Making Your Screen Nice And Green!

So over at dVerse they want one to write what first comes into your mind when green is in sight. But since the cat has many voices in his head, today much green you are going to be fed. On saint me day, as Pat likes to say, you may just forget the snow on display.


They are heroes in the half shell,
And they're green.
When the evil crocodile causes hell,
They'll get mean.  


But he was born on a raft,
And likes to give a snap.
Plus he took up a craft,
Making hats for each chap.


Except a one eyed freak,
Who reminds me of another found around,
The blog land creek.
With the whine of a hound.


Thankfully the army men are here,
Ready to join the fight.
And kick her, umm it, in the rear.
That will sure be a sight.


And with a big axe,
The frogs will join in.
Going to the max,
For a big win.


Yet the three eyes will come,
And split with the one eyes.
Then all will give an even hum,
But still they aren't very wise.


Especially this one here
She shows off like a snack.
So when one comes near,
She will get eaten at her shack.


By a jolly green giant,
Who has a fetish for snacks.
He will remain defiant,
And go on his chocolate attacks.


Even when the ring,
Joins in with a flash.
Oop, wrong hero I fling.
Guess I was caught up in the clash.


Like the green ranger,
Who calls his robot,
And protects a stranger,
Looking fake quite a lot.


It gets crushed and smashed,
After a quick yell,
The thing is surely bashed,
 And all quickly goes to hell.


Just look at his face.
Does a round nose lie?
Sure his scream could start a race,
As the green guys fall from the sky.


Just look at that finger,
It's all ready to go,
And prepared to linger,
Up the gazoo of your show.


But the namek will save the day,
Ready to kick some butt.
Yet look at the time on display.
It will take 20 episodes for a minute to pass at your hut.


So riddle me this,
And riddle me that.
Is it pure bliss,
To wear spandex but forget a hat?


He isn't saying,
Keeping his tongue in place.
But if it starts displaying
You may get crapped out as an egg for such an embrace.


That would make you mean,
And you'd surely scream.
Becoming an ogre on scene,
Wishing it was all a dream.


But sadly he'll hit you with hyper beam,
And you'll be blasting off again.
No chance of ice cream,
Today at your den.


Unless you pucker up nice,
And follow a yellow brick road.
With that face, no dice,
Would rather kiss a toad.


Speaking of which,
Simply use the force.
Then your arms will twitch,
And you can claim without remorse,


That you stole his lucky charms,
And got away.
You raised no alarms,
And can have a fine green day.

So much green the cat couldn't stop. Did you know all that I gave a drop? They just kept jumping into my head as I went away, which sure greened up the place on saint me day. Hope you enjoyed the lucky green pass from my ever so charming little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Came by a bit late by 15 minutes
      Was extremely lucky I still managed


    2. Yeah poor Brian or Waffles could have had a win
      What a sin

  2. Happy St.Patrick Day,Pat
    You sure had it all made
    Lots of 'Greens'you have here
    All for a very good cheer
    Some to me are familiar
    Others are just strangers
    But enough for me to know
    Of lots of 'green' at your show


    1. Yeah lots of green about
      With my shout
      Some obscure as can be
      Others known pretty easy

  3. Happy St Paddys Day. I forgot it was today until I came to your blog.. Now, I'm seeing green. Have a GREAT Day!!

    1. I never bother with it much at all
      But then saw the green call
      So had some fun
      With my green run

  4. Hi! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss, and the forever cool Cat...
    Happy St.Paddy Day!...Here at your Bay, as you had your say... about different known and unknown characters here on the "green" scene...
    I noticed one thing for certain...
    some Of the characters are lean,
    some Of the characters are mean,
    some Of the characters are nice,
    some Of the characters are fiends,
    ...and some Of the characters are just[down-right] fighting machines, but one thing they all have in common they are all very...Green! Ha!ha!
    deedee :)

    1. Yeah they are sure green
      And together make quite the scene
      As some would bite off your head
      Others cause you other dread
      While some would save the day
      At least in some way

  5. ha smiles...two of my favs in this...master yoda and shrek... there seems to be an abundance of green heroes...smiles.. now off to find an m&m somewhere..smiles

    1. Yeah more than I'd have thought
      But they just kept coming at my plot
      Had to stop myself
      Or the page would never load at my shelf



    1. Happy saint me day is grand
      Here in my land

  7. Hmmm.... I am now ready to sit down to a bowl of peas- better watch out for that Green Giant though - I am actually quite amazed at the panoply - I think my favorite line had to with the round nose lying! (Very cute.) Thanks so much, Pat. k.

    1. Yeah he may step on your peas
      Or kick you in the knees
      Can do it with ease at my hall
      Just need the pics to give a call

  8. Enjoyed your St Patrick's Day parade of green characters, lot of fun reading this !!

  9. What fun to see all the green superheroes and characters Pat ~

    Wishing you a fine green day too ~

    Top of the Morning, as they say ~

    1. haha top of the morning back
      And afternoon too at your shack

  10. Of comic book characters I have no knowledge
    Twas not the thing that I learned in college
    Color green this and color green that
    Ring the green rosey for the day of Saint Pat
    Popsicle red is now out of style
    Let's hum a green tune all of the while
    Make someone happy like fat green Al Gore
    Do as you please just don't come to my door
    For a packet of greenbacks to add to my tax
    You took ALL already so go and relax
    Lucky I found me a four-leaf green clover
    Let's all take a trip to the green cliffs of Dover

    1. Poor Gore will get nowhere with you
      As he even tries to green up each loo
      Sucking all the green away
      With his green thumb stuck in the bay
      And comic book characters in college would be grand
      I'd ace that, but then again wasn't hard either way at my land

  11. Green is the world of super heroes and superbvillains. Still I prefer to sit with a green miss M&M :-)

    1. haha can have your cake and eat it too
      So to speak at your zoo

  12. Oh my goodness, Pat, you have definitely explored the many faces of green today! Loved, loved it. My favorite is the green M & M (looks like me - tee hee) and the Jolly Green Giant, who I would prefer as a protector over those super heroes. Smiles!!

    1. Would take the jolly green giant over the hulk?
      That just might make him sulk
      And the green m & m does think she has such class
      Until the hulk comes by for a pass

  13. Who knew so many of the greats were green??? :)

    Happy St. Patrick's Day (hahaha, the name thing... ah... made me laugh).

    1. Yeah there are a ton
      Haha so fun to do that name thing under my sun

  14. That was terrific, I am green with envy! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  15. none of these guys get the st. pat.'s pinch

    just a cinch.

  16. ouch...there are a few greens in there i would not mind to forget, i like green lantern better before the movie shattered my thoughts of him, and jim in a spandex suit, ugh, what a hoot, but i would not kick green m&m out you know, she looks delish...

    1. haha yeah that movie was oh so bad
      No fun was surely had
      With her you could surely chow down
      And forget some of the greens shown at my town

  17. This is absolute quality Pat, got really excited when the teenage mutant ninja turtles were churned out then it just got progressively more and more better, reviewing green television and film characters with your witting rhyming always was going to be a winning formula, it's really reminded me of it being Saint Patrick's Day too, something that I seem to keep forgetting, great post Pat. Happy day that I'm going to guess was named after you? Might be worth looking into that one.

    1. Yep saint me day
      Works at my bay
      And tons on display
      That just popped in as I went about my green play

  18. What a delightful rhyme for St. Patrick's Day, I am amazed, at all the green "creatures" out there; you really outdid yourself with them all displayed here!

    very nicely done!! Very cute!!!


    1. Yeah there are a ton
      To give a run
      More than I suspected to remember too
      But had to give them all a go at my zoo

  19. you are simple amazing Mr Pat Hatt :-)

  20. I came to your screen and had a scream
    so much to read, within this scene
    a sea of green, green, green...
    Lucky Charm stole the show as it's his day
    Happy St Patrick's Day wishes coming your way...

    1. Yeah a ton to see
      Hope your scream wasn't scary
      And woke anyone up
      Even a pup

  21. A beautiful color
    that green is
    unless you're a ninja turtle
    with no penis.

    1. I guess they were snip snip too
      Or maybe some how it's in their shell where no one can view

  22. happy St Patrick's Day Pat..
    All I know about this festival is that it's green all over place :P
    Hav fun..

    1. And much green is found
      As the green guys hang around

  23. Happy Saint You Day
    Get lucky and green
    This was the best St. Patty's post
    I have seen.


    1. Being the best is fun
      Sure make saint me day grand under my sun

  24. Holy crap, Mr. Hatt
    am amazed at this scene,
    You did a great job
    with the sharin' o'the green!!

    Excellent. Had to check out all the pictures first, then go back and read.
    Clever, as always!!

    1. Yeah fun to use all the pictures around
      And the surely enough a rhyme was found
      Glad it was a fun green endeavor
      And I always like being clever

  25. I've been trying to think of green characters you missed...but I'm all out. Great fun!

    1. Only one I know I did
      Was kermit the frog and that one with the trash lid
      Bit he was used elsewhere
      And the trash lid guy was too much of a grouch for my lair

  26. I've missed some of those green guys. My favorite will always be the little leprechaun telling us to let go of his Lucky Charms.

    1. haha yeah cereal mascots aren't the same
      Now they barely get any fame

  27. Replies
    1. Bah can't use blue
      Too much of a grumpy goo

  28. I came for a rainbow and pot of gold
    and got a bunch of green faces so old!

    Happy You Day, Pat.

    1. haha yeah they are old and some wise
      Each with their own disguise
      And funny how me day
      Is a week before my birthday at my bay

    2. Then you should call it Me Week.
      And party for seven days, you sneak!
      I remembered your birthday
      and on the 24th will give it a Hurrah!

    3. haha and on the 24th I may not bring joy
      For it could be posts a hoy
      And that would be a plan too
      If not or the work zoo

    4. Will you post a prewritten one?
      One that was done under the autumn sun?
      Has it really been a year
      since I had those chicken nuggets singing a cheer?

    5. One? Pfft to that.
      I wore out the left arm of Pat
      For that day
      With what will come on display
      Yep a whole year
      Glad most of it has passed with all the crap like the pain in the rear haha

    6. yeah, not your favorite year
      as you grow old, I fear.
      Closer to thirty you go
      as the age causes you woes.
      hahaha. Still seems young to me
      there at your sea!

    7. Yeah getting old sucks a ton
      With all the woes that will run
      Gotten good at one arm though
      And driving with my left leg at my show
      Still be nice if the crap went away
      And no more walking in shoes everywhere at my bay
      2 more years before 30 shows too
      God knows what new woe will crop up then at my zoo haha

    8. driving with your left leg, too?
      oh now that is just crazy for you to do!
      Bet you wish the accelerator could move left there
      so you wouldn't have to be a pretzel as you drive everywhere.

    9. Used to it now
      My left leg doesn't have a cow
      So it works just fine
      Can even stop well at the sign

    10. Glad you don't have a stick shift
      as that would be a real trick!

    11. Yeah that would be rough
      And a little too tough

  29. Hey, are you calling me a one-eyed freak? ;)

    1. hahaha nope not you
      But I can if you want me too

    2. uh oh, Sherry's a little behind the times
      and hasn't read Elsie's rhymes!

    3. haha she did have a one eye thing on her blog
      And I may have gave it a little flog haha

    4. eew!
      Run, Sherry, or a pirate patch
      you will have to hatch!

    5. haha bah I use the duck bill crack on her
      To try and ruffle her fur

  30. That is a boat load of green!

  31. That's so much green
    It's clear to be seen
    Your brain's been swept clean
    Of other colors so keen.

  32. so late came to your gate,
    but just on time to witness
    nice green chime
    with your rhyme
    hope you had the good one!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day, Pat!

    1. A fine day was had
      Here at my pad
      And tons of green
      Surely on screen

  33. I never realized so many iconic characters were green! Happy St. YOU day!

    1. Yeah a ton to give a run
      And saint me day is always fun

  34. Never knew there were that many either

  35. I still love the Turtles; and the green power ranger was my favorite too :)

    This put a smile on my face tonight.


    1. Glad I could give a smile
      As I went the green mile


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