A Blubber Lip Trip!

So for L the cat figured he would give some lip. Or rather show a lip clip. Some you may not want to see, some could have too much tongue for thee. But you never know to type of lip that could turn your crank at your show.

Open your lips,
For here are some tips.
As they grow wide,
Could bring forth a stink bomb tide.

Some are so fantastic,
They are made of plastic.
Barbie would even be jealous of such things.
As plastic as your toy plane wings.

They can be full of metal too.
Yes, it is true.
You humans go and pierce such crap.
To that I give a sarcastic clap.

They can be made of blubber.
It would make you a great clubber.
Especially on a party boat.
If it sinks you can keep all afloat.

They can even pucker,
When you want to umm flip off a trucker.
You pucker when you swear,
At least some do at their lair.

That can even crack,
Blah at any shack.
May want to consider the fish scales,
And forget the rusty nails.

Perfection they say,
From a photoshop bay.
That works too,
As all will believe your fake view.

Can even reveal a metal mouth.
Sending any near lips south.
For they can sure stick,
With such a metal trick.

And some reveal a long tongue,
They do say these guys throw their own dung.
But if you feed him a grape,
You might get thanked by an ape.

And speaking of tongue,
Your bell is really rung,
For if you live far south,
I hear some like lips and tongue that has growth.

Now don't give me any lip for this lip trip. Or I'll show a clip of rumps for R. That could blind many near and far. Actually it would blind me too. Can you guess how many belong to each gender at your zoo? Forgetting the last two, as I know no human that comes here is that eww. So there was my lip sass from my ever so lippy little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. My lips are currently covered in paint!

    1. That beats lipstick
      Could look rather slick

  2. "I'm a barbie girl in a barbie woorrlldd..." no Pat thanks, now I have that song in my head for the rest of the day.

    1. That song sure does annoy
      And brings me no joy

  3. If young girls could have their wish
    They'd all look like a big blowfish
    Fat and wide like the Mississippi
    They love their curves, like to look hippy
    Who started this craze for big butts
    Kim Kardashian, I think they're nuts
    Who is the winner all the way to the bank
    It's the plastic surgeon to be so frank

    1. Yep they nip and tuck
      And out the fat they suck
      Making one have no lead in their ass
      Just enough plastic to become an astro turf lass

  4. This makes me think of the quote from Casablanca "You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow." ;-)

    1. haha yeah that would fit
      Just when you blow don't spit

  5. So many women make themselves look like ghouls the way they get their lips all puffed up. They must think they look good!!

  6. L is for lips
    look at the clips
    by the sea there are ships
    lips that moan, lips that sigh
    I just came to say hi..

    Have a nice day Pat!

    1. I like you hi
      Under my sky
      Beats plastic crap
      And blubber lips taking a lap

  7. Puffed and plastic lips
    Look all sort of fake blips
    Who wants to kiss them like cubes
    When they feel like rubber tubes ~

    Happy Saturday ~

    1. That is very true
      Especially when they also look like a gazoo

  8. dude some of those grills
    scare me as much as thrills
    what the feck, some are a wreck
    and watch out for Steven and McJ
    they have huge enough to swallow a bay

    1. Yeah a scare indeed
      Like a monster at your feed
      With lips so wide
      The could suck back the tide

  9. Maybe I need to get a top lip injection. When I smile, my top lip disappears.

    1. Could look weird when you don't smile though
      Unless you are always smiley at your show

  10. That "Perfection they say" pic, HAS to be Anjelina Jollllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. ,-)

    1. Yep that is correct
      With your Jolllyyyyy detect

  11. spelling-?????????????????????????????

  12. ok, I'll shoot from the hip, I don't see my favorite -- the wax lip.

  13. Most them are probably lonely on New Years Eve night.

  14. Mine get chapped in the winter
    Can be as painful as a splinter
    I think having them pierced is kinda not my thing
    But to each their own is what I always sing

    1. Yeah it can suck
      When winter leaves you out of luck
      And not my thing at all
      But they can pierce away at their hall

  15. Braces! The perfect way to deter my daughter's boyfriend from wanting to kiss her. I'm making the orthodontist app't today. ;)

    1. haha there you go
      I am oh so helpful at my show

  16. I've never understood the lip injections
    that I would certainly have rejections
    I don't think it looks good at all!
    Very fake and puffed up at their hall.
    I've never even liked the perfect ones!
    ha..I've always thought her lips were ugly a ton.

    1. Yeah stupid things they do
      Must have a loose screw
      Looks nasty to me
      But at least blubber lips can float in the sea

  17. No lip for your trip
    I think it's divine
    As for my lips
    I like them just fine.

    The rest of body
    not so much
    thank God for my lips
    I like them a bunch..

    1. haha well at least one thing is good
      There in your hood

  18. Ya gotta love the lip
    from them they give the slip
    or through your straw give a sip
    or if your cant abide they will let one rip

    Gotta love A to Zers and their silly ways

    1. Much crazy ways
      Come as all gave
      And the gas will flow
      That much I know

  19. I wasn't expecting to see, all these lips put in front of me. All the same Pat this is a great post, really made me laugh, I have a cut on my lip now, that would have been enough for you to tear my lip apart and I'd give you a bow.

    1. Yeah could have worked with that
      Here at my mat
      But that will heal
      Unlike these nuts with their lip ordeal

  20. Replies
    1. haha yeah quite the trip
      Some lips would throw out a hip

  21. Replies
    1. hahaha I didn't go there
      They were just to large for my lair

  22. Somebody give that lady some chapstick!

  23. ah Cat you always find the most terrible things:)
    My TWINS are with braces now, sigh!
    and I love my lips, not botox haha!

    1. she loves her lips.
      There's a Veggie Tales song that comes to mind.
      If it sticks in my head it will be a crime!

    2. haha veggie tales
      Think I've heard that one set sails
      And yep always find the worst things around
      Wait until Z is found

    3. oh Betsy you are teasing me ??? lol

    4. She is just singing a song
      Like a ding dong hahaha
      That rhyme so well
      May get hell

  24. Here and There -
    different lips
    are everywhere,
    but it is annoying,
    if the lips are open
    and too long the tongue!

    1. Yeah that can annoy
      And bring no joy
      With a tongue
      That is hung haha

  25. I don't know why some think fat lips are beauty
    To me none of these big lips makes one a cutie.
    I don't get the standards nowadays
    Hopefully it is a passing phase.

    1. Yeah be nice if it would go away
      And never come back again at any bay

  26. Animal tongues are distinctive and (I am told) tasty. The other lips are also distinctive in their own way.

    1. Hmmmm nasty to me
      You can eat all the tongue at your sea

  27. ha smiles...fat botox lips are not my taste and cow tongues feel rough like sandpaper..smiles

    1. haha you felt a cow tongue?
      Blah to that, but it beats dung

  28. I don't understand some women's need to to get a foreign substance injected into their lips to make them look like the back end of a baboon.

    1. haha yeah beats me too
      But they like their baboon rearend view

  29. I actually took this post personally until the end when you mentioned the letter "R". I thought you were going old school on me and calling me "L" again. Then I thought no wait, he's not going to do a post dedicated to that guy R - oh yeah...the A-Z challenge LOL

    1. haha R and L
      As you hide where you dwell
      With the letter at your sea
      Could have done thee
      But then with your fake eye
      E would have been the way to go under my sky

  30. The lips on a chick.
    On them I could pucker.
    But the ones above? Sick!
    Dem's some ugly suckers!

    1. So as the ones above pucker
      You would go and duck her
      Did you think I'd say another thing
      Here at my wing?

  31. HA! For some reason the old rockers KISS comes to mind!

    1. Yeah they are sure there
      With their weird lip glare

  32. Hey, Pat.
    Photoshop would work for me.
    Thanks for another great laugh. :-)

    1. Photoshop is the best
      Leaves you alone at your nest

  33. Hi Y'all!

    Love the pic of the tongue that wraps around the grass to grab it so the cow can eat...it has a purpose other than "wagging" (blabing secrets)

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. Telling all
      The secrets at my hall
      Yeah they chew and chew
      And then up they spew
      And chew some more
      With their tongue as they explore

  34. Okay, that's way too many lips and tongues for me!

  35. No blubber, puff, or piercings here. I want my hubby to kiss me, not run away in fear ;)

  36. I was thinking the blubber one is Kim Kardashian's, but then I saw that last one. That's clearly her mouth.


  37. A stink bomb tide...that's a clever way of putting it.

  38. Loved this - but some fo those mouths were pretty creepy looking!

    I will never understand people wanting to puff up their lips with collagen. ew.

    1. Yep they are creepy
      And I guess they want to be creepy and get people fearing and weepy

  39. dear god, I've never thought I'd read read a post on Lips like that :P

    I must say some were pretty ugly :D

    1. haha the cat is always original at his sea
      And with this one got quite lippy

  40. What?? No kissing lips?? You missed a wonderful opportunity! :)

  41. Fell off a cliff for a few days I did,
    Went in my cave and practically hid.
    Tying to catch up and read the back posts,
    But only of those that I like the most.

    Those 'blubber lips ' scare me
    They look like something from the sea.
    Over inflated and like they might pop,
    Somebody should tell them that they ought to stop.

    The things people do to make themselves look pretty,
    Generally turn out to be pretty gritty.
    Lips should be inviting and kind to look at,
    Not something that nobody would want to pat.

    I bet I finally made it to be last on the list,
    But it's probably cheating to sing on days after the gist.
    So, I'll just keep working on taking the spot,
    While commentating on the day that the topic is hot.

    1. Awww you like me most
      Here at my coast
      That is so nice
      The cat will send some dead mice

      And yeah strange things people do
      Making them look like they are from a zoo
      And one day you may get to the top
      If you get lucky as you come over for a hop

  42. After lips I'm not sure if I could handle rumps!
    For ideas, Pat, you'll never never suffer stumps!


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