Top 10 Big And Hairy At My Den!

The 24 Hour Rhyme Time Movie-athon
A Post Every Hour Today At My Lawn

Finally the last one at my bay. This sure took some doing I will say. Kudos to you if you even made half of the ones under my sun. I'll look through and see if any did a 24 comment run and as said a reward could be spun.

Now for the last in no order at my border and the first that comes to mind, it's a Top 10 Scary Animal Movie List from my rhyming behind. This one there is really a ton so just gave the first that popped in a run.

See never trust a mutt,
They will sniff your butt.
Then bite it off.
That has to make you scoff.

Lame as can be.
But the eye still scares me.
With one stomp,
You'd be dead and then he'd chomp.

So many rules.
But they are for fools.
So bring on the Snow White loving creatures.
We'll blow them up during double features.

That music is scary,
And he isn't even hairy.
Wish he would take a berry,
Or just eat a cherry.

Dinos want you for lunch.
There is a whole bunch.
Eat you even on the loo,
So hold it if you have to poo.


Poor Kong,
Just wanted to get along.
Was even called King,
And not a Donkey at his wing.

That thing had lots of toys.
That it sure enjoys.
Making you want to win,
By giving a big explosion a spin.

They can roll in a ball,
And chase you down the hall.
Then eat your feet,
Thinking you're a tasty treat.

The killer rat.
Guess he got tired of a cat.
He sure wants to fight back.
Even forcing poor Ben to go on the attack.

And the scariest one of all,
Is the giant running to the mall.
With diapers that will drown you,
Along with boogers that are just ewww.

And that is that. 24 hours of movie posts from the cat on the birthday of Pat. Never fear, as this is the only time I'll do this all year. So did you keep up with each pass? Sure was fun to watch by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. and one last Happy Birthday to you
      from all at my rhyming zoo. And you know I have to type them out
      or it wouldn't be a complete shout!

      ~~Marmalade, Tiger, Whiskers, Socks, Charcoal, Grey, Oreo, Domino, Velvet, Cinder, Smoke, Shadow, Samantha, Jack, Cocoa, Mr. Bird, Mrs. Bird, Nugget. And me. :)

    2. On top for the very last one
      That is what four you've given a run
      Or maybe five
      Lost count now at my hive
      And thanks for the wishes too
      From all of you

  2. Godzilla is misunderstood,
    He's not really bad.
    Caring for your young is good,
    The end is really sad.

    1. That is true
      But then he does try and eat many at their zoo

  3. A rabid dog, a shark, a deranged rat... none of those hold a candle to a giant baby. I'm already terrified of regular babies, but you said it - the amount of messes a giant baby can make far outweighs the mess any of these other monsters can make.

    We've been watching you post these all day and we're exhausted FOR you.

    Happy birthday, we wish you the best...
    now go get some damn rest!

    1. hahaha yeah take the creatures and monsters any day of the week
      Over a giant baby at my creek
      Those diapers would be the worst thing ever
      And the snot would be a whole other endeavor
      hahaha exhausted you say
      You was quite the day
      Thanks for the happy birthday and viewing all day too
      Here at my zoo

  4. All good things must come to an end
    I hope this day didn't force yo to bend.
    Happy Birthday to you and keep sailing along
    Be grateful we're only talking and no one is singing that song.

    1. haha grateful I am at my sea
      That song brings me no glee
      Thanks for playing all day
      Here at my bay

  5. Been quite fun
    A marathon run
    Lots of efforts spun


    1. My Tally
      1. First - 13
      2. Dead-heat(Joint-first)- 4
      3. Unplaced - 7
      Came in at all 24 postings
      A tiring birthday bash this
      Kept Pat company except some
      hours for a shut-eye
      Been worth it!
      Well done Pat! You put in
      lots of efforts


    2. Lots of effort indeed
      You were tops at my feed
      Hitting every single one
      With a huge first run
      Took lots of time
      But was fun to see all chime

  6. The title of this one scared me a bit Cat. And then I remembered that you were snip snip and I relaxed.

    1. haha yep snip snipped at my sea
      So nothing should scare thee

  7. I used to watch Critters all the time when I was little. Used to scare the crap out of me. I am sure I would find it cheesy if I watched it today.

    I am actually looking forward to Jurassic Park coming out in 3D. I may take my kids there for a good scare ;)

    1. haha it holds up as well as Germlins though
      At least the first two that show
      That will sure get a scare
      Even though I hate that 3d crap at my lair

  8. For you to run this marathon is hard to the core,

    and I'm truly impressed if one did make all twenty-four.

    Congrats to both them and you for a non-stop run,

    I even got two in and had some fun!

    1. Some did make everyone
      Tallying them up now under my sun

  9. Happy Birthday to you! I enjoyed your movie reviews.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the reviews
      As away I cruise

  10. Of course Willard is my favorite.

    1. Knew that would be
      With its horror display at my sea

  11. I think Jaws is the only one I seen out of those

    1. Not saying they are all good
      But some are better than others in the creature hood

  12. The huge baby is the scariest

  13. I saw Jurassic Park for a few minutes on TV not too long ago and wondered if it was too scary for the little one (the rest of us have already indulged). It only took a few minutes to decide that yeah...that one was probably best left alone so young in life. Right now my little one still LIKES dinosaurs. ;)

    1. Yeah best to leave that be
      For another year or three
      Although may not scare him though
      If he likes dinos at your show

  14. I loved this blogathon so much that I'm back to finish reading the last two posts. Jaws is probably my favourite of these animal monsters, such a good film although the sequels did become ridiculous.

    1. Yeah the sequels were crap
      As they took a lap
      And glad you liked the blogathon
      May come back next year at my lawn

  15. Happy birthday, Pat! Thanks for sharing, his dear little cat. Sorry I missed this run, but I sure do hope you had a lot of fun!

    1. Yeah was quite fun
      And thanks for the birthday wishes under my sun

  16. I get made fun of for not having seen Jurassic park, but seriously a giant baby would scare everybody, just think about the diaper change.

    1. Yep that would sure smell
      And be all kinds of hell


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