Top 10 In The 80's At My Den!

The 24 Hour Rhyme Time Movie-athon
A Post Every Hour Today At My Lawn

Are you exhausted yet? So fun to do by this pet. As one an hour keeps up all day. For Pat's birthday and because picking ten last Monday annoyed me we are having a movie day at my bay. If you are able to comment on every one, may get a little reward under my sun!

In no order at my border and the first that come to mind, it's a Top 10 80's Movie List from my rhyming behind.

Whistle their tune,
As they commune,
Just avoid the oyster place.
Unless that lifestyle you embrace.

Lassie and ball breaker,
Either are no faker.
Porky thinks he's clever,
But not as much as Cherry Forever.

Before it was cool,
Nerds never ruled the school.
But they quickly take over,
With a pantie raid that would impress rover.

Wax on, wax off,.
Many can surely cough.
Screw the dumb remake too,
This is the one to view.

Johny 5 is alive!
He seeks input at every human hive.
It's a bigger Wall-e.
Which was a rip off you see.

Who wouldn't want to find treasure?
That which you can't measure.
Even with a scary bad guy,
Who had a lop sided eye.

Forget the dating crap.
Make your own gal or chap.
Is so easy to do,
But watch out, they may come with a loose screw.

Go Tootsie, go.
With some soap opera show.
If she turns you on,
May want to keep that to yourself at your lawn.

Two schmucks and a dead guy.
It works, no lie.
Also forget number two,
Not worth the time to view.

Fun in every way,
With its western display.
Great cast too,
Before "I'm Too Old For This Shit" always came due.

Another one down, now now don't frown. Just wait an hour or less than that and a new list will come from the cat. Going for 24 posts in one day. Damn, even I may get all movied out at my bay. Can you keep up with each pass? Sure fun to watch by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. nope hank
      not this time
      stole away
      with my finger crime!

    2. Joint-first with Brian
      Is not a crime
      Well done, Sir!
      Being split second faster!


    3. Hank was almost in double digits too
      Had 9 in a row at my zoo
      Brian had to ruin it
      Just by a second at my pit

  2. bamalambing bong
    ring the gong i am on top
    pop pop pop

    another hour you can take your shot

    dude i miss the police academy movies

    1. Yeah they were fun
      At least the first four under the sun
      Then they went bad
      And not much fun was had

  3. Some classics here
    Bring on the cheer :)

    1. The cheer can come
      After watching each ones movie hum

  4. Pulsating battle for first comment there, must have been close. Odd Police Academy props up the list because it's actually the only one I've seen here, although I honestly do love it. Great list, wonder if top ten 90s and 2000s are next to prop up this blog marathon.

    1. haha nope they never made the list
      Many many top 10 I missed
      But can only have 24
      So they missed this tour
      And big battle indeed
      Over first at my feed

  5. A dead-heat,joint firsts!
    How nice! All was not lost
    Could have gone either way
    A photo-finish, of course!


    1. Yeah a snap shot
      As Brian was just a inch closer with his hot to trot

  6. "Tootsie"
    I did see
    in Russian
    with Justin

    1. Can`t say I`ve seen it in that
      Just english here at my mat

  7. Scary, we have seen most of those!

    1. Watching them at your bay
      As the tv is on display

  8. Very nice! Brought back the 80's in my mind. Time to hit the video store!

    1. Have fun with that
      Don`t spend too much at your mat

  9. The 80's YIKES, who woulda thunk,
    That this decade produced so much good junk.
    Goonies, Bernie the Kid and some more,
    Keep them on commin' right through my front door.

    1. That I will
      As movies dawn my rhyming hill
      They sure made a ton during that decade
      That never fade

  10. weekend at bernies I've seen a time or two
    laughed at a lot at my zoo!

    1. Yeah fun to view
      As the dead guy gets pulled around by those two

  11. Hated Porkys and Goonies... the rest I didn't see that I know of.

  12. I've seen all of these picks. Some were good a few not so good.

  13. Oh Cat, everything in the 80's was shite.

  14. I'm surprised at the negative comments from the 80's movies. I think the 80's had some of the best shows ever! They actually stuck to good story lines instead of trying to wow audiences with visual affects with shit story lines.

    1. Yep exactly 100 percent true
      Now that is all they do
      Throw in some flash and blow crap up
      To try and fill their tin cup

  15. yarp! Love the 80s, what about David Bowie in the Labyrinth? Was a good movie.

    1. Yeah forgot that one
      Was a great one to give a run


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