A Romp Rat From The Cat!

So the cat is here to cause some fear or at least get an oh dear as you come to peer. Also showing the need for a cat around to maybe thin out the crowd. I think you can guess that for R we go into a rat of a mess.

Oh so cute,
And not at all a brute.
But they might bite,
Still not a bad site.

Then you get two,
Who plan to screw.
And we go down hill,
As they get a thrill.

You get a full cage,
As they unleash their sexual rage.
Rat sex at my sea,
I'll go anywhere as I'm that crazy.

Then comes your stock,
That will make all gawk.
Must be rough to feed,
And a big shovel you will need.

For they leave lots behind,
That does not smell kind.
Will eat your trash though,
Kind of recycling at your show.

But then you won't see the floor,
Maybe not even the door.
So as they go,
You won't even know.

You'll be a hoarder like this guy.
With food prices sky high.
Yes, it is true,
This guy hoards this many at his zoo.

They even grow wings,
And fly over things.
Letting whatever loose,
They feel like from their caboose.

But then they evolve once more,
To Nutria rats at your shore.
They could be rather scary,
And are really hairy.

Then they take over,
Become worse than rover.
This will not do,
Never get two!

Did you enjoy the rat show? Maybe like the Rat King you like the ratty glow. Who gives a rats behind, the cat just had rat pop into his mind. Could it be the cat needs a snack? Either way you get a rat attack. I am all done with my rat sass. Those giant ones still scare my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Loved the last picture best. I'm sure the cat wouldn't let the population be a problem.

    1. Congratulations Miranda
      You are #1
      The leader, under the sun

    2. Miranda is #1!! Lets Hear it for the Girls!!

    3. Enjoy it for another day or two
      As then Hank will be back in view

  2. Rat sass.....I laughed ......clever
    Do I want a rat.......Never
    I keep cats just for that reason
    At the ranch, there is no season
    In the barn I keep some food
    To attract the cats when in the mood
    On rats they get full to the brim
    It may not make them very trim
    But they enjoy their scrumptious feast
    On bloody bones to say the least

    1. Sure they keep them away
      There at your bay
      As they chow down
      And make each rat frown
      With each strike
      Maybe they should also use a treadmill or bike
      To get some of that fat off
      But I'm sure after their meal they don't scoff

  3. I don't like rats and Never want a friend like Ben!!

    1. But Ben will love you through and through
      And make you have a rat zoo

  4. Stopping by to see where you're at
    and see your rhyming about the rat
    I should have brought along some cheeze
    gotta go before I sneeze

  5. So, the cat has brought some rats
    rat a tat, rat a tat goes the beat
    have to admit rats scare me at your flat
    would rather have them on the street
    and not in between my sheets
    good you have a cat as they are clever
    will catch those rats that roam on your mat

    PS - now, see what you have done rats have invaded my day..
    have a good one at your bay..

    1. Rats invading your day
      Thanks to my bay
      Oh what fun
      Under my sun
      The cats will keep them away
      We aren't prissy at our bay

  6. I read rather quickly today
    rats creep me out, I'd say
    don't wish them to invade my day

    1. Sure the dogs at your lair
      Will leave them with a scare

  7. Nutria rats look like beavers without the paddle tail
    They don't look as scary as the others that cause a wail.
    Still, so germy they all seem
    as they crawl through the wall seams.
    And what? No rat burger in view?
    That is just not like you!

    1. Yeah they don't look to scary at all
      But still prob germy at each hall
      Which curls my ocd
      And the rat burger has been done by me
      Once or twice
      So I avoided such a price

  8. ew, ick, yuck, horrid. Increase the cat population, quickly, rats are so gross to me (unless it's Splinter...he can't help being a rat, you know ;) ).

    1. haha Splinter is the best rat
      He would be left alone by this cat

  9. woah that escalated quickly. I wanted a rat when I was younger but my mum got me a hamster instead....i finally stopped having them after i had around 15

    1. Wow Hamster lady you were
      With all that hamster fur

  10. Yes, having male and female rats together is not the best idea, but they do make cute pets.

  11. Have you seen the movie "Ben"?
    He had thousands of rats at his Den
    My cat Ruby has killed three mice in the last year
    That qualifies her a serial killer so she better get in gear

    1. haha a serial killer
      Sure must thrill her
      No rats around here
      Bugs are just killed by my rhyming rear

    2. It's Saturday, I have to run
      Lots of errands to be done
      Lurking here is much more fun
      Laughing at you guys and cat's bun
      Hahaha...I'm off.

    3. haha enjoy your day
      At your bay
      As you go to and fro
      Always on the go

  12. You can get two as long you don't have a lazy cat

    so many these days won't chase a rat.

    1. That is very true
      None of the ones will at the other zoo

  13. Oh my gosh--the picture of that kid--I'm still shaking inside. lol

    1. LOL he seems quite happy though
      But yeah may scare many with such a show

  14. Ugh!!!! I dont like rats but the las picture is really funny!!
    anyway you always have the most terribles pictures I have seen!

    1. haha at least I can keep you on your toes
      Wait until Z comes, that will really cause woes

  15. Some rats, they did tarry
    while sailing the seas.
    A plague they did carry
    and were helped by some fleas.

    1. Nasty indeed
      As they eat your feed
      And the ship
      Around each trip

  16. This was a very scary read
    as I so detest rats feeding
    anything, so I will fly quickly now
    even though there is a bit of snow
    in the ground, alas spring is afar ~

    1. Keep the snow your way
      Don't send it to my bay
      And yeah they can scare
      At any lair

  17. Oh, my gosh, those photos,yikes, now that is truly gross.
    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. haha grossed you out
      Fun to hear such a shout

  18. Recently I was thinking it wouldn't be too bad to own a rat. After seeing this I think I was wrong, yikes is the only word that properly sums up how I feel seeing this Pat haha.

    1. haha yikes is a good word
      As that many rats is absurd

  19. Those finicky rats what do you do?
    Especially troubling is seeing rats screw.
    You never know...rat porn might sell,
    but not underage rats or you'll end up in jail.
    One thing's for sure, a rats word ain't worth spit,
    as shown in your post, they're all full of shit.
    Trusting the cat would make much more sense
    he's the security guard, always on the defense.
    But, watch out for the Nutria, he has a bad rap. This
    large wetland rodent could even beat up the cat!

    Jennifer a.k.a Urban Gypsy Girl

    1. Have to hire a dog
      To take out such a huge rat hog
      Then the cat would take down
      The others with a frown
      Who are so full of shit
      And out their bones he'd spit
      But you never know
      Rat porn some may find a fun show

  20. Love it! But you knew I would ;)
    I have 4 rats right now and they are the best little pets. Nutria are some very big rodents and so are Gambian Pouched rats and lets not forget the Capybara- the biggest rodent in the world.

    Dark Thoughts Blog

    1. Yeah knew you would indeed
      And the Capybara is scary indeed

  21. oh my goodness...the pics gave me goosebumps....we lived in an old farmhouse once and i had my fair share of rats and mice there...enough for the rest of my life....ugh...

  22. Even though the rodents are not liked by me

    I am glad to find they're shown at your sea.

    The last picture seems to be a version of hell

    For cats who don't do what their masters tell.

    1. Yeah that is sure a version of hell
      For a cat to dwell

  23. What's that kid doing there with all those rats? Where are his parents?!!?

    1. Prob taking the picture I suppose
      As the rats go around his toes

  24. That was rather scary, but the rats seemed quite merry. Even the cat at the end seemed to see that rat as a friend.

    1. I think the cat was drugged or paid
      For such a thing to be played

  25. No, no, no. rats, mice, vermin are NOT my favourite.

  26. Hi! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss, and Where is the cat?
    after viewing all Of these rats here at your mat!

    I decided that I couldn't take it any more as I viewed rats galore...intimate ones, gray ones, white ones, big ones and small ones here at your shore!

    OMG! these rats are taking over the map... Will someone call an exterminator or build a bigger mouse trap!!!!

    I fear that I can't take much... MORE!!!
    Now, please excuse me as I run out your... DOOR!!!!

    deedee :)

    1. The rats scare you
      So fun to come due
      Here at my zoo
      I could have shown rumps in view haha

  27. I really really don't like rats.

  28. grossed out
    without a doubt


  29. This makes me miss my days in the lab. So here's a story I shouldn't tell. Now understand that in order to study what goes on inside a rat, one must kill the rat and sometimes you don't use lethal overdoses because they interfere with the active protein you want to study. There's two ways to kill the rat then. One is to do a live decapitation using a guillotine. very bloody and messy as you can imagine, but it was my preferred method. Other people used the "stunning" method. For this, you grab the rat by the tale and slam it's head into a table and he dies pretty darn quick. So here's my story.

    We have these undergrads come in to interview for the Ph.D. program and take them around to see what the real world of research is like. So I take a group into this lab that using the stunning procedure. It's summer and the windows are open. This bloke grabs the rat by the tail, goes to slam it's head into the table and the tail of the rat breaks off. The rest of the rat goes sailing out an open window. Jaysus the look of horror on those faces! We're four floors up and the rat survives the fall and runs off. So really the story had a happy ending, except that lab rats don't know how to survive in the wild so the little bugger likely died of starvation days later.

    I miss my job.

    1. haha wow that is one strong rat
      Poor guy prob got eaten by a cat
      But at least it beats getting stunned
      Or off with its head and shunned haha
      Actually miss work?
      That must have been a perk

    2. I miss being a part of a group of people who are like me the most. Learning something brand new all the time was a real high as well. I don't miss the hours though.

      Hey, I like your new banner. Who is the bald guy in the back?

    3. Yeah I can see that
      The hours are the worst part to the cat
      Of any job at all
      Plus having to go to fro certain times to the work hall
      And the bald guy is poor Drazin back there
      As he gives his bobblehead glowing eye stare

  30. Watched your pics
    with closed eyes
    R for rats-
    why I'm not surprised?

    Disney's cartoon
    at least
    made each of them
    the artist

    1. Yeah Disney ones are great
      Can talk at any rate

  31. Not only will I not get two, I won't even get one.
    Are we following each other, Pat? At this point I have no idea...

    1. I agree
      With thee
      And hmm have to check
      Here at my deck

  32. I don't think I could love a rat like my cats, but who knows. I don't think they're gross or horrible. In fact, I think they're kind of cool. Although with all that sexual energy, they should get a room or a entire hotel. :) :)

    1. Yeah they sure need their own island or something
      To have a fling ring

  33. We used to have 3 blind mice here!

  34. Those pictures of rats I hate to see,
    For here in the islands afraid of them I be.
    They scurry around from tree to tree,
    If I could I would drown them all in the sea.

    1. haha how violent of you
      But can't say I'd disagree at my zoo
      If that many were around
      Need to get a rabbit hound

  35. I have a cat, I got permission, to get her for the mission, of keeping away from us, rats.

  36. I was reading about rat kings, a few days ago, supposedly it is when a group of rats tails get stuck together due to excrement, blood and dirt, supposedly it is a sign of bad luck. Not that you need a reason to be disturbed by ten rats stuck together at the tail by their own filth.

    Nice post, the rapid increase in rats reminds me of that animation about the rats worse enemy...the cat. It was called 'The Cat comes back' about a man plagued by a cat...that comes back. It is on Yt.

    1. Knew about the cat came back
      Here at my shack
      But not about the tails tied together
      That would be nasty in any weather

  37. I loved the movie King Rat. Jim just told me he loved it too!
    Neither of us had any idea we had this great love of King Rat in common. Very Awesome entry Pat, even if I must flip my alphabet on Monday and start with R. xox jean

    1. Yeah went out of order at your shore
      But oh well you can still explore
      And King Rat
      Never saw that

  38. Nightmare city! Holy cow that is a lot of rats! What a fun romp though. You have such a way with words!

    1. I have a away
      May not always lead to a nice display haha

  39. HAHAHA, love this post. But some of those images were totally gross!

    My cats are often bringing in rodents of varying descriptions, and I often rescue them while they're still alive. If they're too big I just leave 'em alone though. I only rescue the babies/teens :)

    1. That they are
      Near and far
      And mine stay indoors
      Here at our shores
      So thankfully no gifts like that
      For Pat from the cat

  40. That being said, pigeon isn't too bad for eating.

    1. Hmmm I'll take your word for it
      Not going to try it one bit


    I think these pikchurs is fascinating but the Human says they turn hur stomick (ick ick ick) so she wouldn't even let me finish reading! Pfft!

    1. haha the human is so mean
      It is just a rat scene

  42. Need to pitch them all in the sea

    1. But some cam swim
      Then they may come after you and things could get grim

  43. A fun tale is never stale even when the photos ail. All those rats, they made me shiver, need some booze to quell my liver.

    VR Barkowski

    1. haha booze may screw up your liver though
      And make much in the loo show

  44. R is for rodent. May the cat eat well tonight!

  45. Where did you dig up those pics? Funny and gross.

    P.S. I like the new header.

  46. "Did you enjoy the rat show?"

    My answer- Hell No!

    1. Well at least you tell the truth
      Here at my booth

  47. You succeeded in giving me the hee bee gee bees! I'm running as fast as I can from this post! LOL!!!

    1. LOL just watch where you go
      Don't want an injury to show


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