Top 10 You May Have Skipped At My Den!

The 24 Hour Rhyme Time Movie-athon
A Post Every Hour Today At My Lawn

Are you exhausted yet? So fun to do by this pet. As one an hour keeps up all day. For Pat's birthday and because picking ten last Monday annoyed me we are having a movie day at my bay. If you are able to comment on every one, may get a little reward under my sun!

In no order at my border and the first that come to mind, it's a Top 10 That You May Have Skipped Movie List from my rhyming behind.

Who wouldn't want such a power?
The money could shower,
As you gamble away.
A bit cheesy but a fun display.

This one came out of the blue,
Decided to give it a view.
Even sung those were the days,
Watching All in the Family pays.

That wouldn't be such a hard task,
Then again depends on who you'd ask,
To get rid of the dough.
I'd go for it though.

Just because you are paranoid,
And things you avoid,
Does not mean Professor X isn't after you.
Although you still may have a loose screw.

Great idea pulled off well.
Would be freaky as hell,
If it really happened to you.
Oh what time travel can do.

A newer one,
But quite fun,
With time travel once more,
Didn't mean for two in a row with that at my shore.

Could have skipped you by,
But revenge is grand with a tiger eye.
Getting those guys,
Who run into a line proving they aren't wise.

Watching him get down the tower,
Like a dead flower,
Was quite grand,
As he teaches the double d's in army land.

Have fun with life,
Get rid of your crazy wife,
Smoke some pot,
Don't act like a robot.

Just had to give this a pass.
Los Locos kick your ass,
Los Locos kick your face,
Los Locos kick your balls into outer space.

Another one down, now now don't frown. Just wait an hour or less than that and a new list will come from the cat. Going for 24 posts in one day. Damn, even I may get all movied out at my bay. Can you keep up with each pass? Sure fun to watch by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. woo-hoo!!!

      sorry hank
      sorry yeamie.

    2. Photo-finish
      A dead-heat
      @ 8.00


    3. I'm honored to get even close to you!
      Your winning streak is untouchable, it's true!

    4. yeamie must have gone to bed
      or he's just playing dead! ha.

    5. LOL... yay Betsy!! Lets hear it for the girls!

    6. haha that is three whole times
      And yeah Hank as hard to beat with my daily rhymes

  2. Replies
    1. haha...aren't you glad I don't wake up early?
      Or mine would be your crown.
      that would make you frown.

    2. Congrats, Betsy!
      You registered great gains lately!


    3. Yeah, but normally, Pat posts at 6am my time
      and there is no way I'm getting up an hour early for that chime.
      hahaha. Your streak is safe.
      Tomorrow morning I'll me in bed and not awake.

    4. Hank will stay on top
      As each morning he makes many flop

  3. Pat so many movies to view
    this is so true..but which
    one speaks to you?

    1. Can never pick just one
      Why I have so many under my sun

  4. I'm not playing dead, just late and feeling a little out of my head haha! Love this list, I've skipped all of these but hot tub time machine sounds totally worth checking out along with a few other, I've got to check them out!

    1. You wil have a major list after today
      Of ones to watch thanks to my bay

  5. (1) Still funny: getting a little behind... Does that mean I haven't really matured? It sure does. (2) I still don't understand was Jessica Alba was doing in that tent. (3) Wait your turn for I get to spend those millions first. Great 80's movie.

    1. hahaha bah I have not too
      And yeah Alba is fine for more than a view

  6. LOL! What a fun way to present movie recommendations. :)
    Madeleine Begun Kane

  7. Bill looks like such a two-face

  8. Here's a list where I've seen only one
    and I have to admit, it wasn't much fun.
    Mel and Julia run from place to place
    And never to they have time to see a face.

    1. Yeah they ran around
      And not much was found
      But like consipiracy theories so
      It was an obvious choice at my show

  9. Short Circut. Oh, how I loved that movie. I am going to have to rent that one soon!

    1. Yeah they were great ones
      Have given them many a runs

  10. I've seen a couple of these. Nice picks.

  11. I didn't even know there was a Short Circuit 2. I liked the first one...not sure I'm up for a second though.

    I saw one on this list: Conspiracy Theory.

    1. What at least now you know
      There are two out there to show

  12. they have all skipped me by, but no surprise there anymore huh


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