Top 10 Sci Fi At My Den!

The 24 Hour Rhyme Time Movie-athon
A Post Every Hour Today At My Lawn

Are you exhausted yet? So fun to do by this pet. As one an hour keeps up all day. For Pat's birthday and because picking ten last Monday annoyed me we are having a movie day at my bay. If you are able to comment on every one, may get a little reward under my sun!

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In no order at my border and the first that come to mind, it's a Top 10 Sci-fi Movie List from my rhyming behind.

Those suckers are all around.
On you worse than a butt sniffing hound.
Plus they drool,
But they sure think they are cool.

What can one say,
That already hasn't been said at ones bay?
Certaintly deserves a spot,
At the top of any sci-fi lot.

He sure can run,
Indy has such fun.
Damn, I mean Solo.
Wait, wrong again, you better put out a bolo.

I guess the bolo worked.
Except in the wrong direction it jerked.
Finding Solo and company,
But surely a sight to see.

Before Spielberg went all remake,
With that crap War of the Worlds take,
He actually made good movies at his sea.
Here the probers float over like a busy bee.

A take on society that was grand,
As huge ass bugs covered the land.
Those ones I would not want to meet,
Because they would be some hard to eat.

A grand time,
But was not as sublime,
As the show.
Where the legend surely did grow.

Bet this is one you missed?
Like adding those to each list.
Surprised me too.
I never expected it to be such a great view.

Those damn dirty apes,
Want to squash humans like grapes.
Let's all rejoice.
What? Is that the wrong choice?

Take the blue pill for a thrill.
Or does it make you feel ill?
I bet it was all in his head,
Really he's stuck in some mental ward bed.

Another one down, now now don't frown. Just wait an hour or less than that and a new list will come from the cat. Going for 24 posts in one day. Damn, even I may get all movied out at my bay. Can you keep up with each pass? Sure fun to watch by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. I almost missed this rhyme
      catching up on my comment chime.
      Geesh, cat, you can be annoying
      but I'm sure all of this you are enjoying!

      Must we say Happy Birthday 24 times, too?
      You surely are sending us to the looney tune zoo.

    2. Well you finally got one
      Here under my sun
      Been quite a while
      Since you went the first mile

      LOL love to annoy
      So yes all of it is a joy

  2. These films are absolute quality, I can't work out if 2001: A Space Odyssey or Empire Strikes Back would top my list, honestly both are awesome.

    By Betsy I was beat, but it's all good and sweet

    1. aw, he called me sweet!
      That you cannot beat. lol...

    2. Yeah all are grand
      In sci-fi land
      And pfft to sweet
      You after a treat?

  3. Sci-fi not necessarily my thing,
    But the cream of the crop you decided to bring.
    Sigourney, Keanu, Chuck and the rest,
    working overtime to bring us their best.

  4. High five!
    I like Sci-Fi
    Top 10
    at your den

  5. I don't like sci fi, but I did like the Planet Of The Apes.

    1. Those damn dirty apes
      Crushed humans like grapes

  6. Sci-fi is really a a wonder
    Sound and light effects at their best
    Just how the backroom boys can endure
    Coming up with lots that impress


    1. Yeah lots is there
      As they make one aware
      Of what may be
      At their sea

  7. The Matrix - I watched all three..takes a bit to figure out what is

    1. That is does indeed
      Hated the other two though at my feed

  8. Some good ones here Cat. As if I actually read the post.

    1. haha well letting be me a comment whore
      By adding another to my shore

  9. I don't do the whole sci fi genre, but I did hear the Planet of the Apes was really good!

    1. Yeah Planet of the Apes is a really good one
      Wouldn't bother giving the sequels or remake a run

  10. Star gate, Star Wars ...Star Trek, I have seen them yes yes!


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