Don't Neglect, Reach Out And Connect!

So the other day the cat was going to that other bay and we saw a sign, that was pretty sad to the feline. You know, one of those ones outside a grocery or any other store with words aglow. It said "follow us on Facebook" which just made me shake my head. Someone actually took the time to move the letters around to say that? I guess they are desperate for Facebook followers at their mat. But we can have some fun as we reach out and connect a ton.

Look at our sign,
Aren't we divine?
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter,
Now now, don't get bitter.

Just because you used your phone,
And now a ticket adds to your debt loan.
Should have stopped first,
After reading our burst.

At least now you know,
When 15% off cupboards are at our show.
But why stop with us?
Just look at the side of each bus.

Follow your bank!
Give it a yank.
Now you will know,
When stocks are low.

You know the drill,
Follow and like at our hill.
Then when it's time to drill and fill,
You'll know to pop a pain pill.

By joining our feed,
You will get all you need.
Life, medical, dental and even disability.
All are cheap at our sea.

By following our stuff,
When things get rough,
Give us a tweet,
We'll sue off their feet.

Watch your eyes,
As they swirl like flies.
Now with your like,
You'll know when Candy pretends to use the mic.

Could follow us as well.
Just ring the like bell.
Then when it is time for a shot,
With your pants down you'll still be caught.

Can you tell we are desperate as can be?
Even posting a sign on a tree.
Why will no one like?
Don't many want to take a funeral home hike?

Some things should just not be followed at our sea as they are just strange and creepy. But I suppose all are parts of life. Could follow if you need to divorce your wife or have bad teeth. Maybe if you need 15% off a wreath. But on following or liking I'll take a pass, no one needs to shove a shot in my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I understand what you're saying Pat, to me it seems like certain businesses are using Facebook as a lazy way of getting business although maybe it's just adapting with the times. Great post Pat, also, am I first?

    1. Yeah some are doing it to be lazy
      Any other point is kind of hazy

  2. I am surprised at the businesses who are on facebook. Even the little Mom and Pop places do it. I have a friend who ownd a beer distributor and they are on facebook.... kind of cool.

    1. Those little ones are grand
      Banks though and such can eat sand

  3. Ha, I follow a few businesses on FB. Very few, but sometimes it is nice to find out when they have special offers I wouldn't hear about otherwise. (As long as they don't overdo their posts, I'm fine with this.....)

    1. The special offers are nice
      Can save on the price
      But some are just blah to me
      I'd never follow at my sea

  4. If it works both ways and I can curse out the banks and stuff, not such a bad thing.

    1. I suppose that would be grand
      To do at ones land

  5. ah i think we are all relearning what it means to do business in the digital age, and with FB all the rage, i would not know as i dont subscribe at my show...but the signs are all over the roads as well...

    1. Signs there too
      Geez all around for everyone to view
      And yeah re-learning I suppose
      As that sure shows

  6. Cat, LOL
    I guess the ads are real scary
    Not so much in Mayberry
    We are rather behind
    There's more gold yet to find
    Not in the Facebook but out in the hills
    Bring pan and a pick for all kind of thrills

    1. Gold you say
      Just point the way
      The cat will dig like he's in the litterbox
      And soon have gold teeth and locks

    2. LOL That image is soooo funny

      Get all the cats and I'll get mine
      We'll start them on the goldmine find
      Then strike it rich, take all the ore
      Gold teeth for all, forevermore.

    3. I think we would have better luck
      Finding a buck
      Or at least getting the work done
      If we got dogs to dig under the sun
      Cats won't listen on bit
      There they will roll in the grass and sit

  7. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook and ditched my personal account long ago (though I did have a brief love affair w/Farmville way back when whole family did, lol).

    1. Yeah I ditched the personal crap
      And pretty much am off the facebook map
      Just have it to use
      When some contest or signup thing lights my fuse

  8. Just laughing imagined Cat with gold teeth
    and grin
    waving from the screen...:)

    but really
    you are off the Facebook,
    not answering
    the friendly look,
    however you could took
    the part in one of writing group..
    come try Pat, who knows
    maybe you will hooked...

    1. Hmmm still not buying
      I sent facebook flying
      Have an account I use to like and such
      But never use it to keep in touch
      To much hate
      I have for it at my gate

  9. Hey the cat with the knack
    no facebook at my show
    who will come who will go
    I don't really even know
    watch your back, for attacks
    signs of the time, make a dime
    better keep them off your show
    you already have a brilliant glow
    use it to light your fuse
    maybe, win a cruise..
    just be sure you don't get used
    because your a fine cat...
    with his own mat...and that's a fact..

    damn like the way your mind works..always ticking, ticking, ticking..have a great day at your show...

    1. Good to do
      No facebook in view
      That is such a pain
      Many don't board the train
      And look at you go
      Here at my show
      Fun rhyme indeed
      Here at my feed
      And my mind never stops
      Sometimes it does hops

  10. No FB to follow and show
    It's just a lot of things to know
    Useless unless you really need them like cheese
    I'd rather look and shop for them with ease ~

    Happy Sunday ~

    1. That's the way to be
      There at your sea
      No facebook on display
      Damn thing just gets in the way

  11. media and its associated perks work us over completely :P

  12. I would never follow my bank

    bunch of cranks

  13. Yeah, I don't know why I'd want to follow businesses on Facebook. I have too many people to follow!

    1. Aren't you the popular one
      Under your sun haha

  14. I follow our local indie book store that carries my book
    Otherwise, any other business that wants my follow can have it after buying my book. Yeah, that'll happen. The 'liking' thing is out of control too. I've liked 100 things, so I think I'm going to stop liking stuff.

    PS None of this was in rhyme. Maybe next time.


    1. Bah okay not to rhyme
      Especially with such a liking crime

  15. I almost didn't come by today,
    Thought maybe like all the other A to Zers you would have nothing to say.
    But no not you, your full of the snark,
    Giving old Zuck and his pages a big dark mark.

    I closed several Facebook pages down,
    They all had my name but were not from my town.
    If they come back to haunt me again I'll just scream
    Facebook and liking is quite a bad dream.

    1. Pffft never nothing to say
      Here at my bay
      A to Z is just a break for me
      Making posting easy

      That is can be indeed
      A big dark mark into a dark pit that makes your eyes bleed
      Plenty of dark there
      Yes I am aware

  16. Ah. SO many of them. I hv accidently liked some pages and I need to unlike them. Just silly pages. Urgh.

    1. Yeah some I just do for contests and crap
      Otherwise Facebook can take a nap

  17. I'm pretty sure our bank follows us everywhere!!!

    1. haha as long as there is dough
      That is a fine follow at your show

  18. Don't get me started on twitter,
    It makes me sour and bitter,
    Too many to updates to read
    Another account I don't really need.

    1. haha yeah I barely ever look
      Here at my nook
      Waaaay too many indeed
      At each feed

  19. Of facebook I'm not a fan
    although some think it's grand.

    1. That they do
      But I agree with you
      The equivalent of poo
      At my zoo

  20. There once was a crook
    a veritable schnook.
    Easily nabbed for his crimes
    and sentenced to hard times.
    He was easy to follow on Facebook.

    1. Yeah they think it is rad
      And they are oh so bad
      By posting their feat
      To all that come to greet
      Then they get a small barred pad

  21. I've had a quick visit here following a comment you left The Other Mary! You're rather pleasantly nuts, aren't you?

    1. hahaha yep as nuts as can be
      Not sure I'm always pleasant but always crazy

  22. I don't think there is a place I visit anymore that isn't begging for Facebook likes. The latest was my dentist. Oh, and you get a discount there if you do! Thanks, but no.

    1. LOL that is pretty sad
      The dentist is the last place I'd like at my pad

  23. We always hoped FB was a fad that would just go away, then twitter came along. They are just too much time spent on the computer. We feel sorry for the kids bullied or left out of their "friends" activities and find out about it on FB. No thank you.

    1. Yeah we agree
      Should be pitched into the sea

  24. Like, Like, Like...Yikes! (Oh, and thanks for the funny comment on my 'Invitation' lol)

    1. No problem at all
      And yep like like like on every wall

  25. I'm not on Twitter or Facebook
    Not interested in their outlook
    Everyone trying to sell something
    That's just plain annoying
    I don't follow by solicitation
    When it's out of desperation :)

    1. Yep that is what they are
      Sell sell sell at each bar
      Best to avoid each one
      And enjoy the sun

  26. Sadly failure to do this type of stuff suggests that you may be technologically impaired and some customers will shop elsewhere.

    At least I'm seeing that trend with larger companies.

    1. Yeah that is the flip side
      It is the turning of the tide

  27. haha, I know- everywhere, everywhere we're supposed to follow! I totally understand why they do it but I mean- let's get real, I'm completely uninterested in following my mechanic's shop on FB...

    1. haha yep that is the truth
      I even saw one on a bridge toll booth

  28. Soon, your fridge wants us to follow their twitter!

    "Who left the light on?"

    1. haha yep at every ridge
      It will be like of the fridge

  29. I see those signs everywhere. I saw one in my doctors office and had to laugh.

    1. Yeah not one I'd want to follow at all
      At any hall

  30. I am guilty of being on Facebook way too much
    I should be doing more reading and such
    Perhaps my New Year's resolution next year will be to forego it altogether
    That way my cap will have an extra feather

    1. There you go
      The way to be at your show
      Sucks too much time
      And half the stuff on there is a crime


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