball on if it was brought near this chap

  39. hahah, not a Cameron fan??? I must say- I tend to like all of his crazy, big movies. But I will agree that the Oscars is a crazy odd event.

    1. I don't mind some
      But he is an egocentric bum

  40. Hi! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss, and The Birthday male...Orlin the Cat...
    Phew! Pat Hatt...Is all I can say as you let 100 films roll Off your tongue at your bay! Ha!ha!

    Congratulation! on this terrific 100 films rhyming feat... I'm quite sure if someone try to top it you most definitely, would be hard to beat!

    Oops! One more word before I take leave my rhyming poet friend and that is the most important words...
    The End.

    deedee :)

    1. I could do a 1000 though
      So none could top me at my show
      Just would take forever to load
      If I gave that many in movie rhyming mode


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