The Mattress May Not Be So Bad At Your Pad!

My how greedy the idiots upon high have gotten now. If the already weren't as fat as a cow being wheeled around on some golden throne, now they want to get a loan. Not from a bank or other place of the norm. They'd rather start up a whole other strat storm.

Money in the bank?
Think it is safe from all but a tank?
May want to rethink that,
And get yourself a secret doormat.

Throw it all under there,
And make none aware.
Safer place for it.
Especially if they extend this a bit,

To each and every shore.
I doubt it it will come to our door.
But I bet its an idea they will explore,
When they continue to be a greedy whore.

For in Europe the banks are crying,
So it is the average joes money they are spying.
That is right.
You work day and night,

Save up a nice balance in your account,
A liveable amount,
And put a bit of trust in the banker.
Who turns out to be nothing more than a bloody wanker.

They want a deposit seizure to take place.
Pretty much stealing home base.
I.E. taking a percentage of each and every citizens savings,
To keep up their greed ridden cravings.

And if it works,
For these greed ridden jerks.
Think of what could come up next for all,
Already taxed to death at each hall.

Now they want to create laws that rob your account,
Of a bail out amount.
A situation morons got themselves into in the first place.
With their greed ridden embrace.

Yet they want the average joe,
To pay for it with their saved flow.
Instead of cutting out crap like million dollar golf games,
They simply want to set ones bank account up in flames.

Now don't you just love banks?
That just makes you want to give them a big thanks.
I mean their measly 0.000005 percent interest,
Just makes them the best!

Yeah there are a lot of other factors to it, as Cyprus is tiny by a bit. And of course some people are said to hide their money there. But if it goes through, one better beware. For it will set the ball rolling and in your account the banks could come strolling. Doubt it will happen here but with the US owing China up the rear, you just never know what could show. I do know if it ever came to pass there isn't much to get from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Look out
      Another is looking to get the first shout

  2. The custodian of one's finances
    Held them safe in their vaults
    But they held out and gave peanuts
    Never let off chance to up the interest
    Either way one would just have to accept
    But when they wavered they sought a bailout


    1. Peanuts is all
      Each seems to get now at each hall
      And even those cost a ton
      Such is a bailout run

  3. Two!!! So close! Beat you next time :)

    1. Go Loredanda.... We are rooting for the girls!!

    2. Loredana,
      The girls await on the finish line
      To cheer you on and watch you shine
      Just 12 more minutes to your run
      You'll be the best under the sun
      Yay Yay Yay..... go girl

    3. hahaha oh the cheer squad
      As they jump and applaud
      Hank better watch out
      Once more with his first shout

    4. Thanks for the cheer today
      I made it early at your bay!
      Bring it on, I'll compete, Hank
      I'm taking you on, and the bank!
      Hahaha :)

    5. hahaha you stand a waaaay better chance with Hank
      Than the bank

  4. I really hate this whole Cyprus thing man. Yes I understand that the country's in trouble but to take a lot of people's hard earned savings in a one off tax is ridiculous and they should hang their head in shame in all honesty, good post man.

    1. Yeah shame is what they should do
      Or they may need a good kick up the gazoo

  5. It does set a way for the so called courts to use it as an example, if they ever want it to be used elsewhere.

  6. It's downright stealin' and I imagine someone is gonna open up a can of whoop ass on the greedy bastards. Hey, love your new tagline for spring!!

    1. Well they did throw feces at them too
      So that is something from an ass they opened on cue
      And oh so fun
      To give the spring tagline a run

  7. ugh might wa nt to hide the money somewhere i am sure our government is watching around our lair to see if it works or if people turn into jerks so around our banks they can lurk and shirk....

    1. Yeah if it works over there
      Sure as hell they are thinking about it at our lair

  8. So Germany
    conquers Europe
    without firing
    a single bullet.

    From the
    bowels of Hell
    the EU came
    and one and all
    now know
    their game.

    Now it's
    too late
    for once out
    back in the
    bottle the
    genie won't go
    and one and all
    is feeling woe.

    The fat cat
    bankers will
    have their way
    as you say today
    at your bay.

    For they will
    not suffer
    one single bit
    and on them
    all we should
    surely spit.

    It's beyond bad in Europe and I really hope you and America never have to experience anything like it. The austerity measures are horrible and soon they'll be taxing laughter and breathing as well.

    1. Yeah I hope so too
      But as you say the genie is out for all the view
      So each part that needs a bailout
      Will sure be watching as many scream and shout
      And if they get away with it at all
      Prob come to each and every hall

    2. The bail outs were a complete mess. There was no accountability for where the money went and no problems were really solved. Governments should serve the people, not screw the people.

    3. Screw is all they do
      Over and over and over again at each zoo
      Just so they can remain how they are
      Refusing to give up their fancy car
      Sickening really it is
      All of this mis information media biz

    4. I'm very selective about my media now and go to sources from around the globe. Gives you a clearer perspective of what is going on in your own country if you do that. I do think the trend is to go towards a one world government though. The EU has been a failure, but they learned from it and will use a variation of that model in future. And things are so bad now, the people will buy into it out of desperation. It's how we got it in the first place.

    5. Yeah it is getting closer and closer to such a thing
      Not sure it would work to anyones benefit at any wing
      And they'd need a war first
      As the bombs burst
      Exactly too
      Have to look around at better sources than the ones shoved in our face at our zoo

  9. If it can happen in Cyprus, I am sure it can happen anywhere.

    Have a great day Pat!! gotta run out of her fast....

    1. Yeah it can happen all around
      Gotta run her fast to the pound?

  10. Need some money? Turn the crank
    It's takeover time by a foreign bank
    Print more money let it flow
    Worthless paper on the go
    Try to warn the sleeping people
    Fluoride heads go climb a steeple
    Have a mortgage? Lose your home
    Then where will the masses roam
    You trust your bank oh what a fool
    Close your mouth only idiots drool
    Another tax you sigh and moan
    Well then wake up from on your prone
    Do you think we've signed our fate
    Do you really feel it's all too late?

    1. LOL good crack
      With your fluoride head attack
      Have to remember that one
      Under my sun
      And never trusts those fools
      Nothing but money printing mules
      For many that want to stay fat
      And have a golden door mat
      Sadly many just do nothing at all
      And so it is prob too late at each hall
      Until the shit hits the fan
      Then down the tubes further will go the life of man

    2. The thing that really gets to me
      Are all the ones that cannot see
      I don't mean live your life in gloom
      But be aware of portentous doom
      Armed with knowledge to the max
      Then you wait and can relax
      What better way to pass the time
      And make people smile then with your rhyme

    3. Yeah some people refuse to take the blinders off
      All don't need to scoff
      But with everything from banks to government to the medical crap
      They all believe what the so called officials flap
      Need to wake the hell up to reality soon
      As we'd be better off listening to a baboon
      Had a bum come the other day
      asking for money for that cancer fund crap at my bay
      Pfft to them is all I said
      For a cheap curing treatment is already out there but they can't get that through their damn head

    4. Oh my god and good for you
      Chase those hawkers from your zoo
      The cancer cure is in OLD books
      With herbs I find in my grannies nooks
      Tell those guys to look up in the sky
      Planes spray up there and make people die.
      (go to task and wear a mask. not kidding)

    5. Never knew it was in old books
      But know of two nooks
      Where they cure it with ease
      Like it was nothing more that a sneeze
      Can't escape the crap
      That in the air they make go in our yap

    6. I'm aware of the vapor trails Manzi and I know you're not kidding. Do you remember all the nuclear testing that went on in the 70's in America? I was watching a disc of SNL from that period and everyone seemed to know about it. They Hubby said it was just something you lived with.

    7. And then you guys sen your crap up here
      To pollute my little rhyming rear

  11. Must play Devil's Advocate! Our home town bank has (more than once) made it possible for our family store, to stay in business, over the years. Other locals can say the same thing.

    Banks aren't all bad. :-) One of our sons, now works for this bank.

    Again, and very important, it is a multi-generation home town bank. With roots deep in the community. Giving back to the community, in many, many ways, too.

    "The End"

    Happy Spring!

    1. Well that sounds like a nice one
      Can't say there is many under one's sun
      And helping out too
      My mythical if true haha
      But yeah some can be good
      It is the big ones you have to watch at each hood

  12. I try and try to save some plenty of cash
    But I work in education, so I get paid like trash :)

    1. hahaha I feel your pain
      Here also no cash does rain

  13. HA! That reminds me, I will go to the litter box and make a deposit!

    1. haha sure the humans will love that
      As you stink up the mat

  14. Eye noe this commint haz nothing ta due with this post, but eye wanted ta stop bye N say thanx... & if eye said thanx a bazillion wood still knot bee enuff...

    thanx for stoppin by... N leevin condolences messagez for me....... N me mom....eye trooly appreciates this.....N me mom doez two.....

    sendin de blessings oh St Francis two all......

    love frum
    sauce of fishbone: 2-6-03 ~~~~ 3-17-13

    1. No problem at all
      Tough time at you hall
      Come around when you feel like it
      We'll always be here at our pit

  15. Banks and interest rates are tough. When interest rates are high we make it but we also pay it--if we don't understand the nature of interest. When rates are low we like the rates we pay but not what we get. lol

    1. Yeah that is true
      Either way people will whine on cue
      That I can get with ease
      But sucking away actual savings like a breeze
      They can shove
      For that they'll get no love

  16. I heard about what they were trying to do in's crazy.

  17. The banks are waiting to see
    if they can pull one over on you and me
    For if there isn't a big uprise there
    this will crap will spread everywhere
    and fertilize our banks with greed
    consuming up their every need
    while leaving us with our heads held down
    and our backs burdened heavier toward the ground.

    1. Yeah if that is the case
      They can shove their little tax race
      I'll avoid the banks as best I can at my sea
      Of course they rig it so much of the time it has to be used by thee

  18. Money.. the biggest culprit of all the time
    where to hide and from whom..
    question in every one's mind

    1. So true
      But thankfully at my zoo
      No need to worry about that
      Need money before you can hide it under a doormat haha

    2. haha get a good lock though
      So no stealing comes due at your show

  19. I think it's time to start hiding money in the mattress again and telling the banks to shove it.

    1. Yeah that is sure the way to go
      With all the crap they are doing to take our dough

  20. I think it's ridiculous that the government is taking 10% of everybody's money! That's a lot of incentive for people to keep their money in banks!

    1. Yeah I hope the greedy buggers go broke
      Then on their tax they can choke

  21. I can't imagine something like that not taking off, yee-ouch. Hopefully people will be smart enough to just yank their money if it happens. That'll be a loud enough response even the greedy can hear. LOL at the 'bloody wanker' line. Nice European touch there w/the adjective. :)

    1. That is the plan for me
      I'll be yanking if it comes due at our sea
      haha fun to use the bloody wanker
      Plus it easily rhymes with banker

  22. Bank runs...I don't know. Probably just have another tantrum and hope to get another bailout...ugh!

    1. Yeah that is more than likely the case
      Printing more worthless money all over the place

  23. You're correct: maybe the safest place for money is in the mattress. Jesse James (the outlaw) put his 'earnings' in mason jars and buried them throughout Missouri!

    1. All that digging would be fun for the cat
      But not for Pat

  24. Consider this just a test case,
    Something to keep us all in our place.
    More to this there might be,
    But be careful of the prudent wait and see.

    Looks like their calling in the dough.
    The question is who are "they" though?
    Take a closer look and maybe you'll see,
    It's the devils they say, it wouldn't surprise me.

    Great post.
    Seems like your joking, but you seem to know the most.
    It's important to watch and wait,
    But never ever take their bait.
    For poison you it certainly will,
    While only giving them the smallest thrill.

    1. Wow nice retort
      Here at my court
      And yeah I put a bit of a fun spin on it
      But it is some serious umm spit
      They I wish I knew
      Then they'd get a kick in the gazoo
      Have to watch indeed
      And all should take heed

  25. Replies
    1. haha the smell
      Will keep people from stealing at you cell

  26. Not bad, I like the style you made the rhymes :-)

  27. I keep hearing about 'the big bank theory'. The theory goes something like this. First of all, become the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a big bank and get rewarded for incompetence, whilst your millions of loyal customers are thinking about such trivial things like, will they have a roof over their heads, a job tomorrow, or food on the table. And to top it off, as a CEO, you will get a nice hefty bonus, at the end of the year, for a job not well done. Great stuff! A bonus for buffoonery. An incentive for idiocy. And when you become the epitome of incompetence, it gets even better. Apparently you morph into a 'Fat Cat'. What's that you say? It aint no theory, it's fact ? Say it aint so......

    My human is going to hide money in his mattress so he has something to fall back on....

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

    1. Well comparing them to a feline
      Isn't divine
      Even a fat cat
      Beats such a gnat
      You are very correct
      The more the neglect
      The more the buffoons make
      Just more take take take
      A wise dog
      No wonder you rule your blog

  28. Ha, yes I agree
    mattresses are not bad
    when interest rates are sad
    a mattress is the place to be.

  29. Banks are heartless
    Banks are slime
    Yet rob a bank, you're charged with crime
    But they rob us
    Day after day
    And pay no price
    To have their way
    My bitterness continues to mount
    Since I can't afford a swiss account
    So what to do, except stay poor?
    Until banks rule the world no more
    For now I'll end my rant at your shore.


    1. Such a fun rant and oh so true
      They can steal each day from you
      But the other way around
      Behind bars you are found
      I guess they don't use a gun
      But still take the money and run
      Or waddle I suppose
      As fast as their fat arse goes

  30. Hi Y'all,

    I know my Humans have been closely watching the goings on in Europe and most recently Cyprus, but I didn't know cats were following it too.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. Yep the cats are following as well
      Have to watch as humans make everything go to hell

  31. Nothing can be finah
    than to be in hock to China.
    OMG, what am I saying?
    To the Red Chinese
    we may be paying.
    But, if Beijing wants to be smart
    they'll send more TVs to Walmart.
    Where rednecks can be proud
    of their mullets and their fart clouds.

    1. Know the way to a redneck heart
      A mullet and a fart
      Could really keep them under their thumb
      If they sent some moonshine tasting chewing gum

  32. Most say it could never happen here
    but it's possible, I fear.
    It isn't too far a cry from over spending now
    and then raising our taxes as big as a cow.
    They'll do anything to not cut their spending
    and want the normal folks to cover their bills that are pending.
    It's like now calling taxes 'revenue' here
    like we don't know it's the same thing, I fear.

    1. Yeah that it is
      Possible with their greed ridden biz
      Have to keep that huge car
      And those golf games near and far

  33. I really doubt that they would do that here. Tax hikes and spending cuts yeah, but millions of bank runs in America would lead to a bigger disaster than a debt crisis.

    1. True sense there is so many more
      It might be a tough sell at any other shore

  34. the mattress may be the place indeed
    but, will the Princess and the Pea
    get any rest, while laying on her nest
    when all she wants is save for some tea...

    1. Probably not
      Rest takes a whole lot
      And isn't the time
      For such a tea chime

  35. Hahaha! That reminds us of what Oui Oui did to our mom's bed. She dug holes all the way through from the bottom and the springs (and Oui Oui) came through the top. The mom had to sleep across the bed shaped like an "L" until she could get a new mattress.

    1. LOL wow Oui Oui is talented at your sea
      Digging through a bed must have gave her glee

    2. And the mom muscle cramps!

    3. lol oh those cramps suck
      Not to mention mattresses cost more than a buck

  36. Oh banks,
    No thanks,
    They deserve
    Some spanks.

  37. The main issue with Greece is they have no separation of Church and state. I dated someone from Greece and she had to sit through sermons, religious classes instead of maths and science. Their political system is really corrupt as is the churches involvement in it.No one pays tax, the rich don't. In England, my country, if the companies that owed taxes actually paid what they owed the national debt would be wiped out just from one years worth of taxes.
    I love that quote from Elizabeth Warren in America, she was elected to 'go after the banks', something she is doing right now. She made a speech about the rich paying their tax

    Its America but the idea of us all belonging to a social contract, that we thrive when we help each other stands for everyone everywhere.

    1. Yeah the stupid rich getting away
      With not paying at their bay
      If they would
      Sounds like much would get done in ones hood


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