A Darn It Comes Due A Time Or Two!

So dVerse wants us to use the fiction and create a new depiction. Could be any character at all that we can think of at our hall. Of course tons popped in but only one could get the win. For he is going to Disneyland and is there to make his final stand.

CTU, are you there?
Darn it, kid don't stare.
I know Mickey Mouse,
Is in the fun house.

Darn it!
Stop your staring fit.
I'll give you a lollipop,
After the terrorists I drop.

I must get the ring leader,
And I'll make him a bleeder.
That Winnie The Pooh,
His reign is surely through.

Kid, Darn it!
I'll throw you in a ball pit.
Look the other way,
So I can stop terrorists today.

Darn it, kid!
Look, a giant squid!
Good, go play with Minnie,
Now I can get the skinny.

CTU, are you there yet?
Doing everything myself is a safe bet.
Darn it, I only have 24 minutes to go,
Before the end of the show.

Factor in commercial breaks,
And we have to up the stakes.
Pluto is passing nuclear crap,
I have to lure him in a trap.

First there is Daffy Duck,
I'll make him upchuck.
This feather will make him cry,
He'll look at it and think he'll die.

Then he'll tell me where to go,
To find his little hoe.
Then I'll pull her bow,
And she will blow.

Giving him up to me,
Then him I will finally sea.
Not falling for his trap,
And stapling shut his yap.

After he tells me where,
Winnie The Pooh has hidden the plutonium at his lair.
He should never have took the money,
But that is what happens when you are addicted to honey.

Darn it!
After this exposition fit.
I have ten seconds to go.
Here, I'll step on the head of this crow.

Wasn't that great!
What will be Winnie's fate?
Tune in next week,
Darn it, I'm once again up a creek.

I mean stuck in Disneyland,
For my last stand,
With no CTU,
What's Jack Bauer to do?

Had to go there at my lair especially after a stare that said the 24 movie is dead. Yep, that is what they said. Would have sucked probably anyway, but still seeing Jack Bauer back on display would have worked for the cat. So I'll have to settle for using him for the dVerse mat. Happy Easter each lad and lass and yep, no pc from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Haha this is amazing Pat, poor Daffy Duck is all I can say, that lad is out of luck! Great post man, that was the plan.

    1. Yeah Daffy will be skinned alive
      With Bauer no one will survive

  2. ha. wonder what ever happened to the movie direction? has heard, but old jack has been Touch-ed now, dont have a cow, i met him once, he's actually really short, just saying

    1. Jack wanted too much money
      Fox didn't think that was funny
      So off it went
      Him and Gibson are both short at their tent

  3. Well shut mah mouth, oh goodness me
    If you happen to seek a conspiracy
    I'll shoot you dead
    Cause I'm a fed
    So step onto the stage
    If it's your name they page
    Oh it's Jack Bauer you say
    You'll live to fight another day
    Well Riggeldy Boptee Boo
    Take a kick in the pants with mah shoe

    1. Back you are
      At my bar
      Eyes have a good rest
      Can see north by north west? haha
      Geez violent too
      Better not cross you
      But the cat would eat your shoe
      And he knows one or two that would take a leak in it on cue haha

    2. LOL What! Pee in my shoe?
      Cat is that really true?
      A foot fetish comes to mind
      Does that sound real unkind?

    3. A cat or two
      At nanny's zoo
      Will pee in a shoe
      So have to hide them from view

  4. Well that is just too bad ~

    Wishing you Happy Sunday and Happy Easter ~

    Now off to do some cooking ~

    1. Have fun as you cook
      HATE it at my nook haha

  5. You've still got your Jack Bauer sunglasses, yes? At least there's that... :)

    Hoppy Easter to you too!

  6. Nothing can stop Bauer, not even that mouse.

  7. JACK, leave your hands off of Winnie The Pooh!!!!!!!!

  8. What?? No Picture from your rhyming little ass??? Oh well, since it is Easter, I will forgive you for that one. LOL.... Have a GREAT day Pat!

    1. I meant PC
      As a picture could be don't easily haha

  9. If you go against that Winnie
    someone will say Booh
    it's Piglet out to skin you
    If you confront the Pooh

    Fun for a Sunday read.

    1. The cat can take the pig
      In a hole he'll go that I dig

  10. Don't mess with Winnie the Pooh
    he has a lot of friends
    in the 100 acres woods
    they might decide to get you but good..

    Pat, always fun on your mat..hehehe

    1. The cat is not afraid
      He has claws as sharp as a blade

  11. Happy Easter, Pat.
    I want to know what was in your easter basket at that other mat.
    Or did they just give up on you
    and say your diet is too plain for that crew?

    1. More like an easter bag
      But wasn't a drag
      Got cashews at my sea
      And a gift certificate to use at the grocery

  12. I was literally counting the no of Darn Its :P

  13. I can't believe that you would dare
    to pick on poor Pooh Bear;
    Here on my side of the pond
    he is bigger than James Bond.

    1. haha no one is off limits at my sea
      Oh so fun for me

  14. All this racing to be first,
    one day their bubble I will burst.
    And Jack Bauer hunting at Big D
    that sure is something I would like to see.

    1. Hank likes to get number one
      Could be a challenge under my sun

  15. smiles...a fun excursion to disney...i still feel guilty that i stayed 4 weeks just at disney's doorsteps and never ever made it to the park...ha...loved the honey addiction....dangerous..smiles

    1. Never even had a look
      Geez, should be ashamed at your nook haha

  16. Ha, you really came through with this one, Pat.
    Winnie the Pooh with Plutonium, and here I thought he was just a cute little bear. And Pluto passing nuclear 'crap,' what is this world coming to????

    1. Glad I could come through
      With some Disney/Bauer fun at my zoo

  17. CTU is good for you! Remember that if someone tells you that you don't know Jack! Happy Hoppy Easter Pat!

    1. haha I will remember that one
      To use under my sun

  18. Jack Bauer in Disneyland, someone needs to make a parody video of this!

  19. A word to the wise,
    The Pooh is a master of disguise,
    He can dress-up as a little black rain cloud,
    And drop the rain on you like a death shroud.

    1. That would make this pet
      All good and wet
      That would be mean
      And create a scene

  20. Was the plot of the film to be terrorists as Disney or is that you and your twisted humour Cat? I used to watch 24 and was into it but without cable I couldn't anymore. I did like it though.

    Too tired to rhyme today Cat as I ate too much at Easter. Now I shall take a nap.

    1. That is the cat and his twisted way
      Of playing about today
      And yeah watched each and every one
      A sure favorite under my sun
      And had my nap
      After eating at our map

  21. Replies
    1. I don't know about that
      But he did cry after season stopped flat

  22. Take out the duck--he is the most annoying animated creature going.

    Where would we be without Jack Bauer?

    1. We'd be up a creek
      And Bauer would kill the duck and eat his beak

  23. I love Pooh!
    Hope he's not through!

    Good to hear from you...
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue.

    1. Can they be purple too?
      Like poor dead Pooh?

  24. How dare you pick on Pooh? To that I say "F You!"

    Just kidding, he was never my favorite Disney character.

    Happy Easter Pat!

    1. LOL it rhymes so well
      At to damn me to hell

  25. Happy Easter to you too! Will Disney World be the same?

  26. Here ye! Here ye!
    Even though 'tis early!
    The A-Z has started!
    Oops, damn, I farted.
    Hey, it rhymes.

    1. Stinking up the place
      With your a to z embrace hahaha

  27. You need to find a way to turn this into a ride of it's own.

    I'd go on it and then buy a related t-shirt.

    1. Damn then I could get rich
      And cure the debt itch

  28. Lol Hilarious post...i feel pity fir daffy duck..:D

    Android Developer

    1. Poor daffy will be stuffed
      And maybe puffed

  29. Always go with Winnie the Pooh :) I think that's just a house rule.

  30. Stuck in Disneyland is not as bad as getting stuck in it's a small world during a Florida Rainstorm!!

    Cinderella Limerick

    1. I suppose that is true
      Would be tough as the rain beats on you


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