Mona Lisa Seems To Swoon Over The Moon!

The cat thinks this is dumber than buying a bucket of rocks. But I'll say umm truck it and see if I can't get some head cocks. Damn, bad choice of words for the gutter mind. But fun to my little rhyming behind. So a little while back the cat read Mona Lisa gave the moon a smack. That is right, they sent her digitally there  one night. Point in sending stuff to the moon? It clearly escapes this loon. What the hell, let's pretend it is swell.

Let's bombard the moon,
From evening to noon.
It is such fun,
Wasting money by the ton.

Let's send a digital house,
For a digital mouse,
Who runs from a digital cat,
Who lives with digital humans at his mat.

Then some digital trash.
Some digital cream for a digital rash.
A digital Mount Moon would be grand.
Faces looking out across the moon's land.

But with this day in age,
It would be all the digital rage,
To have the faces be,
Bieber, Vampire, Pitt and Clooney.

Arnold would try to buy his digital way in.
Sadly his digital votes would not let him digitally win.
But with a digital pyramid as well,
He would chop of his nose and find that digitally swell.

Maybe some Digimon would try,
To digitally go to the moon through the sky?
Makes just as much sense as this crap.
This idea should quickly take a nap.

Better yet,
One perk found by this pet.
Let's beam all the brains of those,
Who bring forth reality tv woes.

Those that want us to believe the news.
Those that pray for us to lose.
Those that create war,
Let them all get beamed to the moon's shore.

Other than that,
The meaning eludes the cat.
Whoopdi friggin doo,
I can beam things to the moon for no one to view.

I suppose the man in the moon might like such crap. Or there could be an alien there taking a nap. They may laugh at what is done on this globe, finding us too foolish to even bring out the probe. So ends my digital sass. I will now go wiggle my digital little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I've just called the dickhead Ray a head cock, he's confused!

    1. haha confused
      And now abused

    2. Call him a knobhead Fran, he'll understand that!

    3. I understand both
      My the cat ha such growth

  2. i rather like hands to the face than the digital block red numerals, its all the rage though, the digital age, and plenty things to keep you occupado, i will say though that when beaming becomes reality sign me up...that way i can get up and be at work in like 10 minutes...extra sleep time, making the digital monsters early morning yell a crime...

    1. haha that type of beam
      I'd take at my stream
      Send me along with no fuss
      Would not even have to cuss

  3. Digital, diggery, doo
    It all amounts to poo
    I just wanna see Clooney's full moon
    That would surely make me swoon!!!

    1. LOL you can keep that sight
      Give me a fright

  4. They said the man on the moon
    Can well give a lovely swoon
    A form is due
    Any song will do
    Creating a grand digital boon


    1. He could swoon
      With a toon
      At noon
      If it is dark over a lagoon

  5. I wonder who is paying for all this stupidity?

    1. Tax payer more than likely is
      With this stupid biz

  6. I often look up and swoon
    At the awesomeness of the full moon
    But I refrain form letting out a howl
    For that might cause some people to scowl

    1. That it might
      Unless a mutt is in sight
      Then blame it
      For the howl as you sit

  7. Sending things to the moon in digital form,
    please do not tell me this is becoming the norm.
    While time and money could be spent doing something worthwhile,
    Mona Lisa is floating in space with her smile.

    Reality this and reality that
    nothing is real, ask any old cat.
    Stars are made in the little black box
    of people who truly are quite the new pox.

    If man would spend half his time figuring out
    a way to do good things instead of this bout.
    Just think of the wonderful things we could see,
    and how much better all of mankind surely would be.

    1. Yeah but sadly they do this crap
      As they digitally send stuff to fill the gap
      Just some the moon can embrace
      Her stupid smiley face
      Always doing dumb things
      Instead f worthwhile at any wings
      Then they whine when no money is found
      Need to throw these idiots in the pound

  8. a ton of money to put her on the moon

    Nasa wastes so much for just a swoon

    1. That they surely do
      When aliens they could have in their view

  9. Pretty soon we will be leading digital lives
    cutting meat with some digital knives
    cats will be digital, and dogs will too
    and we will be able to visit a digital zoo
    countries will be involved in digital war
    with digital counters to keep the score
    our bodies will indulge in digital sleep
    and for adventure we'll ride in a digital jeep!
    Have a digital day; be glad it's almost May!!

    1. Glad it is almost May
      Then the snow will fully go away
      And yeah all digital crack
      To the digital pack

  10. I hope your weekend rocks and I hope nobody moons you!

    1. Yeah a moon would be bad
      We get one all the time from that Pat lad

  11. Oh Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! "Auntie" can not abide with any messin' with the moon. Certainly no projecting of images on the Moon. Eeeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -spit- -hack- -cough- -belch-

    In case you aren't sure, I don't like the idea. -grin-

    1. Isn't an idea I fear
      They beamed to the moon her rear

  12. Was Mona Lisa's
    smile bigger than
    a mile
    projected way
    up there
    where no one's
    there to care?

    What of the Cat
    why not send him
    with his Pringle
    cans of poo?

    What of him
    would aliens make
    with mind so
    dim they'd surely
    Whoopdi Friggin Do.

    Yeah, this is a serious waste of money. They've been piping audio from various things like old tv shows and speeches from JFK and such. The Spawn told me the other day that those radio waves have just now left our galaxy.

    1. haha yeah it is sad
      As if contact with et is had
      They will come as hippies to our shore
      Thinking it is how they should look when they explore
      And pfft the cat would sit up there
      And drop pringle cans on all below without a care

  13. Let's send crackers and have a feast
    Since we all know the moon's a big ball of cheese!

    1. Or just a spotlight
      Not really there one big conspiracy on site haha

  14. I wonder if she found her eyebrows
    or saw the jumping cow!

    1. Better chance of the jumping cow
      As the eyebrows would really wow

    2. Whoa. I come over
      and see tile over your shoulders.
      Hands over my eyes
      as looking could be my demise.
      Need to know if that's the kitchen or your shower there
      before opening my eyes I dare.

    3. hahaha the other one went kaput from the site I got it from
      So this is the first one I found to give a hum

    4. So are we really all crowded in the loo
      with you?

    5. hahaha just maybe
      But you went there, not me

  15. Ha, hey diddle diddle, Betsy made me think of that riddle
    People should take more care of where they digitally fiddle.

    1. That the should
      As many have digital heads of wood

  16. Have you ever seen a Wallace and Grommit episode about going to the moon to get cheese? If you haven't, try to find it. Nick Park is brilliant.

    1. I thin I saw it a long time back
      Vaguely remember it at my shack

  17. Very soon money
    will be funny
    as we start traveling by beam
    with happy grin :)

    1. A beam travel
      Could make ones cells unravel

    2. lol...
      so maybe we don't need a shape
      one only cell and tape...

    3. They say duct tape fixes all
      Could put back together poor beaming Paul

  18. Totally believe in Man in the Moon,
    Too soon to believe that we're the only goons...
    In town.

  19. Not enough money to fly people to Mars,
    Or cold cash available to circle the stars?
    No sweat. If we can't do something smart,
    We'll dazzle the moon with our digital art.

    1. And like the moon really cares
      Of course may ruffle the man in the moon's hairs

  20. Digitally punching the moon? Will putting out the sun with water become a reality soon? Great rhymes at your shop, this definitely wasn't a flop.

    1. haha not sure there is enough water for that
      At any planatary mat

  21. The moon has something to hide,
    she only shows her good side.
    People hope to find alien spawn,
    Well I say "screw you, you wannabe deceptacon."

    1. haha a wannabe
      At ones sea
      That would be fun
      To throw the deceptacon in the sun

  22. While I love to gaze at the moon
    especially when she glows full face
    she has mystic powers,so beware the hour
    I'd rather see the fork run away with the spoon

    1. A fork and a spoon on the run
      Would make for tons of fun

  23. Wish I could rhyme,

    So many do,

    Guess I'm one of a few!

    With no time!

    Happy Spring!

  24. That's all I need . . . a Bieber moon!

  25. My cat just came back from the moon. He said he didn't see a man up there. Just footprints and a flag. (And a few hundred craters.)

    1. Can count to a hundred too
      My what a smart kitty at your zoo

  26. The famous dog who lives with me
    Went out to see
    A glowing moon
    And not too soon
    She tells me you're quite some trick
    Somewhat like a lunatic...

    1. That is fine
      By the feline
      Crazy as can be
      Here at his sea

  27. Some day
    Pretty soon
    I'll send my Human
    To the Moon

    But I don't wanna be real dumb
    I gotta wait till I grow a thumb

    1. haha yeah those thumbs are hard to come by
      Until then we can't make them fly

  28. Mona Lisa's smile
    Will certainly beguile
    Leonardo, what a master
    But moon landing was a disaster
    Mona ended up all alone
    On a crater-only zone
    No one to keep her company
    She felt very lonely
    So back on earth she went
    And paid very high rent
    In a NYC loft with a view
    Of the moon in a sky so blue

    1. Such rent
      Would make be vent
      More than some make in a year
      For one month to peer
      Prob cheaper to go to the moon
      And live in a sand dune

  29. Sending Mona Lisa to the moon is whack!
    Those Nasa folks must be on crack!

    1. Must be good stuff too
      As they've done it with a few

  30. I didn't know that...sounds kinda ridiculous.

  31. But when it comes to digital bucks....

    1. That is fine by me
      As long as they can be turned to cash at my sea

  32. I know advertisers have been scheming.
    To advertise on the moon they have been dreaming.
    How demeaning!

  33. monalisa n moon..
    combo is not bad at all :D


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