From End To End This dVerse Is Around The Bend!

Have to wait and see who this could be!

The cat is going to mix it up today in the stuff that he is going to say. It could be rather scary and things may get hairy. So you have been warned at my sea. Don't go blaming this kitty.

Time to take flight,
That could create an owie on sight.
Pfft who is this guy?
I think it's time you go beddy-bye.

Can you believe this crap?
Yucky is all I can flap.
Well stick it up your gazoo.
For I have a rhyme to do.

But it is rather icky,
A yum yum is not tricky.
Some brekkie be nice,
I'd give the pretty kitty some mice.

Don't suck up to me,
Shoo away from my sea.
Go now, scat.
Your words annoy the cat.

I will tell the bow wow on you.
Then he will give you a boo boo,
You big dum dum.
So give me some num num.

Never going to happen you,
Instead I will ship you to the zoo.
There you can swing with a monkey,
And eat until you get chunky.

Can I take a choo choo?
Can I bring my sissy too?
I will go potty first,
So my tummy does not burst.

Fine by the cat,
Just don't flick any snot on my mat.
Don't cough on me,
And no pulling the hair with glee.

You are a poo poo head,
With what you said.
A big meanie too,
I won't go any where with you.

That is great,
That is grand.
Now bring the hate,
And leave my land.

The cat is glad he does not have to deal with that scary display each and every day. As one came to my bay and that caused me dismay. Now was that not dVerse? I did not even have to curse. Just broke out the other talk of those who could barely walk. Of course if they hear you swear that could change at your lair. But then that will be on you and not because of what I made come due. Unless of course one just takes a final pass and sees me wiggling off with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Lately all are idle
      Satisified with you having the title

  2. It's the little boo boo
    Taken along a choo choo
    If he knew
    What's new
    He'll about turn and shoo


    1. You the cat runs away
      Get the hell out of there when they want to play
      But with a good whack
      They usually stop their attack

  3. A poo poo
    and a meanie
    sounds like
    Todd Sweeney.

    No snot will
    I swing but
    curse I may do
    but never, ever
    suck up to you.

    Lousy rhyme from me Cat, but my computer just died and I'm using the Spawns.

    1. haha a curse I'd expect
      Lately they have gone the way of neglect
      Getting mellow in your old age?
      LOL that should get some rage

  4. Cats really can and many do hate kids.

    1. They are fine with ones that don't treat them like a toy
      But the screaming ones bring them no joy

  5. hey watch what goes in the gazoo
    as it reports back like a kazoo
    at least they did not bring honey boo boo

    1. Yeah that is true
      Then even Pat would want her in a zoo

  6. Being shipped to the zoo
    to swing with a monkey
    sounds to me like it would be
    pretty freakin' funky!

    Have a day of dVersity, Pat!

    1. Yeah but then you'll live in a cage
      And might get some built up rage
      As the monkeys heace crap at you
      Literall blocking your view

  7. One thing I have learned... you can't suck up to a cat! They either like you or they don't.

    1. haha nope not one bit
      If they don't like you they'll treat you like umm shit
      And to a screaming kid he sure did not like
      Really wanted her to take a hike

    2. haha I thought they hate all
      Except maybe the rich who they let buy them off at their hall

  8. A cat can love you and purr with love
    But only on their terms, otherwise you'll get a shove

    1. Yep that is true
      If you aren't liked you won't need a clue

  9. Just because I am a Na Na
    It's thought of brats I should be fonna
    It has changed since mine were young
    With soap I'd wash their sassy tongue
    Mince not words it isn't fair
    Blame the parents I declare
    To the woodshed they should go
    Have respect when they hear "no."
    An old cliche I love the word
    Kids be seen and never heard.

    1. haha heard that cliche a time or ten
      Here and around my den
      And yep screw the tv
      And the movie
      And everything else one needs to claim
      As its the parents fault and there lies the blame
      Of course the cat runs from most he sees
      As soon as they sneeze
      But a few he did not mind
      As they didn't act like they wanted to yank the hair off his behind

    2. No rhyme
      No time
      Pat, Often your posts are so funny, I have the critters coming over and wondering what is going on. You make my mornings. Thanks
      PS.....I didn't really beat my kids or wash mouths with soap. I just taught them to respect people and that included ME. May your day go well.

    3. Glad you enjoy
      Whether it's nonsense or a rant or me just being coy
      And getting the critter involved is fun too
      I didn't think any of that was really done by you

  10. I love the term "poo poo head". Such a politically correct version of shit head for the toddler crowd.

    1. haha yeah that is about the size of it
      The bigger the head the more it is full of shit

  11. Maybe that time change put kitty in a bad mood!

    1. Nope, time change was fine to the cat
      Not so much with Pat

  12. a boo boo from the bow wow

    will certainly make you go ow ow

  13. My aunt has a cat that makes me beg to pet her every single time I visit. She'll sit just out of arms reach, looking at me until I start cooing and ooing for her to come visit. Hilarious. But her other cat won't go for any amount of cooing and oohing, she just wants me to leave and take my children with me. ;)

    1. hahaha that is basically what my two are like
      Get those kids and take a hike
      One will play a bit though
      Unless they are too hyper and then away he'll go

  14. I like how the cat broke this up; I think he's smarter than my pup!


    1. Bet he's more of a scaredy cat though
      As he runs from his own shadow

  15. Aside from the rhymin', he is showing off his posting-in-unique-ways talent. Show off!!!!!!!! -grinnnnnnn-


    1. The cat enjoys showing off at his sea
      Thanks for the notice from thee haha

  16. I don't have cats nor dogs...should I be relieved from all the poo-poo ?

    Wishing you a happy day Pat ~

    1. haha yeah that is one plus
      But then you went through that diaper fuss

  17. Why would eating a monkey make you fat? There's like no fat on a monkey to begin with, fairly certain that those things are mostly fur and skin.

    1. Well a gorilla then
      How is that at your den? haha

  18. I'm afraid poo poo head is stuck
    I'll have to use to lose it
    with any luck!

    1. Hopefully it gets out
      More than one way to skin a trout

  19. Poo poo from the bow wow. Hmmm. Must be Schultz's cousin come due at your bay.

    1. Sadly he is rather small
      Schultz would step on him at your hall

  20. "you are a poo poo head"
    omG I spat everywhere

    1. haha sorry for the spit
      Hopefully it wasn't hard to clean it

  21. When I seen the slanty lines I knew things were going to be weird with these rhymes. Loved it all the same though Pat, definitely a diverse post as well as a DVerse one.

    1. Yeah they sure thought it was weird too
      When a kiddo visited their zoo

  22. Invasion of the little people I see!
    They must have shrieked with glee
    at the sight of Orlin and Cassie
    and wanted to pet them so sassy.
    Bet they ran to hide
    and in the dark abide
    so sticky fingers couldn't pull their ears
    or arms carry them by their rears.

    1. Yep the came
      Made an it's a kitty claim
      And off they ran
      Of little people they aren't a fan
      Big people either at my zoo
      But those they still stay sorta in view
      When the sticky fingers come
      You won't even see their bum

  23. orlin N cassie....

    R momz mom... wished de little brother wooda used de poo poo head verse..

    like de time her wuz in line at de grocereez store...

    N de little brother called de dood behind them a.....

    well, it bee rhymin with...



    1. LOL wow that is quite the word to use
      He sure wanted to abuse

  24. smiles...i wouldn't mind to swing with the monkeys but no mice for me please..smiles

    1. haha could send just one
      That might not make you run

  25. When I was just a little girl
    My kitty up next to me would curl
    Never, ever run far away
    Always right near me stay
    As I got older
    She got bolder
    Claiming my yarn as her own
    Tangling it all over the home
    We shared for years
    Adventures and fears
    But all good things must end
    Oh, how I miss my furry friend

    1. Yeah they sure are around
      Through all that is found
      And are always by our side
      Until the final ride

  26. Omg you have changed your look again. Fabulous! Love it. Your post struck home this morning as I woke to find a baby rat dead and mauled on my floor. Yuck!

    1. Been a few months since I did that
      Yuck indeed, but not to the cat

  27. I'll never suck up to you
    Or bow down to you


    1. Pfft when you slip and fall down
      Then you will bow to the cat in front of the town

  28. Some of those animals must have been sprinkled with angel dust, prior to being let loose on by the loving arms of a child. Cat seems to have handled it well:)

    1. Yeah he survived the encounter at my sea
      Basically from just proceeding to flee

  29. I always feel sorry for my inlaws cats. They take a beating from all the grandkids, but they do know how to handle it with grace.

    1. haha my sure would not
      They'd complain a whole friggin lot

  30. Thankfully none of my boys fling snot my way. lol

  31. Pat,

    I really like the way you presented this piece
    it flies on the page like some wild geese
    looking for something good to read...
    many thoughts just like seed..
    stringing together like colorful beads..

    I always enjoy your is truly wicked..nice!

    1. Glad you enjoy
      As the cat suffered the children ploy
      But he made it through
      To recount for you

  32. We like the visual effect of the verse moving from side to side, like the waves and tide.

  33. Pfft who is this guy? buzzing left and right
    like a dizzy fly

    as my head spins needles and pins i may die . . . Oh my!


    1. Hope you don't die
      But if you do you go to the sky
      And not down below
      To that hot show

  34. d'verse indeed, what an interchange to see. Really nicely formatted as well, as the dialogue in rhyme, really came to shine.

  35. this was fun, I liked how you switched up the format too, today I will say choo choo....

    1. haha choo choo away
      And yeah fun to switch up the display

  36. Replies
    1. That is what kids talk about
      A ton they give it a shout


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