A dVerse Hero Tries To Prove He Isn't A Zero!

Seems only fitting for dVerse to bring on the cat's curse. That would be for T too, as he always comes back to my zoo. Guessed who it is yet? Probably pretty easy if you follow this pet. For Tarsier Man is back and on the so called saving attack. But why stop there? Let's go all out today at my lair.

Each month at my sea,
You have seen something new from me.
Or rather Pat,
As he puts his name on the hard work of the cat.

Each month we add a book,
To our little nook.
And with Drazin in one,
The bottom of the barrel seemed fun.

So what may delight some,
As Brian has given such a hum,
That Tarsier Man should be on display.
It now sadly comes to pass at my bay.

Not only does this eye popping loon,
Who's nothing but an overgrown baboon,
Get a theme song as well,
But now he has books at my cell.

Notice the plural there?
For it isn't a typical day at my lair.
Not one, not even two.
No, this nut gets three releases at my zoo.

Tarsier Man's fame is on the rise,
Even with his stupid disguise.
Who cares what a monkey looks like anyway?
But yeah, nice of him to cover up his bug eyed display.

Now without further adieu,
Here are three new books at my zoo.
One even has versions of Cassie and I,
Fighting some blubber lip mime guy.

Scary nipples of the dark knight?
A blubber lip mime in sight?
And a guy with his undies in a bunch?
Boy, this loon is really out to lunch.

For fear.

A rump on display?
A jingle man has a bad day?
Tarsier Man pulling a Lethal Weapon 2?
This nut surely belongs in a zoo.

For more fear.

A dead toad?
Mail by the load?
A psycho mailman?
How can any be a fan?

For even more fear.

Oh and did I mention since it is a dVerse day, I'll be nice and the first one is FREE at my bay. Yeah, all because of dVerse, not because the nut needs all the help he can get and makes me curse. Be nice too and leave a review!

Now was that not a big day for the loon at my bay? And Pat even has more coming to add to Tarsier Man's theme song humming. The cat is never getting rid of him and I thought Drazin stopping by was grim. This is too much for the cat. I'll go bite Pat. Tarsier Man and Zombie Man are two new added to the superhero class. Who knows what will come next from my super little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. That break has left Hank right on time, every day

    2. Didn't expect it
      Just one lucky dip!


    3. Hank is so modest each time
      With his lurker power ready to chime

  2. Three? Do you ever sleep? Wow, very impressive, will go download the first one now.

    1. Not much at all
      Here at our hall
      And thanks for the look
      At the amazon nook

  3. tarsier man rocks...
    scary nipples of the night...hahaha
    now they surely give a fright
    and yet another new book at your bay
    another winner i am sure
    coming from your way
    and nice new header as well
    coming back to view it, now that is swell


    1. Welcome back
      To the Globland shack
      And yeah he thought the nipples were scary
      At least he didn't dress up like the tooth fairy

  4. I love your use of color in the books! Hhhhhmmm, I think I learned that in some other lesson of yours. Oh yea, Platform Yourself!!!

    1. hahaha retaining what you learned from Pat
      Even the cat likes that

  5. Tarsier man you say, well I'll give it a spin,
    I hope he's a superhero type that will win.
    The illustrations look great,
    the colors first rate.

    For me, this will be a first time,
    seeing Pat somewhere other than rhymetime.
    Although we all know it's written by a cat,
    not that guy we call Hatt.

    1. Yeah Tarsier Man was one of the funniest to do
      As I just went all crazy at my zoo
      Some of it may be PG though
      As nipples are said and a rump does show haha

  6. Tarsier Man with all his antics
    Three at one go, that's the trick
    Being prolific seems in your blood
    Bring in as many, it's not a glut
    Just perfect time management
    Which other ordinary folks lament
    You've mastered it well
    And that's just swell
    Came back & saw a new header
    That's just the way, brother!


    1. Many will surely come
      From my little rhyming bum
      And yeah can master the time well
      Which can cause some hell
      Glad you like the new header too
      Figured it was time for a new view

  7. Wow,you are so talented. Love the illustrations too. And, three,keep cranking them out :)
    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  8. I am impressed
    more books at your nest
    you must not sleep
    your keyboard continues to beep
    today's a real book fest
    Tarsier Man is the best!

    1. The keyboard keeps on humming
      As away my mind keeps strumming
      Just got a new idea last night
      Oh is it going to be a fright

  9. Not one, not two, but THREE new books?
    Your fans are giving you many astonished looks
    Do you even have time to catch a "can nap"?
    Or put your rhymes to music and create a rap?
    Anywho, congrats are in order
    You're gonna have so many books that you'll be called a hoarder

    1. A little cat nap here and there
      Come about at my lair
      And that kind of hoarder is fine
      To Pat and this feline

  10. Winning in the beginning haha, I love the heck out of Tarsier man so I love the heck out of this idea Pat, absolutely adore it, with Tarsier man I never will... snore it. Haha my rhymes suck, but all the same each month you provide us with books, I guess I'm in luck.

    1. Yep more and more come
      Will be up to 100 one day from my little rhyming bum
      That would be grand
      With so many books across the land

  11. Congratulations Pat. Another feather in the cap
    As books are read all over the map
    This is fantastic, the kiddies delight
    It is time for scary nipples of the dark Knight
    Tarsier is leading the pack #1
    Just like Hank, both on the run
    That is the way of Cat's life in the bay
    Pat, Cassie and Cat, they all get their day

    1. Yep another feather there
      That the cats can eat with flair
      Or more so Cassie
      Which will make her a little gassy

  12. Many people spend their lives hoping to get ONE book published. You should be super proud of your accomplishments. Your drive/energy too, has my envy. :) Congrats on the new publishes!

    1. 19 so far at my bay
      14 kiddie the other 5 novel in display
      So yeah the energy is there
      Or maybe I just like to blare lol

  13. Hi! Pat Hatt, miss priss, and the cat...

    Unfortunately, i'm not familiar with these 2 [Superheros] dudes here on your land... one name is Tarsier? and the other Zombie man?...Ha!ha!

    I see that they have [many]books...Therefore, I will follow your link to Amazon.com and take a look at their books...most definitely, will try to add them to my kindle or a Nook.[?]

    Oops! I just noticed that their book[s] is/are available in paper-back too!...Which media to choose? it seems that I can't make up my mind what's a girl to do?

    Tks, for sharing!
    deedee :)

    1. Tarsier Man is rather old
      But Zombie Man is new to the fold
      Thanks for the look too
      At the amazon nook with many to view

  14. Hi! Brian...
    I just want to say that I hope that you are having relaxing days at your bay!
    deedee :)

    1. Talking to Brian at my sea
      How rude of thee lol

  15. I didn't know you wrote comics, guess I thought it was all histrionics. Now I need some cash so to Amazon I can dash...

    1. Well sorta comic like
      As it is drawn that way but still in a kiddie book way as per the usual hike

  16. You are one busy guy Pat. You dabble in a lot of different writing skills. Then there are people like me who have no writing skills and write like a hick!!

    1. Yep can do most anything if i try
      Could even write like a hick under my sky haha

  17. This comment is Off Topic, for which I apologize. But I still leave it.

    Have you read my today-post yet? You might want to hurry, in case it "goes poof".... -sigh- "Auntie"

    1. Read today
      Poof I doubt it will go though at your bay haha

  18. Congratulations on the release of your new works. I have to admit, following you has made it easier to keep my own arse in gear at times. Thanks!

    1. Glad I can help out
      And keep your arse in gear and out and about

  19. Awesome stuff, can't get enough. :)

  20. The second book I've never seen
    but I see my name is on the screen. ha.
    I think I would remember, too,
    the buns on the tv and the guy on the loo.
    Are you sure this one is for kids?
    wouldn't want the parents to tear you to shreds!

    1. Never saw that one?
      Hmmm thought I sent them all to your sun
      Guess it got lost in the cracks
      When i sent books in packs
      Well it is more PG
      But will give the kiddies glee

  21. Tarsier Man on the pot?
    I'll put this read in the number two spot
    on my list, but i hope it's real good
    so I don't get pissed.
    I know for a fact it will be first rate,
    Pat and the cat are always great!

    Jennifer a.k.a Urban Gyspy Girl

    1. Wouldn't want you to get pissed
      May try to whack me with a fist
      But the cat can bite
      And is ready to fight haha

  22. It's about time Tarsier Man got more books. I mean, how many times has this guy saved the day already? He deserves this.

    1. Yeah the loon needed one or two
      So I gave him a few in view

  23. Congrats on the 3 books Pat ~
    I know many more will come from your mat ~

    Have a good spring day ~


    1. That they will
      Will make a whole hill

    2. I have downloaded the first one to my kindle ~

      Thanks for the free offer ~

    3. Thanks a ton
      For the dwl run

  24. First one is free? Very nice. And congratulations!

  25. Three more books! You are really cranking them out! Congratulations!

  26. best of luck on the trio

    makes you a book hero

  27. I'm in awe
    of what I saw!

  28. three!!! i feel so lazy right now, i barely get doodles out these days...

    1. haha bah the cat has no life though
      So three are easy to show

  29. haha..you're a marathon writer sir...very cool on the new books..

    1. Marathon writer not bad to use
      With that I can surely light my fuse

  30. Replies
    1. We shall see
      What comes from them at my crazy tree

  31. The main event and two good sequels?

    1. Yeah not just one
      Have to give it a trilogy run

  32. conga ratz
    orlin cassie N pat
    3 tarsier doodz
    shuld make yur walletz reel fat :) !!!

    1. Pretty bare right now
      Would like to have so fat it would make Pat bow

  33. These colors - awesome,
    Happy 3 books!
    One must have some
    as handbooks
    for beginners superheros
    to learn and grow

    1. Learn at every turn
      As a heroship they earn

  34. Three? You've been a busy bee!

    Congrats :)

  35. You are as impressive at word use as the late, great Dr. Seuss:)

  36. Holy moly, you're on a roll
    With many more as a goal
    Oh how I envy you
    For sporting such a golden mew!

    1. Golden mew I can have I suppose
      Although nice to have gold between my toes

  37. LOL, your poems always brings a smile to my face and tickles my spirit.

    1. Glad I can do both
      And they don't make you want to head south

  38. Three more books at your zoo
    Let me see what I can do
    I look at your books
    With the stunning looks
    Though speaking of zoo
    Reading you stuff and I need to poo...

    1. Just make sure to wipe
      And spray if it is ripe haha

  39. Pat,

    Three new books within your zoo
    so many wonderful things to view
    3 books for your nook, that's not bad
    I'm sure it will make many glad
    you are full of talent and I'm sure
    that it's an exciting challenge
    so, here's wishing a canuck some luck

    Wishing you tons of success under your sun...

    1. Yep more and more
      Enter my shore
      Will be 100 one day
      Here at my bay

  40. I am amazed how great you do this, three books is great!

  41. From that image, I can't tell if it's a male or female's undergarments that's being displayed.

    1. hahaha female I think
      If it is the one you are giving a wink

  42. "Scary nipples of the dark knight?" - fave! ;)

    1. haha it was fun to use
      As I abuse and amuse

  43. Your rhyming skills are reknowned.
    While I am but a clown.
    But with tomorrow's post I'll dare
    write a poetic history of underwear.

    1. Sure the underwear one will be grand
      Fun to my litterbox sand

  44. I am looking forward to reading Tarsier Man , book one.
    As a cheap psychic, I KNOW I will have a cat load of FUN!
    I would be reading it tonight but I went to the eye doc
    I have to rest my eyes
    which is a pain in the buttock!
    xox jean

    1. Glad your psychic powers are in tune
      To the fun of this loon
      And yeah the eye thing is a pain
      At any old lane

  45. Read your poem and downloaded the book
    then read right away, a few moments it took.
    A fun little story, and he saved the cats too,
    I even took time to write a review!

    Excited to add you to my Kindle library. (Even more excited that it actually worked, still getting used to this lovely new piece of technology!)
    Thanks so much, Pat!! My cats send the best to your cats!

    1. Thanks a ton
      For the review run
      And glad it worked too
      And hope your kitties are well at your zoo

  46. Not to be snide, but how did Tarsier Man get a cat to work hard??? We would be happy if ours just woke up!

    1. We ran away
      Not working hard at all for that nut at any bay

  47. Three new books all at once you say?
    It truly is a red letter day.
    Congratulations on un, dos, y tres.
    Tarsier man brings a smile to my face.

    VR Barkowski

    1. Glad he can bring a smile
      As he goes the kiddie book mile

  48. I would not be surprised at all Pat,
    if in real life you actually fought
    crime with rhyme with the help of
    ass kicking cats!

    and this I love!

    great interaction at your station bro :)

    1. haha that would be fun to do
      In real life with the cat sidekicks in view

  49. "Fighting some blubber lip mime guy"
    Oh me, oh my!
    And suppose I should ask why -
    some hairy-scary nipples apply?

    And with a grain of salt and on a hunch,
    I'll read about the guy with panties in a bunch.
    But if I must I'll stand on a stump
    to decry the display of any old rump.....

    Unless of course it's Kim Kardashian's,
    and her fat ass has her fake eyelashes in.
    Rhyming Kardashian is certainly a load,
    so now I'll return to the dead toad.

    Why, oh why Mr. Pat with a cat in a hat,
    is the toad dead?
    Did the psycho mailman
    drop a load on his head?
    Did he hop all the way to enter your zoo
    only to be crushed by a flat-footed 'roo?

    All in all I should offer congrats,
    'cuz 3 books in a row are some mighty stats.
    Keep em coming, Mr. Pat - with one or more cats.

    1. Two cats at my sea
      That is enough for me
      The poor toad was just to slow
      And got quashed when the mailman said go
      And yeah that fat ass I'd avoid
      As it would suck you into a void
      And you'd never get out
      No matter how much you scream and shout

  50. Omy!! In what time you sleep or work??
    Seriously you were si busy! Anyway I congrat you I think Tarsier man is really famous!

    1. Yeah he should get fame
      No matter how lame
      I sleep here and there
      But not much with the crap at my lair


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