What Was That Annoys The Cat!

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

The cat is on a roll as he takes the rhymes for a stroll. But then stupid Pat bothers me and oops the idea decides to flee. Doesn't that suck? When you are just strat out of luck? With a simple what was that your idea can go adios and leave you flat.

That fell over,
Thanks to rover.
There goes your plan,
Some best friend of man.

A car horn honks away,
Making you a gawker at your bay.
Only a road raged nut,
Oops, your idea is as dead as King Tut.

Wake up with one,
Will remember such a run.
Damn, fell back asleep.
The idea is lost in the deep.

Gasp, best idea ever.
You are so clever.
Whoops, maybe not.
Guess it wasn't too hot.

Shouldn't have answered the phone,
Listened to the walls groan.
Hint, it's not really the wall.
Follow the bouncy ball(s).

Thinking of your gut,
Also leaves you in a rut.
Of getting ever so large,
While your idea drifts away on a barge.

At least you took out the trash,
Watched an episode of Mash,
And rested your pretty little head.
Sadly, the idea is still dead.

But don't jump in a lake.
An idea is easy to fake.
Just remember the rhyme,
And you can at least top a rotten mime.

For oh I remember now,
Could lead you to "How to milk a cow."
That is something all want to know,
So let the writing flow.

First you do this,
Make sure not to cause it bliss.
Watch for the feet.
Attack of the killer meat.

See wasn't that easy?
Now how to eat a freezie.
Damn, an idea from no idea at all.
Don't say I'm not helpful at my hall.

See when the idea goes flat just do like the cat. Rant about the idea going flat and then go eat a nice juicy rat. Or at least the first part if you can't take the second to heart. All the more for me and oh an idea is always had at my sea. But when you are so far ahead using them all just causes you dread. Looking at 90 posts waiting to show maybe I should go chase down a crow? Or go and catch another bass. Bah I will just be the same old little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Great rhymes Cat, I love the kind of ranting about bizarre things idea that you have going on here and I'm in agreement with some things, like losing ideas in sleep is a real bummer, people who get angry and hit their horns at everything are irksome and who doesn't want to know how to milk a cow? Haha. Awesome work as usual buddy, love this post.

    1. Yeah just come and go
      The ideas still flow
      But some I miss
      Which makes the cat hiss

  2. killer meat? at least it hasnt found your seat
    i keep a notebook to grab the ideas when they surface
    even at night i can write without the light in the dark, hark! i have an idea, grab a pencil and def dont whistle as my wife will give an atomic elbow and that'd b my last at your show...

    1. haha an elbow to the chops
      Would make idea flops
      Better watch out for that
      Need to duck like a cat

    2. haha...I give a little shove
      if snoring comes from the hubs
      Maybe an elbow would work, too
      Great idea from T, thanks to you!

    3. Geez soon all will have a sore rib cage
      As elbowing becomes all the rage

    4. only the men, it seems.
      Better protect your spleen!

    5. haha need to protect more than that
      One whack could break Pat haha

  3. Need an attach mic to record everything.

  4. Hmmmm.... Forgetfullness... Isn't that a sign of getting old? I hate walking into a room and forgetting what I went in there to ge.

    1. Well feel like I'm 80 most days
      So may as well have the forgetfulness too as a glaze haha

    2. Well, dear friends tell me more
      What should it be like at eight-four?

    3. Hmmm not sure I can go that far
      But you may be on the floor or propped up at the bar? haha

    4. Pat... you are young!! Better get your ship together... Me too... Manzi is healthier than the both of us.

    5. Yeah stupid ass food and germs
      My ship may be full of worms haha

    6. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger!! I am also in Danger.

    7. A rhyme
      You must be sick with such a chime haha

  5. Ideas come and go
    Catch it when it's hot
    Then it'll just flow
    Trick is take some notes

    When remaining very alert
    Will not likely to forget
    Ideas easily gets created
    With a friend like the Cat


    1. Yeah can create
      As many take the bait
      The cat can strike a pose
      And out an idea flows

  6. Do you talk like this, in Real Life? ,-)

    1. Hahahaha... good one Auntie. I bet Pat gets so used to rhyming that he does it more than he knows.

    2. Only usually when I'm talking to the cat
      Or myself at my mat haha

  7. Hang on to ideas when they come
    even if at first they seem dumb
    and make your mind want to hum
    out of dumb ideas you never know
    what may rise up and try to grow
    and become the star of the show!

    1. Yeah that is true
      Some dumb have come due
      And turned into the best
      So one should treat them as well as the rest

  8. One who follows us around, her name is Ellie Fhant
    There is a phrase she'll never use, it simply is I can't
    Ellie's brain's a big computer
    Fans rightly say she couldn't be cuter
    Collecting date all the time
    For folks who have to make a rhyme
    If pop, your message goes astray
    Call on Ellie she'll save the day
    If you decide to invite Ellie in
    Make sure you don't include her kin
    A hefty lot, that Fhant famil-lee
    They'll bust out your walls and you'll end in a tree

    1. Hahaha Manzi!! Love it. I always thought I would like to live in a tree house though. Wouldn't it be neat? I guess maybe I watched to much Tarzan as a Kid.

    2. Well I would welcome them to my mat
      Let them knock the walls out for the cat
      Tear this crap apt down
      We will not frown
      Just call the cops and have them charged
      Then our next place will be enlarged
      As we get an insurance payoff
      So in the meantime living in a tree won't make me scoff
      They really do have tree houses around somewhere
      Although they are rare

  9. The sound of a carn horn
    Causes feelings of scorn
    They're supposed to be used for accident preventing
    But it seems they're only used for anger preventing

    1. Yeah that is all they are used for
      Basically any more
      I prefer the finger
      Should an annoying driver linger

  10. Yeah, I hate that.
    When ideas go flat
    And I can't find a pen to write
    But I say, "I won't forget it, cuz it's bright."
    But poof it's gone - dead and sank
    Into a void and I go blank.
    It must have been stupid anyway
    Cuz it left my brain to go and play
    With the cat.
    And now I must end
    My brainwaves have gone flat.
    Happy Wednesday, Pat and cat.


    1. Well a lot came about
      Before your flat shout haha
      And yeah such a pain
      As it leaves the brain
      But more jump in
      Hopefully they are just as good at our bin

  11. Dang flat ideas. But don't give up. Gas them!

  12. ha ha ..
    that happens quite often to me
    poor cat..
    I can totally relate :P

    1. haha yeah seems to happen to us all
      At one point or another at each hall

  13. The first time I jumped in a lake I kinda choked on some water

    even with a lifejacket on, not bracing myself was my mistake.

    1. Yeah you don't know that though
      When you first jump in at any show

  14. This little rhyme is actually profound:
    Gasp, best idea ever.
    You are so clever.
    Whoops, maybe not.
    Guess it wasn't too hot!

    I think I'll type it out and post it above my writing desk!
    Have a good one, Pat!

    1. haha I can be profound
      Even when not trying at my ground
      Having that staring back at you
      Would be funny too

  15. That is a whole bunch of scary stuff!

  16. how did we get in fall, I thought I had seen it all, but we missed several seasons, there must be a reason? I've learned to write down those things I might forget, which are many these days the older I get :)


    1. LOL sorry for the confusion at my sea
      Was written way back by me
      Forgot the change the end
      Is sometimes a usual trend

  17. My best ideas come to me during masturbation.

  18. Eat a nice juicy rat? I had to leave a comment on that. ;)

    1. Just the nature of the cat
      No offense to a rat haha

  19. This idea of loosing an idea
    was written when the leaves were sepia.
    You left a big clue
    don't turn blue
    just look at the sign off
    and don't scoff.

    1. LOL forgot to proof the post last night
      Until the computer was no longer in sight
      Then I just said screw it
      And figured I'd fix it a bit
      When the morning came
      Missed the last line fame haha

    2. I'm probably the only one
      that noticed fall had begun.

    3. That corgi noticed it too
      Confused her at my zoo haha

  20. Oh, rats! I forgot what I was going to write. It was darn clever, too, trust me.

    1. hmmm I'll pretend to believe you
      The things a mind can do lol
      Clever play
      On the post of today

  21. if i get an glimpse of an idea i start writing or drawing it down, but then i am left with weird writings and drawing everywhere that don't make sense.

    1. Hmm well at least you have something to view
      Even if it confuses even you

  22. orlin N cassie...if itz ratz ewe iz lookin for; R momz place oh employ haz a ton of em..want we shuld send em two ya

    1. Send away
      We'll fry up some rat burgers at our bay

  23. Thank You for clicking on the link, and going over to view the blog entry, I asked you to.

    And especially thank you, for telling her, that "Auntie" sent you. :-)


    1. No problem at all
      The cat likes to see each new blog hall

  24. Yeah . . . you can have the nice juicy rat. I'll be content with reading about frustration. LOL.

    1. haha glad you can be content
      As the cat tends to vent

  25. Oh, thanks for the reminder. Tomorrow is trash day. *rushes out to put it out* :D

    1. Glad I could help out
      With my little forgetful shout

  26. And thus the cat is on a 'roll'.
    A baker cat
    Who is going for a stroll
    How about that
    A cat makes a loaf
    Yes, I'm a silly oaf....

    1. haha well the cat can make one
      It just may not want to be eaten by any but a dog under the sun

  27. What is it with you men giving the finger? My husband prefers that to the horn too.

    1. It is so much more satisfying when they see
      Cause me glee

  28. Uh oh, don't tell us Pat is another bean who is really good at annoying kitties!

    1. Oh Pat can annoy with ease
      So we give him fleas

  29. Ah, the one bad thing about cats, they like mice/rats. ;)

    Thanks goodness they make up for such atrocities by making ideas out of the thin air. :)

    1. Well if cats weren't around
      Be way more mice and rats in your house being found

  30. not so sure about eating a juicy rat, but Chloe really agrees with that one for sure, she's purring up a storm as the rat word is read allowed, perking up those ears, searching in vain upon the carpeted floor. Ah, I remember those freezie pops, used to love them as a kid, perhaps once the spring arrives, and a bit of heat collides, I will buy some and share them with my niece, definitely something she'll enjoy to eat. Also a blast from the past was the follow the bouncing ball, remember those songs with that ball bouncing upon each syllable in a word. Ideas do come and go, flatten out or straighten so, but with rhyme, both the blandest and the most grand with game, are both infused with rhythm, whether in a cage or on the plains, as rhyme does what rhyme can do, to bring about a better mood. Nice one Cat. Now go enjoy that rat, you earned it, perhaps you'll be nice and share with Cassie, but probably should offer some to pat, although he'll probably get sickened by the thought there at your mat.

    1. Yeah Pat would hate that
      And the bouncy ball just popped in at my mat
      Remember that too
      Although it is a bit closer than you have
      Pfft the cat doesn't share
      With any at our lair

  31. I need to write about this. The idea is just too good! DAMN!

    1. No idea is grand
      Should be written in every land


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