Top 10 With Bruce Willis At My Den!

The 24 Hour Rhyme Time Movie-athon
A Post Every Hour Today At My Lawn

Are you exhausted yet? So fun to do by this pet. As one an hour keeps up all day. For Pat's birthday and because picking ten last Monday annoyed me we are having a movie day at my bay. If you are able to comment on every one, may get a little reward under my sun!

In no order at my border and the first that come to mind, it's a Top 10 Bruce Wills Movie List from my rhyming behind.

A save the world flick,
That the cast came and all click.
Of course cheesy in many a way,
But still fun to give a watch at your bay.

The best of the best,
Beats all the rest.
And with a yippee kay yay,
Shows up most of, if not all, the action crap of today.

Like to swing on a star?
Or go all side by side at your bar?
Then give it a view.
It can be a bit strange but enjoyed at my zoo.

And with number two they kept on task.
Not wearing the overbloated mask.
Plus it had Dick,
Who you want to hit with a brick.

Actually made a half decent one in this decade.
A surprise as most of his stuff will fade.
Guess once in a while all get lucky.
At least he has yet to star in a sequel to Chucky.

Great sci-fi to give a go.
With plenty of bullets flying too and fro.
Some prophecy thing too.
Certaintly worth a view.

Now he has a sidekick full time.
But still great as they solve the crime.
Also this was to be a Lethal Weapon script at one point.
Just a little fact from my joint.

Fun is sure spun.
Poor dentist is all high strung.
But with a hitman around,
The cat would also jump at each strange sound.

A great ending that is hard to see coming.
It left many humming.
Still quoted all around,
With "I See Dead People" at many a movie ground.

After Halle Berry kicks the bucket,
These two say feck it.
Try to take down those who think they are big,
And if so he will dance a jig.

Another one down, now now don't frown. Just wait an hour or less than that and a new list will come from the cat. Going for 24 posts in one day. Damn, even I may get all movied out at my bay. Can you keep up with each pass? Sure fun to watch by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. LOL one
      But didn`t spell it right under my sun

  2. Replies
    1. After 9 in a row
      All are after your spot at my show

  3. Replies
    1. Three in a row at 12:00, oh man!
      A die hard race at your den!

  4. I'm embarrassed at spelling one wrong but my victory today made it worth it! Love this Pat, Bruce Willis is an incredible actor and both of the first two Die Hard films are absolutely legendary and that's not debatable in my opinion. Sixth Sense is good too, there's some Bruce Willis films that I haven't seen today at your zoo!

    1. Geez many you must see
      His new stuff is rather crappy
      But the ones above are grand
      In every movie land

  5. Bruce is exciting
    He stands on his own


  6. "The Fifth Element"
    my favorite
    watch it again,
    and you get new

    1. Yeah a great one
      Should be easily given a run

  7. oh Pat alll night you had made posts?????????

    1. Yep kept going and going
      24 hours posts will be showing

  8. Love the Bruce movies ~ the marathon ~

    1. haha that is three you made it for
      Today at my shore

  9. Armaggddon, Fifth Element, Sixth Sense surely do rock
    I can't believe you left Bandits off of your clock.
    Bruce may be the goodest bad guy around,
    even older and balder he's fun to be found.

    1. Liked that one
      But not as much as the others under my sun
      Some of his new stuff isn't so fun to see
      Phones it in much of the time now with glee

  10. Bruce, Bruce, Bruce.
    You'd think it was his birthday that let loose!

    Happy Birthday Pat
    Hope it's a great one and doesn't fall flat.

    1. This must have been your first comment of the day
      Then you back peddeled at my bay haha

    2. yep...that is what I did
      started here and went both directions before flipping a lid.

    3. haha okay to flip away
      As there were many on display

  11. I'm not a big fan, but those are some greats.


    1. Yeah die hard for sure
      All should take the tour

  12. I do like Bruce but have only seen a couple. Jeeze... I can see I really need to get out more.

    1. Actually staying in
      Gets them watched at your bin

  13. Hudson Hawk is the only one I haven't seen. Enjoyed all the others.

    1. Is a fun view
      Although a weird one, its true

  14. You wrote this one just for me Cat. You like me, you really like me...

  15. I don't think I have seen a Bruce Willis movie I haven't liked yet!

  16. I have only seen Die Hard and Die Hard 4 but I swear I am planning on seeing the rest, and now that the older 2 are on the list surely i have to give them a go.

    1. Yeah the older two are waaaaay better than four
      Five is also a crap tour


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