Could Not Pass It Up, Once Upon A Cup!

So the cat was sitting in the car with Pat, outside waiting for nanny to get done shopping at some huge store mat. Yeah, the human is grand. He does not leave us alone in the hot car land. But he still puts us in that cage, which brings out my rage. Cassie just meows away the whole friggin way. Anyway, on to the topic of the day.

It's fun to watch humans go,
Trying to stick with the flow,
But sometimes in the end,
They go right around the bend.

Such was the case,
As I suffered a gawker embrace.
Yeah, Brian once more,
Here at my shore.

A lady all dolled up,
Walks slowly, sipping from her coffee cup.
Tim Horton's to be precise.
I would rather have mice.

There is a honk from afar.
It comes from an angry car.
More likely a human though,
Who had to give it a blow.

She turns with a sway,
Clearly showing she's having a good day.
Her brown hair flops in the breeze,
Some smoker beside us begins to wheeze.

Not sure what people get from that,
But he was growled at by the cat.
She turns back around,
To be barked at by a hound.

A grey and white husky, like from Due South.
Her cheery smile adds some growth.
I guess she likes butt sniffing mutts,
Even if I thought the dog was a bit nuts.

She strolls along in her heels,
Some nearby kids squirm about like eels,
Fighting over a toy,
I guess it brings both joy.

Another honk is heard.
I hear a curse word.
My poor virgin ears.
That guy has two rears.

Oh wait, just each ass cheek.
Must be tough to play hide and seek.
She turns to look,
Her hair whisps across her face, covering it like a book.

Then as she turns back,
The honker goes on the attack.
Coming straight at her,
Just noticing as she brushes away her human fur.

She hops out of the way,
One shoe now on display.
And a dress once rosey,
That looked rather cozy,

Now drenched in brown,
Displaying the aftermath of coffee town.
And the guy just shouts a curse,
As she picks up her purse.

Off he goes.
She massages her toes.
Then puts on her shoe,
And strolls along not feelling blue.

I guess nothing could ruin her day. The cat though that was an interesting human display. And all of the above is true. She surely invokes whoopdi friggin doo. How the little things add up all around. But I guess it's how we react that makes a good or bad day be found. She was sure one forgiving lass. I'm not sure it would have went down that way from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. No competition today
      But there is a threat, so they say

    2. haha...I think he's safe, alright.
      Getting up before the light
      doesn't appeal to me,
      so he can gloat with glee.

    3. LOL well don't worry you may get your chance
      As on Pat's birthday many a post may prance

  2. The Cat may be caged
    But it can still observe
    Just how humans manage
    What is missing is love

    They honk without regard
    At ladies on the road
    Poor ladies takes a fright
    Affecting all their moods

    All told how one reacts
    Maturity shows the way
    Not bothered with silly wags
    Humankind wins the day


    1. Yeah can still see
      And meow with glee
      Stuck in a cage
      Watching some honking rage
      And maturity does ring through
      At least for most you view

  3. Powerful observations by Mr Cat-ser, we, humans, are surely as mad as a hatter! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. As each car gave a swerve
      We sure can observe

  4. Cat's story is very fine
    His award will be a Valentine
    But don't you wonder the conversation
    At Coffee Lady's destination?
    She burst into work with distress
    With a struggle to hide her wet dress
    The ladies did giggle
    The men let a sniggle
    As Coffee Lady tried to explain
    The honky driver quite insane
    She said, "It was my fault, I just didn't look
    Two darling pussies my attention they took

    1. LOL bad choice of words at the end
      A a gutter mind can find such a trend
      That would surely delight
      Or maybe fright haha
      And yeah must have been quite the conversation she had
      With all at here work pad

    2. Oh gosh Manzi!! You are so darn good. Have a GREAT day!!

    3. Cheer squad
      Gives an applaud

  5. It really can get infuriating seeing the annoying kinds of people that inhabit this world, sometimes it's better to just ignore their presence because even though it's tough it blocks the nonsense. Great rhymes man.

    1. Yeah sometimes ignoring is best
      Unless they are an annoying pest
      The hit them with your car
      And run far

  6. i am gald the honker did not shocker her into ruining her day, and if you needed a hug from the gawker all you had to do was say---hugs are free any day--and its cool to see you stalk as well, and the honkie can go to---hello, by the way...have a great

    1. haha the cat would run
      To him hugs are no fun
      Stalking can be grand
      As long as it's just gawking and not peeping in any land haha

  7. So this lady thought she could just stroll along, sipping her traffic and everyone would be so enthralled with her that they would let her take her good ole time. NOT!!!
    Road Rage Is Everywhere!!

    1. Yeah it is all around
      Even in parking lots it is found

  8. I like that her mood didn't change over something she couldn't help anyway. :)

    1. You was surprising to me
      I thought she'd flip out and swing from a tree

  9. That was the honk heard round the world!

    1. Hopefully no one went deaf from it
      That wouldn't be good one bit

  10. I need to have an attitude adjustment from that lady. I can be the Queen of Mean.

    1. haha well mean can work too
      Can keep people away from you

  11. People-watching is such an interesting hobby
    So many different kinds of people - from friendly to snobby
    Each one has their own individual story
    Strolling along basking in their own glory

    1. That is true
      The snobby have no clue
      A they think they are great
      At any old rate

  12. I agree, I people watch the same as Mr Cat:) way better than interacting with some people

    1. Yep much better to do
      The interacting with the tick up their bum crew

  13. We don't have Tim Horton's down here

    it's just Starbucks I fear

    1. Well that is good too
      Stronger as well at their zoo

    2. we have the Horton!
      Adam, what are you snortin'?

    3. I'll put that in the right file
      as I'm walking your brain aisles.

    4. Works for me
      Just keep it straight for my ocd

  14. I liked the view of the town, from the cat as he sat down, observing the scene as from the car, he sure saw a lot of things by far!!

    glad the cat got out, I'm sure he enjoys the car rides like Koda does :)


    1. He doesn't mind the ride much
      But hates the cage more than a touch

  15. Tim Horton's doesn't sound like a coffee shop, more like a hardware store.

    1. haha hmm yeah you are right
      But we got happy harry's for that at our site

    2. I'll have a double double please!!!

    3. Might add some fleas
      Or stuff to make you sneeze

  16. A ruined dress and she's almost killed
    By a mad driver who's just seeking thrills
    But she keeps her calm and doesn't roast
    That woman is a much bigger person than most.


    1. Yeah I'd surely swear
      But she didn't care
      Went on her way
      Couldn't ruin her day

  17. That's women and their stubbornness for you!

    1. This coming from you my dear. You silly, silly man.

    2. LOL that is a could point
      To stubborn to get her nose out of joint

  18. We humans do go
    hither and fro
    from there to here
    we shake our rears.

    Although our display
    can cause some dismay
    we do so in style
    as we walk the miles
    of lives that we lead
    in desperation,
    quiet with need.

    Whilst cats sit
    in Buddha calm
    and watch from
    sides lined
    with wisdom gained
    from where it is gained
    we know not how it came
    to you and your kind
    for whom life is sublime.

    1. An ode to the cat
      How about that
      As you make your way back to my mat
      To chew some

      Of course in the expression way
      Not the cat's viking display
      And humans could learn a thing or two
      Hope all is getting there at your zoo

  19. "She massages her toes.
    Then puts on her shoe,
    And strolls along not feelling blue."
    Who is she? Any clue?

    this lady - with manners of queen,
    the positive attitude - straight way to win

    1. Yeah nothing could get to her that day
      Who knows who she was at play
      But right attitude to have too
      Beats feeling blue

  20. What awesome wisdom from your cat: it's all how we react that determines whether we have a great or miserable day. Seems to be my personal lesson for the day!

    1. The cat can teach
      Who knew he had such reach haha

  21. I am going to have to slow down sometime and do some serious people watching. Enjoyed your observations. The mention of Tim Horton's makes me homesick for Canada. I wonder if Tim Horton's will ever make its way to the states.

    1. If stuck in a car with nothing to do
      People watching will surely be done by you
      They may get down there one day
      When they want more money at their bay

  22. I like the lemony-sunshine girl!
    I like to think I'm a bit like her!

    1. Unless your evil side shows
      Then there she blows lol

    2. I have no evil side!
      just want justice to abide!
      And I might need to help it along
      and then sing a lemony song!

    3. LOL I've seen your evil ways
      On those off days hahaha

    4. ok...but Shh..don't tell!
      Don't want anyone giving me hell!
      Hey, I have a new one at the zoo!
      You'll have to come tonight and meet the newest of the crew.

    5. You can have a kitty parade
      As in cat hair you wade haha

    6. I'm going to wear all the bristles off the vacuum brush
      as I try to keep the zoo clean, it's so much!

    7. haha at least they aren't really longed haired ones
      Then there would be so much hair you'd get the runs

    8. Ew. that would be TMI to share
      from here at my lair.
      But yes, I'm very glad for that
      wouldn't want to have my own hair balls at my mat!

    9. hahaha yeah that would be nasty to see
      Such hairballs even scare me

    10. Nobody has hairballs here.
      Isn't that weird?
      Must leave them outside on the land
      which I think is just grand! ha.

    11. haha that is grand
      Orlin has them maybe once a year at our land
      But Cassie once a month or so
      And when she does them she does 3 or 4 in a row

  23. Wow, I see I'm already your follower. Not sure when I signed myself up but I'm impressed. This is the most original blog I've ever come to!

    1. Already following me
      That works at my sea
      And thanks for the compliment too
      Try to be an original zoo

    2. and the head swell begins will never end...

    3. Nope it will not
      So big the cat can barely trot

    4. You might rise high at your lair
      since it's filling with hot air

    5. haha could be a free trip
      Could go somewhere warm for a dip

    6. Join the Macy's Parade
      and get paid!

    7. Works for me
      As I'd never work for free

  24. Well good for her, that driver sounds like a cur.
    Have a good day Pat, and hi to the cat(s).

  25. I'm not sure I'd be putting a cat in a crate without some sort of full gear on. They have sharp claws. lol

    1. haha there are plenty of tricks that work
      But they do scratch and it isn't a perk

  26. I find you stuff so really are a cat with a knack for words so you can bet I'll be back..smiling..

    1. Always try and amuse
      Whether it be a rant, nonsense or news

  27. Ooohh! I love to people watch! I do like the ladies attitude. No use crying over spilled milk... or coffee.

    1. Yeah great attitude
      Even with the car driver being oh so rude

  28. We bet the bad driver was from Washington DC cause this place is crawling with drivers just like that!

    1. Never been there
      Thanks for making me aware

    2. Its more of a warning! Beware all ye who enter here, the Land of Rude Drivers.

    3. haha been to NY though
      And that was one rude show

  29. The happy lass
    had a little too much sass
    for the guy with the double-bun
    who didn't know how to have fun

    Yeah, I'm not sure what people get from that smoking thing either :)

    1. Nope not at all
      And yeah who knows what they get at each hall

  30. Um, you get in the CAR? What are you, CRAZY or sumfing? NO NO NO NO NO!

    1. Haha we are made too
      To go visit nanny's zoo

  31. haha, I love the Cat's eye view from the horrible cage in the car! Sounds like a good story came out of it though :)

  32. Did she at least get a second coffee? If I didn't get replacement caffeine quick I'd have my day ruined. :P

    1. haha not sure if she did
      But either way she never flipped her lid

  33. A cat in a car, sure that didn't go over well

  34. We are an interesting species, Pat. That's for sure!

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