Bring On Some Facts Of Some Weird Acts!

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

So the cat will just give some info today. I have to smarten you up a bit at your bay. I know that is tough for some humans though. I won't make fun of you, too much, if you IQ goes that much more low.

A cockroach can live 9 days without its head.
Imagine that crawling in your bed.
An ant can lift 50 times its own weight.
Bet he'd carry away his date.

Elephants are the only mammals who can't jump.
But they can take a big dump.
Butterflies taste with their feet.
Toe jam probably isn't neat.

Starfish don't have brains.
Many humans are in such lanes.
A cow can go up stairs but not down.
Maybe they need a pretty gown?

Banging your head against the wall.
Burns 150 calories an hour at your hall.
Go ahead and give it a try,
Let some more brain cells fry.

A duck's quack won't echo one bit.
Maybe they are too full of shit?
Porcupines float in water I guess.
Never tried, I will confess.

An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.
Bet it wants to be a great dane.
111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321
So cool it had to be done.

If you spell out numbers from one,
You wouldn't find an "a" until one thousand was given a run.
Stewardessess' is the longest word only typed with the left hand.
Unless your right is screwed lie in my land.

Kangaroos can't walk backwards at all.
Must drive them up the wall.
Every person has a unique tongue print.
Must be a different tint?

The voice of Bugs Bunny was allergic to carrots.
Who knows about ferrets.
But I guess with what's up doc,
He got a hand somewhere that caused a shock.

The expression "to get fired" came from long ago.
When clans wanted people to go.
Yet they didn't want to kill.
So they burned their houses down for a thrill.

If you belittle the dot over the i
You will be hurting the title and make it cry.
Most lipstick contains fish scales.
Next it will be rat tails.

Ketchup was sold in the 1830s as medicine they claim.
Wonder if Heinz was to blame?
The phrase rule of thumb comes from an old English law sure to cause strife,
It stated nothing bigger than your thumb could be used to beat your wife.

And there we go. I know now the facts start to flow. That brain of yours must be filled to the brim. Go get drunk before things turn grim. Or maybe just pop a pill, that could dull the brain fill. But now you are wiser, hopefully, class thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Weird factual info
    Non-jumping Dumbos
    A Cockroach without a head
    For 9 days not dead
    Rule of thumb if you dare
    Shouldn't be hurting it's only fair
    What else is new?
    Just waiting for a cue!


    1. You should leave alone
      Unless the cat's tummy decides to groan
      Then he may have a snack
      Avoiding a dumbo attack

  2. I felt dizzy busy reading those. It was worth the rhyme. Hahahaha ^^

  3. ha i type stewardess with both, maybe because i am a typing sloth, did you know i can pick my nose with my tongue, yeah its that long, must be kin to a cow...or gene simmons, wont win me any blue ribbons....probably not a cow, cause i can still go up and down stairs, any way i thought interesting facts, why not...

    1. LOL I wonder if your twin has that skill
      At least no germs on the hand at your hill
      Just stick it up there
      And the boogers go from your lair hahaha

    2. Will never know
      because I won't be giving that a go.
      But my tongue isn't exceptionally long
      just numb at times under my sun.

    3. hahaha aren't you curious if you can do it?
      Could type and pick as you sit

    4. Uh, no.
      won't give that a go.
      Need to teach manners to my brother
      so he stops embarrassing others. ha.

    5. hahaha good luck with that
      As they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks at ones mat

  4. He was allergic to carrots, who knew.

    1. Yeah his alter ego sure ate a ton
      Under the loony sun

  5. Fish Scales in lip stick?? EEEWWWWWWEEEEE.... I need to look at the ingredients in mine.

    1. Terry
      Don't use the black if Goth you are not
      With lips that smell fishy you'll end up on the cot
      A light bulb went on inside of my head
      Here's what you do to get back in your bed
      The lassies of ancient times always looked neat
      They rubbed on their lips the juice of a beet

    2. LOL... Now beet juice I can do!!

    3. To both I say ewww
      Lips stay normal at my zoo
      None of that crap
      Is ever given a lap
      Suppose that is good
      Or I could end up misunderstood haha

    4. Some advice I gave to my sons
      Don't get trapped by a cute pair of buns.

    5. Been there, done that
      NEVER ever again at my mat

  6. If a cockroach can live nine days in decap
    And a horse could do likewise boy that's a bum rap
    The godfather wakes up in a bloody old bed
    On the pillow beside him, snores his best horses head
    It's wiggling and talking just like Mister Ed
    Bring my slippers and robe is what the head said
    Now that would be eerie and one for the book
    Don't invite the neighbors and don't cheat with the rook
    We've heard of the horseman minus a head
    Who rides in the night but stays out of a bed
    Where did this come from, go visit Cat
    And find stories to amaze you like a whack from a bat

    1. You amaze me Manzi!! You and Pat can just spout these rhymes off the top of your heads. If I had to do that, It would take me all day.

    2. Weaving in stories that would be glory
      From aspects many might find a tad gory
      But at least with the head of a horse in bed
      You have an excuse to go stay at club med
      And if the rider should ever show
      Watch as he rides to and fro
      For you will see a bulge in his shirt
      Not that far down, don't be a flirt
      Where is head is hidden from sight
      Why he is always found in the darkness of night
      For he would not go over the same in the light
      And a whack with a bat, get, he just might

    3. LOL (Good one Pat)
      Well fiddle de dee
      Oh excuse me
      My eyes did not blink
      Or LOWER and wink
      Anyway he was a creeper
      A fish scale got into my peeper.

    4. haha need to be more careful with that stick
      Which one? Now that's the trick

  7. That origin of "Get fired!" is a new one on me. -chuckle-

  8. Continuing from yesterday:

    Okay, the character at the top had to be Heaven but I still think it's me in disguise. Beautiful eyes, halo =P

    Today's character is Autumn...? LOL

    I agree, many humans have no brain in their head at all
    yet they lead our land towards it's downfall

    I see I'm not the only one who likes to whine and complain
    Ranting about your hand here in your lane

    I'm headed back over to my shore
    that's all I have, nothing more

    Happy Wednesday!

    1. Yeah you are correct
      It was Heaven and nothing of you to detect lol
      Today's would be hard to guess
      But on April 2nd you will see them all I confess
      And then see how many you can get right
      Still waiting for the rant at your site haha
      Nothing more?
      Damn, must be an off day to shut you up at my shore haha

    2. April 2! GAH! Fine! I will wait. I was going to start guessing when I started seeing them but knew I would get half of them wrong.

      I'm writing the rant today and will post it either Friday or Monday. I find as I write it, I get all pissed off and go in a hundred different directions and it could easily be three pages!!!!

    3. Well I figured it would work for B
      When I go all a to z
      Let's see how many you will get right
      When they all come to light
      haha 3 pages long too
      That should be a fun rant to view

  9. I greatly enjoyed all these animal facts
    It's time for humans to get together their acts
    I know many people who are less desirable than critters
    Think on that for a while while you enjoy an apple fritter

    1. Yep I now many as well
      Critters are far more swell

  10. These are interesting and funny,
    Especially the one about Bugs Bunny.
    And so many humans are, as you point out
    Like the starfish, a brain without.


    1. Yeah never knew the bugs bunny one
      Until I found it when giving this a run
      Sad but true
      Many humans have no clue

  11. Starfish don't have brains.
    Many humans are in such lanes????
    sometimes I think oh dear you are really bored,LOL

    1. haha bah bored I can never be
      As I can always bury you deeper in the dirt at my sea lol

    2. So fun to do
      Every since Gawker Island came due

  12. If I had the ant ratio, I could lift about 6750 pounds.

    1. Damn that would be fun
      Could throw cars a ton

  13. I wondered why bustin' my butt at the gym most days wasn't makin' the scales move. I just need to bang my head against the wall to burn off those damn thin mints. Thanks for the tip!!!

    1. Yeah the wall works grand
      Maybe to burn off more to it while doing at hand stand

  14. Now that my computer screen
    Is once again clean
    After spewing with glee
    At all your tee hee
    I recall a headless chicken named Mike
    Who was not all that much unlike
    A decap cockroach mundane
    Or a human with starfish brain
    Don't think your talent could be much slicker
    Thank you for today's best snicker

    1. Sorry for making you clean
      I know that is a tad mean
      But fun to do
      We'd eat the headless chicken at our zoo

  15. Love your facts today, Pat. I wonder who followed a cockroach around to find out it could live nine days without its head. LOL. So an ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain? They always say good things come in small packages. As for an elephant's dump, could fertilize a whole garden!!

    1. I bet they stuck it in a cage and when it no longer moved about
      They averaged it to the nearest day with their shout

  16. Truly did enjoy all your facts you shared; ick with the cockroaches, that just doesn't seem fair; wow that the voice of the bunny did not like carrots, that is funny.

    thanks for sharing these facts I didn't know before!


    1. Yeah allergic he was
      That is a neat buzz
      And ick indeed
      Happy to share at my feed

  17. Bet those taking the cows up the stairs are sure surprised when they try to get them back down. ;)

    1. Yeah I bet those who tested that theory
      Ended up anything but cheery

  18. I am thinking those humans with brains like starfish are the ones who determined that you can burn 150 calories and hour banging your head against the wall.

    1. That is a great observation
      And is probably true in all estimation

  19. Dang, those were all interesting and I had not heard any of those!

    1. Have heard a one?
      Need to give jeopardy a run haha

  20. orlin N cassie...

    wunder why de cows dinna just use de elevatorz ???

    1. Maybe they weren't below the kgs limit
      Or were too timid

  21. So many weird and wonderful facts, thanks for sharing them, cat!

  22. These facts are so interesting and humorously presented that I had to add this post to my bookmarks. That's not saying that all your other posts aren't great, but this one is particularly so. One fact I'd like to know more than any though is the significance of these people at the start of each post!

    1. LOL oh you will have to wait and see
      For they won't be revealed until Apr. 2nd by me
      And yeah if you need a random fact
      Can now find one with this act

    2. The second of April, will give me a thrill!

    3. It just might
      As you could come in sight

  23. Numbers have always fascinated,
    my little brain has validated,
    once seeing the 111,111,111 x 111,111,111
    I just knew it wasn't dumb,dumb,dumb!

    1. Yeah it can help you count
      Forwards and back to a high amount

  24. Food for thought, kinda.....

  25. Since my physio therapist told me I'm not allowed to run or walk for the next 4 days (and I'm guessing jumping is including in this), I'm going to bang my head against the wall for exercise. Thanks, Pat, for the recommendation. :D

    1. Yeah jumping he'd probably include
      Doing nothing though is just rude
      Still there at my lair
      Glad I could help, watch your hair

  26. hmmm...Bet your thumb could cause a lot of damage too. Maybe they should have stuck with that rule. She might have been more lenient with the frying pan, if they did.

    1. That is true
      Guess we will never know what could be true

  27. So that's where fired comes from. And the multiplication one was cool.

    1. Yeah fun how the numnbers work out
      And plenty to think about

  28. Stopping in for a daily fix and what do I get a mix of facts from Pat, guessing today we are getting some lessons..what no tales on whales..I'll be back to yack..this site is wicked..

    1. Yeah facts
      From many acts
      Glad you made tracks
      As the come in packs

  29. 9 days without its head? That's gross. lol Guess I'll have to start squishing them instead of just beheading the little buggers. Hopefully no rat tails in anything...

    1. haha yeah step on them indeed
      To make sure they are gone at your feed

  30. Now, some of those will be stuck in my head all evening. Especially the cockroaches. Ugh.

    1. haha better a fact than a song
      Like that wheels one that is so wrong

  31. Thought I'd follow these acts
    And tell you I enjoyed the facts
    I almost wrote farts
    Facts and farts
    Those words are hard to tell apart

    1. One little slip
      And could go on a trip
      To fart away
      Which the cat does at his bay

  32. Some of these I knew
    but others were brand new!
    And guess what? I don't dot my I's
    I know that will give some sighs.

    1. Geez that is just rude
      Give the i's attitude

  33. Those are some pretty interesting facts! We think its interesting that lobsters have blue blood.

  34. How very clever!!! so fun to read

    Pet lovers please check out my homeless cat blog archives for some informative posts and archived stories about the cat abandoned/feral colony I manage.

    Debby in Arizona

    1. Advertising on display
      But it is cats so I'll let it slide today

  35. Absolutely informative trivia Cat. Ya know, I'm a social worker, and the only one I knew for sure was the rule of thumb. Well, the ant one too; I watch lots of Disney :)

    Love these interesting facts :)


    1. haha glad I could give some that are new
      Here at my zoo

  36. I'm such a sucker for facts that this might be my favorite post from you yet! So great. I knew the rule of thumb, the cows, the ants and a couple others but most of these I did not know! That cockroach thing is horrifying! haha- I really enjoyed reading these! Thanks for the fun presentation.

    1. No problem at all
      As I rhyme away at my hall
      Facts are fun to read
      So have to do them once in a while at my feed

  37. oh- and I love that number one where it equals 1234... awesome!

    1. Yeah the accountant in Pat
      Enjoyed that one at my mat

  38. ducks have an echo, someone actually carried a duck into a cathedral and let it quack...awh scientists! You should educate us more often, it might stick.

    1. Hmmm guess that one is wrong
      The cat could teach and make ones brain strong

  39. "A cockroach can live 9 days without its head.
    Imagine that crawling in your bed."
    I'm now sleeping outside. Thanks.

    1. But outside you can get crapped on by a bird
      Imagining waking up to a turd


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