Get A Good Grip Of That dVerse Paper Clip!

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

It has been a while since the cat has gone the what to do mile. Though as all I had was a paper clip to amuse. I figured this I could easily use. So what to do has come back once more to my shack. I have to give some dVerse advice and it beats a tack.

What to do, What to do
When All You Have Is A Paperclip To Amuse You!

What to do?
You have become blue.
Boredom has set in.
How can you ever win?

Grab a paper clip.
Keep it away from your lip.
Could get a cut.
Stings like a scratch to the gut.

So move on we will.
Wouldn't want anyone to get a thrill.
Bend the thing and make a shape.
Round like a grape.

Stick up antlers like a moose.
Puckered like a caboose.
Make a chain,
Swing it to cause pain.

Just watch for their eye,
Or any spots that could make them die.
That would be a shame,
If you were to mame.

Pick the nearest lock.
Walk in and cause shock.
Catching them in the act.
You did? Is that a fact?

Or hone your skills.
And test your wills.
The wills of each hand,
There at your land.

Oh where that could go.
Keep your eyes from down below.
I meant make a hockey stick.
Then give a fake puck a kick.

One for each hand of course.
The losing hand gets no remorse.
Later he gets a thrill.
Create a paperclip mill.

Send then down the conveyor belt.
And begin to pelt.
The conveyor belt had a meltdown.
You can't help but throw them all over town.

Balance them on the floor.
Watch as one comes to explore.
Stab them right through their shoe.
A bit violent? I agree with you.

But that is what boredom does.
Makes you do things just because.
Luckily I have all of you.
And now with a paperclip you know what to do.

One little thing can set off a whole post. I am a rather crazy host. So I suppose that is easy enough to come due. I could go on about whatever comes into view. Like that wig lady over there. But would you really care? I mean what to do takes the cake. Maybe I should do one on an earthquake? Or on how to fish for bass. Then maybe I'll get a fishing show starring my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. So close, should have whacked hank with a paperclip, kidding of course, maybe

    1. Getting violent now
      Over the first meow haha

  2. It was a coca-cola bottle
    In 'The Gods Must be Crazy'
    Now one is going into battle
    With a 'Paper Clip' that's easy

    Such a little thing to bother
    It's actually a 'no fight'
    Just put it in the pocket brother!
    And ordinarily just take flight!


    1. A movie reference there
      Nicely done at my lair
      And yeah if only I could take flight
      Sadly stuck at 9 to 5 starting at first light

    2. Hank
      The Gods must be crazy was a funny movie. I was recently thinking about that movie and the bumbling guy who was nervous around women.

    3. Watched both at my zoo
      They were fun indeed to view

  3. Hahahahah Look at those two guys trying to be king of the hill, and they say women cat fight.

    Speaking of paper clips.... Don't ever suck one up in your vacum. You might end up tearing the whole thing apart to get it out.

    1. Terry
      I thought you were going to say, don't suck it up your nose.....
      Tomorrow let's bring a lunch and watch the crunch.

    2. LMAO I thought she was going to say nose too
      I guess we both lose at my zoo
      And yeah fighting over the top
      Neither wanting to flop

    3. That is rare
      Must be the air
      To both think "nose"
      With a rubber hose LOL

    4. Yeah she used that steam machine
      To create a scene

  4. This is a paramount shining epistle
    Don't look at me I won't blow the whistle
    If a paperclip brings you hours of joy
    Praise to the heaven you found a new toy
    It's cheaper by far than the ones in Petsmart
    And you can't hurt yourself like you could with a dart
    Beware of the Feds if you live in a bubble
    I'm trying to warn you to stay outta trouble
    The project called Paperclip was secret by far
    We'll dance to the old tune of swinging on a star

    1. Hmpg blogger at my comment it seems
      Guess the programmers were out for ice creams
      Much is cheaper than petsmart
      And no matter if the toy can quack or fart
      The box is always more of a thrill
      To most kitties at any hill
      Great tune too
      But that you knew

  5. Crazy people put them in their ears and ER docs have to dig them out. One guy even put one in his urethra. Bet that makes ya squirm doesn't it??????

    1. OMG....I had to stop for a second and think where the urethra was. LOL

    2. Blah in every way
      Why the hell would anyone go there at their bay
      That just had to hurt
      Blood surely did spurt

  6. ha i can def find a way to fill the day with a paperclip, bend and slip its ends around and make things that will certainly not induce a frown...i have made a bow to launch the arrow, just add a rubber band...find one if you can...

    1. Yeah making the bow is grand
      Shoot people as they pass at your work land
      Of course things could get dire
      As they may feed you to the fire

  7. Ha, Pat, you would be a good teacher...I could see using 'uses of a paper clip' as a good teaching lesson for kids! I know they would go wild with this idea....and come up with some things that even you haven't thought of. (Ha!)

    1. haha I'm sure there would be a ton
      I never thought of under my sun
      Teaching with a paper clip
      That would sure be hip

  8. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, wonder.... Could a paper clip really pick a lock???? Coooool.

    How do they do things like that? Pick locks?

    Now you've got me off on a tangent!!! lol.

    1. haha yeah it can pick a lock
      Tried it once at my dock
      Took me an hour to do
      But you have to use two
      Credit card is easier though
      At least on doors that are older at ones show

  9. See, blogs bring out the crafty in everyone, lol

    1. LOL I guess they do
      Even with things you never would expect at ones zoo

  10. The many uses of a paper clip
    They can do almost anything except save a sinking ship
    I use them on keep potato chip bags closed
    Hey - whatever works. I don't care if ppl turn up their nose

    1. haha whatever works I have used a time or ten
      Here at my den
      And yeah they work for that
      I bet MacGyver could save a sinking ship with a paperclip and a floor mat

  11. Or you could hold a stack of papers together. ha.

    1. Pfft no need for that
      Paper gets chewed up by the cat

    2. You forgot the paper clip chain!
      Always fun to hop the jewelry making train.

    3. Pfft no jewerly on me
      Or the kitty haha

  12. So many uses of papers clips, who knew
    Testing your creativity, like new
    Day, but no stabbing elsewhere
    Because it will get you pain in there ~

    Happy Tuesday~

    1. Yeah no stabbing on me
      That is for sure at my sea
      No need for that
      Although I may stab Pat

  13. Reminds of the boring times in class

  14. I think I shall Nip instead of da clip!

  15. I never knew there were so many exciting things to do with paperclips! I'm going to go get a few and try some of those brilliant ideas. ;)

    1. I got a whole basket by me all day
      So always have tim to play

  16. I have to admit, I like to play with the clip, forming a chain that can go around my hips; lots of uses for such a little tool, who doesn't know of them is a fool :)


    1. haha yeah the tool is handy
      Can make things that are dandy

  17. Many uses for the office tool
    Make a mini bow and arrow for the fool
    Clean a smoking device for your weed
    Make roach clips which us pot heads surely do need.

    Clean out from under those finger nails
    Or make tiny animals, the ones with tails
    Flip it, fling it, or throw it away
    So much fun to be had at ones bay!

    1. Look who's back around
      Done off playing with your hound? haha
      And yeah much can surely be done
      When they are given a run

  18. Well now, I never would have thought of that.

    1. haha strange the things that can come
      From my little rhyming bum

  19. Paper clips make nice things
    Safety pins also wait in the wings
    Bobby pins, now there's a quest
    Thumbtacks, though, are the best

    1. Yeah but those I can never have around
      For the cats are worse than a hound
      The dummies will eat thumb tacks
      And give themselves heart attacks

  20. You should be in marketing for paper clips! You have brought to our attention so many useful things to do with one!

    1. haha if they paid me
      I would do it with glee

  21. Want paper clip fancy?
    Add some old postcards,
    roll them around,
    and see
    a curtain...
    jingle with twinkle
    while mingle

    1. That would be fun to do
      Never know what could come into your view

  22. haha...i will never look at a paperclip the same way...smiles

    1. haha never again?
      Boy what I can do at my den

  23. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. Will you still advise us to smash a printer?

    1. Nope the printers will be safe for another 3 seasons
      Unless I decide to smash them for other reasons

  24. very amusing. One question. What is the secret of your success? So many comments and such a big following. I enjoy your rhyme and poetry.


    1. Like to amuse away
      Here at my bay
      No matter the stuff
      The cat rhymes in the buff haha
      The secret you say
      Having no life helps at ones bay hahaha

  25. Get an elastic band, open paper clip to form a U and lo and behold a weapon to take an eye!

    1. You'd be grand at that
      Ready for war at your mat

  26. You're really quite hip
    With uses for that clip.
    As a kid, me and my kin
    Played with a clothespin.

    (Actually, with more than just one. Not the spring kind, the old-fashioned ones. We made dolls and airplanes and all sorts of things with them...)

    1. haha forgot about those
      Can make all but clothes
      Sure you can make those too
      If you had plenty of clothespins at your zoo

  27. paperclip syndrome
    I have a few at work
    clip this, staple that
    rather see the view
    from an astrodome
    if you can't fly in a plane
    make one of those paperclip chains..

    lol..enjoy how you can take a simple subject and turn it into something new to view..always a pleasure Pat to stop at your flat..

    1. Can do anything at all
      Here at my hall
      And make the chain
      Or if fed up let the paperclips rain

  28. Always I.have paper clips but really only use tp papers and in some recipes lol

    1. Yeah not much to use them for now at one zoo
      Plus I'm sure the cats would eat one or two

  29. Lol! I need paper clips as I forget where I put the box! All my papers strewn on the desk.


    1. haha that can be a drag
      Maybe you need a big bag

  30. A paper clip
    is what you use
    when you are bored
    and need to amuse

    But best of all
    are rubber bands
    They're on my door knobs
    and on my hands!

    1. On your door knobs too?
      Of those I have a few
      Made a 20 pound ball
      Out of them at my hall

  31. yep, when boredom is to stay, what to do finds itself a way, no matter the object or the thought, an idea will surely be sought, have some paper clips right here, they've grown dust as I never use, so thanks to the cat, I'll put those dust bunnies away at last, now there is so much to do whenever a paperclip comes in view. And rhyme can make the most mundane object the center of attention. If only a paper clip could get rid of the snow and cold, now wouldn't that action be quite bold. Fun piece.

    1. haha have to get rid of the dust
      Give it one big gust
      Those nasty things need to go
      But are all over each show
      And yep the mundane works
      Getting rid of snow would be awesome perks

  32. A paperclip...that's what happens when you have a great imagination. :)

    1. haha sure have that
      But tons of voices in the head of the cat

  33. I'm not going to lie Pat, I would hate to just have to rely on a paperclip to have fun haha but that's only because I haven't your imagination, can't believe you made such an awesome rhyme just using a paper clip as a prompt, wow!

    1. haha yep one little thing
      Can set me off at my wing
      And away I go
      With my rhyming flow

  34. Stick it in your ear,
    but never in your rear.
    Your ear gives wax you know.
    Instead of little balls of poopy dough.

    1. But then you`d bust a drum
      Unlike your bum
      Where you`d just scratch a bit
      And leave less full of shit haha

  35. Pat in the Hatt
    How about that
    Yes it be me
    That pawsitive dog Penny
    Thanks for the tip
    About a paper clip
    Reading what you have done
    Makes staring at the four walls seem like fun

    1. haha so much for fun than the human at your sea
      I'll send you a flea
      Or let you sniff a butt
      That will beat four walls in your hut

  36. Nothing more favorite in my book
    Than Saturday TV Fishing Show
    My friend, take a good look,
    Then ask yourself, "Where did Steve go?"

    1. Fishing show you say
      I'll have to check out the bay
      And then see where you went
      Under your fishing tent

  37. Haven't played with a paperclip in a while
    You've given me ideas to try with style
    And I won't stick it, poke it or hurt
    Anybody who may live in a yurt

    Gayle ~

    1. haha that is good to know
      Wouldn't want any sticking to get blamed on my show

  38. We rather have a fish than a paper clip! Although both do make fun toys.

    1. That they do
      But the fish is more tasty at ones zoo

  39. We have some paper clips
    Shaped just like pussy cats
    But they're so cute, we flips!
    So we've never used 'em. Rats!

    1. haha just nice to have I suppose
      Never knew such paper clips flows

  40. i could bust a rib and a zip
    reading what you can do with a paper clip:
    bro, this is a real trip in a dish
    but if you get on TV -
    please put back the fish! :)

    1. haha but the fish is as tasty as can be
      Might have to think about that or send it to thee

  41. hahah, this sounds like me at work! "What can I do with just a paperclip".

    1. haha sometimes that is what you need to think
      So the boredom doesn't bring you to the brink

  42. do like the dominoes effect here... should make us think before we do something

  43. LOL! If you only knew how many paper clips I have distorted. ;) What a fun poem, Pat. Very much enjoyed.

    1. LOL yep I have done a ton too
      Bored to death at the work zoo

  44. it's paperclips all over my head now :P

    1. Hope they don't cause you dread
      And get out of your head

  45. Glad to know they still come in handy, now that so many of us are using computers these days:)

    1. Yeah they still have a use
      And suffer much abuse haha

  46. I never quite realized how entertaining a paper clip can be. I'll have to keep that in mind the next time I'm bored. hmmm...maybe a sword fight between two paper clip stick figures...

    1. haha that would be grand
      Could do a video of it in your land
      Some stop motion thing
      There at your wing


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