Time For Round Ten With The Crazies At My Den!

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

Once more here on the attack to give the search engine weirdos some flack. For there are a ton that come to give a bow, which can be seen since I have done this ten times now. Now I won't make you wait. Let's once more open the crazy search engine term gate.

"best rime ever"
"best rhyme ever"
"best rhymes ever"

The first guy is out of air or looking for something to do while bare. The second only likes one while the other likes all that is spun. Each want the best, I hope the first guy gets an annual disease test.

"viking woman armor"

I guess they want to see the cat chew some fat.

"pile road sign"

Umm err you have piles on your bum? Forget the road sign and get some rum.

"hot dog thong man"

I don't think I even wanna know. But at least either way a hot dog or maybe limp dog will show.

"fun facts about triskaidekaphobia"

You are a nut and all this year you will be in a triskaidekaphobia rut. If you believe in such crap. What a silly sap.

"brave with wet hair when she swims in the river"

Okay, you must have plenty of time in your day. Damn, that was long. Does wet hair make her strong? Or are you looking for a thrill? Go pop a pill.

"paintings of a farting butt"

Umm doesn't your ass have enough gas?

"scary nicolas cage"
"nicolas cage scary"

Either way it is true just look at his great hairdo. What hair? It's not a wig I swear.

"where does the thes"

Why does it its? You are the pits.

"cow nuts"

This one almost won. But another is much better that a nut spun. Imagine what came up? I bet it wasn't a pup.

"french mimer"

Is there even such a thing? They don't talk or sing. So how can they be french or whatever else they wish to be? Either way they are scary.

"fart under blanket rage comic"

At least their air is kept in. That isn't such a sin.

"ass wiggling screensaver"

I hope the ass was fine and not something from the humpty dumpty line.

"chubby man in boxers"

I guess that answered the ass question. I did not need an answer or want such a suggestion.

"man boobs prize"

Are you studying up on the case? Watch some, you may get lost in there without a trace.

"snow boobies"

It is the season I guess to commit snowwoman, or maybe snowman, treason.

And the winner that takes the cake and much more he or she does take. For the protection is at full strength here, you will never get a disease so have no fear. Hitting the market soon and helping you up before noon.

"weiner in armor"

And so ends another round. I wonder if the armor makes a squeeky sound? That could be awful cold. It could also rust or get some mold. I guess care must be taken though. Maybe some instructions will show. Round ten has now come to pass with the crazy mass, that have no class, here to visit my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer


  1. hey its better to have your weiner in armor at least til you get married and all...haha...no surprises that way, so hey you won a man boob prize, well isnt that a sight for making sore eyes....lol

    1. almost almost
      perhaps next i will just leave my rank
      so out #1s will crank

    2. haha yeah no goalie slippage I suppose
      As you curl your toes
      And yeah the cat with man boobs
      I suppose I could scare away noobs

      Just 30 minutes late
      Hank has down the lurking at my gate

  2. The hot dog thong man obviously put his weiner in body armour.

  3. LOL I was laughing at all of these.

    1. Quite fun to see who comes on by
      As they find my sky

  4. A weiner in armor
    Product coming our way
    Interesting to know
    Keeps diseases at bay
    As an armor goes
    May be cold and molds
    Or it squeaks or rusts
    One as yet to trust


    1. Yeah trust would be hard to do
      If it was said to rust on you
      Would avoid that
      Going with the ordinary at my mat

  5. A heavy dose of man humor this morning. LOL

    1. haha those are who found me
      This time at my sea

  6. This have me quite the chuckle on a Monday
    Turned it into a fun day
    Look forward to your next rhyme
    I'll be back here tomorrow at this time

    1. And there will be a rhyme
      As done up until May with each chime
      With another 2 search engine ones done as well
      so can help you through Monday's hell

  7. Replies
    1. lol so are you saying the winner
      Is a bit of a sinner haha

  8. I Googled Nicolas Cage scary and one of the options was a woman version of him, and it was pretty scary, ha! :)

    1. hahaha yeah there are some
      That are even scary to my rhyming bum

  9. I think a good rule of thumb is that if you're searching for how to "rime" you have no business "riming" in the first place. :)

    Also, am I the only one that would kinda like to see "paintings of a farting butt"? Usually a picture of a farting butt is tacky and in bad taste, but if it's painted and framed that means it's automatically classy!

    1. Yeah that is true
      Maybe they just need a riming clue haha
      And hmm seems like you are the only one
      But at least it would be classy to two under the sun

  10. Too cute; amazes me what search engines will find when one puts in those categories to search for.


    1. Yeah always fun what they find
      And scary that people actually type them out and find my behind

  11. Shrek comes to mind...and all of his gaseous explosions...

    1. Yeah maybe they got turned around
      When looking for Shrek's farting sound

  12. Don't worry about the details, all will pass...yikes!

  13. Replies
    1. Even more wow
      Some have come looking for a humping cow haha

  14. That farting painting is my favourite one haha although it wouldn't surprise me if you actually used that bunch of letters before in your rhymes. Great post Pat, you know how much I love this series.

    1. Yeah wouldn't surprise me at all
      But not sure I ever used such phrasing at my hall
      Either way always fun
      To give the crazies a run

  15. orlin N casie...

    ya noe......in this day N age...paintins of a fartin buttz would sell

    peepul said poker playin dawgs wood never sell....

    frank lee we like de bulldog passin de ace in hiz toe

    1. You know someone could take it to heart
      Finding beauty in a fart
      Could be the next big thing
      I'd rather play with string

  16. OMG, those are hilarious! Keep 'em coming hot dog thong man!

    1. Oh I have many more
      The crazies keep coming to my shore

  17. The scariest part of all
    is that they wind up at your hall!
    I wonder if they are satisfied
    or disappointed after the rhymetime ride.

    1. haha I wonder what it is
      That draws them to my rhyming biz
      Either way
      I hope I don't satsify some of the sick things they say

  18. And I thought I had some weird ones stopping by my place courtesy of Google search. You win.

    1. That cat likes to win
      Even if it is because weirdos visit his bin haha

  19. A long time ago, Nicholas Cage wasn't that scary, but I think he is now. :P

    I'll go with the weiner in armor.

    Sounds like a *weiner* to me! :D

    1. Yeah he wasn't so bad in earlier movies he made
      Now though, that has surely gone on to fade
      haha glad the weiner won
      And you weiner-ed your way to agreeing a ton

  20. the crazies keep up their search engine flair, with thoughts I don't wish upon any far or near. Lots of talk about wieners, farts and bums for number 10, guess the mental hospital has given free internet access to the crazies then.

    Lots of fun these posts are, showing just how nutty the bored humans can be, searching for things and winding up wherever google shoots them to be. But fun for all is made of them, here at your rhyming stall

    1. Yeah always fun
      One day that book may be done
      When my arm can work
      May do it to make many smirk
      For now away they will come
      And be mocked plenty by my little rhyming bum

  21. Cow Nuts?
    They're girls-so you're outta luck.
    Instead, Deer Nuts.
    A steal at under a buck.

    1. Wouldn't more than an oh dear
      Come as you snip snipped near
      Might get a kick to or maybe by the head
      Or wind up dead

  22. Google search brings all the odd ones out of the woodwork.... I get some pretty crazy searches on my blog.

    One day instead of being almost the very last to comment.... I am going to give #1 a run for his money.... just to show him I can. LOL...

    1. Yeah the crazies come about
      Okay having a low shout
      But Hank does like to win
      Have to get here early to beat him as he lurks away at my bin

  23. I'm going to get drunk tonight and see if I can say "triskaidekaphobia" five times fast. I can't say it five times slow while sober, but maybe I'll have better luck the other way. :D

    1. Let me know how that goes
      As trying to say it here makes me sound like a bunch of dead crows

  24. Sorry Pat, that "best rime ever" google hit was me. I was looking for "best rind" and pickled watermelon rhine recipes--my spelling sucked that day...

    1. hahaha well at least you admitted it
      And sorry I couldn't help at my pit

  25. So many of these images were just wrong! Hee, hee! Is a Weiner in Armour a chastity belt?

    1. Wrong indeed
      But had to share at my feed
      Hmmm I suppose it could be
      Which is even more scary

  26. Very nice, "paintings of a farting butt." Stay classy Google!

  27. Where do you come up with this stuff, lol.


  28. Hot Dog Thong Man.

    Are you sure the Beer guys didn't have something to do with this?

    1. Yeah that would be a good guess
      We'll have to make them confess


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