A Pin Might Do The Trick If It Was Not So Thick!

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

The cat is the best, the cat can pass any test. The cat is grand and beats all at my land. What are you saying about me? Are you saying I have an ego at bush number three? Pfft, my head is only the size of the house. At least the cat can easily smush a mouse. Strat! Don't poke the cat. See no ego here for your pin did not work I fear. You want to try something else on me? This will surely not cause glee.

You gave me a pill?
Didn't fit the bill.
My head is bigger than a hill,
And growing still.

What is that for?
Is that axe something of lore?
Wow you bounced rather far,
Go have a drink at some bar.

Are you going to poision me,
By bleaching my head to my knee?
Hmmm that was yummy,
See didn't hurt my head or tummy.

Oh look it's a big bad gun,
You better run.
Told you the bullet would bounce back.
You just put a hole in that shack.

Now you're going to try a truck?
Aren't you a dirty umm duck.
I hope you had insurance on that.
And remember you tried to hit the cat.

Oh a chainsaw.
That might be worse than my claw.
I guess it was not.
Better luck on a killer robot.

Isn't a lawnmower the same thing?
Did you hear that ding?
I think you are out of gas,
Want to take another pass?

Is that a floating house?
It is getting close.
Guess your Wizard of Oz trick did not work.
Do you notice my ever growing smirk?

Oh now you have a nuke.
Those things make you puke.
Good idea to throw that away,
For you'd turn everything into a litter tray.

Look you've called in a UFO.
Hmm that death ray has a nice glow.
It can scrath my itch.
Now now there is no need to twitch.

For you just can't beat the cat.
There is nothing wrong with that.
Maybe you just don't have what it takes.
For my ego can move lakes.

It can also cause earthquakes,
And simply give you the shakes.
Can someone more creative stop the cat?
Pffft no such thing for I am king of my mat.

The cats big head will not pop and all your ideas will flop. I guess I am just stuck with this big head that causes others dread. For humans are beat by a cat. How about that? It is tough to go under an overpass but I guess those are just things that have to be dealt with by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. So you're saying a pin won't do the trick?

  2. The Cat is big
    One can see that
    Plays no tricks
    Can win all spats
    9 lives remember?
    The ego can explode
    Just not to bother
    Cat's in fighting mode


    1. Yeah always back for more
      Here at his shore
      Ready to attack
      Or just cause flack

  3. Hate when pills make you think you rule the world!! Me, I do herb pills...

  4. Dang, you thought of everything. I thought of drowning, but the cat's head would be the biggest flotation device the world has ever seen.

    1. haha could save a sinking ship
      That would make the cat hip

  5. You need a gimmick to win the race
    Never fear you won't lose face
    Rapunzel had her long long hair
    No way to reach her....not by stair
    Cinderella had her slipper
    Twas not as smelly as a kipper
    A story that is very keen
    What is Jack without his bean?
    Then we have Red Riding Hood
    Won't leave her wolf if she could
    So here is Cat with all his kin
    Can't stick his head with a giant pin
    He needs his ego come what may
    Underpasses can go to hay.

    1. All need there hitch
      To strike that itch
      And continue on
      To the coming dawn
      As the story unfolds round and round
      Although if a talking mouse is found
      The cat would still chow down
      Probably also eat the slipper and crown

    2. Pat,
      You always add one good zinger I.E. the slipper and the crown. LOL It's a feel-good day today but I needed that laugh anyway. Happy Zinger Day. Hey Hey

    3. haha I try and add one
      And yeah just a fun day under my sun
      Have to do it here and there
      As Sunday I will annoy at my lair haha

  6. Cats do have enormously big egos. I think that's a big part of their charm. It's funny to them running around ruling the roost.

    1. Yeah it is quite fun to watch each one
      Especially when egos clash under the sun

  7. An old, old, old saying; "Pride goeth before the fall." Watch out CAT!!! -chuckle-

    1. haha pffft no Titanic here
      I won't go down like that I fear

  8. you really need to watch the uFO
    they come with probes
    forget the death ray
    that would be sweet relief today
    they dont even warm them up
    before they stick them...whoa...
    whats up!?

    and pride then goes out the window
    even still you rule your show...

    1. haha and how do you know
      They are cold at your show?
      Have a run in with a ufo?
      Do I really want to know?

  9. Pfft. You failed the test, land sake's alive.
    Because you now live at Bush #5.

    (shakes head disapprovingly)

    1. haha when it was wrote it as bush number three
      I left it that way figuring no one would pic up on it at my sea
      Since no bush with a crack
      Shows at my shack

    2. when it was written. a-hem. :)

      wow...digging way back in the archives I see
      and no one would notice? You forgot about me!
      I for one am glad your head is huge
      since I've been roaming in it for months, thanks to you.

    3. haha yeah some are easier to postpone than others ones
      Such as holiday runs
      So it kept getting pushed around
      An yep lots of room to roam is found

  10. Cats have egos the size of the moon
    BUt then they go and act like a loon
    But they are impossible not to love
    Even though when outside they kill doves haha

    1. haha and then they bring the doves in
      Gloating about their big win

  11. Where ego's big
    You use a pin
    to pock a skin?
    Like this balloon
    to blow to the moon
    inflated sin?
    Your head, your ego
    bring to heart:
    breathe slowly,
    and embrace the writing art!

    1. The art is embraced
      Even if I am big faced
      And away I go
      With my balloon rhyming flow

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I wonder if the duck is insured by Aflac

      that might earn some slack

    2. That it just might
      Bill may not be such a plight

  13. A dirty duck?
    He's such a schmuck!

    I'll use the chainsaw
    to tear him raw!

    Then I'll use those pills
    and make him ill

    and he'll wish he had health care
    to take care of his derriere!

    1. Violent you are
      Near and far
      With your cyclops ways
      Must be that hateful one eyed gaze

    2. I was preparing my hate
      for dealership fate
      but it was all just a waste
      the bill was small and I left in a haste!

    3. That is a first
      Not having to burst
      And whack them upside the head
      For the bill that lead

  14. you know...i tried the Wizard of Oz trick on the lawn mower ..we have our own history...ha...not always a glorious one...ha

  15. If the UFOs are bringing pills I'm outta here!

  16. Cats and pills? Never a happy combination.

  17. Put it in a bubble and let it float away. Save the pin some trouble, and have a better day!

  18. Love the randomness of these rhymes as per usual Pat but I must find out who these people are, it's driving me insane seeing them every day and being oblivious!

    1. LOL April 2nd is drawing near
      That is when you will find out I fear

  19. Cat, you'd better watch that ego, or I'll have my dog come sniff your butt! ;)

    1. LOL he'd probably enjoy that
      And eat some poo saving less clean up for Pat

  20. They say a cat has nine lives
    But you're a cat that never dies
    Keep cheating life, dear immortal cat
    You're one tough feline at Pat's mat.


  21. Your cat thinks highly of self, feels invincible? You really should clone the dear one.

    1. haha a clone you say
      Not sure there is enough room for two at my bay

  22. My cat, too, ruled the house
    Never once saw a mouse
    Now the basement mice rule
    May just have to get another cat tool!

    1. Good to keep them at bay
      Plus less food you have to put in their tray

  23. What? Cat's have big egos? I never would have guessed lol.

  24. Cats have a way of making you do what they want, is that they're ego or just they're eyes!

    1. Could be their eyes too
      As they stare at you

  25. Oh no, I never knew a stuck-up cat.
    They never, ever behave like that.
    Sure, dogs come running when you call, it's true,
    But cats take a message and get back to you.

    1. haha and when they feel like it too
      Until then they just give a big screw you

  26. Did someone attack
    the mighty Cat
    and give him flack?

    For if they did
    I'll flip my lid
    and run them down
    just like a clown
    or make them drown
    in a pool of shame
    and down they'll go
    in the drain.

    And where is
    the fool more
    creative than you?

    Pfft doesn't exist
    but only can wish
    to best the Cat
    at his own game
    from that one
    cannot surely gain.

    1. Geez on the cat's side
      Someone must have died haha
      No actual attack or specific one
      Was just having some fun
      But now I know
      How to scare the crazies away from my show

  27. Don't know much about cats and pills
    but know dogs don't consider them thrills
    I hide them in peanut butter
    then they don't loudly mutter!

    1. haha yeah have to pin them down
      And chuck it in at my town

  28. Hi Y'all!

    Ah! You admit you have a big head!

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  29. Pat the Hatt king of the mat..
    perhaps, I'll give him a loving pat..
    do some meowing as I am a feline cat
    but, right now I need a nap..
    dream those dreams
    that make me scream..

    still enjoying your blog..tis great!

    1. Glad you enjoy
      As the cat is coy
      And goes about his day
      All cocky at his bay

  30. Pat in the Hatt,
    And a lovable cat
    When it comes to all that
    Me thinks of the "Foul and the Pussycat!"
    A pin what's the point
    That's it, I'm leaving this joint...

    1. haha scared you away
      With a pointy display
      What the cat can do
      With sharp things at his zoo

  31. HA!, how many lives was that, i think cats are mainly invincible anyway, if only we could harness their power.William Faulkner wrote an essay on 'Killing your darlings' he was refering to finding inventive ways to eliminate tired, though popular characters in novels in order to stay current and fresh. But in your case, your cat can't be stopped. Basically,, you have no chance of killing it.

    1. haha nope no chance at all
      He rules upon high at his hall
      And will never go down
      Or drop his crown

  32. "go have a drink at some bar."

    Very good advice :)


  33. It's ok to have a big head sometimes..

    1. The cat has one all the time
      Thinks he is sublime

  34. First time here and I must say I'm impressed, you're great


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