Think They Are Slick With Each Trick!

Have to wait and see who this could be!

So the cat was looking through the email the other day and there was BIG SAVINGS on display. If you upgrade to this you will be in pure bliss. Is basically what it said, along with you would have less money dread. Well let's see if it truly would be worth it to me.

You have a saving so big,
It could snap your arm like a twig.
You would save umpteen dollars a year,
So why not kick it into gear?

But then they go on to say,
After their huge writing display,
Some of the fine print to the save.
Retracting on the path they just gave.

It is savings if you use this and this and this.
Then it is surely something you can't miss.
And the this and this and this I see,
Is not used one bit by me.

So all of that,
Just to waste the time of the cat.
My you are grand,
Must sell a ton in your land.

But then they aren't the only ones,
As many bug tons.
Add this to this and you will save,
Is what we all hear to the grave.

Oh you get points for using this card.
Meanwhile charged 50% interest at your yard.
But you don't need to think about that,
Think of all the free you can get at your mat.

With 50,000 points you can get a brand new TV!
That has to cause all glee.
Did we mention each point is one for every dollar spent.
So that will be a $50,000 TV we just sent.

Hmm some how I don't see that as a buy.
But it was a nice try.
Of course you can swing it back,
Using it to buy what you need and letting the points rack.

As long as it is paid off,
The joke is on them and they can scoff.
But other than that,
These so called savings are avoided by the cat.

Unless HUGE gets sent to me.
Then I would have to see.
I may get a free cat tree,
After $100,000 is spent with glee.

And there was my rant for the day. I know all have had such things at their bay. But after such an email display, I figured I would have my say. Now I must go save on bass as that is enjoyed by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Discounts galore
    That I adore
    But is it true?
    Never knew
    Just lots of bull
    For the pull
    Get all and one
    And you are done!


    1. Yeah that works for me
      Get it all and then flee
      No trap to fall for
      At your shore

  2. Ya, I hear you about points. A gas station I go to has a 'points card.' In February they had a scheme where if you stop at the station and buy something (even a Coke) 10 days out of the month you get 7000 extra points on their card! I have yet to determine what to DO with points...but I was determined. I stopped to gas up a few times when I was only 1/8 down just for the eventual 'something' with the POINTS! Who knows?? Maybe a free cup of coffee!! LOL. (And yes, I got those FREE POINTS!)

    1. LOL well if gas you need anyway
      Saving them works at your bay
      And I just get a gift card with mine
      Helps buy groceries for the feline

  3. All these companies seem to have some trick up their sleeve. My Hubs will never shop at Kohls again because of something they pulled on him with the Kohls Cash.

    1. That they do
      Most are a load of crap too
      And hold a grudge on them is good
      Then won't get tricked again by their hood

  4. Yeah those points aren't all they are racked up to be.

    1. They that are
      By the time you have enough to buy a tv you could have bought a car

  5. terms & conditions, read them before not after decisions as they def want to make it sound like you will earn a pound but if it was that easy it would the going round and all would be rich, but if you click they got you in a stitch...

    oo i like the gas card at the saves me tons, that on has def perks under this sun...

    1. No gas card near
      That I am away of I fear
      But most are a load of crap
      Have to read and not be a sap

  6. This made me smile, when money is tight
    To gain a few credits the crowds one will fight
    The buying of items you never will need
    One's money is safer if let go to seed.
    Once I got hooked on stamps that were green
    Saving them up, I can get a machine
    Any machine that plugs into the wall
    Saving me housework will be a great ball
    I added it up and the money I spent
    I could well afford to buy a new tent
    When I see the word savings and other hodge podge
    I get straight on my horse and ride outta Dodge

    1. Well at least you ride away from town
      And don't kick up a fuss to make people frown
      Or go all Billy the Kid as you ride away
      Shooting things up with a shiny gun on display
      Then Wyatt Earp may have to track you down
      At least it would save you the green stamp crown
      Even saving a little old tree
      Or at least the spit it would take to stick them from thee

    2. I remember S&H Green stamps. You two are way to funny for me today. Have a GREAT weekend. I need to go to the store.

    3. No idea about the stamps at my sea
      Was before me
      But I can be fun
      Under my sun

  7. Yes always gotta read that fine print
    Without it, the advertisement is not worth navel lint
    I have been paying off my store credit cards
    When they are finally paid off, I'm going to rip them to shards

    1. Yeah I don't have any of those
      Enough bills to curl my toes
      And navel lint you say?
      None up there at my bay haha

  8. There goes my hopes for the flyer that just came in the mail offering me the chance for a new car if I come to the lot.

    1. haha yeah prob 1 in a billion chance
      Not even worth a glance

  9. A great Old Rule.....

    "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is."


  10. Well, Off I go now to Giant Eagale to buy some groceries so I can get some more points on my card towards gas. Have great day all!

    1. Got your points all wired in
      Free gas is always a win

  11. Gullible folks sit closely by
    waiting to be soaked bone dry
    alas big companies smile
    and smile and smile and smile!

  12. I like how coupon books are "over 5000 dollars in savings" and then you find just one you want and it's for 50 cents

    1. LOL yeah a bit of a let down there
      Wasting your time at your lair

  13. the ploys they use to get our money, do they think by doing so they are funny? Anything to get our hard-earned buck, they really can be a smuck!


  14. These businesses really annoy me man. They fill our heads with nonsense and make us feel like without them we're missing out on something big. It's pretty ridiculous, amounts to nothing but sheer trickery when you think about it, great rhymes.

    1. Yeah that all it is
      One big trick with their big biz

  15. ha...these savings are so often just foul deals...get a card here and get a card there and they get all your data in return...and if you've eaten 140 glasses of nutella, with the bonus points you can cut out on each pack, you'll get the 141 free of charge...ha..

    1. haha yep one big con game
      As they give all he run around with such a claim

  16. a free cat tree
    sounds like the best deal to me!

    1. haha after spending enough to buy 50 though?
      Not much of a deal at any show

  17. I really got a chuckle out of this one
    save on this but beware on that
    I'm not kidding you that's a fact
    entice you with rewards then
    hit you with the sword..interest galore..

    We have a grocery store here that made a deal with a gas station when you spend $50.00 you get .10 cents off a gallon of gas..well, I sort of like that as I have to buy food anyway so may as well save on some cash for gas...

    1. Yeah that is a good way to go
      Seems many have the gas thing at their show
      Not here though
      Just get screwed with interest don't you know

  18. Have to be careful with those deals ~ I only have one card for my groceries, and its enough for some savings on some days ~ Other than that, all these points and free stuff are actually incentives for you to spend more money ~

    Have a good weekend Pat ~

    1. That is true
      Have to watch out for such things at our zoo
      Only was it is good
      If you are going to spend money you should

  19. Today, today, is your lucky day.

    Yes it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar
    Typing from afar, ha ha.

    Over here we have "BOGOF"
    Or in terms you will see
    That's "Buy One Get One Free".
    Never mind buying
    Cause you see I'm trying
    To just get the one for free
    Tee hee...
    States Penny!

    1. A dog you say
      Now that makes two at my bay
      The hounds are sure in store
      But I enjoy your encore
      And I even agree
      I too just want the free

  20. I hate every "Send me one million dollars and you'll win a free dime!" boast.
    Once again, another great post.


    1. Yep a load of crap
      That I wish would blow off the map

  21. I sure get tons of those things, even though I'm a cat. You would sure think they would offer me food or treats!

    1. haha yeah you would think something useful would come
      Instead of the same old hum

  22. Expand your horizon and come
    to get free bucks at pulls
    to save with playful rules,
    then maybe at take look
    and buy one of (Pat ^ Cat)'s books

    1. Never heard of that
      Another thing to look at, at my mat
      May come in handy too
      To buy a thing or two at my zoo

  23. I go to the mailbox
    and what do I see?
    A voucher for airfare
    for two. And for free.
    This doesn't seem fair.
    I must hear a pitch
    about a GD time-share.

    1. Wear ear plugs when you go
      Or hum a tune as the crow
      Or better yet
      Just send the pet

    2. Send my dog?
      Well, who'da thunk?
      Instead of listenin'
      He'd be lickin' his junk!

    3. haha showing the value of their time
      As he licks all sublime

  24. Hee hee, love your rhyming, Pat. But, I won't smash my printer. I'd have to use points to buy another. :-)

    1. haha at least they'd be good for something
      And you could have fun with some smashing at your wing

  25. Wow, that tv better be a really nice one, eh?

    1. That is should be
      For such and expensive thing at your sea

  26. We have never gotten anything great with credit card points. I think they are a joke. At least we are smart enough not to carry a balance on those cards though.

    1. Yeah that is grand
      No balance works in any land

  27. Junk is all I've got to say;
    Wish I could make it go away!

    1. Yeah to that I agree
      Screw them and their stupid fee


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