Damn Blue Guy Can Surely Tell A Lie!

So dVerse wants the cat to go on a trip, pfft I don't give a tip. Yes, I am a mean cat. But they threw my litterbox gift back the last time I tipped at my mat. That was just rude of that waiter dude. Anyway, back to a trip. I figured instead I'd give the blue guy lip.

A trip that never was,
That got lots of buzz.
As the blue guy said,
Off the top of his spiky haired head,

To Bora Bora we all would go.
Whether friend or foe.
Even the cat could go with Pat.
No need for litter with that.

So all was in place,
With our Bora Bora race.
Then he lied,
Pretending he tried.

No nice golden sand,
Or little island band.
No water oh so blue,
That it looks brand new.

No nice beach,
With nice sights in reach.
Where you could wait for them to get drunk,
Not knowing until morning how low they sunk.

No shark fishing for the cat.
Do they even have that?
Could surely fill my belly,
Bet sharks aren't as smelly.

No getting waited on night and day.
I suppose you can get that at your own bay.
But if you want a looker,
May have to pay a hooker.

No water bungalow fun
For each and every one.
Where you could walk out,
And have a shower easily as you splash about.

Or would that be a bath?
Just don't go there or you'd suffer wrath.
I suppose the fish go though,
So you'd be swimming in their crap to and fro.

Don't you just like the images I give?
Should I live and let live?
Pffft to that,
It will never be let go of by the cat.

So there you go, just to let the blue guy know, the cat will never let it go here at his show. Maybe one day the cat will get payback though and give the blue guy a trip at his show. It will be all free and he could visit Greenland with glee. Finding out it isn't really green at all while the cat runs down his non Bora Bora like hall. Instead I have to roll in cold grass with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Trip to Bora Bora
    That's A bit too far
    Gumpster's Superman
    Can give a hand
    How long it'll last
    If one cares to ask
    May be a reality
    Bora Bora it'll be!


    1. Doubt it though
      That blue guy lies at his show
      A bit far indeed
      But could do the deed

    2. Don't listen to The Catman, Hank. He'd be the first one to get on board my private little jet if given half the chance. ;)

    3. Pfft not even this pet
      Could fit on your private jet
      That little model plane
      Is smaller than a model train

    4. Ouch! Why not simply cook my brain?

    5. haha nah it might stink
      Up my rink

  2. I could do with a trip,
    just send this dip!

  3. I'm innocent of all charges. I blame Bo. Um... Where's Juliette when I need her? I sure hope she didn't go THERE all by herself.

    1. Pfffft going with the frame job?
      Was it a one armed guy named Bob?
      Some evil government cabal
      There at your hall?
      I'll never believe at my site haha

    2. That would be a fun post... about everyone who claims to have been framed in a movie.

    3. That would be one long arse post though
      Have to split it into 50 parts at ones show

  4. I'm a bit confused here Pat haha, that blue guy is a liar? Well at least he's a trier. I think that a trip would be fun in all honesty, you should go for it, it may give you a buzz, moreso than the trip that never was!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Pffft waiting that long
      Be older than donkey kong
      He never ages though
      Yeah the blue guy confuses at every show haha

    3. I love Donkey Kong.
      Not so sure about THE SONG.

    4. Don't like the DK rap
      Doesn't it make you want to cheer and clap

  5. Oh, how I missed this cat/with or without Mexican hat/a feline with so much wit/no surprise it's always been a hit! Many thanks. I'm back now.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Welcome back around
      And yeah fun and wit can usually be found

  6. It seems a long way to go
    but I am liking that photo though!

  7. ha what a trip, be careful of sharks they will make you R.I.P.
    but they are very tasty, bora bora it is, but lets curb the tourist biz and just whizz around the place, and by whizz i dont mean stir the litter, that would be a disgrace

    1. Should have known you ate shark
      Probably even ate dog at the park haha
      That cat makes no promises though
      When he has to go he has to go

    2. I've had shark, too!
      Very yummy at my zoo!

    3. Geez you and your twin are going right to town
      With the shark crown

  8. I am so ready for a trip myself.... to someplace warm. We just got back from North Carolina where it was sooooo cold that I couldn't wait to get back to Pennsylvania weather. Now I am ready for warmth.

    1. Yeah warm would be so nice
      But that comes at a hefty price

  9. haha...sometimes the places aren't just what they are told us to be...i could tell a similar story...geez...what a trip

    1. haha yeah never what they are made out to be
      But sometimes that is better, sometimes worse for thee

  10. Oh dear! It sounds like you got out to Coney Island rather than Bora Bora - so sorry! I congratulate you on all the children's books Pat--you've been very busy! k.

    1. haha yeah such a big difference in the two
      That blue guy lies a ton at his zoo
      Thanks too
      Ton of them out at my zoo

    2. Is this my reward for all my good intentions? :( It's so depressing. I'm off to Coney Island. At least that's within my budget.

    3. Think that is within anyone budget though
      Could get there by getting and a boat and beginning to row

  11. Bora Bora might be quite a trip
    you and cat would surely flip
    at all the beauty at one clip
    maybe you'd even travel by ship
    but don't into the big ocean flip
    or you would take a most unwanted dip!

    1. Yeah no jumping in the ocean
      That would cause a commotion
      And leave me all wet
      Not fun for this pet

  12. to go to bora bora with a cat
    it sounds more like rabbit from the hat
    but if the cat is to decide
    you have the litter to abide

    Love rhymes Pat, and this trip was crazy cool

    1. Yeah the rabbit would be stew
      As away the cat would chew
      Glad it was cool
      From this rhyming fool

  13. Sounds lie that blue guy really is a liar

  14. Sometimes it's better just to stay home and read a book. lol

    1. That is true
      Comfort can be found at ones zoo

  15. I would love to go to the beach
    but you have to be careful of those sales pitches
    that doesn't come true
    and everything is a nightmare blue ~

    Happy Sunday ~

    1. Yeah have to watch those
      Could cause woes
      Curl your toes
      And leave you with a runny nose

  16. the poem sounds like borabora is so overrated then ;-(

    1. Would not know
      Since the blue guy never let us go haha

  17. Maybe with all of the attention you two get from the back and forth, some really nice sponsors will step in. Looks like Blue Guy gets a lot of folks reading too. I've seen whole families sent across the country at sponsor expense, why not the two of you? I say get to pitching those letters fellas! :)

    1. haha now there is an idea we could try
      Fly across the sky
      All on a sponsors dime
      Be quite the fun time

    2. Yeah... why not the two of us... plus a few ladies, of course. ;) I'm only married off-line...

    3. haha sounds like a plan
      One of which I'm a fan

  18. I'm saving my pennies for a trip to Bora Bora. You guys are just saying it's terrible to keep the tourists away so it'll be empty when you get there. Sorry, no cats allowed! Only bathing beauties such as myself. And, blue men?

    1. Pfffft unless it is cyclops land
      You may need to stay far away from the sand haha
      But the cat will go
      Screw what others say at their show
      Pfft to blue guys too
      They lie on cue

    2. And blue men? There can be only one. Didn't you see that movie back in the 80s? I only lie when I'm not telling the truth, is all.

    3. Yeah is all
      Trying to confuse the writing on the wall
      But the cat is wise
      He sees through your lies

    4. ...with the help of his purrin' spies.

    5. That where a disguise
      And fly the skies

    6. Wear did they where a disguise
      Them purrin' spies?

    7. Damn my grammar was bad
      More than a tad

  19. Hi! I have often noticed your comments on one of my favorite blogs, "Auntie sezzzzzz". So to satisfy my curiosity I decided to stop by. I love rhymes and yours are great! I enjoyed my visitso much that I am now a happy follower of "It's Rhyme Time" :)


    1. See me all the time over there
      As I am here there and everywhere
      Glad you like
      And I'll come over for a hike

  20. Cat and Pat are oh so ready to take a trip
    And leave behind the cold and the nip
    Cat could scratch day long in a sandbox
    And Pat could grow some very long dreadlocks
    He'd ooggle the maidens in a skimpy thong
    They'd make him feel like ole King Kong
    Frantic hip-shaking of the Polynesian dance
    Will put a gentleman into a trance
    He'll send us post cards and tell us to come
    We'll pack our bags and to the plane will run.

    1. haha now that would be a show
      All but letting dreadlocks grow
      That would sure care Pat
      And they'd probably be chewed by each cat
      Such a plane trip
      Would sure earn all a dip

  21. So just where did he send the poor cat?

    1. To his litter box. Where else? It sure looks like a beach. It may smell a bit different though ;)

    2. LOL at least it smells like me
      And nothing like stinky old thee

    3. You'd think I need a bath or two
      for this smell is just too much,
      but it came all the way from Canada
      to the country of the Dutch.

    4. Damn, must have been a Newfie thing
      You can keep their stink ring

  22. Cats could sure have fun with all of that sand!

  23. Fukken cats...

    If sharks ate cats, would the shark get hairballs too??


    1. Hmmmm maybe they would
      I'd at least make the choke in my hood

    2. Thanks, Shoes.
      Gettin' rid of the Catman blues. :)

    3. Had to get help
      With a little yelp lol

    4. Hahaha. Or as Betsy would say: Ha!

    5. Copying another now
      Next you'll meow

  24. Sounds like a bad trip
    gone straight to hell
    Bora, Bora I think I will skip
    look for a more exotic spot
    long as I can sit in the sun
    as, I like it rather hot..
    no litter box please,
    you know what I mean
    some beaches are not very clean
    I want to feel soft white sand
    between my toes, that would be grand
    sitting in my chair, without a care
    listening to the hum of the waves
    getting lost in my fantasy land...

    Pull up a chair Pat, let's have a chat
    about the adventures of that wild cat..

    1. PS - I didn't bring anything to throw - do you have a Frisbee at your show?

    2. Yes such a spot would be nice
      The cat could go of and chase mice
      Lying in the sun all day
      With no litterbox near at play haha
      For a few days at least
      Would be fun even for the furry beast
      No frisbee here
      But why not give a boomerang a cheer
      That way at least it will come back
      To your shack

    3. ok, one more as you made me laugh
      a boomerang you say, now that's an idea

      Have a great day!

    4. Just be sure and run
      As when they come back they are no fun

  25. So the blue guy is grumpy! Grumpy rocks! Always! ,-)


  26. I won't hire blue guy to plan my vacay
    To Bora Bora or other serene getaway
    But what about Reno or Fresno
    Anaheim, Timbuktu?
    Places like that are already blue. (?)


    1. Timbuktu I bet he could get you
      Although then as you say you'd surely be blue

  27. Did the blue guy bang on some drums like he does in Vegas? If not, tell him you want your money back!

  28. I don't think I would like to take a trip like that,
    Of course I have the best beaches here at my mat.
    Sand fleas and other bugs that bite
    It is sure to give the cat quite a freight.

    1. Yeah that would be bad
      At any pad
      Maybe I better stay in
      Here at my bin

  29. Maybe he is blue due to depression try popping a few prozac in his mouth while he sleeps and he will be so hopped up he will gladly carry you on his blue back to any holiday destination.

    1. hahaha that could be a good trick
      Pop them in right quick

    2. Tried that the other day. Doesn't help. Stuff a couple of grand in my mattress and we'll float all the way to that Bora Bora beach.

    3. The sharks may eat it though
      Then a sinking you will go

  30. If you pop prozac in to someone to get a free holiday i am not legally liable for any injury.=)

    1. haha good retort
      Wouldn't want to end up in court

  31. never trust the blue guy

    or the red fly

    1. Will keep the second in mind
      Red and blue are a strange kind

  32. What a fun post this is
    hope it made the blue guy smile a bit
    and maybe he's less grumpy, too.
    which would make him less blue!

    1. He would still be blue
      As he doesn't like to be new

  33. I would love that Island band
    And having a pee in the nice warm sand
    I'd come back all relaxed and tanned*
    It all sounds just perfectly grand!

    Well, strictly speaking, this prolly wouldn't really work out, but it's a nice idea. And it rhymes.

    1. Yep sounds like a plan
      One which I'm a fan
      We could make it work out
      With a little shout

  34. I guess the cat is in good company. I find I am rolling around in the cold grass also. I'd much rather be in Bora Bora.

    1. That would be a sight
      You rolling in the cold grass day or night

  35. Yes, roll in your grass,
    now, it's warmer at us.
    But dream, Cat for more
    beyond Bora-Bora...

    1. For more you say?
      Like a million bucks at my bay?

  36. Not much of a Tahiti Treat
    The sand a place to stick your feet
    The sand one day
    A giant kitty litter tray
    Don't want to Bora Bora you
    So off I go and think of blue

    1. Yep and I can go
      Where I feel like it at such a show
      Don't think of blue
      You may get grumpy too

  37. Hmm, this cat is really on to something,
    for a lovely vacation my heart is searching.
    But I a hoping for a quaint, quiet cottage by a lake,
    because who wouldn't love that for goodness sake?

    Thanks for the fun again, Pat :)

    1. That does not sound like a bad spot
      Would also like that a lot

  38. A trip that failed?
    When you should have set sail?
    Sounds like you need a bit of bubbly
    to take your mind off of your troublies.
    Maybe after a sip or two
    You'll forget the words of that liar Blue.
    You can dream of girls in string bikinis
    and cat can dream of Vienna wienies.
    Perhaps when you wake, some utterly amazing chick
    will have left a poem as smooth as a butter stick.
    You never know, weider things have come true.
    It's not Bora Bora, but words can be hot too.

    Jennifer a.k.a Urban Gypsy Girl

    1. haha oh a bit dirty there
      And flirty at my lair
      With words that can make one stutter
      If they choose to go to the gutter lol

  39. Bora Bora has always been my #1 destination
    What could be a better vacation??
    Sun, sand, and waters deeply blue
    Also, lots of rum to make do

    1. Haha sounds like a plan indeed
      Although not sure how much rum I'd need


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