Strange At Our Range!

Don't take much stalk in that number crap, as anything can be found if you look hard at such a gap. But still find it strange, how each birthday at our range is on the number 24. I guess we were all destined for the same shore. So now it is Pat's turn and with all the money I earn. I have to get him something new at our zoo. And doing this one day ahead because tomorrow I am going to cause your eyes to pop from your head. If you can keep up and have enough coffee in your cup.
Maybe I'll go in a pringle can.
Of that he will be a fan.
Not having to scoop the poop,
Won't throw his nose for a loop.

I'll chew a wire,
And catch the strat hole apartment on fire.
Then a big insurance check will come due,
And we can get a brand new zoo.

I will flick some food across the floor,
Right to where he sleeps at our shore.
Cat food in bed,
Hmmm might cause him dread.

I'll lick the sink clean,
Here at our scene.
No germs what so ever,
Boy, am I clever.

I'll go eat anything with the word fat,
To save poor old Pat.
Wouldn't want him to become humpty dumpty,
Then only I'd be a bit umm plumpty.

I'll actually type on my own,
It may have a strange tone.
fhhgjj g gfffhs daf agd is all I can muster.
Damn, spell check sure hates that cluster.

I'll meow right in his ear,
Good and clear.
That will get any ear wax to come loose.
Then he can have hearing better than a goose.

I'll dance in front of the tv,
That will be some kind of reality.
Beats anything old one eye would view,
Like that crap Honey Boo Boo.

I'll help him with his balance too,
Running beneath his feet at our zoo.
If he doesn't trip,
I'll save him from throwing out a hip.

Hmmm or maybe I'll let him sleep,
And won't go in and leap,
Right on his head.
Bah forget all I said.

What is that? I'm a cheap cat? I said I would spend all the money I made. None is what the cat is paid. So a bit constrained at my sea. I have to show my creativity. But I'm sure for his birthday tomorrow I'll give him a thrill or make him feel ill. For the strat has to pass from my always giving little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Allow me to be the first
    To wish you Many Happy Returns
    You can let out an outburst
    You deserve all that's fun
    Happy Birthday tomorrow
    See you again at seven!


    1. haha oh you may be in for a shock
      Tomorrow when you come to gawk
      There will be one at seven
      But could also be one straight through to eleven

  2. What a giving cat you are
    To think of presents by the score
    Originality reigns supreme
    The pringle can one is the cream
    I'm thinking how that would be done
    Balance counts as number one
    Maybe share a birthday rat
    Remember Pat will eat no fat
    Plan a big party, be sly like a fox
    But check on your guests so they go in your box
    The big day is coming Oh Man Alive
    Jump up in the air with your paw give me five

    1. Well the cat can jump
      As he isn't plump
      Clear over your head
      And others would cause the cat dread
      So he'll just balance away
      And use the pringle can at his bay
      Recycling too
      My what the cat can do

  3. March babies are good babies. :) Happy birthday tomorrow!

  4. it's your birthday tomorrow...ha...good to have a cat that can think of some funny surprises...ugh...though hope she doesn't put candles in the cat food in your bed and burns the house down...maybe better to have a fire extinguisher under the blanket, you never know..ha..smiles

    1. haha can't say I'd care
      Let the apt burn at my lair
      But yeah have to get out first
      So may need to give a fir extinguisher a burst

  5. Happy Birthday Pat!!! And many more at your shore!!

    1. Hopefully
      As long as I stop feeling like I'm 90

    2. Good news is that at 90 you'll probably feel like 30. Happy birthday!

    3. LOL yeah as the mind is gone
      And you act like a frog in a pond

  6. Cool idea - brand new zoo,
    but it's risky deal -
    better get the covers from Pat's books
    and sew a birthday quilt

    1. That could work too
      But the cat would rather have a new zoo

  7. Enjoy the celebration at your pad
    enjoy the candles on your cake
    hope the Cat will treat you well
    surprise you each moment you're awake!

    Happy Birthday in advance
    time to do the happy dance!

    1. haha sure he will
      Do something to have his fill
      Although no cake here
      Blah to that I fear

  8. God knows what the cat has in store for tomorrow

    1. Lots of fun
      At least lots for me under my sun

  9. wjat a helpful cat at your mat, burning it down and maybe the town to get you an new place, meowing right in your face, at least the sink is clean, now maybe its your turn for a bath, never mind that tongue just cleaned my butt, but mind the gaps for sure...ha...ha...ha....happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you! happy birthday dear pat, happy birthday to you!

    1. haha yeah true
      Clean as can be at my zoo
      And I wouldn't mind if he burnt it down
      There would be no frown
      Thanks for the wishes
      The cat will send fishes

  10. Early Happy Birthday Wishes, Pat!!!!

    Another one of we wonnnnnnnnnnnderful March babies!!!! :-)


  11. That cat is cool that lives at your shore
    full of adventures and never a bore..
    many surprises await at your birthday door
    what will tomorrow brings, oh some funny things
    oh that cat is clever, hope he plays forever..
    maybe, he will do some magic and pull a rabbit
    from that Pat's hat...

    Warm thoughts from my sea to your shore
    what fun can be borrowed on tomorrow...

    Get out of your flat today Pat
    have some fun, in the sun, if you have some...

    1. Sadly no sun
      Just clouds by the ton
      And yeah he thins he is inventive and such
      Sure he'll reach out and touch
      And do something that day
      As he does any other at my bay

    2. what you say no sun this day..
      oh but,you can still have fun
      preparing your rhymes just in time
      for that birthday blast
      fill those balloons up with gas
      and make us laugh..until we bust

      what should I bring to your fling
      do you like bling??? (laughing)

      I will def catch your show tomorrow..
      Have a great day!

    3. haha oh tomorrow you will catch it I fear
      As much will come near
      For I really went overboard
      As I pulled a certain cord

    4. what's that big empty space up there?
      Looks like Truedessa had a brain cramp, I fear.

    5. Yeah I wondered that too
      Guess just want more of her comment to view

  12. Have a fantastic birthday Pat, and may the surprise in the Pringles can smell like roses instead of cat shizz.

    1. haha bet it will be more like shit
      At least there is no smelly arm pit

  13. So it's your birthday-eve?

    tomorrow you'll get many b-day wishes to recieve.

    1. haha or may tick some off too
      As much will come at my zoo

  14. Happy Birthday to a fellow Aries, Thanks for all your comments on my blog, it's so appreciated!

    I am amazed and intimidated by your talent. I couldn't rhyme if I tried! :)

    1. haha sure you could use rhyme
      And then rhyme that with time

  15. Happy Birthday Pat - I hope you have a great day filled with no poop, all play!

    1. Haha I already scooped the poop
      So my nose won't droop

  16. Happy Birthday to you!!! We hope your day is very special!!!

    1. We shall see
      Prob same old same old at my sea

  17. Happy birthday Pat and you know I mean that! You deserve a good one and I hope that the cat will get you a decent present for once and nothing that isn't fun! What age are you anyway now, Pat take a birthday bow!

    1. Almost 30 at my sea
      Another year or two for me
      And will be there
      Be as said feel like 90 at my lair

    2. Oh wait you're not 24. Now I feel foolish haha!

  18. Too funny! An early birthday greeting, Pat! Sounds like the cat is kind like Agatha Fry.

    1. lol now I have that song in my head
      Helpful won't be said

  19. The big 3-0 is coming due
    So much achieved and so young too.
    To the cat: It's the thought that counts, they like to boast
    But a really big gift, or cold hard cash, is what Pat needs most.

    (I tried for you, Pat.)
    Happy almost birthday. Celebrate in a big way.

    1. Your try worked grand
      But only 28 in my land
      Was just saying almost
      With the above boast

  20. This year I'm 55.
    Kinda old and that's no jive.
    Old as speed limit on the road.
    Everyone ignores us both.
    Or so I've been told.

    1. LOL well one out of two
      I ignore at my zoo
      But since its 50 here
      I've been ignoring that for a while I fear

  21. Hi Pat!
    I've been having time so funny
    catching up on all your sunny
    silly inspiring rhymes
    that I'll be back many times.

    Your ditty on Cyprus was delicious!
    Bank grabs make me very vicious!
    Yours made "Squawk Box" seem so square.
    CNBC's dull by compare.

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow!
    Happiness from here to Kilimanjaro!
    Birthday wishes coming your way!
    May sunshine and laughter fill your day!

    1. You must be all rhyme out
      After reading each shout
      And yep a rant I can do
      About much at my zoo
      Whether bankers
      Or some other wankers haha

  22. Happy Birthday eve!
    I hope you do as you please!
    Are you at that other lair
    where they can share
    in the celebration
    as there you vacation?

    At Orlin, you don't have to have money
    so show a birthday gift so sunny.
    Just give Pat a big I Love You lick on his face
    and let him know you wouldn't want to live at any other place! :)

    1. I'll do as I please
      As much as I can on wobbly knees lol
      Nope still at the crap hole
      As during the week a stabbing will take a stroll
      So we'll go after that
      For the so called bunny to the other mat
      The cat will be happy avoiding that place
      So he may give an embrace

    2. well, you never want to miss an opportunity to be stabbed, I always say. lol....

      So, I wonder...what will you get in your easter basket this year?

    3. Yep stabbed in the back
      Here at my shack
      At least I see it coming though
      Literal stabbing all in a row
      Just cashews I bet
      And maybe some treats for the pet

  23. So the cat can type really fast
    I hope you the sleep you deserve though
    But let me also greet you, Happy Birthday Pat ~

    Enjoy your special day ~ Smiles ~

    1. Will enjoy away
      As much as I can at my bay
      And not sure he'll let me sleep
      Maybe if I let him eat sheep

  24. Yeah cat, you make sure you get all the wax out of Pat's ear. You don't want him to be a deaf old man! Happy Birthday, Pat!

    1. Yep have to make sure he can hear
      Whenever I am near

  25. Cool, its my birthday on wed, will have to tell my friends about the rhyming ass

    1. haha that may get an eyebrow raise
      Depends on how it plays haha

  26. It's gonna' be your human's birthday
    What can I say
    But hip hip hooray
    Oh by the way cat
    Whatcha think of that
    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar
    Knows your another one of her adoring fans from afar
    Ha ha
    Have a good one eh
    I'm outta' your way...

    1. Well the cat will agree
      He is a fan of thee
      As she is so much better than her human counterpart
      But don't let that go to her head or heart haha

  27. Happy birthday to you! Well, early birthday I guess.

    I wonder what a dog would have done...

    1. Left a big turd on the floor,
      And sniffed a butt at the shore

  28. Hi Pat,
    I love your sassy cat.
    I hope you have an awesome birthday tomorrow
    filled with love and laughter.
    Happy Birthday!

    1. Sure it will be fine
      And yeah he is one feisty feline


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