A Cheap Jungle Peep!

So time for a jungle peep show to be given a go. The cat went out and searched high and low for something better than a crow. In case you have not guessed by now, J is for jungle, and no, there is no cow.

We start with a cat.
who would have guessed that?
With his spots all aglow.
He is normal unlike many below.

The frog with the big chin.
That has to be a win.
At least if your food were to drip,
You'd catch it with that long of a trip.

A stripped deer,
Something to fear.
All legs I guess,
Stuck in the middle of some grey matter mess.

Look it's Clint Eastwood.
Never knew he hung out in the jungle hood.
I guess it hangs any which way but loose.
Maybe he'll go all Dirty Harry and kill a goose?

It's the guy who is all nose.
Guess that is where they got the vaccuum hose.
Waste a whole tree,
If he got sneezy.

Think rock, think rock.
Don't mock.
Think rock, think rock.
If only my eyes could cock.

A monkey skunk,
With some armpit funk.
Two doses in one,
My the jungle is fun.

Look it's Brian.
Okay, maybe I'm lyin'
He seems a little blue,
But styling his fancy doo.

Look it's Brian.
He may send me flyin'
Maybe the first was his twin,
Both sporting mohawks for the win.

And another cat,
That will chew up your doormat.
Along with your door.
Not to be messed with at any jungle shore.

Did you enjoy your jungle cruise? It was free, so how could you lose? Of course if you catch one of these things, like growing turkey wings, that is on you. Maybe a huge chin will come due? The jungle sure has quite the class, including relatives of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Yay Yay Yay John is #1 today
      Congratulations I do say
      Please do a little dance for the great Fay Wray.
      (Betcha don't know who Fay Wray is)

    2. Nope I don't know who she is
      And first for the second time at my biz

    3. He got it a while back
      Already at my shack

  2. Is it wrong to use the same rhyme twice? The jungle looks to have quite the cast.

  3. I love the anteater! The jibes at Brian where fun!

    1. Yeah the jibes just came out
      As the jungle came about

  4. Poor Brian,
    what a shine
    wrapped up in twine,
    smelling of pine!

    1. Well there are worse things
      To smell like at ones wings

  5. ha, hey a pic of me
    for all to see and my mouth agape
    for heavens sake, what the heck
    i rather like the striped deer
    what a sense of humor
    nature has
    anteater, what a lad, with such a nose
    a pest hose

    1. One big arse nose
      Surely better run when there she blows
      And a sense of humor does shine
      With those stripes in a line

  6. The jungle
    is dark
    and humans
    are sparse
    where animals
    reign and
    roam free.

    Oh what
    sounds they
    must make
    when their
    prey they
    do take
    to dine on
    flesh and bones.

    'Twould surely
    frighten me
    and might
    make me wee
    as I shake, shiver and groan.

    For loaded
    with fear
    lest any come
    near to devour
    me part or in whole.

    1. Yeah I would run too
      That much is true
      Although maybe they'll leave me be
      Since I smell like kitty
      I think the monkey at least you could take
      And shouldn't make you shake

    2. Do you remember Koko the gorilla who used sign language? She had a pet kitty for a while and it was the sweetest thing to see that gorilla love that cat.

    3. I remember hearing of her
      But never knew she liked cat fur
      Have to look that up at my sea
      Bet her and the cat loved climbing a tree

  7. Loved it...especially..."Stuck in the middle of some grey matter mess."
    It's time for a jungle safari!! :D


  8. Check out the striped deer, that's crazy weird strange cool.

    I always feel like I should try to rhyme over here. I see from your comments that I'm not alone, lol.

    1. Wow that is a lot of cool
      And yeah many try to rhyme here along with this rhyming fool

  9. The jungle is a mighty place
    Live animals of every face
    My favorite one is ole schnazolla
    Had a nose he couldn't controlla
    How'd he end up in the zoo
    Saying dinka dinka doo
    Every night these words he'd lash
    From the heart, Goodnight Mrs. Calabash.

    1. You put the kabosh on that
      With your Jimmy phrase at my mat
      At least he wasn't a cricket
      Then one may tell him where to stick it
      Right up that long nose
      Or maybe a garden house

  10. I love the little monkey that you call Brian lol
    the monkey is so cute!!

    1. haha yeah he has quite the face
      Hard not to embrace

  11. Clint Eastwood's my favorite. I saw the tree frog this morning in my work kitchen. Yes, I just so happen to work in a jungle. Saw a flock of parrots this morning, too. That's proof enough.

    1. Geez in the jungle at your place
      Maybe you could challenge that deer to a race

  12. I love the Clint Eastwood monkey. I'm just sad you didn't call that frog Jay Leno.

    1. The shoe does fit
      For Leno way more than a bit

    2. what? The frog has no chin at all
      while Leno has one a mile long!

    3. The frog up top has a big one
      Unless you count that as blubber under your sun

    4. Oh! Sorry. Yes, that is true.
      But I thought some bubble gum came due.

    5. haha he could be chewing away
      Or it is stuck there at his bay

    6. better watch out or it will pop in his face!
      that would be such a disgrace.
      I still like the no-chin frog best
      that look just cracks me up, I guess!

    7. Yeah his look is so fun
      Stone cold pretending he can't be seen by anyone

  13. Loved the jungle tour, nothing about it was a bore,
    I'm waiting for the repairman, don't think he's comin'
    Usual shit -- time for a fit!

    Love visiting your blog. Makes me want to rhyme! Oops, didn't that time!

    1. That sucks indeed
      Waaiting for him at your feed
      And you sure rhyme away
      Even with a fit at your bay

  14. That was a fun jungle tour. I do love pictures of animals.

    1. Yeah animals pictures are fun
      Humans scare a ton

  15. Great cruise! The monkey with the mohawk is my favorite.

  16. I'm offended by your language today
    I can't believe I visited your bay!
    And what's with picking on Brian
    He's one ferocious lion.
    He will eat you in one big swallow
    and in him stomach you will wallow

    1. him stomach? really?

      his stomach...

      damn migraine...

    2. Offended you say
      Pfft right I say at my bay
      Brian can take it with ease
      Unlike a one eye who has fleas on her knees
      And him of his
      Trying to give me a quiz?

    3. I am easily offended because of my upbringing.
      It was like Mary Poppins with lots of singing.
      We flew with an umbrella through the sky
      I saw NYC through wondrous eyes

      No wait, that was back in the eighties
      when things were a bit hazeeeee

      Oh, don't try to put Blabber's fleas upon my knees!!

    4. Blabber is no longer around
      As she is rather well umm round
      And so the fleas come to you
      As you need them to keep you grounded in reality at your zoo haha

  17. Eastwood? Looks more like Donald Trump's dad.

    1. Ahh but it was a movie reference you see
      He didn't always just do dirty harry

  18. Sorry, but I don't think I care for your Jungle Tour. It'
    s pretty darn scary!!!!!!!!


  19. Poor Brian got it in deuces today!! He's a big boy.. he can handle it.

    1. After years of the cat
      He can handle most anything at my mat

  20. bookended with cats!
    nothing wrong with that!

    that little monkey sure is cute!
    wouldn't mind having him at my zoo!

    1. when I look at that peacock you see,
      I don't see Brian, but rather dee dee!

      I've decided I need that ant eater here!
      Must better than spraying Raid everywhere!

    2. much better. geesh. Elsie's migraine is contagious. ha.

    3. Geez and you edit at your bay
      With such a display haha
      A monkey, 15 cats, a rabbit and parakeets
      You'd sure be talked about in the streets
      And you may be correct
      With the peacock detect

  21. Great pics. The monkey makes me smile. I know some people who look just like that.

    1. haha yeah there are a few
      Here too at my zoo

  22. The orangutan looks just like Clint Eastwood! LOL!

    1. LOL yep spot on
      Just like in the movies that dawn

  23. This tour is more fun than the ones I have been to before. Stupid tour guides trying to be funny, are actually a bore!

    1. Yeah some come off rather lame
      While others are just tame

  24. It's interesting to see the rumble that can be had in the jungle, though it's important not to bungle. That makes no sense but great post at the same time Pat.

    1. haha nonsense is grand too
      Always here at my zoo

  25. orlin N cassie....way awesum pick sures oh yur gram paw leo pard frum yur grate grate gram maws side N yur unkle ty gurr frum yur momz sizters auntz side....

    yur rela tives look a LOT like R rela tives, course sauce's gram paw on his mom's dad side was total panther and tuna's dad's dad wuza mountain lion tho sauce N tuna onlee bee brotherz in law but knot by marriage...

    1. Wow that is one long hertiage line to follow at your sea
      But fun seeing each kitty
      As the panther is one of the best
      Sure is a cat with zest

  26. Your jungle galore -
    a fun to explore,
    but I'm sure
    the cow and crow
    deserve much more
    respect from the cat!

    1. The cow is a human snack
      And the crow is one at my shack
      No respect at all
      Here at our hall

    2. You know, once I was laughing at yak...
      and broke my ankle, it was a shock!

    3. Damn would be a shock
      Suck too as it had to be hard to walk

  27. Clint Eastwood never looked better.


    1. haha especially now too
      Where he is one wrinkly view

  28. Very fun post, Pat!
    You make rhyming where it's at!
    Loved your beautiful striped okapi.
    To see a wild one would make me happy!
    But the evidence is conclusive ~
    Okapis are shy and very elusive!
    How about a kids' rhyming jungle book?
    I would give that many a look!
    Hope you are enjoying your day
    at your unique, creative bay!

    1. A jungle book you say
      Could do that one day
      With many there to shout
      And the Okapis's name has no clout
      But they would be a sight to see
      As they hide away behind a tree

  29. This entry really made my day
    and it wasn't just Clint
    who made it that way.
    All of it was fun
    under my sun!
    xox jean

    1. More then clint you say
      Glad it was a fun display

  30. My favorite animal above is the 'striped deer' called an okapi. Their fur is velvety; they are very shy and live hidden in forests.

    1. Never seen one ever
      ay have to make that an endeavor

  31. I have loved animals ever since the day I was born
    I even love rhinos and their crazy-looking horn
    Tigers and leopards are my favorite of them all
    But a close second is a giraffe, how the hell do they get so tall?

    1. That damn neck
      Can sure give a peck
      To any high branch
      Maybe you can find out by opening a giraffe ranch

  32. ha smiles..some lovely fellows on your shore today...

    1. Some scary ones too
      Like the frog at my zoo

  33. The guy with the nose has no pants
    He sucked up all termites and ants
    For ten miles around his food is all gone
    A dessert as filling as a song.

    1. At least he saved us all
      From having an eaten hall
      Now he'll have to move on
      To where the new bugs dawn

  34. What striking images...some of these don't seem like animals you'd come across at your everyday zoo. That animal's nose does look like a vacuum hose!

    1. Nope sure are more rare
      And won't be found at any fair
      But with that nose
      I bet he knows how your garden grows

  35. It's Brian from 'UP'. I wonder what he is 'up' to these days, hope his look is 'up'. Don't suppose that frog is related to Jay Leno, his chin is very familiar.Great post, why is it that monkeys are so funny?

    1. All think he is Leno today
      Must be that chin on display
      And maybe they resemble humans a ton
      That is why they are so fun

  36. Loved the critters big and small,
    short and fat, slim and tall.
    The jungle is the place to see,
    I'm just afraid they may eat me.

    ~VR Barkowski

    1. Yeah that is a risk
      Might even slip a disk
      As you run away
      Better to avoid such a bay

  37. And here I thought Canada just had moose, deer, puffins, and Celine Dion.

    1. We shipped Celine Dion down there
      You can keep her at your lair

    2. It's bad enough we have Snooki.
      And the Brits sent Madonna back.

    3. We actually did send her packing when she wanted to come here
      No one gave a cheer
      And off she went
      Got rather bent

  38. I enjoyed the jungle cruise
    thank goodness I didn't get any bruises
    from those cats, monkey and striped deer
    But made me laugh, giving me a cheer ~

    Happy day Pat ~

    1. Yeah no harm
      Or alarm
      Came today
      Just some freaky things on display

  39. Am I last, Am I last. I mean everyone is so hot and bothered about being first. Maybe last should be a prized position too.

    Here in the jungle we be,
    Many strange creatures are easy to see.
    Some look like friends that you know,
    Some are acting to put on a show.

    Down here we call jungle 'the bush',
    Not a place to sit on your tush.
    Creepys and crawlies abound
    and lizards the size of a small hound.

    Best to stay snug in your house,
    Even friends could bring round a louse,
    The bush is a mean place to be,
    Better a boat far out at sea.

    1. Nope not last
      That is hard to get too with this cast hha

      And why would you want to live there?
      With all those bugs in your hair
      And lizards that could eat you hole
      Doesn't sound like it would be fun to take a stroll

  40. Awesome :) Jungles are such wonderful places! The animals are beautiful.

  41. So fun!! Nice work keeping up with the challenge :)

  42. SO cute! I like the Mohawks for a win.

  43. Always some great pictures at your zoo
    And what a treat to see Brian too
    Enjoyed the delightful jungle cruise
    And so many photos you sure can't lose!

    1. Yeah he was there
      With his mohawk hair haha

  44. We start with a cat.
    who would have guessed that...

    haha my laugh started right there only :P

    1. haha a cat is grand
      Has to be shown off in my land

  45. Oh a jungle cruise
    to stir my muse
    no time for a snooze
    amazing creatures
    unique features
    compliments of Pat
    on his mat..


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