A Technicality That Is True In Actuality!

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

So the cat thought on this fine day he would address some woes with my final display. For they seem to be conflicted at their sea. You know then they have to be helped by little old me. So away we go with a little rant at my show.

Smash a printer,
Will let you enjoy winter.
Later all,
Is a nice fall call.

Getting a rummer,
Gives you a joyous summer.
And as for spirng,
Who doesn't like a fling?

But it seems some have it in their head,
That each saying should be put to bed,
Way before the time is due,
Here at my zoo.

And all I have to say to you,
Is that just is not true.
Just because snow does not show,
Does not mean winter has ended its flow.

Just because there is not heat,
Does not mean summer is beat.
Just because the leaves are gone,
Does not mean fall has left your lawn.

And just because the heat is on the rise,
Does not mean spring has left the skies.
Whatever your reason or way,
A big pffffft is all I will say.

I go by the official day,
Even if it was made up by some who cares who for display.
For when it goes to the actual day,
That is when I change my ending display.

Not before or after the fact.
No matter how the weather decides to react.
And just another tidbit,
Before I end this season hit,

Some places it is cold all year around,
Some places only warmth is found,
So you can't justify changing a season early there,
Which is the way of my lair.

It will turn when the day comes due,
And if it bothers some at their zoo,
Then the cat will ship you some sand,
And you know what you can do with that at your land.

This came about not at any under my sun that leave comments that are fun, besides maybe one or two who only like to whine about the send off I leave you. This came because an actual idiot emailed whining how it did not change. I mean really? Don't you have anything better to do at your range? Even more pathetic than the search engine weirdo mass, at least to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. No competition today
      For your spot at my bay

  2. Even though spring is on the horizon
    we still have the winter phenomenon
    more snow on the ground today
    makes me yearn for sunny May
    I'm looking forward to a spring fling
    and the beautiful flowers it will bring!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. A spring fling
      Loo at you giving things a ring haha
      And yeah stupid snow
      Is also supposed to come back to my show

  3. wow did not realize you were so formal
    to follow the day, and stuck on the seasons
    that come our way, what of st pat, he even has
    your name would be a shame to miss, maybe,
    'drink some green beer, thats all from my rear'

    1. OCD keeps me stuck on task
      To each season no matter the mask
      And saint me day
      Isn't missed at my bay

  4. Some may want it to turn but not official until it is

    1. That is true
      The whiners can tick it up their gazoo

  5. Speaking of snow.... I just looked out the window and we have lots of snow. Dang... I thought winter was about over. Getting really sick of this!!!

    1. Terry, Phooey to snow
      Here too....temps have been the the 60's. Winter storm for this weekend.
      Rosey...yuck to your snow too.

    2. Yuck to all around
      Where snow is found
      We get it here beginning of the week
      I hope just rain takes a leak

  6. ^bah, what she said. More stinking snow this a'way too, not enough to sled in but just enough to make for yukky driving and the need to bundle up. Double phffft.

    1. Pfft I will say
      To any snow on display
      Especially when having to drive in the crap
      Winter sure needs to take a nap

  7. Twisty wisty twist around
    Twist the mulch by the pound
    Twist the leaves on garden wall
    The neighbors think it still is fall
    Rake and rake is all I do
    Twisty wisty at my zoo
    Twisty wisty love my trees
    Leaves fall down in a summer breeze
    Twisty wisty then I frown
    Get out the rake and go to town.

    1. Well at least when you twist away
      You can get exercise at your bay
      And put on a show for the neighbors too
      Dancing and prancing at your zoo haha

  8. I'm totally OCD and go by the calendar too, except it stays warmer here in North Cackalacky so I do wear white shoes LONG after Labor Day much to the dismay of fashionistas.

    1. haha yeah I don't go by that at my show
      I wear what I want, rule be damned and away I go

  9. I wonder if they even care if they a "summer" in greenland or not.

    everything still freezes, even the cot.

    1. haha that is true
      Bet it doesn't matter at their zoo

  10. Haha the calendar means nothing when it comes to the weather
    Means about as much as a bird without a feather
    I have come to believe that spring is just a state of mine
    For just cause it's March doesn't mean there's green to find

    1. Yeah that is very true
      All what is in ones view
      So I stick with the original date
      No matter what weather is our fate

  11. The weather is how we react
    winter bitterness, springs sweetness
    given all the facts, we'll make new tracks
    in the break of a new dawn, curtains are drawn
    Lighting the way to a new day under the sun...

    Really enjoyed your post..you are a great host...

    1. Yep no matter what comes
      With the weather and its hums
      How we react it what it will be
      An annoyance to many

  12. Our calendar says Spring has sprung so purrhaps I shall send you some warm!

  13. someone whined about your cute rhyme? I like the way you end your blog each day, I look forward to see how it will end when spring comes into play!


    1. Oh spring is more of a fun time
      So that will get a flingy chime haha

  14. ha..we need to take the seasons just as they come...snow in march..? we had plenty.. i will just ignore the calendar and have fun with what nature's got on its mind..ha

    1. Not sure I can have fun with snow
      You can keep it all at your show haha

  15. The weather can be a bother
    Quite many still lamenting
    That it's still just winter
    Why Spring's as yet lingering
    The Cat may have the answer


    1. Yeah can bother a bunch
      Is really out to lunch
      With all this snow
      The only answer the cat has is for it to go

  16. Yeah I agree with this Pat, last year I wasn't so sure but honestly you're right, turning into March alone doesn't signal the end of Winter and considering it's snowing over here right now I can certainly see the logic behind that. Funny though because with your scheduling we're probably deep into Spring whatever the furthest away post is that you've scheduled. Great post Pat, love the rhymes.

    1. haha yeah being 90 ahead
      Does let me put a season to bed
      Long before it does
      Now snow needs to go and let the bees buzz

  17. I like your endings just fine - so go ahead, enjoy your winter and smash a printer!

  18. I want this freakin' snow
    To melt or fly away, just go.
    Snow in March... I hate it, Pat.

    1. Yep so agree
      The stinking snow needs to flee

  19. To complain at the Cat
    is to ask for a slap
    for Winter's still here
    and a pain in my rear.

    I may not post tomorrow. Depends on whether we go to the grocers or not. It's a 45 minute drive one way for me to get to a decent store. And really, I've post too much in one week as it is.

    1. Pain indeed
      Pfft have to get to every day at your feed haha
      And wow that is a long drive
      Must have to stalk up at your hive

  20. Nature doesn't have bad weather
    any weather - blessed treasure

    solitude of snowy hours
    makes us look for vary flowers

    we'll get them in no time
    when the sun come soon to shine!

    1. That is true
      Then complain some more at our zoo
      Either too much rain
      Or too hot at our lane

  21. I like the slogan per season, though next week will come spring ~ Though for us, it will be still cold and chilly until maybe May ~ Have a good weekend Pat ~

    1. I hope not until May
      That would not make my day

  22. This seem somewhat like my wee folks tale
    Snow keeps coming
    But without fail
    We keep on humming
    For spring will spring
    Even in England where summer is the warmer part of the British winter.....

    1. Warmer part of winter
      That must really want to make you smash a printer
      But yep keep and the hum
      Yet nothing but crap snow continues to come

  23. Have a nice winter?
    Quite impossible you know.
    Six days till Spring
    and my yard's covered in snow.

    1. A lot of it coming our way
      So sadly we are getting it too
      At least it covers up the display
      Of that smelly dog poo

  24. According to the weatherman
    Arizona's two seasons are awfully grand
    Spring and fall, that is all
    Except the monsoon, which has heat and flying sand

    According to the folks we be
    Fall through spring is gardening season
    Tilling compost in the soil
    Growing without rhyme or reason

    A cold spell here
    A hot spell there
    We enjoy our two seasons
    Most days of the year

    1. Damn that would be nice
      With the other mother nature price
      But other than that
      Nice weather at your mat
      With no friggin snow
      That is a win at any show

  25. I totally agree!
    It is not spring until this Wednesday!
    People seem to think winter ends with Christmas
    and start complaining that it's cold with a hiss hiss.
    They have their spring decorations out
    and just seem to pout
    that they can't wear flip flops yet
    and can't believe it's still winter, I bet.

    1. haha yeah think it should change for them
      And when it doesn't spit flem
      Nasty thought there
      But sadly many are unaware
      Just see what goes on around their sea
      And forget the seasons are different at every other tree

    2. people complain about others' blogs for the strangest reasons.
      even if you are celebrating the correct season!

    3. Yeah guess they just need something to do
      So they whine about another zoo

  26. As far as we're concerned, it's still winter for 5 more days!

    Thanks for visiting us while the Human has been out of commission--even more useless than usual. We are hoping the last of the Floo flies away soon!

    1. We agree too
      And hope the germs have flee-d away from you

  27. It she as hell still feels like winter where I'm at. Sad that some have so much time on their hands to email someone about their blog post closing.

    1. haha yeah that is true
      I just ignore or tell em to stick it up their gazoo


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