How Low You Sink When You Drink!

So for I the cat figured he would do something he has not in a while at his zoo. Make fun of all of you? Bah, I do that more often than not so that is untrue. We will go the Irish way as for I it is another Irish Drinking Song on display.

Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
First comes a lurker who's top of the pack,
Can be a real tear jerker if Brian sets Hank back.
But then you get not one or two or three,
Brian goes on a comment run, drunk with glee.
Then comes a poke from a strange rock.
I hope she doesn't choke on a dirty sock.
Manzanita brings forth a rhyme that can be as random as can be,
Magic potion isn't a crime but it might make you pee.

Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
Hank returns once again after regaining his composure,
Being down below ten must feel like a foreclosure.
Then comes a Candida Journey that at first glance,
Might sound like a tourney of drunks doing the chicken dance.
I can't be Optimistic at all as an Existentialist graces my hall.
For with a name so long and tall, I bet he doesn't miss last call.
That was a Slamdunk at least for the cat,
With some junk in your trunk you may look like a rat.

Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
Adam gives a fact then talks in Japanese,
I wonder if he can do such an act when he has to sneeze?
Betsy and her flock of cats surround as a rhyme is sung.
But she is less profound and maybe sounds drunk with a numb tongue.
Auntie sezzzzzzzzzzzz must really need a good nap.
Or it's a tease and she uses z instead of x to avoid a bad rap.
Just Keepin It Real, Folks is a mouth full to say,
But just light up some smokes and watch her camel toe on display.

Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
I hear you have in your hand some mail4rosey.
Put it on the night stand and if it's good things may get cozy.
Sherry rhymes with scary, but you already knew that.
Still with a blubber duck lip as red as berry, she could even scare a nat.
da tabbies o trout towne may leave you a turd,
For such a crown, just mention a dreadful burd.
Susan Kane comes and joins in for a little toast.
I hear if you drop some coins she'll perform a weenie roast.

Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
Theresa comes with an admission to one and all,
She cleans everything into submission letting loose her freak call.
Waffles finally makes it around giving the cat a little diddy,
It seems he heard a tweeting sound that made him quite giddy.
Brian the cat comes wearing his usual hat,
He should use that to counter surf at his mat.
A pal named Al gets off his sidewalk loo and comes for a view.
I bet you had no clue he has to wait until July before coming at his zoo.

Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
A golden eagle lands on a nearby perch,
I hear she's not so regal doing things with a feather that got her kicked out of church.
Claudia comes with her sax and blows a tune,
If you pay a dVerse tax she may really make you swoon.
Fred said he read a dead bed can hurt the head.
I think something he was fed had a ton of led.
Anne swings on by and gives a night chime,
I feel dirty with such a cry knowing its time for adult time.
And last and maybe least comes a one eyed beast,
Who was sited by a priest for her whine as into the wilderness she was released.

Oh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
Oh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-diiii-deeee-diiii-deeee-diiiiiii!

The cat sure had fun giving that a run. Even though he may have gotten a tad dirty if not a little flirty. But hey, I just repeated what was said by all of you at your or my zoo. Made some stuff up too. Sadly not about Al and his sidewalk loo. Now the Irish in me has come to pass as some may curse my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeamie's first, what a joy
      Out of first place, a fight to deploy
      But for now, congrats Yeamie! HaHa

    2. Way late today, will get it though before Hank gets back

    3. Waffles is finally back on top
      Of the crop
      With Hank gone
      All is fair game at my lawn

  2. Happy to be first with my comment burst. I absolutely adore when you make posts about all of us Pat, I have to admit that the minute I seen the title I automatically assumed that Anne would be in the mix since alcohol is involved haha, great post as usual buddy!

    1. Yeah Anne had to be thrown in
      As she left a comment that day at my bin
      And fun to do
      As I make fun of all in view

  3. ha, hank has given me a window going on vacation
    and i have yet to take advantage guess i have to get
    up a bit earlier to assure the place atop, in my stop
    at your lair, and read your fair, nice skip thru the comment
    chain, here i am to leave me stain, ha, OCD working on the brain yet? wee wee i am filled with glee...smiles.

    1. Well only 48 minutes off
      So still can't scoff
      But one day you may get first again
      There at your den
      haha yuck to the stain
      Get some lysol at my lane

  4. lol... I have been known to do a chicken dance or two. I bet you have also.... Why in the world do they do that dance at some weddings anyway?

    Fun post Pat and god knows we all need a little more fun.

    1. Ya put your right foot in
      And you turn yourself about
      Thats what it's all about
      Leeeeft foot

      Agree and post Pat

    2. Umm isn't that the hokey pokey?
      Either way both are hokey
      Not sure why they do that at weddings though
      Guess just to have fun as all flop to and fro

    3. Oh, it sure is the hokey pokey. Don't they do that at weddings too???? I don't know. I haven't been to a wedding in a long time as no one gets married any more.
      At least no wedding gifts that way. LOL

    4. Not sure if they do the hokey pokey there
      Only ever been to one at my lair
      And yep that is true
      No gifts for them instead buy for you

  5. Saving the best for last, I see
    My day will now be filled with glee!
    I don't care if you called me a beast.
    Doesn't bother me in the least.
    For one look at your nasty ass
    and I'm reminded of all that gas
    that is trapped within your bowels
    which makes you scream and howl
    then I feel nothing but sorrow and pity
    and grateful I'm so darn witty!

    ha ha ha

    Been a long time since Orlin and I had words!!

    1. Yeah I have to agree
      With such a one eye today at my sea
      For the best was saved for last
      As I wanted people to run away fast
      Can't have them hanging around
      And your more scary than a junkyard hound
      Plus you are so very witty
      Any day you can trump a 90 year old bitty
      My you have such class
      While I savor the gas in my ass
      Making up for lost time
      With such a chime haha

    2. And here I thought you were going for the best trump of all - Donald!

    3. Nah you already failed there
      With no proof at your lair haha

  6. Hmmm, and where is Mary?
    Apparently she didn't tarry
    or her words their weight don't carry
    so she'll write her own fine verse (very)
    but.... beware, it will be scary!!!

    1. Mary was not around
      Out playing with a hound
      When it was done
      She posted a comment after I wrote up my irish song fun
      So write away
      Sure it will be a fun display

    2. I understand; and It's okay
      I have to give you a hard time
      sometimes at your bay
      so you know that I read
      what you have to say!

      (I was sick yesterday, didn't read anything, so I am catching back up today.)

    3. Blah to the germs at your sea
      And the kitty enjoys getting a hard time at his tree

  7. Cat says all and gets a little frisky
    Popping open lids on his favorite barrels of whiskey
    Orlin does a little dance called the hootchi cootchi
    When neighbors hear him sing, they get a little moochi
    He does his lurk, he knows the gang
    He knows the places where they hang
    His face is seen on wanted posters
    For telling all on coast to coasters.

    1. I get to grow my fame
      Adding wanted to my name
      And getting my mug on a wall
      While doing the hootchi cootchi at some ball
      That is oh so grand
      I knew all that practicing in the litterbox would pay off at my land

  8. that was brilliant, | can hear the music in my head. Thankfully no dirty socks lying around here...phew

    1. Not a dirty sock to be seen
      That is great as all is clean

  9. Hank always seems to be number one
    Maybe one of these days I will beat him there and bask in the sun
    Manzi's rhymes are clever as can be
    Reading all the comments on here always gives me glee

    1. Glad glee is found
      As all come and hang around
      Many clever as can be
      And to beat Hank you have to get up early

    2. One of these days I shall set my alarm
      To beat Hank and hope he doesn't bring me harm

    3. Well he is away for another week or so
      So you stand a chance at my show

  10. I feel like I fell down the rabbit hole after checking out this post. hehe :)

    1. haha the feeling comes many a day
      Here at my bay

  11. Wow that was quite the post, using everyone in one fail swoop.

  12. Cat rhyming is cool. Helped me learn a snippet about each blogger too. :)

    1. A snippet some may want to hide
      But I rhyme it out with pride

  13. Pat, you never cease to AMAZE ME!
    I have given you a Very Inspiring Blogger award. You may pick it up at my website when my "I" post goes live in a few minutes. Thank you for all the fun!
    jean yates #atozchallenge

    1. Glad it is fun
      Under my sun
      Fun to inspire too
      As I amaze at my zoo

  14. Don't drink the ビール

    if you're afraid to make some 音楽

    1. Hmph how did you do that
      There confusing the cat haha

  15. I love when you do this time of thing,
    probably because I'm new enough not to attract any zing.
    An Irish drinking song for all,
    the cat makes sure everyone takes a little fall.

    Many things here that you do fling
    and not one of them looks a little like Spring.

    1. Nope I fling away
      Here at my bay
      No matter the season
      And for any reason
      And never fear
      You will get your dues one day from my little rhyming rear haha

  16. Once again, my trip to your zoom
    Has made me spew
    Laughed so hard
    Brought out the guard
    Back to work I must get
    Before they throw me out in the wet

    1. aaaack, didn't proofread, sorry

    2. haha it happen to us all
      As we comment on each wall
      So never fear
      I hope they don't drag you out by the ear

  17. Replies
    1. Might get good and drunk
      Either way there'd be a funk

  18. That reminds me, I need to have a NipFest!

  19. Grab a mic
    And sing all you like
    The cat's a hit
    One million likes I'm sure of it

    1. One million you say
      That would sure make my day

  20. Irish drinking songs! a fun way to start any day:)

    1. As long as no drink
      Comes that early at ones rink

  21. Replies
    1. That is what it is all about
      Fun with each shout

  22. Ohh, Auntie ought to scold you, lol!

    And I bet you Theresa can get her freak on, mm hmm... they say you have to watch the nice, quiet ones (and I believe it ;). :)

    1. LOL the cat is not afraid at all
      And yeah you reall do have to watch the quiet ones at each hall

  23. That's quite a little Irish ditty, Cat. Wonder if it made the dogs bark...

    1. Sure it hit the mark
      And even made them bark

  24. So now my big fat red duck bill is part of an Irish Drinking Song? Oy! That is scary!

    1. That duck bill gets around
      Soon on news outlets everywhere it will be found

  25. orlin N cassie...we iz irish...drinkerz..... ( we izz ? !! ) N now fame mouz thanx ta yur way awesum song...we loves dublinerz, van morrison, thin lizzy N U2 could knot haz done sew well...

    :) !!!

    1. Not even U2
      Damn the cat is god at his zoo
      Glad you like
      My irish hike

  26. This Irish song
    I'm gonna whistle all day long
    Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
    someone drunk till crank...
    an innocent prank?

    1. Not so innocent I would guess
      Be damned if I will clean up any mess haha

  27. Wait a minute...aye-dee-di...What comes next? Dang, I almost had it.

  28. Well, I feel honored to be in this post!
    It's fun coming to your pad each each day. You are always quite the host :)

    1. Glad I can honor and not scare
      Here at my lair

  29. Fun to read all the followers names here Pat ~

    Hope you are enjoying a slightly warmer day/night ~

    1. Fun to do
      And still meh weather wise at my zoo

  30. Meow. need a proper cat nap after a the whole run through. know any Irish cat nap tunes?

    1. Hmmm could make on up at my sea
      But that would just make all sleepy

  31. I wish I knew a good drinking song off the top of my head. I guess just plain "cheers" wouldn't do.

  32. It's always fun when you bring in others.

  33. Yep, feathers. They're very versatile things. LOL.

    Loved seeing everyone together in one post!

    1. haha glad no ruffled feathers came due
      Here at my zoo

  34. It only took me two paragraph to clue in that you commented on some of my fav bloggers. :D

    1. Only two
      At least you caught on at my zoo haha

  35. Look at all the fun I missed
    while working at the auction dish!
    Singing songs in the early morn
    as each comment here was born!

    1. Yeah the song brought a few
      To sing at my zoo
      While you were knee deep in cow poo
      Selling stuff to the farm land crew? lol

    2. well, I was in the cattle barn
      but didn't see anything to cause alarm.

    3. haha geez got you all cattled up though
      With no rhyme to show

  36. Oh this was so awesome, and you will be happy to know I remedied the camel toe!!!

    1. And with the remedy a rhyme
      On today with your chime

  37. In for a rhyme!
    My, what a great time!
    Too bad I would soil it
    with a pic of me on the toilet.

    1. Just warn all to look away
      When you call it a day
      And are ready to type
      As you lean left and wipe

    2. You poked at the folks who comment and joke
      with an imbibing tune that's really a stoke.
      Let's clink our glasses with a wink and a smile
      Hey,where's that drink? I've been waiting a while.

      ~VR Barkowski

    3. The service around here
      Is something to fear
      You may never get a drink
      Unless you like to stick your head in the sink haha

  38. Holy cow! That is the most complicated drinking song we've ever seen! Its a far cry from "100 Bottles of Beer", and you better not be drinking or you'll never remember it all.

    1. Never drink at our hall
      We just like to give the song a call

  39. Awesome, my mediocre drinking skills were spared embarrassment. :P

    1. Glad I could help out
      And not give those skills a shout

  40. Very clever and fun, Pat! I'm afraid the okapi took all my rhyming for today! I'm playing catch-up after a little hiatus!

    1. Catch up is fine
      As the okapi sucked all your rhyming out with its striped sign

  41. I liked the 'ohay diddle di deee', i think that is the actual Irish national anthem.


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