Time To Give Stick A Little Flick!

  Have to wait and see who this could be!

Could the cat be telling you to stick it? Could the cat want to beat you with a stick a bit? All thoughts the go through ones mind especially when dealing with my little rhyming behind. But the cat is too slick to just hit you with a stick. Instead I use my pringle cans for that and so just stick with it at my mat.

Stick it here, stick it there.
With the stick beware.
For those that aren't picky.
Things could get rather sticky.

Now we will linger,
Up and around the finger.
Don't stick it in a plug,
Don't stick it to a thug.

Don't stick it in a pile,
Of something that smells vile.
Don't stick it a door,
And slam it at your shore.

Don't stick it in the VCR,
If you still have one at your bar.
Don't stick it in the blender,
Or the other thing that could change your gender.

All common sense,
But it seems some are dense.
So don't get tense,
It's time for the head to hop the fence.

Don't stick it between rails.
Don't stick it under cow tails.
Don't stick it under a tire,
Don't stick it in a fire.

Don't stick it on a table saw.
Don't stick it near my claw.
Don't stick it in the stove.
Don't stick it in a thorn grove.

And speaking of head,
This may cause dread.
But you can't stick it where ever you please.
Unless you want a generous disease.

So stay safe from harm,
This is not to cause alarm.
Don't buy the farm,
Now on to the arm.

Don't stick it in a fan blade.
Don't stick it out to get sprayed by Raid.
Don't stick it in a dumpster.
Don't stick it to a grumpster.

Don't stick it in a hose.
Don't stick it up someones nose.
Don't stick it in front of a bus.
Don't stick it out in the form of a cuss.

Flip arm for leg and finger for toe.
The same thing applies at your show.
Or for any other body part,
That stick it takes to heart.

For if you want to stick it to the man.
Throw him in a garbage can.
Stick a post it to his head.
Don't stick it to end up dead.

The cat just wanted to go all stick it today and so brought forth a stick it display. So stick it to the moon, stick it to a raccoon. Just don't stick it to a goon or a crazy loon. Then they may chop it off or something like that and you may be snip snip like the cat. Now I end my stick it mass and will watch where I stick my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Just in there for the win
      Ruining Han`s streak at my bin

    2. LOL... Something like that. And.... because I can! But I'm done. He can be first from now on. Something told me I had to do it.

    3. haha now you can say
      You did it at list once at my bay

  2. Replies
    1. Gosh, a deadheat, a photo finish in fact! It's getting crowded up here!


    2. Hahahahaha... I just had to beat you once.... Now you can have your throne back.

    3. Ain't that just like a woman???? Congratulations.

    4. LOL... Thanks Manzi!! I beat him by a nose hair

    5. Congrats! But not on a silver platter, Ma'am! Competition is healthy!


    6. LOL so funny to watch all going for one
      And yeah jut like a woman having to have won

  3. Whoa! stick 'em up!
    That's a bit sneaky
    Got to aim up smart
    Just go at it slowly

    Wield the big stick
    That'll teach discipline
    There'll be no tricks
    Everyone's come off clean


    1. Yeah a big one
      Would stop the fun
      Or start it too
      Depending on one`s view

  4. you should def be careful where you stick it
    as you could get a shock, i guttered on this one
    and maybe that has to do with my reality this week,
    but on the other, still watch who you stick,
    as theirs may be larger and they strike you back

    1. haha the gutter is grand
      All gutter this week in your land?
      That different than any other week? haha
      And yeah some may stick it to you should your stick come out for a peek

  5. This reminded me of that old jingle, "Stick it to 'em with Stick Ups". Now I have that damn song playing in my head all day. Thanks for that Pat Hatt!

    1. No problem at all
      Glad I can annoy at my hall haha

  6. That sure is a sticky situation Pat!

  7. I'll stick with your advice Pat. :o) And hope you had a good Valentine's Day.

    1. Stick to it
      And yeah same old same old at my pit

  8. Cat knows all the no-no's where one dares not spot a stick-it
    If you have to break the rules, you're in a sticky-wicket
    If you're in a sticky-wicket and you stick it to a picket
    And the picket is the ticket, and you forgot to lick it
    If you lick-it on the picket or the wicket with the stick-it
    But if you stick-it on a cricket and the picket doesn't lick it
    Then the wicket with the cricket finds a spigot that will stick-it
    Oh thank goodness, there's the bell.
    Gotta run and get my cell.

    1. Good thing the cell rang
      Or around you'd hang
      Before long with your song
      You'd lick something all wrong
      Then try and flick it to a cricket
      But he'd say stick it up your wicket
      Not paying for such a ticket it to lick it
      Might even picket and give a hick it
      So it is a good thing you decided to click it
      For a lick it and a flick it would have got you on the wrong side of a cricket
      And after the picket of your lick it and telling you to stick it
      He could tell dick it
      And it would be your and Chenney on a future ticket

    2. OMG...With Dick-it Chenney on a ticket
      It was a sticky-wicket
      And the cricket on the spigot
      Said prick-it and flick it.

    3. haha knew that would get your going
      With Dick showing

    4. Hahaha.... You two are so funny. With your wicks, dicks and licks. Getting rather crude here if I so say so myself.

    5. LOL a bit crude
      With attitude

  9. Now I know where not to stick it
    so I think I will just flick it!

    1. Flick what would that be?
      A booger at your sea? haha

  10. To stick or not to stick?
    That's the question in this flick
    When the power goes out I just pull out a bic
    and light a scented candle wick

    1. Keeps you in view
      At your zoo
      So you can see
      What not to stick it in thanks to me

  11. I'll stick it where ever I want, cat! And I'll take that Pringles can and stick it up your bum for it's been awhile since I've done that and I miss tormenting you feline. It's one of my favorite past times. ha ha ha!! That's what you get for picking on me on Anne's blog!!

    1. So now you have a fake last name?
      Did you steal it from some fraternity game? hahaha
      And pffft to you
      I'll fill the pringle can with poo
      The spit it back out
      Watching you shout

  12. I miss accidentally messing up the VCR

    the 90's were a great time.

  13. I didn't realize there were so many potentials of what to do with a stick, leave it to the cat to tell us all its tricks :)

    enjoy Saturday!


    1. The cat tells all
      Even about the simple things at his hall

  14. I won't stick it anywhere, thanks for the heads up ~

    Its funny reading who gets to stick the # 1 comment ~

    Smiles ~ have a good weekend ~ Still stuck here with snow ~

    1. No problem at hall
      Fun fight for #1 at my hall
      Blah to the snow
      Wish that would just go

  15. This is awesome Pat, it's kind of you to try to tell us not where to stick things haha, say what you want but this is doing us a service, love this.

  16. So many 'sticky' sayings or incidents come to mind now, lol. This blog's good for getting the mind moving. :)

    I'm just sticking to the facts when I say that, you know. Just sticking to the facts...

    1. haha knew sticky would be at play
      And just the facts you say
      Hmm I'll nod and agree
      At least I'll pretend to at my sea

  17. Lots of sticky stuff at your pad, today!

  18. haha...to stick or not to stick...that's the question...sticky stuff at your shore today mr. pat

    1. haha sure is a question
      Although sometimes it could be a suggestion

  19. I won't be sticking it anywhere...lol

  20. very sticky post indeed.. :P
    huh never realized a single stick can have so many faces :D

    1. yeah so much one does not know
      As sticky comes high and low

  21. Your rhyme is a slick stick trick
    But I'm just a sick hick with no schtick.

    1. haha well just get a brick
      And whack any who play a slick trick

  22. lots of sticking going on, definitely some excellent advice, love the grumpster rhyme, got a kick out of that stick. Fanblades too, are never a good place to stick anything you may want to use again. Fun rhyme, fun chime

    1. yeah avoid those things
      Have taken off many a birds wings

  23. I need to get my head out of the gutter of what I shouldn't be sticking into inappropriate places. ._.

  24. What happened here?
    I had brain fog I fear!
    I was home all day
    and always come to play!
    Talk about stick
    I think my brain got stuck
    Must have been something ick
    to make me miss a post! wtf...er um, duck. lol....
    But here I am to make things right
    and thanks for telling me oh so polite
    so I wouldn't have to be cryin'
    don't want to give my crown to Brian!

    1. haha that lazy weekend
      Started a bad trend
      lol almost fully made you swear too
      Oh the things lazy days can do
      But you would still be ahead of Brian
      He missed like 4 or so, not lyin

  25. I think I share a mind with that DWei fellow. My mind was in the gutter too. I guess that's what I get for a late night visit to your zoo ;)

    1. haha my mind is usually there
      So it's okay if you stray there at my lair

  26. but but we have to stick it out to make the bus stop!!!

    I also just sticked itin our VCR and it was just fine... I think, I'll let you know once my finger comes back out.

    1. haha hopefully it doesn't get snapped up
      By the vcr monster like a pup

  27. Think I'll stick to my coffee after this one. It's just finished brewing, and I'm stuck on having a cup right about now. Good morning:)

    1. haha good thing to stick too
      Nothing sticky will come due


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