Back To Form As I Steal From Lurker's Dorm!

So the cat hops around and on Lurker's blog something fun was found. Showing the real sight of those here and there who visit his lair. It has been a while since the cat stirred some strat up. So left arm and all after this post you may spit out what's in your cup. Now it's on to Anne and her psycho fan!

This is what she would have you believe she is,
With her oh so pretend kind biz.
But the cat and Pat,
Both see through that.

This is what Pat thinks she does,
When she's not around to comment buzz.
After lifting hubby around,
She may as well show off the muscles that are found.

The cat on the other hand,
Knows she is evil across the land.
I mean just look at that face,
Have to spray her with mace.

This is what she would have you believe she works at,
Taking all kinds of time at her mat.
As she works away,
Painting miniatures night and day.

But both Pat and the cat agree,
She steals them from some kiddie.
And passes them off as her own.
The PTA may soon blow up her phone.

And in the summer she gardens away,
Making them oh so nice at her bay.
Or so she claims.
But we know she plays other games.

Pat thinks this is the extent of her green thumb.
A bit creepy and then some.
I wonder is she uses the brains for fertilizer?
Could be the great equalizer.

But the cat knows,
How her garden grows.
She just buries people alive.
Sadly none of them survive.

And perhaps worst of all,
She answered her fan's call.
Yep, they actually have been dating.
I sure hope there was no mating.

Don't believe me?
Here is some proof below for all to see!

Now you know the real Anne and once more viewed the creepy man. Or for some of you it is the first time. Oh the cat loves to stir strat up in rhyme. Now if that doesn't get some sass, nothing will from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter smash a printer.


  1. Now that was a shout out, in the ever creepiest of manners.

  2. The planters are nightmare fare
    Flowers growing in place of hair
    And fake bodies in the soil
    Would a gardener's day spoil.

    1. That they surely would
      Maybe they are just misunderstood
      And are some form of art
      That the gardener takes to heart

  3. Hahahahaha. I love it! That body builder's face is worse than her body. But you are on to me, I do bury people alive in my gardens. And I wait above ground just to see if they can claw their way to the surface. When one does, I whack them on the head with a shovel and scream "Whack-a-mole!"

    Yeah me and creepy dude are dating. You just wouldn't believe how good it is to be with a man who has no teeth. The things he can do with those gums.....

    1. LOL yeah I thought that too
      One scary view
      And that I knew
      For the cat has dug in the gardens of you
      And found the bones below
      Really are nasty at your show
      And with nothing but gums
      I'm sure he can surely kiss some bums
      That give you a thrill?
      Now I've had my fill hahaha

    2. He's quite a guy
      and not very shy
      he takes me to places
      with wide open spaces.

      And there we lie down
      on a not so solid ground
      to rattle, to shake and to roll,
      the dice of my soul he does roll.

      Snake eyes he looks up,
      where I ride way up high
      in the clouds where I sing
      of the skill that he brings
      with his tongue, and his lips and his gums.

      That's payback for all the hideous visuals you've given me of you and that Viking woman of yours.

    3. LOL I won't hiss
      He gives you pure bliss
      What can be wrong with that?
      Maybe he'll grow some viking fat
      Then away you could chew
      Making the clouds no longer come due
      For you'll be in such heaven
      Well past eleven
      That you'll go right into outer space
      Leaving him with a smile on his face

    4. He always leaves my place with a smile on his face :)

    5. haha with no teeth showing
      Sure the smile just keeps growing

  4. I guess ya really never know
    What goes on and in below
    I thought I knew the pretty Anne
    Of her I had become a fan
    Her life I never thought to lurk
    Of things she did became a quirk
    But cat can peep with big cat eyes
    Get info like a thousand spies
    It's just a fetish and in time
    She'll outgrow, it ain't no crime

    1. Nope you never know
      As there is much more to each show
      And she has much hidden away
      I may share more one day
      I think she grew into it
      And loved every bit
      The cat should never have showed her the no teeth guy
      She just had to give him a try

    2. It's all so true
      he hides in my loo
      and with his cam
      he spies what I am
      to tell one and all
      what he really saw.

    3. Easy to do
      Plus time efficient too
      For when I have to go
      No need to move to and fro

  5. hahaha...are you trying to start a battle, you know she has an army made of metal now, so forget the green thumb, provoking a dragon is just dumb, she might come whip your....and like

    1. Bah she can keep her plastic army men
      The cat will just eat them at his den
      Hmm the cat my like that
      He can be a kinky cat hahaha

    2. You're bad enough being snip snip. I hate to imagine what you'd be like if you still had your bollocks.

    3. haha be quite the show
      Humping on the go

  6. You really just never know what goes on behind that computer screen. Personally I really dig Anne because she has a wicked sense of humor. Now, as for that scary body building chick, perhaps she needs to hook up with creepy guy and see which one of them will bear children.

    1. LOL I think the odds are even
      On either one being named steven
      And popping out a kid
      Care to make a bid?

  7. Hahahaha.... could be true. One never knows. I did stop over to say hi and maybe you are right.

    1. That cat is always right
      As he lurks around at night haha

    2. Remember when we both went blog hopping in the wee wee hours. I used to run into you in some out of the way places. Good times, good times...

    3. Yeah used to do that a ton
      Now you paint under your sun
      And I have to get to bed
      With the crap causing me dread haha

  8. Such elation and expectations
    From His Holiness the new Pope
    Changes and reforms so said Anne
    His plate is full we can only hope


    1. LOL cnot even the pope can save her
      That has to ruffle her fur

  9. Eww, why did I click play?
    Now, I'm going to have nightmares during the day.
    But he has a nice personality, they say.
    But "they" is his momma, and she's not okay...
    in the head.
    In fact, she's dead.
    But have a good day.


    1. LOL so for the daymare
      Not a fun affair
      But a personality is all you need
      As love could still take seed
      Can really rock the boat
      With billy the goat

  10. OHHHHHH, that *Lurker Anne*, be a pistol, hey????? ,-))))


    1. That she can be
      Might even try and have one and shoot me

  11. I had forgotten about that video. Now I look forward to it being in my nightmares for a few more months.

    Also, call me a sicko, but I love those planters. In Anne's defense, maybe those people had no brains to scoop out. She was just giving them a purpose in life. I know plenty of people that would make good planters.

    1. haha maybe it could make a post
      Nightmares that won't go away at your coast
      I guess that is true
      Many have space to fill up so may as well help out where one can at their zoo

  12. The female body builder made me shudder
    If I was in a boat and saw that, I would turn the rudder.

  13. I guess this would be a roast?

    but no toast.

    1. Nope no bread around
      As that would attract a hound

  14. Strange looking lurker looks!

    1. After one look
      May want to take cover at your nook

  15. First thing I did was search for Anne's reply, bwuahaha.

    1. LOL she sure left a good one or two
      Can't shut her up at my zoo hahaha

  16. Oh, it's been way too long
    since creepy guy sang a love song!
    Those mannequin heads...oh hee!
    They make Chia pets seem boring, you see.
    And burying people alive?
    You've done that to Gloria times 5!

    1. Hahaha but she won't stay there
      Keeps popping back up at my lair lol
      And yeah creepy guy the return
      Making all swoon at every turn

    2. These heads are horrible Pat and yes I dobt want you bury me again:(

    3. haha horrible but fun
      Under the dirt you are getting no sun

  17. rofl Love--and the pictures really add to it.

    1. haha yep gives her more definition too
      With the freaky bodybuilder in view

  18. That was awesome. Loved the shout out. Those planter heads are nice and creepy.

    1. haha that they are
      Could scare people from ones bar

  19. Yeah, if you cut and pasted that body builder's face onto that of a man I'm pretty sure people would be calling the cops and hiding their children inside.

    1. Yeah i think you are correct
      He/she would sure get some neglect

  20. I did not know of Anne, had not been a fan, but I did click on her link, and I do think, she could be someone to come to know :) Certainly an interesting rhyme about her indeed :)


    1. haha even helping her out
      With my shout
      Damn I need to get paid for this stuff
      Such work is

  21. Orlin N cassie

    Anne N yur dad
    be trooly grate pals
    All uz cats say
    ...this bee swell

    tho pick sure 2 him posted
    Got uz sayin
    WTF.. ba jezuz…
    N.. oh hell

    1. LOL the reaction I would expect
      When the crazy guy you detect

  22. Oh, my, my...
    Head games I spy
    Nice to know
    All that poopy brain
    Doing something humane

    1. Yeah forever scene
      With a flower so serene
      Worse ways to go
      I suppose at ones show

  23. Some of those pictures are just plain creepy!

  24. oh my...she sounds like a creepy lady indeed...the plants in the heads...ugh..oh my..

    1. hahaha creepy through and through
      At her creepy zoo

  25. I love that guy and his videos, he's such an absolute lad haha. Enchanted is a good film too, loved this Pat.

    1. Yep he does a great job every time
      With his Anne loving chime

  26. i am with you on that Pat I am pretty sure that's what Ann does, or she has an army of small Indian children in her basement that do all the painting...small nimble children get into all the cracks and corners of them figurines.

    1. haha a slave driver at her sea
      Running a sweat shop and making them work for free
      That sounds right
      There at her site

  27. That guy is hilarious ~ But those flower pots on the women's h heads gave me a jolt ~ I must say the pictures are crazily funny Pat ~ Have a good night ~

    1. haha yeah that guy is grand
      As he hails from crazy land

  28. Do you find the pictures then do the rhyme? Or the other way around? I can only imagine the workings of your mind - impressive.

    1. haha I have the idea in my head
      Then find the pictures and tweek where need be to cause dread
      Glad I can impress
      That works for me I confess

  29. Hi Y'all!

    Oh, BOL and scary too!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  30. Today my comment's short and sweet
    Aint that neat
    Thank you for showing who you really are
    In that video you've gone too far.
    Ha ha...

    "No Gary, tis not me,
    You must believe me,
    You must agree"

    1. hahaha never too far at my see
      But it surely isn't me
      No fur there
      Of which you are aware

  31. Eeeewwww! Eeeewwwww! Eeeewwwww! This one almost made me spew!

  32. Those photos are wrong. Just wrong.... I am sure to have nightmares soon now.

    1. haha sorry for that
      Next time I'll show a nice fluffy cat


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