Two In One For A dVerse Run!

So dVerse wants one of each with what they preach. Pffft to that, may as well challenge the cat. First some random words they say, so tiger, palace, bites, runs, large, ugly, killer and physical came into play. Stole them from the TV, as it played at the other sea. That counts, right? Technically someone told them to me at my site. Now away we go, with some added musical flow.

The eye of the tiger so they say,
Will make you all Rocky at your bay.
Run up some palace stairs,
It's my life, but who cares?

Those bites are side by side.
That must have been one ugly ride.
The paradise city can be killer.
Could get all physical with Thriller.

Saying take this job and shove it,
Would prove you're fed up with their shit.
Leaving you large and in charge,
Or born on the bayou near some barge.

The palace is then thunderstruck.
Leaving the tiger out of luck.
But school is out for the summer,
Although that serial killer is a bummer.

The boys of summer may get the runs.
As Barbaranne brings roses and guns.
Getting all physical from behind.
Some jail house rock is so unkind.

Wanted dead or alive?
I hope you will survive.
Loves surely bites,
Under the covers many nights.

Don't worry be happy,
Ugly bites are no need to be sappy.
Go get em tiger, was said.
Just avoid bites to the neck and head.

This is some yakkety yak.
But my palace welcomes flack.
For you will get more than a blue moon,
Should you come near the runs of this loon.

Sadly learned by old run around sue.
She was rather large between me and you.
Not sure how she ran around,
No eye of the tiger was found.

So simply listen to the music today,
As you enter my bay.
And remember on most nights,
When the large ugly tiger runs and wants to get physical at the killer palace, life bites.

Now was that not fun? Had to do two in one. The more complicated it can be the better for me. Unless you go all boring stuff at my sea. But then I could spin that too most definitely. Now that is all class as I trot off with my random, musical little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Way off today
      With your first display

    2. Happened to be passing by
      Surprised! I could cry
      No takers for 42 minutes
      Just couldn't believe it!


    3. Well the time did go ahead
      Which causes many dread
      So that could be an excuse
      Or they were being a lazy goose

  2. Random words I'll give it a pass
    There're words but just can't think
    Would just have to give it a laugh
    This time without as much a blink


    1. haha random much of the time here
      So not hard I fear

  3. I think that by far the word tiger was the one that came up the most. I actually read through it just using the bold words and couldn't make much out of it, the tiger bit a killer in a palace I think which was pretty cool and certainly did rule. Great post Pat, did this post an hour earlier or am I just having a placebo drunk right now or something?

    1. Well a tiger is a cat
      So had to use that at my mat
      And then just used them all as one
      Nope, same time, it just went ahead an hour under our sun

  4. I am listening to music but will not take bites from the tiger ~

    Its school break next week and all the young ones are out and about. I think we should have one too ~ Happy Sunday ~

    1. With that I will agree
      Need a break from the 9 to 5 at my sea
      Think I'll take a week at the end of march though
      And do nothing, yeah right, at my show

  5. I can see some songs in your writing. "The eye of the tiger" "Yakkety Yak, Don't talk back" Well, maybe I can just see two songs. Have a good day today Pat!!

  6. the lyrical lines you blend in, def some ear worm songs that will loop again and again through my mind as i go about my day today....ouch on the bites, be it tiger or life, that hurts, ok enough yakety tak, dont talk back...smiles.

    1. Yeah it would hurt
      Some blood may spurt
      Those songs can get in your head
      But like some used previously won't cause a ton of dread

  7. Get the guts and the will to survive
    Or the tiger will eat you alive
    If you train for your fight willy nilly
    And you punch with your right till you're silly
    Run steps if you're training in Philly
    Your survival and brain is a dilly
    The eye of the tiger is keen
    It pounces from places unseen
    Or if you live in France
    The Balboa's a dance
    If you're playing a game
    For money or fame
    Hold back your lunch
    When it comes, the SUCKER PUNCH.

    1. Lots of good tricks of the trade
      So ones lights will never fade
      That tiger will surely be left cryin
      And you are not lion
      But don't be a cheetah
      For then a bee might sting yah

  8. Ha, my favorite words are 'life bites'
    and when it does it can give you frights
    and if you're not careful you'll drop your tights
    and give all the neighbors unwanted sights!

    1. LOL well might give some a heart attack
      If they annoy at your shack
      A win for you
      Just for giving the a quick view

  9. with the right tune, this could be a jolly song, provided it wasn't too long :)

    very nice imagination to write this one, enjoyed it immensely, now go and have fun!


    1. That it could be
      But no tunes around at my sea
      Glad it was fun
      As I gave random a run

  10. Funny you mention Dead or Alive
    Just heard the Bon Jovi version last night around five
    Eye of the Tiger...used to love that song
    But when I play it these days it just sounds wrong

    1. Serendipity act there
      Today at my lair
      And yeah it can sound wrong
      But so can most any song

  11. ha..jailhouse rock and eye of the tiger...i will leave with two earworms here...smiles

    1. At least they aren't bad ones
      Like wheels on the bus that gets shuns

  12. Don't worry be happy?
    Oh, that is so sappy
    and now I'm whistling right along
    with that Bobby McFerrin song.
    hahaha. This will really stick in my head
    and cause my family dread.
    Might have to get out the wooden spoon mic
    and sing as long and loud as I like.

    1. haha got one in your head
      Didn't even have to try and cause dread
      Like from past posts
      Now you can sing with your spoon out to the coasts

    2. Is it Mother's Day there?
      Good that you made a trip to the other lair.
      Get in your 'good son' points
      so mom and nanny's noses aren't out of joint.

    3. hey...I went to spam!

    4. Oh wait...there I am.
      I guess it was rejected from spam.
      Never mind
      Here I am with another chime.

    5. Nope not mother's day here
      Some as down there I fear
      Had to go home and get clothes done
      Was running out at my sun hahaha

      Geez you are blind today
      Or just had much more to say

    6. No, not blind
      one didn't show up the first time.
      Then piggy backed on my next comment out
      but by then I'd already made my shout.

    7. haha guess blogger just wanted to screw with you
      As it does to all a time or two

    8. Yes, and it's usually here
      I fear.
      Maybe it's saying, Stop being so yappy
      you're starting to look like Flappy!

    9. haha that will never come due
      Unless the same thing is asked a bazillion times by you

  13. eye of the tiger is one of my favorite songs

    could listen to it all night long

  14. Wow. Being given a handful of words for flash fiction is hard enough. I can't imagine trying do it while rhyming. You rock, Pat.

    1. It wasn't all that hard though
      Prob be harder nt to rhyme at my show haha

  15. Wonder how many others besides me were reading through again to find the songs. :) Totally singing the CCR. Woot!

    1. haha put a bunch in
      Yeah they are enjoyed at my bin

  16. You always amaze me with your rhymes! Hope you are having a great weekend.

    1. Glad I can amaze
      And yeah not a bad one where I graze

  17. You put these words to good use
    you filled them with great juice
    the eye of the tiger..he might bite
    so, you might wanna fly like a kite..

    1. That would be grand
      With the cat's ego we can easily fly across the land

  18. I can't believe you managed both of them!

  19. Hi Y'all!

    Thanks for stoppin' by to visit!

    Love the rhyming...can't wait to send my little human nieces the link to your blog.

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. Might want to blank out the final word
      As the cat uses something worse than turd
      An going all beverly hillbillies too
      Sure I'll come back to your zoo

  20. You had me with that Thriller line/The mighty Cat that rhymes so fine! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Brought you in with a thriller
      Sure was not filler

  21. I just hope that mighty tiger doesn't get the runs!

    1. Hmm yeah that would be yuck
      As big as the tire of a truck

  22. Just too a fun trip down memory lane with those 80's tunes in this rhyme!

    1. The tunes are grand
      To shout out across the land

  23. We'd love top meet that tiger, he is mighty busy!

    1. He might see you as a treat
      So may not want to meet

  24. Very creative. Now I've got "Eye of the Tiger" running through my head. I love that song, so thanks.


    1. No problem at all
      Beats those annoying songs I use sometimes at my hall

  25. I love all things Tigers! But I must say it's the first time I've thought of them in rhyming form :)

  26. Song stuck in my head, back to bed.

  27. A happy trip down memory lane
    Without teenage angst and pain
    Back to the cradle that tiger goes
    To visit a parent he surely knows

    1. Glad it was a nice trip
      With no teenage lip

  28. damn, two in one was so much fun, what a run, mad lib galore, as you give chime to many songs from here to everywhere. One of your best reference shouts, knew pretty much them all, just to give myself a shout. Great piece.

    1. Glad it was fun
      With my two in one
      Under my sun
      As a tune is spun

  29. Nice and creative...commenting after long time but yeah this blog is still the same ! :p

  30. Yep that was fun.
    But all those teeth... they make me run.

    1. I'd even run away
      With those teeth on display

    2. Especially when they're not brushed.

    3. Yeah stink and all
      Have me running down the hall


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