I Will Grant Your Wish And Fill Your Dish!

I mean how could the cat not grant such a want after his/her oh so awesome taunt.

"You should interview me on your blog about my new book and my next book too as I am very good at answering questions and will keep your readers entertained the whole way through with my wit and they will like what I have to say even if it doesn't rhyme and maybe I could come back again as well Please Please Please I really like your blog."

Word for word. Damn, reading that even the most laid back grammar nazi would flip you the bird. But the cat isn't like that. So there Mr/Mrs. spammer I'll let you talk away at my mat.

Do you know what a run on sentence is,
And would you like to answer in a multiple choice quiz?

Wow, so many questions at once.
I don't want to look like a dunce.

So was that your answer then?
My aren't I glad you came to my den.

I knew you would be.
I can tell you really like me.

Wow, maybe the cat could find love too.
Or at least give Pat something to do.

Why are you flirting with me?
Not sure I'm into bestiality.

My you are spelling right now.
It must be my great meow.

I always spell right.
Some people just need to adjust their eye sight.

No need to get hostile.
Turn down the dial.

Right, I'm so sorry for that.
I will send you a nice rat.

So what is your book about?
Isn't that the purpose of this shout?

It is soooooo wonderfully great.
All who read it can relate.

Wow, that sounds so magnificent and such.
We wouldn't want you to spoil too much.

I would be pleased to read a passage to all.
It could forever remain, impressing all who visit your hall.

Sure, that would be grand.
I'm sure it will be shouted out across the land.

"The day was sooooooo good looking and the good looking guy held hands with the good looking girl it was such a good time not even the good townspeople could tell you how good it was good thing the two good looking good people had plenty of wood so things could turn out good and so the good people lived happily ever after with a good long walk into the good setting sun that gave them a good smile."

All the cat has to say,
Is that was a good display.
I'm so good and happy you came along.
Good thing they didn't burst into a good song.

But wait there is more.
I was only half done at your shore.

Sorry, we are out of time.
I actually wish you were a mime.
Too many goods for me.
You goodle like a turkey.

Now obviously the cat embellished there about the spammer who came to my lair. But the first shout was word for word. I got all good happy as I flipped them the bird. Oh and their name is ever so tame. Fluffy is what their handle was. Damn, that has a good buzz. Good thing the cat has made all the goods come to pass. Of course fluffy could show her goods to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Really!! Where are you Hank!!

    2. Hank is all tuckered out after yesterday
      As he was here for each and every post at my bay

    3. well, look at you!
      Maybe Hank was on the loo!

    4. Hank is no where to be seen
      Must have wore him out with my movie screen

  2. Hate those spammers but they do keep our visitor numbers up. Lately I haven't been getting as many spammers and my page views have gone way down.

    1. The spammers do make for some fun
      And yeah the stats they can help a ton

    2. I don't care if they raise my stats, I just hope they're wearing hats.

    3. And more than that
      Or at least covering things up with the hat

  3. Well fiddle dee dee, fiddle dee doo
    what a fine writer
    to appear at your

    Intrigued as I
    was by this horrid
    in haste I must
    look away.

    For one such
    as this to
    fawn over you
    a cock-a-doodle-doo
    will surely come due.

    Holy Christ Cat, you get all the nutters. Hey, I hope your birthday was a grand one. I got to all the posts I think, but not on time I fear.

    1. haha yeah the nut sure come my way
      He was quite the weirdo never using a comma at all with his display
      Yep it was fun
      As was all the posts under my sun
      Still have to play catch up on those though
      Could be a while before I address them at my show

    2. I don't think you should even try to reply to those. You pushed it really hard yesterday and it would be a shame if you wound up in really bad pain because of it.

    3. Yeah arms are both a pain right now
      Left a little and right as always is having a cow
      I will pick away at the here and there
      And see what could come due at my lair

  4. Ah yes - thpse ridiculous spammers
    They need to be mentioned on police scanners
    Sometimes I see the same message on every blog
    They are just copying and pasting like word hogs

    1. Heck they don't even do that
      Just take your address at your mat
      Plug it into their little program
      And bam instant spam

  5. At least they make for some run on fun

    1. Not sure my eyes can take the run on fun
      But it is fun to run

  6. Replies
    1. You and I are both awake and online when this Cat posts, but we're never first. The Cat has this thing rigged against us.

    2. Can count if you wish
      But you'll get no fish
      LOL blame Hank I say
      He's lurking most days at my bay

    3. None of us can beat Hank, try though we may as he's always first at your bay.

    4. Yeah when he is awake and around
      1st is always found

  7. I was not flirting with you I just wanted an interview and knew just how popular you are and needed to book you way in advance because you are so full of yourself you think you have no time for such favors and think of no one but yourself and are so busy licking your arse. Phew, I'm out of breath from that run on sentence!!

    1. The popularity has gone to his head Elsie. Really, he's more obnoxious than ever before. If it gets any worse, we'll have to expand the universe just to contain his ego.

    2. hahaha get to the expanding I say
      For the ego is on the rise at my bay
      And old one eye losing her breath too
      My she needs to get back to whining at your zoo hahaha

    3. But on the upside, space is full of black holes and your ego could get sucked right into one of them. Then you'd be just like the rest of us.

      Jewel is composing a song about that
      "What if Cat was one of us? Just a slob like one of us..."

    4. haha but that is all fiction
      A what if depiction
      Because in reality some gas would pass
      And the black hole wouldn't even accept my little rhyming ass

  8. So does that mean we shouldn't expect an interview about our forthcoming book and the one after that and the one after that (but not the one after that, it's going to be crap. Complete crap), and the one after THAT?

    1. haha expectations aren't always grand
      May expect neglect in my lad
      On the other hand
      Could join a band stand

  9. A book without rhymes would never do
    over at the Cassie and Orlin zoo.

    1. Yep will not comes to pass
      Unless Pat hijacks my little rhyming ass

  10. Dang, I think your blog is way better than good, actually I think is great, all kinds of great, great and I love, really really love how you can rhyme any word with this that and the other thing and make it so funny, really, really laugh out loud funny!

    1. haha wow such thrilling words from you
      Glad all the love can come due
      And great beats good
      Any time in my hood

  11. Well, when you are so darn popular you have to expect some run ons!

    1. I suppose that is true
      As they run on and on at my zoo

  12. Did you click on my Game Of Thrones moving gifs?

    Did they work?

    For me, I have to click on the pic that comes up, to make the ADORABLE 3 little dragons move.

    But the other 2, seem to move, as soon as the links are clicked on.

    I know, it doesn't take much, to amuse me. -grinnnn-


  13. so you are saying you wont interview me then
    well it was worth the spin, ha...its all good,
    good in the hood, good like gravy, i think
    spammers think we are crazy at times with what they
    ask, but then again it is their task, lot in life,
    to cause strife, all good. good. good. good.

    1. Good good good
      Is at least easily understood
      And I knew it wasn't you
      For you would go all g.o.o.d. for a view
      Or mix and match words like that
      As you do with the grammar at your mat

  14. The nerve of some people can really be seen,
    In front of a crowd they love to preen.
    Having some fun at their expense
    leaves them left with very little pretense.

    1. haha yeah so away I go
      With my rhyming flow
      Having fun with their crap
      So maybe they'll go away and take a nap

  15. I don't have many spam comments I can even show!
    Most are for sex toys and what to do with them, you know. ha.

    1. haha bah I wouldn't be afraid to so them one bit
      Be funny to see between cat pictures at your pit hahaha

  16. "Sorry, we are out of time.
    I actually wish you were a mime." LOL.

    Well done and fun too!
    A victory for you.


    1. A victory I like at my sea
      Beating the spammers with glee

  17. Have gotten some comments like that, making no sense and offering me the privilege of following their blogs. Reeks of desperation.

    1. That is very true
      Reeks of many things at ones zoo

  18. These spammers I've been seeing recently have been equally as weird Pat, almost like some kind of super spammer but just as incoherent and nonsensical as the rest of them are really which is obviously annoying. Great rebuttal mate.

    1. Yeah they are just out there
      At each and every lair
      Maybe some aliens doing it
      To stir up umm shit

  19. Wishing with all my heart
    Mime truly was their only art
    But that would never do
    They'd have to be more illiterate, too

    Not that they ever read
    A word of all the blogs they try to feed

    This was great, a jolly laugh
    Poking fun at their gaffe

    1. Glad a laugh could come due
      For you with the spam crew
      As they come on display
      And yeah easy to tell they never read ones bay

  20. Gotta love spammers...or not. makes for a fun post though.

  21. Your spammers are much more fun than mine! Wanna trade?

    1. Nah you can keep
      The spammers and add mine to your heap

  22. Hi Pat!
    I'm knocking on wood
    because my viewers have been good!
    I think my head would so ache
    with all the rhyming you make and take!
    Have a good one
    filled with fun!

    1. Fun is had
      At my pad
      As now ache in the head
      At least right now causing me dread

  23. I've gotten quite a few spammers, too. I haven't seen run-on sentences quite like that, though!

  24. Can I just say, writers who don't use punctuation scare me?

    I haven't received much spam on my new blog, but I think that's because the spammers haven't discovered me yet. Hmm, wonder if that's a good thing or a bad thing...

    ~VR Barkowski

    1. haha could go either way
      As with everything there are ups and downs to them at ones bay

  25. My spam is not that polite :( Always something nasty about American Women. Or the typical, ilikes yur blog.



    1. haha yeah pathetic in every way
      With their ilikes display

  26. Yes I think your blog is great. We shoot talk end you Ken teach me a few tings about blogging for you are so good. Really I mean it from my hard. Your the best. Maybe you can teach me spelling two.

    Pssst... Pat...... I don't know what's happening Pat, but there's a whole lot of rhyming going on on my beach. First a cat, now a dog and a charming woman from the UK.

    1. haha must have pained you to write that
      Being all grammar guy at your mat
      I guess the rhymers are now all around
      And many can be found

    2. It took me an hour to type it, yes sir ;) Hope you're doing fine, Pat.

    3. haha doing I am indeed
      Fine, depends on ones perspective at their feed

  27. Now that's the best interview I've read all day! Granted, it's the only interview I've read all day, but still:)

    1. haha still top of the crop
      Even if it is a flop

  28. Aha interviews
    That's ancient news.
    You see this dog
    This dog on a blog
    Has been interviewed
    By my silly dude

    Still, what can I say
    Your take on it made my day, eh

    Just a scam

    Pawsitive wishes, Penny the dog
    I'm outta' here to go drop a log..

    1. haha just don't eat it too
      That is nasty between me and you
      And yeah had an interview here and there
      At another lair
      But nothing like that dude
      His grammar was just rude

  29. Thank goodness I don't get spammers!
    Ha, must mean I am not as popular as you. Smiles!

    1. haha popular at my sea
      As they like to spam me

  30. When I see statements like that I feel like I have to read the whole thing in one breath, which is quite hard when it is a grand 11 pages long :)

    Soon the children will learn

    1. haha yeah I try and do that too
      Then the breath pretty much escapes you

  31. people never surprise me

    nor could they do it to a bee


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