Fun To See Those Buzz Like a Bee!

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

Now the cat just has to say it is such a fun display to watch you humans go from semi-sane to all the way down the crazy lane. All from a little booze. Frankly, the cat would rather drink ooze. But that is neither here nor there for here is a post about those I see at my lair.

Everything starts out fine,
They all tow the line.
Just as any other day,
With their usual display.

The night drags on,
Things start to dawn.
But what could it be,
That is making one go crazy?

First it was some beer,
That made them cheer.
A very cheap drunk,
To get in such a funk.

But away they go,
Talking fast not slow.
Spurting things you never knew,
Some of it is rather umm eww.

Yet the truth unfolds now,
A cat fight breaks out, meow.
I hate that phrase,
But away we must blaze.

Then comes the whining,
As they continue dining.
For just because all are in a funk,
They ask why you aren't drunk.

For you should be crazy too.
Because they believe it to be true.
So here take just one,
It will surely be fun.

Say no and it's a sin.
God will strike you down for the win.
Oops no thunderbolts show,
I guess Pikachu is busy beating up a crow.

Like the mind of a two year old,
Repeating one thing that takes hold.
Over and over again.
Do they want to be stabbed with a pen?

So drunks are mouthy and happy,
Until they aren't satisfied being just yappy.
Then they are all over you,
Wanting you to be drunk too.

Boy, I don't miss those days.
They can keep their alcohol trays.
And if they get blue,
Shove it sideways and stick it up their gazoo.

The cat just had to say that after an experience by Pat. And after all Betsy wanted to hear something about it from my little rhyming rear. This was written back in December too. Sure now she has a clue. But some might spy at my grass, so better not to come right out with it from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I know exactly what you mean with this Pat, I honestly hate the entire drinking culture. People just go out to have a good time, they make some noise when they're on the buzz then they suffer the next day, it's ridiculous, rubbish and this is why I want to escape from it. Absolutely hate the way that the entire culture works, annoys me.

    1. Yeah if once or twice every no and again
      One wanted to enjoy themselves at their den
      Not going to excess
      And becoming some mess
      That would be fine
      But nope they have to go all beware I'm a blabbering drunk sign

  2. I choose you
    And some cheap booze
    So I can stagger like a Moose....

    1. Hope you don't attack yourself
      With a thunderbolt at your shelf

  3. To drink can be fine
    just a little wine
    with a meal and a friend
    but there it should end.

    For a man can
    come home and his
    fists they will use
    till bloody and beat
    you lie in a heap.

    A curse it can be
    till one gets free
    of the drink and the
    friends where the fun
    always ends.

    Really going to the pub is fine, but the perils of alcoholism and stupidity are always there. Laughing and singing is fine, but when it makes one a beast, no not for me.

    1. Yeah when they go all wacko
      Time to go
      And when they don't frigging shut the hell up
      Worse than a yappy pup
      I want to smack them up side the head
      But I just leave and go to bed haha

    2. I don't drink much anymore. A couple times a year and that's it. I'm not a kid anymore and things that seemed fun then, well they're just not.

    3. Yeah that is true
      Even at my age none of it is fun at my zoo
      Hangers over just suck
      Plus they cost a mighty fine buck

  4. Drinking is a bad habit. I like the illustrations you've got though.

    1. That it surely is
      For all who make it a nightly biz

  5. My drinking days have come and gone
    but boy did I have lots of fun
    I'm the kind that likes to laugh and play
    and make it a happy day
    once in a blue while
    you will see that evil smile
    and know it's time to tip a glass
    and see Elsie show a little sass

    1. LOL I thought you were going to go different at the end
      Forgetting an s when you hit send hahahaha
      But yeah once in a while is fine
      Just those idiots that won't shut up and think you should be as drunk as them that I'd like to snip snip as well as the feline

    2. I almost did forget that "s" but knew better with the cat. He'd never let me live it down. A memory like nobody's business, that one!

    3. hahaha yep remeber all
      As your one eye sticks forever and ever at my hall

  6. Some movie stars have made their money
    Playing drunk and being funny
    The most famous drunk of all
    W.C. Fields he stands so tall
    His choice of ladies was Mae West
    Like any man he loved her chest
    Another boozer was a crooner
    Put the ladies in a swooner
    Dean Martin held a glass of gin
    Although his singing was no sin
    If you want ladies and their mush
    It often pays to be a lush.

    1. Hahahahha... Isn't that the truth Manzi!

      Love to you!

    2. LOL that can also backfire though
      As much crap can surely flow
      Just look at Gibson and his mouth
      After that things went south
      And Jack Bauer attacked a christmas tree
      For each and every one to see
      That isn't very cheery
      Maybe it looked kind of eerie

  7. I was never much of a drinker. Now I never drink and haven't had anything in many years. Don't miss it either.

    1. Yep neither have I at my sea
      Every since I left university

  8. Oh my! Sometimes drinking leads to a wild food fight!

    1. That can surely be the case too
      Which is just eww

  9. Am I the only lush commenter on here today? Guess I better go hide my head in the sand only to pop back up for green beer on St. Paddy's Day.

    1. hahaha no need to hide
      can drink from bottles side by side
      As long as you don't pester the cat to drink a ton
      Be a lush under any sun haha

  10. Oh, no. A nightime cat fight? Ugh Noisy.

  11. he work for hte almighty? alrighty? drinking is a tough one, too many cant just have one, they have to have many and get a bit zany so you have to choose and know what you might lose when you cut loose.....

    1. Yeah have to keep going and going
      Getting more nuts in their showing
      And you never know
      Pikachu could make heaven glow

  12. Drinking like golf
    is for socializing
    It gets beyond above
    Sounds go slurring
    Eyes get watering
    Tempers run thin
    The fun then erupts
    Takes little to start


    1. So true
      Great comparision from you
      Although golf and me
      Also never get done at my sea

  13. Only four or five times per year
    Do I have a cup of cheer
    And even during those times
    I tend to tow the lines
    But I will admit that more than once
    I drank so much that I turned into a dunce

    1. Oh yeah been there too
      When university came due
      But being a 50 year old drunk
      Acting like a 16 year old is kind of a funk

  14. My husband and his uni friends STILL talk about their dorm days like they were the greatest thing ever, lol. They were too wasted to remember anything they learned, but they do remember the drinking. ;)

    1. haha I can remeber that too
      And I remeber the bird course life in the universe as well at my zoo haha

  15. While I have never been a drinker, I have always gotten a kick out of watching drunks. Well, all except the pervvy drunk men lol.

    1. haha yeah staying far back and watching them can be fun
      Can't say I've had to deal, directly, with a pervvy one

  16. Pikachu does often battle Murkrow at night

    what a sight

    1. And pidgey during the day
      While the spearow play

  17. I liked my drinking years
    but it ended in tears
    and too many beers!

    1. haha that can't be good
      At least they are remembered fondly at your hood

  18. One drink is fine
    But not 8 or 9.

    1. So true
      But many go off the reservation at their zoo

  19. The things people do in pursuit of "fun",
    And without the sense to stop at one.
    No, "I'll have another and another and another," they say.
    Then they feel like crap all the next day.
    I say, skip all the booze and all that yammer;
    Get the same results hitting your head with a hammer.

    1. Yeah some are very dense
      Whack them with the pole of a fence
      Would be easier than a hammer
      As it is bigger and won't get one tossed in the slammer
      Or drunk tank
      Same thing at any bank

  20. while I do like my wine at the end of the day, as I read blogs and catch up with friends' play; my party days are a think of the past, but they were fun while they last(ed)


    1. Oh yeah they were fun
      And nothing wrong with one
      As you enjoy each show
      Blog hopping to and fro

  21. Does the cat have Asian genetics? He got drunk fairly quickly...

    1. Well by being a cheap drunk
      Less dough you have to kerplunk

  22. orlin N cassie...

    pleez ta tell yur dad him iz startin hiz celebrayshunz a WEE two earl lee...

    St Patrick's day iz knot til like sunday this yeer

    sew him shuld trooly wait til 3:17 pm ta start tossin bak de guinness...

    de general rool iz 60 hours ahead ....we iznt makin this up :)

    tho yur dad mighta been lookin at a 2012 calendar by miss take...

    1. haha you never know
      He has done that before at our show
      Looked at a previous year
      That sure gets an oh dear

  23. With St. Patty's day around the corner, cat is going to see a lot of bumbling beer heads!

    1. Yeah we will hide away
      One too many drunks on that day

    2. I don't go out that day, either. Lots do, but not us. As you mention, too many drinkers. For me anyway, too many on the road as well.

    3. Yeah that is true as well
      Those on the road should be chucked in a cell

  24. Before you have another drink
    just step back and really think
    Have I had too much already
    or are my legs always unsteady!

    1. Good way to be
      then one can stop being so tipsy
      And go blabber away from me
      That would give me glee

  25. So glad I missed that stage in life
    If only I could control that chocolate rife...

    1. haha a stage to miss
      Doesn't have much bliss

  26. You've definitely hit the nail on the head.
    A good drunk is bad,
    And a bad drunk you dread!

    1. haha summed that up great
      Both can make one irrate

  27. I was drunk once and never again ~

    I had a splitting headache and worst tummy ache ~

    Have a good night Pat ~

    1. Yeah suck in every way
      Been there back in the day

  28. All things in moderation
    and so should heed the drinking generation!
    Never saw the fun in being drunk
    I guess I like being in control too much.
    Just one glass is all I want
    so I don't feel like I'm in a funk.
    Drunks come happy and some get mean
    and both kind of make a scene. haha.

    1. That they do
      Can be fun to view
      But then the same old same old comes
      As they falls done on their bums
      And/or flap their gums
      Then the nastiness comes

  29. Yep...definitely the beer that gets the night to change!

  30. Hi! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss, and The Cat...

    Here is the question for today at your bay...
    Why don't you drink?
    It will make all your troubles disappear when you are on the brink!

    Because people don't want to be around a falling down drunk they will say that you...stink!
    Therefore, I'm so happy to report that I don't and never will drink... Ha!ha!
    deedee :)

    1. Could fall in a garbage pit too
      Then you'd really be stinky and have quite the interesting view

  31. I agree with you, cat. People do crazy things when they're drunk.

  32. It's the days of praying to the porcelain gods that I don't miss. :D

    1. Yeah that is surely true
      Although I never had to go there at my zoo

  33. Hi Y'all!

    BOL! Just stopped by to say "hi" and catch up on your latest...looks like it was December!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. That it was when this went down
      Across town

  34. Yep, and that's why I don't drink.

  35. Drink too much booze
    Your bound to lose
    All the love you used to choose
    You lose your mind
    No sense of time
    A jaundiced balloon
    Comes too soon....

    1. Blah to that
      You've swayed the cat
      Not jaundice wanted here
      Been there done that I fear

  36. Stay away from the drink, or else you will sink or stink...
    oh well.

    1. haha thast is true
      Is hard to blow the stink off too

  37. Got drunk once in university too,
    My friends didn't know what to do,
    They drove me home
    I woke up with a groan
    Big piano exam in the afternoon
    Might as well have gone to the moon
    Made it through with shaking hands
    Would have liked to be in distant lands.

    At least I drank without being "encouraged" by friends. Music students tend to be pretty low key :)

    The thing that makes me really, really mad, is when people think it's funny to give booze (or drugs) to pets. That makes me see red!!

    Fun blog. I'll be back. That's a threat :)

    1. Yeah that is very very stupid to do
      Giving booze or anything to pets at ones zoo
      Whoever does that deserves a kick to the gazoo
      And much more to ensue
      Sounds like a day that wasn't fun
      Threats are also allowed under my sun

  38. Sounds like a bad case of ennui! Maybe the coming spring will help?

  39. Me, I don't drink
    I prefer to think
    I'd rather have tea
    At my lovely sea
    Or fruit juice on ice
    That would be nice
    Lots of water, too
    It's good for you :)

    1. Yeah thinking is the way to go
      At every show
      Drink 2L of water a day
      And that is all at my bay

  40. hahah- oh you did just describe, many nights out where i've imbibed. While I hate to remember those times, I do enjoy reading the story in rhymes.

    1. haha and rhyming away at my bay
      And also would not want them back any day
      But I guess we have to go through the drunk cries
      Before we get wise


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