A Positive Day In A Negative Way!

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

It is a meeting at work where they say today all will be given a perk. For an hour a guest speaker will come and give her two cents worth hum. To the cat two cents is paying too much at my mat. All of this strat is common sense. Even Pat is not that dense.

We're here today,
To scare the negative away.
With exercises galore.
Excuse me while I try not to snore.

But look what happened already,
As the blithering comes on steady.
I've become more positive than ever.
My, you really are clever.

I'm positive this will bore,
I'm positive I have more interest in the door.
I'm positive I've heard all of this,
I'm positive this is something I can miss.

But just to be sure about that,
I will do a checklist at my mat.
I mean I want to be positive, right?
Can't put it into a negative light.

Know you are thinking negative and change it!
Check! The negative dripped out in my spit.
Write when something bothers you,
Pfft you really have no clue.

But now you and Flappy,
With you all happy,
Have something in common at my place.
That must positively put a smile on your face.

And here we go,
With the typcial flow.
People are categorized in this, this and that.
Right! And I'm simply a cat.

Lumping people as one is dumb!
All don't even have the same bum.
So all can fit under a certain field you say?
Right! The cat will never join such a fray.

So I'm positive I was right.
I'm positive I'll sleep the same tonight.
I'm positive you sound like a fortune cookie.
I'm positive The Little Mermaid has a thing for that wookie.

I am now grateful you are gone.
I'm grateful I don't have to mow a lawn.
I'm grateful I did not have to pay,
For your positively postive display.

What? I just did what she said at my hut. I was told to write things out. So I am positive I had to give it a shout. I am also positive Pat learned more in his Life in the Universe university class. Now away I go with my oh so positive little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Damn, I'm positive I'll take this negatively.

    2. 7.00am, a dead-heat!
      A photo finish display
      Certainly it's a feat
      Could have gone either way!


    3. So close once more
      The fight is on at my shore

    4. Some day I'm going to get up early
      and make you guys are squirrely
      and take away the crown
      that I used to wear before Pat went scheduled at his ground.

    5. Go for it Betsy!! Lets hear it for the girls!!

    6. haha...oh, but is it worth it?
      I wouldn't have had my coffee yet!

    7. hahaha it has been a loooooooong time
      Since you have been first with your chime
      You and your twin
      Just can't win

    8. Yeah, and I don't even try any more
      since you post earlier at your shore.
      I'm still asleep as that is 6am here
      and that is tooooo early, so Hank should have no fear. ha.

    9. haha my ocd keeps it the same time
      With each daily chime
      Did post an hour or two earlier christmas day
      As I was up at my bay
      And pfft up that time here most days too
      Need to go to bed earlier at your zoo haha

  2. Being positive, that's the way
    Being positive saves the day
    Keep going there's no dismay
    It's an encouragement,needn't pay
    Yes,just show a positive display
    One avoids getting astray
    Just relax and have a Nice Day!


    1. Positive can help
      Stops one from giving a negative yelp
      But having someone yap away
      Makes me positive I'll take it in a negative way

  3. Perks are like candy
    They can be just dandy
    But I found from the bunch
    There is no free lunch
    Is the glass half empty or full
    It all sounds simply like bull
    I've been there before
    With the rich and the poor
    But I don't pay attention
    And I found my redemption
    A bowl of cherries life can be
    But no thanks, I'll sail the sea.

    1. Been through the ringer
      An advice bringer
      I say knock the glass over
      Or give it to rover
      He'll fill it up
      Although I wouldn't drink from such a cup
      And yeah that is ick
      I hope you don't get sea sick

    2. Wishing you both a super weekend!! Leave all the work at work Pat!!

    3. Have too much work not from work
      And hard to enjoy when your ass bones are a jerk lol

  4. Those seminars are sooo boring. No thanks I'll stay at home.

    1. Wish that were the case
      But stuck in the rat race

  5. I hear you on this one, Pat! How much I hate to waste my time listening / watching some inspirational guru dance and prance around with his/her motivational ideas. Pleeeaaassse. ZZZZzzzzz.

    1. Yep wanted to take a big long nap
      As she began to positively yap

  6. you should be the one to give the talk, if you had two cents and didnt balk, they are always looking for ways to improive this and that and dub it development as they dump it in your lap...hey hey enjoy the nap...smiles.

    1. haha I may confuse
      And would surely abuse
      But it would amuse me at least
      Nature of the beast

  7. Those seminars...those so called devotional speech such a watse of time >:(

    1. Couldn't agree more
      Hate getting stuck in them at any shore

  8. Oh, I've sat through a few of these!
    so boring...just do some Z's.
    Very fakey,
    bet their smile makes their face achy.
    They should just say, "Look on the bright side"
    and away they stride.
    See how quick that would be?
    and not take the whole day at your sea.

    Good luck with your back
    as they do the big crack
    making it look like ric-rac

    1. Yeah fake indeed
      And all common sense so what is the need
      I suppose some are dense
      Rather beat my head against a fence
      Would be nice if that was all they'd say
      But then they wouldn't get their full speech say

      Got popped in early in the morning too
      Not sure it did much this time between me and you
      Ass bones still aches
      TMI gets head shakes? lol

    2. ha. No, not TMI.
      I'm sorry your ass aches. Sigh.
      my wrist and thumb still aches, too.
      maybe after the shots next week they will be good as new.
      At least it's the weekend and you can relax
      and not listen to any happy speech attacks.

    3. Yeah that is true,
      Still can't lay on the couch at my zoo
      Sitting in the fun old chair
      So can't overly relax at my lair
      Hopefully the hots will get rid of your ache
      And not more pain elsewhere anything will make

  9. I am a big believer in positive thinking
    As it can result in negative thought shrinking
    But those seminars man, they make me wanna snooze
    Next time I think I'll bring some booze

    1. haha...just hide it in your coffee cup
      and nobody will be wiser than a pup!

    2. LOL yep using it in coffee cups would work
      Then at least you can get drunk and give the stupid presenter a smirk

  10. Used to hate the feel good meetings that made me wish I could get the heck out of there.

    1. Yeah I would much rather work at work
      Then listen to some fake positive jerk

  11. I'll have to mow a lawn soon

    will spring coming due


    1. haha hate mowing the lawn
      But beats shoveling snow at dawn

  12. Think positive is ok! you can sleep, think in others things (lol) and rets for a while, In some seminars when I was bore I draw:) good luck:)

    1. Have a nap is the way
      As I can't draw at my bay
      But the above
      Could show a certain sand monster some love lol

  13. The thing about the workplace
    Is that eventually some jerkface
    Will call for a meeting
    With uncomfortable seating
    And say, "Let's cut to the chase:
    Hip, hip, hooray!
    Learn to be positive today!"
    But gripe, grumble, growl;
    I already know how...
    But I want to keep drawing my pay.

    1. Yeah that is the way
      Shut up and listen to the display
      To keep paying the bills
      As the mailbox fills
      And the more you owe
      Positive I need the work show

  14. I can really see how boring you find announcements and meetings like this Pat and that's perfectly understandable. Some people are better keeping their two cents left in the bank haha, nobody wants to hear them, love it Pat!

    1. Yep, stay in the bank
      Or watch them get run down with a tank

  15. Ah, phooey, I was going to try and get first today, but the guests in my home were up super early and not going for me being on the 'puter. For crying in the mud. ;)

    I've been to a motivational speech or twenty in my time through work, and I cannot say I've ever been overly impressed. ;)

    1. Waaaaay away from first
      With your burst
      Always something though
      One day maybe at my show
      And yep none ever impressed me
      All common sense as they swing like a money from a tree

  16. I am pawsitive you are right!

  17. Positively positive...yep, that about sums it up on this one:)

    1. haha yeah so positive too
      Who needs negative at my zoo

  18. orlin N cassie...hope yur dad getted a 2013 FURRarrez car az his perk at werk coz if ya wanna talk positive, well......

    hay, hope everee one haza grate week oh end !!!

    1. Now that is how you keep one positive at work
      Give them such a car as a perk

  19. Your positive statements make me smile
    They're so true. Meetings are vile.

    A meeting-free weekend to you and the cat.

    1. That they are
      Rather hit the bar
      And none for me
      It will be meeting free

  20. ha ha ha!

    I LOVE this kind of talk
    it puts a bounce in my walk
    a smile upon face
    and it's sure to be your saving grace!

    1. haha yeah it was fun to do
      As I went all positive at my zoo
      And showing the cat some love too
      What's got into you? lol

  21. Oh yeah a cat is where it's at.
    Positive thoughts
    And removing the noughts.
    Remove the label
    Take it off the table...

  22. I hate those positive speeches! They always leave wanting to punch the speaker in the head for being so damn chipper.

    With that said, I hope you have a positively positive weekend!

    1. LOL violent are we
      Much liked by me
      Positive it will be positive too
      At least I positively hope so at my zoo

  23. you are and will always be a happy, positive person. I had those meetings and I couldn't help when the speaker spoke it was like that stuart guy from SNL. I knew flappy would be there. Positivity is good, but when you need someone to come in and preach it to you, kind of takes the sails out from beneath the wings. Interesting take how the positive turned negative, but hey, they got you to write it all out, so win, win right? Fun hope you don't have to do too many more of those, definitely good for a snore

    1. Well for the most part
      Unless I want to be a cranky old fart
      As that would be fun
      Just bickering with every one
      And yep wrote it out too
      So a snore can now come due

  24. One of the advantages of working at home is I'm left totally on my own without the requirements of such seminars, which totally seem as useless as a broken car, unless food is served, they have the nerve, to take your time up in such potentially useless stuff.


    1. Lucky you
      Be nice to do
      With no need to get stuck and traffic and such
      I would like that much

  25. I was going to say I wonder just how effective guest speakers are when I got distracted by the idea of The Little Mermaid and Chewbacca.

    1. hahaha see that's how effective they are
      So effective your mind goes to the gutter at my bar

  26. I'd rather be realistic than optimistic or pessimistic.

    1. That is a good way to be
      As then you can get what is expected at your sea

  27. I do not miss all the meetings I had to sit through!
    Team building! Cultural Sensitivity! All that staff development!
    Cheery thoughts from people who left the trenches so long ago they don't have a clue!
    At least you kept yourself entertained, Pat!
    No rhymes in me today!
    I rarely think that way!

    1. Yeah it sucked a ton
      And have given them all a run
      Be glad one day
      If the books sell and I can leave the work bay


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