Ever Wonder Where At Your Lair?

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

Yesterday at my bay I passed 500,000 views, and away we cruise.

So the cat was sitting at his lair when some kid got into my hair. She was asking those other big humans around where babies were found. I am sure I don't need to explain that. But it was rather amusing to the cat. That got the cat going and so comes a where things went showing.

Where did the dinosaurs go?
The aliens came and whisked them away don't you know.
They wanted humans to survive,
So the dinosaurs were moved to another planets hive.

Where did the Dodo bird go?
Sadly, that is an easy one at my show.
Cats came into play,
And the Dodo did not have a very nice day.

Where did your other sock go?
It is the scary sock monster that can glow.
It has to keep its glow all shiny.
So it steals socks, yeah it's tiny.

Where did the gods of myth go?
They were time travelers or aliens also.
Then when man wised up,
The so called gods suffered a hiccup.

Where did your day go?
Umm out the window.
You see when you leave it open at your sea,
The breeze just steals your day away from thee.

Where did your spouse go?
Now that is a loaded flow.
I guess they went out to lunch.
At least that is my hunch.

Where did the Spice Girls go?
For asking that I should bite your toe.
Who really gives a damn?
Maybe some stalker with a helmet cam.

Where did your money go?
What? A money tree doesn't grow?
First you have to have some too.
Otherwise I think you have a clue.

Where did R go?
That is the million dollar question high and low.
I guess no more "nice post."
Is had at any coast.

Where did your last ten minutes go?
Why they were spent at my show.
As you tried to rhyme below,
Some pull it off while others may eat crow.

Now you are up to date on the where things went fate. All from the mind of a cat who has tons of voices telling him the issues at his mat. So trust the voices or not? Either way they speak a whole lot. I hope I have helped class and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Brian almost had first
      May have gave you a curse burst

  2. haha the spice girls, like the ways of dinosaurs eh? like my money, but i am working on that, getting it to grow so i can call it flow, as to where babies are found, the stories abound at school right now as they are watching the birth video in health, providing them with a wealth of humor and disgust...its entertaining you will just have to trust.

    1. LOL I remember those videos they showed
      Humor and disgust by the load

  3. Congratulations 500,000 views!! Not to shabby!!

    Speaking of where did my sock go? I think my washer eats them. I can put 2 socks in and when I go to fold them, I can only find one sock. Hmmmm maybe it is the dryer that eats them.

    1. "Sock it to me," that was fun
      Saturday Night Live, it had a long run.

    2. Maybe they share
      And each eat an odd sock at your lair

  4. Where things went
    May appear a trivia
    But not so to some
    Others have the fear
    The usual answer
    Of what transpire
    'I don't remember'
    They do not know
    They need to grapple
    They just do not fear
    Tragedy of people
    In throes of dementia


    1. Yeah in such a state
      Would scare any straight
      Not wanting it to come due
      Has to be awful not to remember what is true

  5. Congrats on the 500,000 views!!! That is amazing. I will never live that long to see that number over at my joint. I have an entire laundry basket of unmatched socks just waitng for their mate to come back around. So far, just a bunch of singles in that basket. Maybe they should hook up and find a new mate?

    1. You never know
      Could get there at your show
      Maybe the should
      They must all feel so misunderstood

  6. Maybe the aliens come and steal the socks to use their stink to put the dinosaurs asleep?

  7. Where does time go
    seems a speedy flow
    through high and low
    through sun and snow

    Where does granddaughter's shirt go
    she took it off and I looked high & low
    all she says is that she doesn't know
    I just can't believe this is so.

    1. haha she must have not liked that shirt
      Buried it in the dirt
      Or gave it to the dogs to eat
      Maybe they thought it was a treat

  8. Forgot to congratulate you on 500,000 views
    that indeed is exciting blog news
    aim for a million if you so choose!

    1. Oh a million is my goal
      As more come to take a stroll

  9. Congratulations on 500,000 views. I'm closing in on you with 500!

    Where did R go? Is he now S?

    Great, now I have to go look for my other sock. I forgot it was missing but now you've reminded me.

    I'll never have these ten minutes back but at least I have the satisfaction of knowing when you visit me, your visit is twice as long!

    1. Wow you may catch me soon
      Maybe by 2019 at noon
      Hmm maybe he went to S
      It is anyone's guess
      See the cat can help you out as well
      And steal time from your cell
      Pfft the cat will just skip you today
      Save some time for napping at my bay

  10. Wouldn't it be cool, if you got 500,000 COMMENTS, along with those 500,000 VIEWS?!?!?!?

    -grumble- -spit- -moan-

    In my blog, I get xx daily Visits. And 1/3 that number, of Comments.


    1. haha I only got 42,000 or so
      Comments at my show
      A little whiny today
      Are we at my bay?

  11. Congrats on your views making it to half a million
    Perhaps someday you'll surpass half a BILLION
    Ah yes, where did these things go?
    Perhaps we're never meant to know
    I wonder where Jimmy Hoffa went?
    Maybe someone offed him because of overdue rent
    What about Myspace - is that still around?
    I think these days people only use it for musical sound
    Toys in cereal boxes - where did they go?
    I used to enjoy that when I was a toddler in my show

    1. Keith
      Today You get the big award
      Into the rhyme your soul was poured.
      (good one)

    2. Yeah always went for the toy
      Brought lots of joy
      I guess now they are cheap
      Thanks to a greedy creep
      And Hoffa is probably on a beach somewhere
      With Elvis and his funky hair haha
      Fun rhyme indeed
      Today at my feed

  12. Gosh! pardon me Pat and the Cat
    Forgot your half a million spats
    On your brilliance
    Rhyming feat difficult to match!


  13. 500,000 that is terrific
    Congrats are in order to be specific

    Fairies, like things that go bump in the night
    Sneak in and snatch objects to give me a fright
    I've dealt with the sock fairy too many times
    It gets so annoying I can't do my rhymes
    I have another, his name is Cap Fairy
    Lactos intolerant, he never steals dairy
    The wool cap I wear when I go for my walk
    Has totally vanished, I can't even talk
    The sneaky cap fairy has struck again
    I've searched the place over and gone through the bin
    Other wool caps I have at my gate
    But oh it's so hard to replace with a mate
    For Bully Cap Fairy I'm setting a trap
    He'll be shocked to discover I'm no longer his sap.

    1. But be careful when dealing with such a fairy
      For if the trap isn't sound things may get hairy
      As he may call upon his friend
      Or even start a new trend
      Unsatisfied with stealing a cap
      From you and any other chap
      Instead you'd wake up to a shock
      As all started to mock
      You'd look in the mirror to find
      He stole your hair avoiding your bind
      But at least as the passerbys flock
      A cap you can make out of that single sock

    2. Ha ha ha
      Damn Sam, now why didn't I think of that
      No wonder they call you......THE CAT

    3. Always thinking
      Even when I am blinking

  14. Where did the week go? I can't believe it's Friday already! Have a nice weekend, Pat and Cat:)

    1. Yeah flew on by
      But as long as the weekend goes low it is fine under my sky

  15. Where did Jan. and Feb. go??? :)

    1. They flew away
      But will be back in 10 months at your bay

  16. congrats on the half million

    perhaps one day at one billion.

    1. haha I'll prob be dead and gone
      Before that many ever comes to my lawn

  17. This is an absolutely massive number Pat but I'm not sure, did you reach half a million views yesterday or the day before you wrote this like two months ago? Half a million is amazing, we have to have a massive Blogger party when you reach a million views, when it reaches that Pat's rhyming empire will be on the cruise! Great stuff man.

    1. No, it was yesterday
      I just edited the post I did 2 months ago at my bay
      That may be fun to do
      Whenever a million comes to pass at my zoo

    2. The entire world will stop and stare when I brag of how I'm friends with a view millionaire!

    3. haha hopefull they don't stare too much
      That may be creepy and such

  18. congrats on reaching a milestone, over 50,000 views definitely sets the tone, for many more achievements in the days ahead, you always are well said!

    did enjoy the rhyme of where things go, and now off to work I too will go


    1. Yeah hopefully more is to come
      To my little rhyming bum
      And glad you could enjoy
      Work is an awful ploy

  19. I'm so glad you cleared up all the confusion. I was wondering about those Spice Girls! ;)

    1. Glad I could help out
      Nice not to hear them scream and shout

  20. That's funny.
    Rhyme time:
    When you were story telling
    All of them went missing..
    Are you just kidding?
    Or should I shut up and went on reading?

    I need a lot of improvement. Hahaha

    1. haha a little improvement you need
      Put you may have the seed
      We shall see
      What can come from thee

  21. orlin N cassie;

    dont forget monster isle land... we dunno if Godzilla considerz hiz self like a dinosaur or like a reeely reeely reeely big...wait...one mor reeeely ....big...lizard....after him iz done fryin R vacuum kleener we will hasta ask him....

    hope everee one haza awesum week oh end !

    1. Ask away
      Tell me what he has to say
      Maybe he can bring the dinos back
      Scare the humans back to their shack

  22. Where did R go? hahahaha. Oh, I forgot about R.
    I think he turned into Jesus for a while and then was gone for good. :)

    congrats on the 500,000! Wow. It was my 4 year blogiversary last month and I forgot! ha. Don't have all those views, though...just a couple hundred a day....will never catch you at my bay. haha.

    1. Yeah I think he did too
      But Jesus never last long in any view
      You forgot the end of season 4
      Geez have to give season 5 a double tour
      Well you have way more posts than me
      So on that you will always top my sea

    2. well, that's true
      but the gawker crown goes to you.

    3. I get the gawkers
      Quite the weird squawkers
      Those search engine ones
      That come by the tons

  23. I take it you aren't a Spice Girls fan then? I spend most of my days wondering where things went- my glasses, keys, sanity....

    1. haha not a chance
      As they dance and prance
      My sanity is loooong gone
      I no longer look at my lawn

  24. Yeah, cash keeps going away
    But it never shows
    Lord how I miss it
    That's just how it goes.
    While I don't do this for loot
    It makes me think twice -
    Should I be more vulgar or stupid,
    Cuz a buck would be nice?

    Congratulations on 500K views!

    1. Yeah that is true
      The vulgar idiots get all the money at their zoo
      Ours goes far away as well
      And never comes back at our cell

  25. I knew the aliens had something to do with it, I just knew it! Psssssst, I see them at night sometimes.

    1. haha run away
      And cover your bum at your bay
      Those probes aren't fun
      Hide until you see the sun

  26. That's amazing, Pat. Half a million views. I will take my measly 60k+ and go home.

    1. hahaha well you are getting there
      One day you will hit 500,000 at your lair

  27. So, where did my waist go?
    I must confess, I don't know.
    I used to be so in shape;
    Now I'm round like a grape,
    Crap! This is my new status quo.

    1. It is still there
      Just have to stare
      And all is fine
      With a little dash and dine

  28. I wondered where my socks did go
    thanks cat for letting me know!

  29. From here to there:
    where the socks? where?
    and what is the trick
    when they quickly shrink
    what do I wear?...

    congrat on 500,000 views!
    this is the great news!

    1. Shrink they do
      Give them to the zoo
      Or a kiddo
      Each will have fun with them you know

  30. Such a crime;
    Someone else stole my rhyme!
    Getting half a million views
    Is such wonderful news!
    Joy to spend
    This coming weekend!

    1. They just borrowed it
      As it was such a hit
      And will try
      Hopefully it will not fly by

  31. Yay for you on the 500,000 views. I actually am enjoying the winter and would very much like to smash my printer

    1. haha see you can relate
      Smash it and get rid of such hate

  32. 500,000 views wow that is astounding news
    That cat named Pat pulled some magic
    out of his rhyming hatt
    so many great reviews..
    Hooray,Hooray for another day
    what more does this cat have to say!

    1. Yeah and a million is up soon
      For this rhyming loon
      The cat always has something to say
      At least until May

  33. Congratulations on 500,000 views! Soon to be 1 million, I'm sure.

    So that's where my day has gone . . . I'll have to remember to shut the window next time.

    1. Yeah I will get there
      Some day at my lair
      Have to watch those windows
      And which way the wind blows

  34. 500,000 views, that really rocks
    I'm still looking for my socks
    My spouse, I did find him finally
    He fell asleep on the couch soundly
    The dinosaurs went in outer space
    They got tired of the rat race
    The spice girls had more fun
    I'm a working girl, always on the run
    Tomorrow we spring ahead, and so
    Where will the extra hour go??
    I'm close to 30,000 views
    Not bad in a year, pretty good news
    Thanks for the visits and good cheer
    Here is to a great blogging year :)

    1. Yeah the dinos had enough
      That 9 to 5 is rough
      Losing an hour too
      I hate that at my zoo
      Not bad at all
      Hopefully it is great for one and all

  35. Very good Cat and Pat. Congrats on the news about all those views. Just one correction, about the sock collection. They go through a black hole in the back of the dryer, into a crazy mire in a parallel universe. It must be a curse. Kudos again on your blog my friend. :o)

    1. Wow that I never knew
      I'll stay away from the black hole at my zoo

  36. Congrats on your milestone! I don't even have 100k yet. :(

  37. Me thinks, I have all those single socks
    floating aimlessly on my rocks
    appear, disappear,
    like a never-ending leap year

    1. Good to chew
      Some stink and are eww
      But I bet you like
      Taking a stinky sock chewy hike

    2. The cat knew it
      Stinky socks are a hit


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