Top 10 As The Super Come To My Den!

The 24 Hour Rhyme Time Movie-athon
A Post Every Hour Today At My Lawn

The first of many so don't fret. So fun to do by this pet. As one an hour keeps up all day. For Pat's birthday, and because picking ten last Monday annoyed me, we are having a movie day at my bay. If you are able to comment on every one, may get a little reward under my sun!

In no order at my border and the first that come to mind, it's a Top 10 Super Hero Movie List from my rhyming behind.

The first real superhero movie out.
Super geek I won't give a shout.
Proving Burton can actually do something not completely whacked out.
Still say Keaton is the best Batman about.

Even with arrogant Snipes,
Blade led the way for all the superhero types.
The first on the scene,
And with that sword he is quite mean.

After that horrible Hulk movie before,
They finally gave one worthy of his roar.
Norton as always was great,
Too bad for his booted fate.

Not cluttered like the second one,
And lots of fun.
With all the toys at play,
Makes for a fun display.

One you might have never thought,
Would join this lot.
But it was a rather good flick,
And the cast was rather slick.

Still say they have yet to get him right.
Either too whiny or too wannabe Dark Knight.
But still not bad,
Ignoring 3 at any pad.

And the grand daddy of them all,
Bringing nerds everywhere to the movie hall.
What was only a dream,
Was sure brought to life with this team.

Really took it up a notch.
Joker was drunk on more than scotch.
Just great performances all around,
Were surely found.

Pixar could do no wrong,
Until they started with the sequel/prequel crap song.
This team may have been a rip off,
But they were great so I won't scoff.

Bringing about a team,
Even if I despise the one with the beam,
That was sure grand,
Still wish it wasn't so leather land.

First one down, now now don't frown. Just wait an hour or less than that and a new list will come from the cat. Going for 24 posts in one day. Damn, even I may get all movied out at my bay. Can you keep up with each pass? Sure fun to watch by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Wow, I'm the first to wish you Happy Birthday!

    2. The first on my birthday
      And first on a post too at my bay
      Nicely done
      As I go about my movie fun

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the wish
      The cat will send fish

    2. Yes but Im sure the cat is CRAZY:)))
      Happy Birthday!

    3. Crazy as can be
      Here at my sea

  3. I'm in the small camp where I thought Ironman 2 was better than the first.

    1. Yep not in that camp
      Rater watch lady and the tramp

  4. Happy Birthday to you, Pat
    Should have known when to begin
    You would start at mid-nite
    Didn't quite see your hints

    Have to re-trace my steps from #3
    Where I regained position #1
    24 hrs, starting with Super movies
    This is going to be fun!


    1. Yeah was fun to do
      As I dropped a hint or two
      You`ll get number one most of the day
      I bet at my bay

  5. Hi! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss, and the Cat...
    All I can say as I stop by your bay is
    ♫ Happy ♫ Birthday!♫ to you,♫
    ♫ Happy ♫ Birthday!♫ to you,♫
    ...and as I leave out your door
    here's wishing you ♫ many more ♫:

    Now, Riddle me this and Riddle me that, but
    Who like to rhyme and own 2 cats? Well, it's none other than poet Pat Hatt,
    deedee :)

    1. Hopefully many more will come
      To Pat and my little rhyming bum

  6. By the way, if you follow these words:
    Who like to rhyme and own 2 cats? Well, it's none other than poet Pat Hatt,
    You will be in for a surprise...

    However, you would never know it because from your readers, your link you do

    1. [Note: I'm out Of rhyming mode: I meant to say follow the link in my first comment...sorry!]

    2. But no network of ning
      At my wing
      Than though
      For the birthday flow

  7. The avengers one of the best in a long time

  8. Did you really say MeteorMan?
    I think that guy belong in a pan.
    But since it's your Birthday,
    I guess it's fair that you should have it your way.

    1. haha yeah it was corny as hell
      But still enjoyed at my cell

  9. I've never really seen Meteor Man before Pat and even though it looks corny it's in really good company so I should check it out! Great post!

    1. One to see
      As it is corny
      But had a great cast
      Kinda a bast from the past

  10. avengers and dark night are probably the best on the list
    haha thought most had forgotten meteor man even exists
    so its your day so you will have your say 24 different ways?

    1. Never forget at my sea
      Especially with the movie tree
      And yep 24 different ways
      As each movie plays

  11. I LOVE that Meteorman made the list.

  12. Incredible
    were the incredibles.

  13. Bale's the best
    he's leading the rest.
    Keaton, Kilmer, West, and Clooney?
    Well...they're just looney.

    1. haha Keaton still is the best for me
      But yeah the rest are looney

  14. Don't like any of those. Well hells bells... I might have seen the spiderman one but I bet I didn't pay attention when it was on.

    1. One you can avoid anyway
      Spierman just isn't the same with his big screen display

  15. The Ironman movies are fantastic. Love Robert Downey Jr.

    1. Yeah he does a good job in most
      At his movie coast

  16. I don't do the Super Hero Movies, but if they make a good Wonder Woman, I am all over it!

    1. They will prob never do one on her though
      As they can't ever get it off the ground to show

  17. I loved Blade, also Iron Man, but it pains me to say I have not seen Avengers yet! Or the Dark Knight rises...ahem


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