Grab Your Rig And Prepare To Dig!

Q may leave many reaching or send them on some queen type speeching. Maybe talk about the band who travel the land or some stupid wave that oh so many a 'sir' crave. But nothing will stop the cat as away we go with Q at my mat.

Some might consider it a cheat,
If used for a Scrabble retreat.
As it is more effective than Qi's use.
Some may even cry, abuse!

But that just makes it fun,
As it also proves the Qu rule wrong by a ton.
Just like i before e.
You humans need new rules at your sea.

So away we dig,
The hole has to be mighty big.
It usually resides in a giant litterbox,
Which is too hot for socks.

That must suck for cats there,
None to chew at their lair.
There are always toes,
As those Egyptians strike a pose.

That is where it was made too,
By Xerxes and his crew.
Ordering it to be made,
So they could control its trade.

Over half way there.
Have you guessed yet at my lair?
I know, making you use your brain.
That has to cause some strain.

Maybe you are Qasid at you sea?
Wouldn't surprise me.
But nope that isn't it.
You need to add more of what creates spit.

They originate upon high,
Helping the land below be less dry.
They run in a straight line,
Which works for the ocd of this feline.

That's right!
You have seen the light.
Or maybe not,
But a Qanat is the word behind my Q plot.

Could really increase your score and keep the water flowing forever more. See two great uses for you. One to help flush the stuff in the loo and another to bring you Scrabble fame. The Scrabble fans will cheer your name. Now back to digging your Qanat class. I will just be a slave driving little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Good Morning,

    first at your sea???

    1. Knew I should have got up earlier, hmph

    2. Number one you are
      Here at my bar

    3. Congrats Truedessa on #1
      This morning I am late
      To see #1 at the gate
      Granddaughter came to visit
      Our conversation got exquisite

    4. A tad late today
      But better things to do at your bay

  2. I cannot believe I am first at your sea
    how, can this be, others must be busy as bees
    the land is thirsty, as the water flows
    soft petals, sip up, ah the smell of a rose
    standing drenched in a refreshing rain
    life breathing through my veins...

    Have a good day at your bay..dancing to the sprays

    1. Yeah who knows
      Which way the wind blows
      As some may be late
      But first is your fate

  3. You've pulled off with panache
    What would cause me a rash
    If I tried it at Scrabble;
    I'm better at babble!

    1. Well babble is good
      To let all know in your hood
      What is going on
      From dusk to dawn

  4. Qanat as defined by the urban dictionary: a totally cheap ass word used in Scrabble to piss everyone off.

    1. Qanat also known as a water management I guess the word can be applied in many forms depending on the mood. Thanks for the urban definition. New word for the day.

    2. LOL that it is
      Such fun biz
      To give a go
      And piss everyone off at ones show

  5. Now I will sound smart in scrabble

  6. Well Thanks to Truedessa, I don't have to search and see what qanat means.

    1. She spoiled my fun
      Under my sun haha

    2. I am sure you can dig up more fun
      as you live in an endless sea that hums
      didn't mean to steal your sun
      here is a shovel now get digging
      I am sure you can find some trouble
      or leave another puzzle..

      Hugs Hun the ton.. Teehee

    3. haha yes the cat has plenty more
      With post done until july at his shore
      So never fear
      You can't stop my little rhyming rear

    4. Hey,

      I wouldn't want to stop you
      as I find it rather amusing
      so will drop in tomorrow
      to read your philosophical musings

    5. Not sure how philosophical I will be
      But will have something new to see

  7. Haha...we humans sure need new rules at our sea!!

  8. I need to brush up on my Q words. Lol

    1. There are some
      That will give a win in scrabble with their hum

  9. Qi will give you loads of points in scrabble better not Qis! I think I have no more a-y challenge in me...I am empty!

    1. Empty you say
      Pfft you will get there at your bay
      Just pass some gas
      And show off things with class

  10. Time to get out the scrabble game
    and hopefully gain some scrabble fame
    even though my scrabble ability is lame!

    1. Well with that word
      You can win and may get flipped the bird haha

  11. An education in words, imagine that,
    and most of it coming from a cat.
    Whoever said A to Z was a waste of time,
    If nothing else I'm learning to rhyme.

    1. And rhyme you do
      Here at my zoo
      Very well to
      And now you have a Q word or two

  12. I may have to bookmark this page, cat. All these Q words I'll win the game for sure! Who would have thought you'd be such a help to me?? To bad you're still full of fleas.

    1. The cat helping a one eye
      It can not be
      I'll have to send a flea
      Or ten on your knee
      To make up for that
      Here at my mat

  13. Cat that is so astute
    Bringing water from it's root
    Q's a letter used quite figgley
    Write it and it gets all wiggley
    Persian lands and old Iran
    Plan Qanat throughout the sand
    Rarely do I play the scrabble
    I leave the Q's for those who dabble.

    1. That I can do
      Bring water to all at their zoo
      So all don't get too hot
      As they go all hot to trot

  14. We totally allow Qi in Scrabble, but qanat is a good one in which to dabble. I had to look it up, but now I'm an educated pup.

    1. Glad I could educate
      At any rate
      Here at my place
      And Qi we also embracce

  15. Qanat - good
    when thirsty at your hood,
    you can even live inside
    what I guess,is fun
    for feline.

    Also, Qanat - Mplayer
    Stream Recorder
    if you like it -
    place the order:

    1. Hmmm never knew that
      New to the cat
      With your recorder
      Here at my border

  16. q in scrabble is the kiss of death

  17. I am quite amazed
    At all your rhyming ways.
    Qi is my favorite Scrabble play!
    Have a happy A-Zing Day!

    1. Yeah that is a good one
      To surely give a scrabble run

  18. Hi! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss, and the Cat...
    I was so unfamiliar with this word called Qanat being brandished around here at your mat...

    Therefore, I took the time to look it up in a hurry by using the urban dictionary.

    Here is the result that I discovered... urban dictionary
    A totally cheap-a_ _ word to use in Scrabble and piss everyone off.

    It's a real word that rhyme with funnel can you guess what it is... wellll... it a underground tunnel.

    deedee :)

    1. And piss off one it does
      With it's Q buzz
      Getting lots of points
      But digging them is rough on the joints

  19. I think I am the only one who gets excited to get a Q when playing scrabble. Big points, baby, big points...

    However, when playing the Alphabet game on car trips, Q just plain sucks.

    1. haha scrabble and Q
      Go together well at my zoo
      And yeah that is true
      Hard for Q to come due

  20. I can strike that Walk like an eqyptian pose,
    Well for sure my frizzy hair is very King Tut,
    Pose and hair aware much?

    1. To you have King Tut's gold too?
      That would be fun to come due

  21. "Litter box too hot for socks"...this phrase totally rocks. As for the Q, all thanks go to you. Jennifer a.k.a Urban Gypsy Girl

  22. I'm not scared of the 'q.' Bring it... :)

  23. I am not a fan of Q and scrabble, I have a horrible feeling I would never want to play scrabble with you lol

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  24. I suppose that knowing foreign languages could help if I ever got stuck with a Q without a U during a Scrabble game.

    1. Yep it helps a ton
      When giving scrabble a run

  25. Like a waterfall and irrigation system...a very intriguing q word indeed, Pat. Nice one!

    1. All to do with water at my sea
      And none of it came from me ha

  26. Qanat is a fine "Q"
    There really are so very few
    "Q" words that launch without a "U".

    VR Barkowski

    1. Yeah there are very few
      More that defy the i before e rule out there to view

  27. Replies
    1. With your steam
      Does it come out your ears in a stream?

  28. I love to rhyme! It's a great way to spend my time.

    Hey that rhymes too

    1. That is does indeed
      Glad you rhyme at my feed

  29. You always manage to make writing a post on the word Q look like the easiest thing ever Pat, great job buddy although I guess I shouldn't be too shocked, it is you after all!

  30. Quintessentially quiet in my quadrant
    Quickly queing for a qualified Q-rant
    Quilting quenches quirky Q quotas

  31. I'm so impressed with everyone's "Q" posts today. I had such a hard time coming up with something. lol

    Dark Thoughts Blog

    1. Yeah always go for the most out there one
      Q today was rather fun

  32. Very clever. I could not guess "qanat". I never heard of it, but I love scrabble. Thanks for the winning word.


  33. That will be a word I use in an upcoming game of Bananagrams. Bwahahahaha

    1. hahaha and you shall win with that
      All thanks to the cat

  34. I think I got lost at sea.
    And no, not even going to try to rhyme. Novels yes, music yes, poetry... not so much.

  35. That word I never knew
    but now I do, thanks to you!

  36. I was guessing you'd go with "Qat", but "Qanat" is an even better word!

    1. Yep will sure raise your point score
      At your shore

  37. We play Scrabble with a view
    To winning big, which you can't do
    Without employing Z, X, J and Q
    With plenty of skill and patience, too.
    High-value letters are just too few!
    So get out the board and bring me a Brew.

    1. You sure know your scrabble board
      With the big letters stored
      And ready to go
      You'll surely win at your show

  38. When we play Scrabble we have a rule
    You must know what the word means or else you're a fool
    Sure, you can throw anything together and chances are it's a word somewhere
    Bit that doesn't count when we play in my lair

    1. Well now you know what Qanat means
      So you can use it at your scenes

  39. I suppose it is like Orange, what rhymes with it? Only the obscure words that have fallen out of favour.
    Quietly Quincy Quilted, Quoting Quixotic Qualms Questionably.

    Six Q's? Lucky i didn't go for 4 Q's.

    1. Actually that was seven there
      But yeah just obscure things but everything can rhyme one way or another no matter how rare


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