A Monster At The Other Sea That Causes No Glee!

So dVerse wants us to find that monster at the end of this book. Whoops, read that the other day at another nook. I guess they have good timing I suppose, but the kiddo there still curls the cats toes. Yet at another sea there is something way more creepy. Thankfully it is not here but there it scares my little rhyming rear. Here or there, confused yet at my lair?

We jump from the cage,
Check our page.
Then go to explore,
When at that other shore.

Slap a cat or ten,
As they stroll around that den.
Bite a dog tail.
Fun to hear him wail.

Then there is a noise.
It causes us no joys.
That thundering cry,
Has to be Zeus in the sky.

Or maybe just Humpty Dumpty having a fall.
Or some human with one less brick in the wall,
Off to study the writing on the bathroom stall.
Sadly, that is a true study at ones hall.

And there it is again,
Roaring out across the den.
With its even tune,
My tail puffs up like a raccoon.

Cassie watches from afar,
I peek at it as the door is left ajar.
But then it creeps down the hall,
And I spring up the wall.

Taking off under the bed.
Could I be a monster there a kid might dread?
Hmm that could be fun to do.
But not with this thing in my view.

Its shriek hurts the ears.
It causes many fears,
As off those cats scatter,
Even the ones that are a tad fatter.

Good exercise I suppose.
As the sound grows.
It is getting near to us.
I need to board a bus,

And take off for home,
Where this monster doesn't roam.
Oh wait!
There is no need for such a debate.

I'll just sprint to the wall,
At the end of the hall,
And put an end to this thug,
By simply pulling the plug.

I guess there is an easy way to deal with many monsters at our bay. If all else fails yank the rip cord. Of course if you don't have a parachute you may end up as flat as a board. But that is a whole other story. So what is the monster at the end of this rhyme in all its glory? I think they call it a vacuum cleaner or something like that. It is not liked by this cat. I'd go bury it in the grass and walk away a proud little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Whoo Hoo look at me #1 without even trying

    1. Congrats
      She's got her running shoes on today
      When Hank gets back she'll have to pay

    2. Here for the top spot
      Surely all hot to trot

  2. I used to have a dog that was scared to death of the vacum... He would bark at it until I would put hime outside so I could get my work done. one day I held him down and vacumed his fur. He liked it so much he wouldn't leave me alone when I vacumed because he wanted his turn.

    1. haha hmm that is one way I suppose
      To cure such barking woes

  3. My mom used to chase our little dog around w/the vacuum when I was a kid, I totally forgot about that...it would make her (the dog) jump around and bark and try to eat the vacuum. I forgot about that...

    The book you mentioned in the beginning...huge hit with 3 out of 4 of my kiddos. ;)

    1. Oh, I repeated myself...and I'm replying to myself. It's going to be one of thooooooose Sundays, I see.

      Waving hi to Terry up in Hank's...I mean in the #1 spot. :)

    2. haha a repeat today
      Must be such a Sunday
      And we used to have one that would try and eat the hose
      As the two came to blows
      Yeah that book was fun
      To give a run

  4. My dog destroyed two, found them in their lair, unpowered and killed them.

    1. LOL that is another way
      To kill such a monster at ones bay

  5. ha. our older cat hated the vaccum and would hide,
    our young one like to go for a ride, he just sits
    and watches, like screw you *itches, dont mess with me
    all gangsta like,

    1. Very brave cat indeed
      Not even blinking at your feed
      And such language too
      Maybe some soap should come due haha

  6. Funny read Pat, must admit I didn't figure out what the heck you were talking about till that last line! Enjoyed.

    1. hahaha oh so fun to keep on in the dark
      Until my final reveal hits the mark

  7. This is definitely a great way to deal with the monsters, honestly Pat this post confused me until near the end too, but that's more a problem with me than you. Great rhymes buddy.

    1. Yep yank the plug
      And crush the monsters like a bug

  8. ha smiles...my daughter was afraid of vacuum cleaners when she was a kid..maybe for her it was a real monster..

    1. Hmmm maybe I am on to something there
      With the vacuum at the other lair

  9. At least cats run in fear, if a dog fears them they eat the thing and make you get a new one.

    1. Or else they just stand there and pee on the floor. Ha

    2. haha both are true
      Seen pee come do and some eaten by a few

  10. HaHa Good one...Had me going!
    I have a round little guy who cleans my floor
    He too, scares the critters right out the door
    He follows them around the room
    He's the symbol of accursed doom
    He's Rumba robot and does his work
    Cleans up after the critters, he's no JERK

    1. Maybe one day I'll get one of those
      Would sure curl the kitties toes
      As they watch it go round and round
      Much fun could be found

  11. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

    as nobody knows for sure if he was an egg or some other creature in the role call

  12. I have a Rhoomba, the thing that runs around the room by itself and cleans every corner. The dogs chase it, bark, try to bite it. I have gotten so I kennel them when I do this. You would think they would have adjusted to this & ignore it by now, but no.

    1. haha it is something to take on
      That they can kill at your lawn
      I bet the cats would try and kill it too
      Here at my zoo

  13. Funny, just pull the plug for sure
    But it gives me exercise as I clean around

    Have a good Sunday Pat ~ It's spring warm today ~

    1. That is true
      Exercise does come due
      And not that warm here
      I fear

  14. These monsters can be heard
    through all the walls
    in our neighborhood.
    I guess they have a list
    in secret tribe,
    so monsters're taking turn
    under each crown,
    and without cry.

    1. Yeah some big cabal
      At their monster hall
      All trying to do us in
      As they pretend to clean each bin

  15. Hi! Pat Hatt, and those two scary cats...
    So, it's not a "broom...
    that will make them run...
    and hide in another "room..."

    By the way, you cats...
    it want/will? make you leaner, running from the vacuum cleaner...
    You don't want to be fools
    You want to be cool [kewl]
    Therefore, do as your "Master" suggest...

    "just sprint to the wall,
    At the end of the hall,
    And put an end to that [monster] thug,
    By simply pulling the plug..."

    deedee :)

    1. That is all we need to do
      Here at our zoo
      Grab the cord and yank
      Then make the monster walk the plank
      The broom we like
      That we just strike

  16. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! The horrid vacumn cleaner. One next door cat does NOT like the vac, over there. The other cat, is cool with it. -grin-

    1. Yeah it is horrid in every way
      To both at my bay

  17. haha Five of our cats take the vacuum in stride
    but the rest certainly run and hide!
    Samantha is the bravest, though,
    following it where ever it goes!

    At first I thought the monster was thunder
    which also makes most cats wonder
    if the sky will fall
    and they'd be better off inside the walls,
    or under the bed
    as the sound causes them dread!

    1. These two barely ever see it
      So they have a bit of a scary fit
      When they go to the other sea
      And it comes at them they flee
      Must sound bad indeed
      With their super hearing needing them to take heed

    2. I saw one time on America's Funniest Home Videos a family that had a cat that didn't mind the vacuum and they actually used the attachment on it's fur instead of brushing him! haha...its was hilarious! I know none of mine would go for that, but it would cut down on the loose hair! haha.

    3. haha yeah none of the 15 I know
      Would ever let that happen at any show
      But I guess some are okay
      With such a display

  18. so many monsters we fight everyday..
    within and outside.. Damn we live in desperate times :P
    but your way always add the bit of fun on the way :)

    1. Yeah there are monsters here there and everywhere
      At least I can have some fun at my lair

  19. Monsters hide here and there
    dust bunnies everywhere
    yup, the vacuum will suck them up
    cat doesn't want to ride
    he just wants to hide
    now it's time to say goodbye..

    Have a great day Pat!

    1. Those dust bunnies are gone
      Which is nice at our lawn
      As they can make be sneeze
      And are almost as bad as fleas

  20. We are not big fans of our Evil Dyson and we do our best to avoid it when it wakes up and starts yelling!

    1. Yep best to run
      And hide until the thing is done

    2. Evil Dyson...haha
      sounds like a brother to Drazin!

    3. haha you never know
      Could bring his whole family to my show

  21. I do avoid the vacuum cleaner. And the washer and dryer. And the dishwasher, broom, mop, duster. Pretty much nothing gets done around here. I'm afraid of monsters.


    1. haha that is a good excuse to use
      To avoid cleaning or blowing a fuse

  22. Humpty Dumpty sounds like a one-night stand
    An egg that cracked in the King's land
    Yank the rip cord
    Watch you drop toward
    The vacuum cleaner
    Which makes you screamer

    1. The vacuum cleaner doesn't even get a meow
      I just run off at the overgrown cow
      And then wait for it to cease
      Giving my ears peace

  23. I always get afraid,
    Of the giant Mega Maid,
    But our hero made the Schwartz flow,
    Then Maga went from suck to blow.

    1. That is quite the way to be
      With a Star Wars flow at your sea
      Or vacuum as you say
      Just don't blow away

  24. my grand would be running with the dog... guess they think they'll be sucked up in them or something

    1. Yeah they thick that
      Or it hurts their ears at each mat

  25. Woo Hoo look at me #53 without even trying!

    I stopped biting my dog's tail but I miss the wail.

    1. Damn you are good
      Being 53 in my hood
      And hope you didn't get a flea
      After biting at your sea

  26. My dogs hate the vacuum cleaner, too!

  27. I have to put both of my rat cages in the bedroom and shut the door before running the vacuum or else they all start running around the cage. They are scared of my loud vacuum.

    1. Must really hurt their ears
      And cause quite the fears

  28. That's what happens when you visit strange seas! Stick to the good ol' 'Lantic Ocean and you'll be ok.

    1. That is where we will stay
      So no vacuum is on display

  29. Every midnight without fail, our cat begins to chase her tail.
    She runs from Hoovers, yes, it's true,
    but it's the witching hour that makes her cuckoo.

    ~VR Barkowski

    1. That is when they like to run
      As they knock things over by the ton

  30. I'm not as skeered of the vacuum as I used to be
    It wouldn't dare to even try to suck up all of ME!

    I'm not as skinny as I used to be before the "tutoring." Heh heh.

    1. haha that fat comes in handy
      Now the vacuum cleaner can't suck you up like candy

  31. LAST! Sorry, couldn't resist since I'll never make 1st lol.

    The vacuum causes much dread around here too! The only time my dogs don't want to act like bad asses is when it's running.

    1. haha I guess you know how to make them obey
      And almost last at my bay

  32. My ferrets weren't that scared of the vacuum unless you actually tried to suck them up. Then they got antsy.

    1. I'd get antsy too
      If someone tried to suck me up their long gazoo

  33. I have to say I'm scared of the vacuun myself,
    I prefer the cleaning be done by an elf.
    I promise to pick up and dust now and again,
    But once I start it causes great pain.

    1. Pain is no fun
      Under any sun
      Pat can relate
      But he still tries to go ocd at our gate

  34. A vacuum cleaner!
    Could there be anything meaner,
    for the cat
    where you're at?

    1. The fire alarm
      Can be meaner like a charm

    2. Like to be funny
      But would rather be funny with money haha

  35. All this running and diving reminds me of a housemate i had who used to go to the loo at 3am and run back to his room top speed like a lunatic.I wonder if he was afraid of monsters?
    Cats love riding on hoovers, or at least they do on YT.I think lonely housewives ...no i will stop there.

    1. haha going to the gutter
      That made you stutter
      And hmm not sure why
      One would run back like a lunatic girl or guy


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