Today That Voice In Your Head Will Cause You Dread!

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

So today the cat is going to get you all going at your bay. For you will have much in your head by the time this is through. But it was oh so fun to come due. Even if some got stuck in my head as well, causing me quite the amount of hell.

The wheels on the bus
Go round and round, round and round.
Out don't cuss,
There is plenty more to be found.

Everybody sing this song,
Doo dah, doo dah
Never ending is wrong,
It's in your head, bah.

Who let the dogs out,
Who, who.
Some butt sniffing about,
By you you.

We all live in a yellow submarine,
A yellow submarine, a yellow submarine.
Cheating as I bellow at my scene.
Bellow at my scene, bellow at my scene.

It's a small world after all,
It's a small world after all, it's a small small world.
Which I rule at my hall,
Has your brain swirled?

I believe I can fly,
Spread my wings and touch the sky.
But I won't give it a try,
Because I may die.

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout,
Down came the rain and washed the spider out.
I guess he just had no clout,
That must have made him pout.

When you wish upon a star,
Makes no difference who you are,
You still sing that crap far,
Your mind stuck in such tar.

I've got a lovey bunch of coconuts,
There they are all standing in a row.
Appeasing to some locomutts,
Who like dressing up in a bow.

And now we are done,
With our annoying song run.
I hope you had fun.
Enjoy repeating them a ton.

Now can you speak without a tune in your head? One that causes some serious dread. You may have it in your head all day. But sing it out across the bay. You may as well make others suffer too, unless they plug their ears at the singing of you. Then a different suffering will come to pass and that is enjoyable too, to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. The Yellow Submarine
    With that nice Beatles ring
    A small world afterall
    At the happiest place on earth
    They're lovely songs to hear
    Not annoying of yesteryears
    Bring them on Cat
    Nice reminder of what we had


    1. Hmph can't get to you
      I'll have to try harder next time at my zoo
      To find some that annoy
      And bring no joy

  2. what the heck my thoughts you will wreck with ear worms that make me squirm all day...running barefoot through my head when i try to have my say...round and round round and round all around town...bah!

    1. haha worms aren't fun
      Ear ones must make you run
      Round and round
      That bus is found

  3. I hate when that happens and I can't get a song out of my head. Whats worse is trying to think of who sang a song. It will be right on the tip of my tongue, but do you think I can remember it?

    1. Yeah that is a pain too
      Or when you have the tune and the title won't come due

    2. post. I was surprised you even know the loverly bunch of coconuts song. I sang that when I was young. Did you know that one, Terry?

    3. Manzi,
      I am sure old enough to remember that coconut song... but I don't. Maybe if I listened to it,... I would say Ahhh... yea I remember that one.

      I forgot earlier but for the past two days. I have been singing, I've Got Friends In Low Places, Where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases my blues away.

      Two Days!! I have been singing that. I would have mentioned it but I forgot until I started cleaning and was singing it again. Jeesh!

    4. Well, you got me on the whiskey and beer song but maybe Pat knows it. Ha Maybe you better start singing the coconut song.

    5. Yeah I knew that one
      Forget where I heard it first under my sun
      But it can easily get stuck in your head
      And cause quite the amount of dread
      I know the I've got friends in low places too
      He ruined a black tie affair with his boots view haha

  4. Cat knows a mighty lot of tunes by heck
    And some my ear drums nearly wreck
    Cat should really go on the stage
    And one's leaving in five minutes, my sage
    Of all the tunes that stick in my head
    There's one the "head tune monster" said
    I'm cursed with morning night and noon
    Gary Indiana, Gary, Gary Indiana, Gary go jump over the moon

    1. Wow cursed all day long
      That has to be quite the song
      And the cat will never go on stage
      He is content to site at his page
      And give everyone a brain trip
      Prepared for any lip

    2. Hahaha Manzi, As long as you like the song it isn't so bad. There are some songs that stick in my head that I can't stand.

    3. Yeah think that is the same
      For each person with some song game
      Don't know Manzi's one
      Might be better of so it doesn't get stuck in my head under my sun

  5. "Happy Feet" by Kermit the Frog is doing my head in at the moment!

    1. That one is grand
      To get stuck with its band stand

  6. My memory isn't what it used to be so I'll forget in a few minutes.

    1. That can be a perk
      So no whistle while you work

  7. I don't know the coconuts tune
    It's probably for the best
    Cuz I really don't like coconuts
    Any better than the rest.

    But the small world won't leave me
    Til the submarine soars high
    And the wheels on the bus go square-ways
    When the spider starts to fly.


    1. Don't want a lovely bunch of coconuts?
      Rather have donuts?
      And great mixture too
      As you add them all together and sing at your zoo

  8. That's a lot Patt Hatt
    Now these songs will be in my head just like that!
    I'm going to have to try to rid my brain of these
    But I will not be able to do it with ease

    1. Any time
      I'll do an annoying rhyme
      So the wheels go round and round
      Giving you a humming sound haha

  9. I do this shite to my family all the time Cat hahaha. When I really want to annoy them I'll do that horrid tune to "The Brady Bunch" My current one is "The Bear Went Over The Mountain". Drives the Hubby bonkers.

    I will counter all of yours by putting Kashmir in my head. Da-da-dum, Da-da-dum, Da-da-dum.....

    1. The Brady Bunch....oh my...yeah, that one will stick in your head forever, with those heads in the boxes on the tv screen smiling at each other! lol!!!

    2. LOL yeah the Brady Bunch is annoying as can be
      But so fun to use on others at your sea
      Getting it stuck there
      Although sometimes it can backfire at ones lair
      And get stuck in my damn head too
      Oh well, as least I can be a pain to a few

    3. It's a dangerous game to play isn't it? I've had it backfire on me a time or two, but it's a risk I'm willing to take. Have to get even with The Spawn for all those sleepless nights, dirty nappies and stretch marks. The Hubby, well I just annoy him for sport :)

    4. Yeah it is dangerous to do
      But I lie to annoy those around my zoo
      Even more fun when you get a child going on it
      They may swear at me but with her they'll take every bit haha
      Payback too
      I like that from you

  10. -chuckle- Ahhhh, those song writers knew how to repeat a refrain, for sure. And that's how it gets lodged in our poor heads. ,-)


    “We have, as human beings, a storytelling problem.
    We're a bit too quick to come up with explanations
    for things we don't really have an explanation for.”

    1. Yep gets stuck up there
      And won't leave making one pull out their umm pink hair haha

  11. Oh thank you so much for imprinting "Who Let the Dogs Out" on my brain for the weekend. LAWD, now I'm thinking of that stupid ass Rugrats movie where it was the theme song. UGH!!!!

    1. LMAO didn't like the rugrats?
      See they should have used cats

  12. HA! The early bird gets the ear worm!

    1. And it crawls in good and tight
      No matter how hard you fight

  13. thank you for this charming rhyme, I'm sure it came just in time, to confuse my brain more, not sure which song will be stuck in there forevermore :)

    so many to choose from!

    cute rhyme and theme :)


    1. haha well at least is you are confused
      And feeling a bit abused
      All the songs will mix and match
      So no one will sink in and latch

  14. I covered my ears and say la la la la while I read
    so nothing would stick and cause me dread.
    See, I'm on to you, cat!
    I won't let you torture me like that!

    1. haha damn, worth a try
      Sure no wheels or dogs came to your sky

  15. I still remember the craze of the song Who let the dogs out

    which everyone liked to pout.

    1. Yeah that thing was annoying
      As all were surely enjoying

  16. Nothing like singing on a Friday, to make the day past swiftly away!

    1. Good way to look at it
      Even if it gets stuck there a bit

  17. Thanks, now I'll have those stuck in my head all day. :)

  18. I'm pretty upset... I had a comment typed out but must have never sent it. It wasn't first comment or anything but it was like half an hour after :( But yeah Cat, I loved this, even though in work today all I could hear in my head was yellow submarine haha.

    1. Now you are waaaaay down here
      That has to curl your rear haha
      And no problem at all
      For letting you hum away at your work hall

  19. Ear worms make me squirm;
    They wriggle through my brain all day.
    I sing 'em, and I sing 'em,
    Their throats I wanta wring 'em,
    And chase their sorry butts away.

    True story: years ago, while cleaning the church, our minister caught me belting out a song that was wriggling through my brain: "...Riding' that train, high on cocaine..."

    Good thing our minister liked me... and had a good sense of humor.

    1. Wriggling can be a pain,
      As they sing about the same old refrain
      But oh so fun to annoy
      Gives the cat joy
      hahaha well it rhymed well
      And was oh so swell
      A minister with humor too
      Can hardly believe it is true

    2. lol...too funny:)

    3. Fun is surely had
      Around my pad

  20. orlin N cassie

    48 bottlez oh beer on de wall
    58 bottlez oh beer
    take one down, pazz it around
    75 bottlez oh beer on de wall

    wuz a farmer who had a dawg
    N bingo wuz hiz name OH
    bee eye N gee oh
    bee eye N gee oh
    bee eye N gee oh
    N bingo wuz hiz name oh

    but wait...we gotz mor !!!

    deeee looooooove boat......
    da da da da da da dee
    deeeee loooooooove boat



    hay, hope everee onee haza grate week oh end !!

    1. LMAO I forgot about that damn love boat
      That thing needs to sink in a moat
      That one can sure get stuck there
      And make you want to pull out your hair
      Bingo can too
      The beer one I just lose count after one too many at my zoo

  21. I remember most of these - hope I'm not dating myself, or showing how many kids I had :) These were a lot of fun Pat.

    Have a good weekend.


    1. haha well I know them all too
      So I must be dating myself along with you

  22. It is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my frieeeeeends.

    Some people started singing it not knowing what it was,
    and they'll continue singing it forever just because...

    LOL, you have adults singing kiddo songs. Sending a virtual high five over to you!

    1. hahaha getting the adults going
      Is a great showing
      Although not sure how adult many are on here
      But that works for my little rhyming rear
      Thanks for the hive five
      Glad the tunes you could survive

  23. Did you ever swing on a star?
    carry moonbeams home in a jar?
    And feel better off than you are?
    Or would you rather be a cat?

    Lol, back at 'cha Pat!

    1. A cat is an animal with furry paws
      Get it mad and it will show its claws
      It sleeps all day and runs at night
      Acts brave but will run from fright
      So if you want eat rat
      You may grow up to be a cat

  24. I always have annoying songs floating around in my head. I tend to belt them out at the most inappropriate times too.

    1. LOL that may embarrass some
      But oh well fun to hum

  25. Cat, did you have to do that? I thought I had gotten those songs out of my head a few years ago, and now you've just put them back in. Argh!

    1. haha just showing you your memory is still there
      You aren't too old yet at your lair hahaha

  26. All good jingles, but my favorite yet
    Is something not so flirty.
    "You dig sixteen tons and whadda ya get?

    1. Never heard that one
      Under my sun
      Have to go have a look
      At youtube's nook

  27. I believe I can fly
    in my dreams
    when at night
    by many pillows surounded,
    I soar around and around...

    1. Well at least you'll have a soft landing
      If there is no grand standing

  28. Five little monkeys jumping on a bed
    one fell off and bumped his head
    mother called the doctor and the doctor said
    "No more monkeys jumping on the bed..."

    Four little......

    THAT is the one that is running through MY head.
    It almost makes ME feel like jumping on my bed!!!!

    A fun post today, Pat!

    1. Damn I forgot about that one too
      That can sure annoy at ones zoo
      Glad it was fun
      As I gave the annoying a run

  29. That's so funny at your bay
    Doo dah, doo dah
    Sank that sub for it's okay
    Doo dah, doo dah

    (Sing along, Pat!)

    I am Blue well that's a fact
    Doo dah, doo dah
    When I smile I get attacked
    Doo dah, doo dah

    (Still singing, Pat?)


    1. The cat's ears just went back
      I don't think he appreciates me joining in at my shack lol

    2. That's funny... mine just splits.

    3. Either way
      sure they wish we'd shut up at our bay

  30. Replies
    1. Ugg to that
      At least you are still singing like a drunk sailor if even a little flat

    2. Just can't get rid of that fever. Fever! In the morning... fever all through the night#

    3. Damn that sucks a ton
      For me it's nerve crap that won't go away under my sun

  31. Aw no, not Wheels on the Bus again . . . there's an annoying car ad I keep coming across and the singing is so irritating. LOL.

    1. LOL seems the universe wants you to sing
      As the wheels keep giving a ring

  32. Well now that's stuck in my head, giggle...Happy weekend wishes and thank you for sharing at the hop :-)

    1. Sorry for the dread
      Of having it stuck in your head

  33. Really surprised that Rick Astley wasn't in there somewhere.


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