My Six Month Rant At My Plant!

So every six months or so I have to bring something to the attention of many at my show. As some don't even know they have it on and it can really annoy at ones lawn. I bet many can guess what that is too. After seeing it before at my zoo. But this time I add some tidbits as well, just in case you did not know at your cell.

For the love of God,
Don't be a Newfie and kiss a cod.
Wait! No need to go there,
Those Newfies are close to my lair.

Are you able to read that easily?
Good, now that things are understood,
Go into settings at your hood.

Next posts and comments you click,
Then scroll down rather slick.
Click NO!
And away the word verification will go.

While you are there,
You can turn off anonymous posts at your lair.
That will help keep the spamemers away,
And all will have a nice day.

Next go down to other on the right side,
Click it with pride.
Then look up top where it says export blog,
Click it and download a copy of your log.

Do this once a month or so,
That way if you get hacked or something else bothers your show,
Poof! Everything is backed up and ready,
So you can keep posting steady.

Then as some don't know,
To find the stats at your show.
And how people find you,
Like the search terms I shout out at my zoo.

Simply go to stats,
Click traffic sources under the stat mats,
And switch from week to day to whatever,
To find the crazies who aren't so clever.

Now aren't I a helpful cat?
Should get paid at my at.
What is it you have to do,
Right now if you haven't at your zoo?

That is my final meow.
It is no good for nothing at all,
Just a major annoyance at your hall.

There we go, surprising how many don't know. Or then some do and think it helps their zoo. News Flash it does not. Makes many an eye rot and they will avoid you. So turn the crap thing off and flush it down the loo. Now I am done being helpful and teaching class, hope you enjoyed the lecture from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. No takers for 5 mins
      Managed to make it!


    2. Guess it is an off day
      As all are of celebrating Easter at their bay

  2. ha...well meowed cat...word verifciation sucks.. cool tip with the back up as well...i have signed up for email updates for my own blog, so i get my poems as an email and can store them this way..always good to have them somewhere backed up..if wordpress and google crashes though, i got a problem..

    1. Yeah the back up helps all
      At each hall
      As then if it goes poof
      Won't have to suffer from their goof

  3. those spams are so annoying i know!
    let me know if my word verification is on next time. i've turned it off long ago but sometimes some ppl get it. not sure why.

  4. ugh, word verification sucks! never had it at my truck, and spamm is really an issue, just my luck, though here recently i have had a bit, but i just delete that shit, def a good hit on backing up your junk in case your site gets the funk

    1. Yeah just get rid of anonymous comments and away the spam will go
      No longer will you have to bother with is at your show

  5. I hate word verification!!! I do have to moniter each comment because I get so much scams. Scammers seem very attracted to my ship posts.

    I am going to have to try it the way you do it...

    1. If anonymous is turned off though
      Most of the spammers will go
      Easy way to do it too
      Less work for you at your zoo

    2. I tried turning of anonymous and those with candida can't ask questions because they just happen by my blog and don't belong to any profile. That is the only reason I turned it back on.

    3. Ahhh yeah that wouldn't work
      Guess you'll have to stick to your old way as a perk

  6. Excellent advice, Pat! I get so tired of the word verification, as sometimes it takes two or three stabs to get it right. And it slows the show and irritates the commenters(like me) big time. I will have to check out that export blog business. I think I saw that but worried that if I would export my blog it would disappear from the site. Thanks for the advice.

    Take a look at my blog this morning. I am hosting at dVerse today. I gave a BIG clue of the subject at my bay; and I bet you could think of a ton of different characters to tweak and put in different situations. Hope to see YOU this afternoon on my moon!

    1. Yeah some of those numbers are hard to see
      As they have some blurry crap around them that annoys me
      And it does irritate many a ton
      So they will never come back to such a sun
      It won't disappear at all
      Done it plenty at my hall
      And still here
      And I will surely come to peer

    2. I will give it a try to day
      and pray it will stay.

    3. Oh it very well should
      If done, hmmm blame my hood

  7. Wait a minute... Every time I walk down your road
    Pop goes that thingie that says, 'Type this code'.
    So I type and I curse till my eyes go pop...
    Then again I just might be making all this up. ;)

    1. Yeah you are making it up
      Must have too much liquor in your cup

  8. Word verification I do hate,
    but I have not checked it as of late.
    I understand it likes to sneak back,
    and give your friends a heart attack.

    Off I go to check about it,
    if it's there I'll lose my wit.
    You'll hear me scream and stomp and shout
    before I kick it's slimy a@$ out

    1. Not at your sea
      At least not for me
      And yeah sometimes it can sneak back
      When blogger has a screw up attack

  9. Cat's helpful
    Back-up triggered
    It's useful
    So it's figured
    Clear doubts
    to ascertain
    No more word


    1. Yeah get rid of the wv crap
      All over the map
      And yeah back up too
      So blogger can't screw you

  10. Thanks for all the tips Mr. Wise One. You told me about WV a long time ago and zippo it's off. Now I will take care of anonymous and backup log.

    1. Yeah got rid of that last time
      Getting rid of anonymous stops the spam chime
      And the backup just in case
      Things go poof at your place

  11. CAPTCHA drives
    me up a tree
    when I find
    it at someones sea.

    Smaller and smaller
    the numbers get
    and this makes
    me throw a fit.

    The time to take
    to pass the
    test to prove
    I'm not a robot yet
    makes me madder
    than a hatter.

    Gets on my nerves too Cat but so many gamers use it, I can't avoid it. You can tell them to disallow anonymous comments till you're blue in the face and they won't listen. I didn't know about downloading a copy of my blog, so thanks for that.

    1. Hmmm guess they are a bunch
      That our out to lunch
      With their captcha crap
      To busy painting a new chap
      To take if off
      Sure would make me scoff
      And helping out too
      Damn, I'm being too nice at my zoo

  12. The very first day I blogged I had word verification on. I got an e-mail from another blogger telling me to get rid of it stat. I listened and after blogging for a little bit now, I'm happy that I did.

    I just recently turned off anonymous comments. Love that feature.

    Good tips to share, and nice too that you took the time out to do it. :)

    1. Yeah took the time to do
      Here at my zoo
      And good advice too
      As word verification annoys at every zoo

  13. YES!!!! I second this rant!
    Oh, and have a great Easter!

  14. GOOD JOB DONE, Dear CAT!

    Yes, yes, yes! Isn't it weird, to still find some of those horrible word/number verification settings around? Ugh....

    1. Yeah it is weird indeed
      All should know by now at their feed

  15. Thanks Pat!
    I'll remember where this info's at!
    By the way,
    I must say,
    I'm an honorary Newfie,
    and I didn't do anything goofy.
    Just lived for many a day
    in Westport on White Bay.
    But back on the Great Road Trip of 2011,
    hubby Terry joined this heaven
    by drinking screech and kissing a cod ~
    by his bravado I was awed!
    Some day I'll do a post
    with this picture I love the most!
    Have a good one,
    under the sun!

    1. haha very brave
      To do that at the newfie cave
      And you have been all over too
      It seems to each and every zoo

  16. Even if you do this once every three months I don't mind Pat because it's a very important lesson people need to learn. Captcha is undoubtedly bad and a nuisance, absolutely hate when people use it, it needs to go away now and take a final bow! Haha.

    1. Yeah one everyone should know
      To turn the crap off at their show
      And let it flow
      Down the loo for one final blow

  17. Pat Im agree I HATE THE VERIFICATION WORD, and sometimes I dont see well the letters so again to make, I have spams all days (with stupid things) but I delete all days and it all:)

    1. Yeah some are hard to see
      As they have spots that are blurry
      And some match in so well
      It just causes hell

  18. I'm definitely in the No Word Verification club!
    As I hate that thing and think it's dumb!
    Still, so many use,
    and then we take their abuse.
    Just did the back up thing
    so thank you for sharing that bit of bling. :)

    1. No problem at all
      Here at my hall
      Just found that a few months ago
      And helps in case someone hacks your show
      Yeah we take their abuse too
      When WV they should unscrew

  19. So no need to prove I'm not a robot
    What you see is what you got
    Maybe I'm an android
    That might make you paranoid
    I do not like green eggs and ham

    1. Enjoy such spam
      Tastes like toe jam
      Or some fried ham
      Annoying poor old Sam
      Oh you meant the comment
      Spam I am can get bent hahaha

  20. You are a helpful cat! Pat should give you extra treats for that!

  21. I turned word verification on my blog a while ago. I agree, it's annoying.

  22. Awesome advice! Now I'm off to go do it, thanks Pat!


    1. Glad I could help out
      With my rhyming shout

  23. Hooray for the rant cause old eyes to read can't!

    1. Yeah even young ones strain
      With the WV train

  24. Yes, yes and understood, except for the exporting the blog ~

    I also don't allow anon anymore, so many spammers lately ~

    Thanks for the tips, Happy Easter ~

    1. Need to get on that
      To have a back up for your mat

  25. Word Verification Sucks! Especially on those blogs where you take forever to type out a comment only to have it get lost when you type the verification in wrong. When that happens, no comment is left.

    1. Yeah that is a huge annoyance to all
      Wasting tons of your time at your hall

  26. Pat the Hatt has lots of neat tricks
    to make our blogs run with just a few clicks
    Great tips, ease our internet trips
    All I can say good ideas this day..

    Totally agree about the verification half the time I can't read the small numbers and letters.

    1. Glad you like
      The idea hike
      And yeah it is crap to make out
      Just makes one shout

  27. Yeah, never understood why people never bothered to remove Captcha. Stupid thing doesn't even work to keep out spammers anyways.

    1. Yeah that is very true
      Just all around stupid at every zoo

  28. I always hate the word verify junk

    worse than a skunk

  29. Hey there, Pat
    You make me laugh.
    Those are the reasons why I use
    It's not perfect, but what or who is? :-)
    Have a Happy Easter!

  30. WV
    Is not for me.

    Hoppy Easter, Kitties & Peeps!

  31. Word verification makes me want to kick kittens omg.
    I automatically judge anypne that has it

    1. I judge too
      And give them an eww
      Kicking kittens oh the shame
      A puppy is okay to claim haha

  32. hehe word verification the monster of blogging world :P
    happy Easter Pat..
    have loads of fun..

  33. Too funny. See you tomorrow on "B" :P


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