A Warning Call That Is Rather Small!

So the cat has made fun of this or that but never the size of what is seen at your mat. It is so small bugs can't even read it. But it needs to be there to cover some nitwit. Even if they are at fault they need to keep their money hidden away in their vault. Now what am I going on about today? I guess we'll just have to rhyme away.

WARNING right in your face.
So big you could easily trace.
Then poof.
It looks like a goof.

For nothing is after it.
Guess someone just wanted to have a fit.
Oh wait!
Could that be an exchange rate?

Maybe it is some voodoo?
An alien tag to view?
A secret code?
A new Mario Land mode?

Damn, I have to squint.
Is the thing covered in tint?
Since when is a package a car?
Are you with me so far?

So many questions may hurt your head.
But you don't want to be dead.
WARNING! Is all you see.
What could it possibly be?

An Archie comic strip?
Recipes for a secret chip?
Something free?
Maybe a way to kill a flea.

That would work for little old me.
Damn, it is still hard to see.
Must be some kind of riddle.
A backwards hey diddle diddle?

I bet you can't do that.
Not even going to be bothered with by the cat.
Oh look a magnifying glass.
Let's see what is with this cryptic sass.

WARNING! Yeah we hear you.
But what else comes due?
Could cause cancer, blindness, liver failure and/or constipation.
Wow, now that is a revelation.

No wonder it is so small.
People would bounce off the wall.
Can't have that being scene.
"This stuff makes you lean."

But causes death in some cases,
May even paralyze faces.
And if your lucky,
Make you talk like Plucky.

I could see it now.
Someone gives a meow.
Buy it here.
It causes tons of stuff but you get nifty gear.

Woudn't that be quite the pitch?
Instead they try to be a sneaky bitch.
Making things oh so tiny,
So no one gets whiny.

Warning! It is time for you to go blind. Thanks to my little rhyming behind. If you can read this props to you. I bet a curse is coming due. You know it is true. Oh the things I can do. Now my warning has come to pass and I warn you to watch out for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I heed the master's warning and rhyming ass!

  2. May cause you to see things that aren't there too.

    1. At least with them in view
      One will have someone to talk too

  3. Warnings on drugs
    but on blogs too,
    no this simply
    cannot be true.

    Of what you speak
    I do not know
    of script so small
    on blogs that I
    do go.

    What culprit
    here has caused
    such fear and
    caused the Cat
    to flap?

    1. Is this about labels on drugs and such or on blogs. You confuse me with your word play oh mighty one :)

    2. hahaha well I have seen it on a blog or ten
      As I jump around from den to den
      This was more about the drug crap
      And every other thing inbetween that they flap

    3. I wasn't sure as when you say "at your mat" you usually mean on a blog. Either that or I need more sleep.

    4. At my mat
      At my sea
      To the cat
      All the same to me haha

    5. I got your comment Cat. In all seriousness, I hope you don't have to buy a new computer. They all come with Windows 8 and I don't like the new operating system.

    6. Fixed it some
      But still gives off a crap hum
      And a bunch of buttons on the keyboard bit the dust
      So yeah it is kind of a bust
      But can still do work arounds I suppose
      And I heard windows 8 blows
      I still think 7 is out there
      Hopefully some where

  4. ha i am already a little blind, i am going to the doc this month
    my near vision is blurring as i age, all the rage, so my eyes will be behind glass, and might be good if i sit in the back of class, no curse please, achoo! it might make me sneeze....

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Just like your twin
      who jumped in the contact bin!

    3. Sadly I think I'll prob join the two of you one day
      As I can't easily see things far away
      But shhh I'll pretend I still can at my sea
      No need yet to look like a 4 eyed monkey hahaha

    4. Just get contacts and no monkey will come due
      but we can call Brian one, between me and you.

    5. Prob will when that day comes
      Right now just get stabbed and the somes haha

    6. yeah, stabbing is enough for now.
      wouldn't want you to have cow.

    7. haha nope not at all
      Stabbed plenty today at my hall

  5. the warnings seem sometimes worse than what you get
    i wonder why they nearly try to hide it

    1. haha yeah hidden away
      Forget the things that make you have a worse day

  6. The only thing funnier than reading those tiny disclaimers
    It to hear one on the radio, and they are not tamer!
    Just waaaay faster as to fit
    1000 symptoms into the time which is a tiny bit.
    Talk sped up so fast you can't understand
    but it really says you'll be tortured and die at your land.
    But buy away
    it's the best, they say.

    1. That is very true
      They yap away on cue
      And go like some auction chap
      Hey, maybe you can decipher their crap haha

    2. I can now decipher the auction crap
      but my first day on the job I did almost snap!
      Couldn't tell what they were saying at all
      and really wanted to leave the hall! hahaha.
      With the commercial disclaimers I think you must
      know how to talk like a chipmunk or bust.
      Increase the speed and it's little rodent speak
      and the talking is done quick as a wink.

    3. hahaha glad you got on
      As fun seeing the auctions at your lawn
      And then you don't have to sneak out
      And repo any more making people shout haha
      Yeah alvin and the chimpunks always have a gig
      As the increased speak gets in there for the final dig

  7. so so funny!
    you make me laugh every time!

    and that warning... if anything happens to me I'll hold you responsible - I have proof and witnesses! ;)

    have a great day!

    1. haha pfft the cat doesn't mind
      He can't be responsible for human kind

  8. Oh no, I don't want a curse
    one which might bring on a hearse
    or a word or two that is terse
    or a 'shot-toting' nurse!

    1. Then comes the jab to the ass
      Ready to pass
      From the nurse lass
      My what a trespass

  9. Drink this stuff and you will turn blue
    Or striped like a zebra in a zoo
    Try it and it all depends
    You could get Montezuma's revenge

    1. haha damn that be a bad fate
      You would sure get much hate

  10. LOL... That is why I do herbs. They have warning too, but not as many. I also have a warning on my blog not to do what I do.... Just in case!

    1. The cat has no warning in place
      People can try to rhyme off their face
      Fine by me
      And yeah herbs are less deadly

  11. Time to go blind? I'm already halfway there with my amblyopia

    1. Had to look that up at my sea
      Bah to the eye that is lazy

  12. Disclaimers, sigh. If you blog about a product you have to give one. If you do a review and you got a product to sample you have to give one. If you get paid, you have to give one too.

    It seems silly and overrated to me, but I'm always one to play by the rules. And so I disclaim away. Of course...nothing that will hurt you, cause you to go blind, or kill you is being reviewed over at my place. ;)

    1. haha technically everything can kill you
      One way or another at your zoo
      Just not likely the case
      When you review stuff like ear thingys at your place

  13. Heed the warning
    of the small prints
    One way to hoodwink
    An unsuspecting being


  14. Ohh those tiny warnings!

    Which is best? Ignore them so one doesn't come down with the *possible green dots on the chest,* of which they tell?

    Or... Be sure to enlarge and read 'em?

    Which? Who knows.

    Gentle hugs,

    1. Yeah who knows indeed
      Guess we just have to take heed

  15. If we didn't have so many morons running around, we wouldn't need that many disclaimers. Thus, we live in a sue happy world, so the disclaimers are here to stay.

    1. That is sure true
      All are sue happy at their zoo

  16. You always have to peruse the fine print
    Even though it's so small you have to squint

    1. Yeah have to have a look
      Or in your back there could be a hook

  17. WARNING: Reading this comment may result in night-blindness, word vomit, mental diarrhea, and stage 4 lung cancer. Please consult your doctor before reading this comment.

    1. I'd rather consult a vet
      That is a safer bet

  18. That's a good point Cat, it's so annoying that these guys feel the need to put warning signs on everything but it's a necessary evil haha, nitwits will always exist, just look at the spam commenters who persist.

    1. That is true with the spam
      All the nitwits show up and create a traffic jam

  19. My eyesight is poor Pat so darn those warning on the labels ~

    Hope you are having a spring-like weather ~ Happy day to you ~

    1. Some you just can't read
      As they put them under the fold or crinkly paper at their feed

  20. They didn't heed the warnings in France,
    And look at them now,
    Tiny ants wearing tartan pants dance and prance to trance.

    1. That is a warning in and off itself
      Need to put that back on the shelf

  21. orlin N cassie

    R mom says her wished mario land wooda had a warning at level 4....coz it caused her ta cuss, swear, toss de game control, pop de cartridge cross de room, buy plaster ta fix de wall were de cartridge wuz tossed... N a bloody tongue her had ta bite...when her took it over to her nephews houz N ta get it ta level 5.... & him had de whole dam game beat in a week

    we all sew wanna say haza happee week oh end anda happee eazter az well :)

    1. hahaha the poor wall
      At least it didn't go flying down the hall
      Fun to swear away
      As the levels get harder at ones bay
      But getting shown up too
      Oh the shame to the mom at your zoo haha

  22. talking of killing fleas...my grandma could catch a flea with just her hand..even with over 70 she still was lightning fast...ha

    1. Damn that is fast
      Put the poor flea in a cast

    2. lol..my grandma - too
      did they know each other
      at that old zoo? :)

    3. damn fast in old age
      Those fleas must have went into a rage

  23. labels so small
    its no wonder we can read them at all!

  24. Everything that helps or tastes good is a: "Buy if you dare."
    Yeah, yeah, we will all die anyway, & do not care.
    I'll tell the labels where to go.
    And there ain't no warning labels there.


    1. haha way to go
      Just ignore their flow
      And suck it back
      Living life at your shack

  25. Warn me if you must,
    for many still I do not trust.
    My favorite places are those that still card.
    Apparently, I still look like a babe in the yard.

    1. haha that works well
      Staying young at your cell

  26. I have to wear reading glasses these days just to read the directions on most labels.

    1. Not at that point yet,
      Thankfully for this pet

  27. Annoying little labels they are
    My vision and sanity they mar
    I guess my blog should have one, too
    Don't go shooting animals outside your zoo
    Or one might make lunch of you

    1. haha that is a great warning to put up
      Would sure scare off human and pup

  28. Hey Pat!
    So clever
    was your endeavor!
    It had me guessing
    and with my head was messing.
    Such a delicious post!
    I loved it the most!
    It was even better than your movie marathon!
    And now to work out :( I must be gone!

    1. Glad it was grand
      Here in my land
      Enjoy your work out
      As you go out and about

  29. I don't think that darn fine print is fine at all!

  30. Sorry cannot make out what you wrote
    Is there some sort of antidote?

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!
    Trying to type this from afar ha ha....

    1. Pop a pill
      Have a thrill
      That is all I got
      For a modest mutt haha

  31. Hola Pat, muy ameno en cuanto a su lectura, felicidades

    Saludos desde felicidadenlavida;
    Un saludo,
    Francisco M

  32. I will listen to the warning
    only if it sings to me:
    I would click on link
    if it's plea

    1. Not sure they sing
      But could make your ears ring

  33. Maybe cat's getting old and needs reading glasses. ;)

    1. Up close I can see
      Far away not so perfectly

  34. if my ears ring-
    I will cling
    for Sting

  35. Reading glass and a magnifying glass--now THERE's the ticket.

    1. That it is indeed
      Makes it easy at ones feed

  36. I was so proud of myself that I could read the ending! LOL! That shows how old I'm getting ;)

    1. hahaha at least your eyesight is still there
      So far as your plus thirty self comes for a stare

  37. Watch out for those warning labels
    because you might trip over a table
    fine print says may cause this or that
    gee, I don't think I want to go splat

    1. Yeah splat would be bad
      At any pad
      As out the window you could go
      And get flatten more as a car ran over your toe

  38. At least it doesn't cause hairy palms! Ahahahaha!

    1. haha that would be a first
      Be quite the burst

  39. Read the fine print
    It's smaller than lint
    Which gives us a hint
    They're makin' a mint.

    1. So true too
      All about the dough at every zoo

  40. Oh, you hit on a pet peeve,
    I don't have many, do believe.
    Just cigarette smoke
    And "vital" warnings so small I joke
    I might as well up and croak!

    1. haha both are a pain
      At any lane
      As the smoke comes in
      And clouds ones bin

  41. Here's a disclaimer with a special button to press.


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