I Tell No Lies, It's Guys And Guys!

The cat thought for G he would give a great Guy sight to all of thee. For many female readers follow the cat. It is only fair I give something back at my mat. So away we go with plenty of guys to show.

Doesn't he make you swoon?
Who wouldn't like the genie from the Aladdin cartoon?
Plus he's out of this world as well.
I know, he must make you sweaty as hell.

Just look how he rocks the duster.
He must have quite the groupie cluster.
And those glasses and that hair.
My he is truly rare.

Time to head off to Never Never Land.
Isn't that hook grand?
Could sure reel you in.
A bit pointy, but that isn't a sin.

The glasses make a return.
That dress must make your stomach turn.
You can't handle his flair.
I should charge a fare.

Don't you love a guy with friends?
Not sure what kind of message it sends,
If he hangs with a dead guy.
But to each their own under the sky.

Who knew he could grow his hair so long?
I bet he makes your heart sing a song.
With his curly haired friend,
He at least got over his dead trend.

That leather has to bring them in.
Those sunglasses sure aren't a sin.
Things also look really sharp.
He must pull at the strings of your harp.

Flexible too.
Who knew?
All covered in gold.
You must be sold.

Oops, maybe not.
Not paying taxes isn't so hot.
Guess you'll have to be pen pals.
Sorry about that, gals.

With that deadly hand,
He can defend you across the land.
Look at that chin,
I bet you enjoy that at your bin.

Look how he lifts that leg.
And not a thing seems to sag.
Don't let all that red,
Go to your head.

The grand daddy of them all.
It's the billionaire of the wall.
Bad boys are liked too, right?
Even if unlike Superman he can't take flight.

At least he can pucker up.
I bet he makes a mean coffee cup.
Might get a kink in the neck though.
But he is a billionaire you know.

Now you can't say the cat never does anything for you at his bay. Enjoy the choices I gave and feel free to rant and rave. Even pop a Tootsie roll. Damn, that may have been a gutter stroll. There is sure something for every lass thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Tootsie was my first in-theater movie...my mom took me, lol. That's going waaaaaaaaay back. :)

    1. That is a while back
      And look first today at my shack

  2. Snipes was sprung the other day, seen all of these too and congrats on being a teacher too.

    1. Yeah house arrest now
      Soon his ego will be out to once more wow

    2. Shall see what he does next

    3. That we will
      Prob make me feel ill

  3. I did not know Patrick dressed up as a woman for a movie, must go and see!

    1. Oh also congrats on being a teacher!

    2. Need to get a reach
      As I teach
      And yeah too wong foo
      Is where he did the whole drag thing to view

  4. Had to drop in before the day begins
    see what this crazy cat has under his skin
    the letter G for thee floating at his sea
    oh and now a teacher, a fine feature
    s lot of creatures to be discovered under his sea
    So, Pat thanks for the chat off to work for me
    where I'll be busy as a bee...

    PS - when I saw Patrick Swayze - Couldn't help but, think of Dirty Dancing..you should have posted that at your show I'm sure the girls would like that you know...

    What more can I say but, have a great day at your bay!


    1. Hey Pat,

      Will check out your show with the code after work when I have more time..

    2. Thanks for the chime
      Before you go off to earn a dime
      And dirty dancing you say
      I liked it at my bay
      But there was no drag
      So that one couldn't play tag
      Enjoy your day
      And thanks for later checking out the course at my bay

  5. Ohhhhhh, Swayze makes me swoon as a guy or gal. I just watched Dirty Dancing the other day for the millionth time. Looking forward to reading Platform Yourself.

    1. Well there is some to read
      More video at my feed
      Either way
      Enjoy the swooning at your bay

  6. Weekend at Bernies! One of my all time faves
    When I talk of it I always rant and rave
    Gotta love Mrs. Doubtfire
    Dressing up as a woman in order to conspire

    1. Yeah weekend at bernies was grand
      Watched it many a time in my land

  7. PLATFORM YOURSELF??????????????????? Why am I afraid to click on that link?????????????????????????????? ,-)

    1. There should be no fear
      The only fear is only ever found here

  8. You got the best it's hard to pick
    Like what to ask from old Saint Nick
    Weekend at Bernies takes the prize
    Who likes to drag around old dead guys
    I could see it again and laugh just as hard
    As they prop up the dead guy out in the yard.

    1. Old saint nick never delivers though
      A winning lottery ticket is all I want at my show
      And yep that one is grand
      As a day guy gets dragged around the land

  9. you dont have to worry
    i wont dress like a floosie
    its been years since a dress
    adorned this mess
    ha. a teacher eh
    this is need to see, say
    be over right away

    1. Learned you lesson from that
      No more drag at your mat
      And yep another thing to add
      To the resume at my pad

  10. Learned a lot about those guys, you see.

  11. Great info at your new bay, Pat. I didn't see the link to write a review.

    1. One has to sign up first and then I think they can review somewhere
      At that other lair

  12. I knew these guys had been girls, but to see their picture side by side or top to bottom is funny.

    I'll check out Patform oops Platform yourself. :)

    1. Yeah funny to see
      And nice play on words with Patform at my tree

  13. I love that Wesley Snipes is practically flexing in that picture. Because ladies love to show off their guns, right?

    Also, I signed up for your class, but only if I don't have to learn anything. I don't have to learn new things, do I? My brain's already pretty full.

    1. Well Chyna and the like do
      Not that i want such things in my view
      Thanks as well
      For the signup at the other cell
      And bah no brain cells should be harmed
      So no need to be alarmed

  14. Those dudettes are sure lookers! Hey,, thanks for the course, I know we will enjoy it!

    1. Yeah that they can be
      A bit scary
      Thanks for the look
      At the other nook

  15. OK, I signed up, your course I will take
    I may be slow cause I need many a break.
    But some learning on the topic I sure need,
    Thanks for doing such a good deed.

    These 'guys' that you showcased here in you space,
    Don't always put forth a masculine face.
    So is that supposed to make them a 'real man',
    Or part of some other evil plan.

    Some of them do come across as a hunk
    But then in a dress - OK, I'm done now cause I just saw where I was going.

    1. Thanks a ton
      For giving it a run
      No matter how slow
      As it increases the numbers at my show

      No they tend to shine
      Thinking they are all divine
      Must be an evil plan though
      Wait for them to kick up their heels and then you'll know

      Didn't want to go that far?
      Nothing is too far at my bar haha

  16. Oh, some of those photos can make you go Ew.
    And some look so real, the naive wouldn't have a clue! haha.
    Glad you got your Platform all done.
    I haven't had a chance to look at it some.
    Sorry about that.
    Crazy zoo at my mat!

    1. Yeah Mrs. Doubtfire would be hard to spot
      Unless things showed as she went for at rot
      And figured as much at your zoo
      Sure soon enough it will be in your view

  17. Signed up for your course
    Looks like it has a lot to offer
    Hope it brings coins to your coffer!

    1. Let's hope so
      Be nice to have some dough
      And thanks too
      For signing up at the other zoo

  18. I remember watching Mork and Mindy

    1. Yeah it was sure fun
      That and Happy Days under my sun

  19. orlin N cassie...we haz signed up for yur course...thanx much for de free coupon...pleez tell yur dad tho him kneads ta eat more trout ore flounder ore even sea bass or perch
    ...hiz legs be waaaaaay two skinny !!

    1. Thanks for the sign up from your mom
      Delights my little rhyming bum
      Yeah is rather stick thin
      That at the cartoon bin

  20. Now that was funny. They sure do make ugly women. lol

  21. Checked out your platform lesson. Man, you've been busy! I watched it through "Plantation," but now I have to get on with the bazillion other things I have to do. Nice work!

    1. Thanks for the signup at the other zoo
      Yeah took a friggin long arse time to do

  22. As much as I like Robin Williams, Mrs. Doubtfire annoyed me.

    Congrats on the course. I just signed up. Looks great. Thanks for the freebie.


    1. Didn't like him in drag
      As he went all dude looks like a lady with that hand bag
      Thanks for the sign up too
      At the other zoo

  23. Cat is great..
    and she does so many things.. no n=one can deny
    like today... god those pics :P

    1. haha they can deny
      But as they do it's a lie

  24. Since I took the course, I can say Pat is a very GOOD Teacher. Learning can be fun!!

    1. Learning can be fun
      Hmm depends if a cat is running it under their sun haha

  25. Most of these men don't make good looking males let alone females!

    1. hahaha hey don't blame me
      Just trying to help out at my sea

  26. I remember Mork,
    Back when I was a bigger dork
    I also remember Blade,
    A good movie Norrington laid
    Swayze never flipped my lid,
    But the bald guy I kinda dig.

    Congrats on your Platform site, will check it out.
    And thanks for the code. (:

    1. You like the bald guy
      He is rich as superman flies the sky
      And thanks for the look
      At the platform nook

  27. Well, those sure brought back some memories, when cross-dressing was daring and cutting edge. Wesley Snipes wins the prize. I wonder how he is doing in prison?

    1. He just got out
      Now out and about
      Well on house arrest
      Until July when he is free to once more be a pest

  28. P.S. One gr-daughter picked up my copy of "Cassie and the Wild Cat Meet and Greet" from my book shelf. She exclaimed, "Oh, it's a Pat Hatt book!" and sad down to read it.

    1. That is sure fun to hear
      Glad she enjoys the books from my little rhyming rear

  29. I am loving your course, Pat! You really are a fantastic teacher and I'm glad you decided to do it. You've already made me realize I need to make some changes at my blog. You've been a great help. THANKS!!

    1. Such praise for Pat
      He thanks you for that
      But not the cat
      One eyes need to learn their place at my mat haha

  30. I'm a Superman fan
    but Lex luthor is a mercurial man
    especially the one in Smallville TV Show
    so... on and off, he's quite a hero.

    Always love to read your blog. i have some catching up to do but i'll be back!

    1. Yeah he did some good
      There in the smallville hood
      But then went all pad
      As he is kinda mad

  31. Seeing the images of Patrick Swayze reminded me again of what a loss it is that he'd left us so early. He was such a talented man.

    1. Yeah he made some good ones
      Sucks he passe and no more movie runs

  32. You are king of them all,
    I think you've got the call
    so get out a skirt
    you hopeless flirt!

    jean yates A to Z 2013

  33. So you are a teacher?
    I was once such a creature.
    I felt like a preacher, so I quit.
    But now I'm a blogger,
    sitting here with my lager,
    and a class on platform would be a great fit.

    ~VR Barkowski

    1. Yeah don't want to be a preacher
      Just an online teacher
      Makes it easier to be
      Here at my sea

  34. Signed up for your course! :) Looks great.

  35. I haven't had much sleep Pat so you can fully understand why this is blowing my mind haha. It's making me laugh a little so something is processing in my brain, that's all for now from my thought train.

    1. haha still some lights on up there
      Hope you get some sleep at your lair

  36. You know you're in trouble as a guy, when you dress up in drag and look pretty hot.

    1. Yes, that is rather bad
      Unless you like that sort of thing at your pad

  37. Nano Nano
    How does it go
    Shall let you off the hook
    Peter 'Pun' is the crook
    So you be a teacher
    What a clever creature
    I'm checking your list
    Class dismissed

    1. Not quite yet
      Still a safe bet
      That the class will stay on
      At least until dawn
      With a nano nano
      An a happy days flow

  38. Replies
    1. That he was indeed
      But that third movie needs to be pitched in the sea and never again shown on any feed

  39. Captain Hook
    could have a look,
    but he mustn't touch.
    Cause what kind of book
    calls for a hook
    for prostate exams and such?

    1. Scary thought
      Not hooked a lot
      For that would itch
      And make me twitch

  40. Robin must have quite a wardrobe full of dresses by now!

    1. That he must
      After which many people may lust

  41. Love the wonderful rhymes and delightful children's books!

    Thank you for stopping by!

  42. Hahahaha - love your she-male star show!

  43. We signed up for your class
    But we might be cutting class
    Since the Human spends all day at her school
    She doesn't think more homework would be cool

    Ha ha ha! Hope you get your 100 peeps!

    1. Going for a 100 at my feed
      Thanks indeed
      And as long as you sign up
      That is fine and fills our cup

  44. If only Blade could come back and kill some modern day vampires for us...

  45. I didn't realize you were a teacher. Your post was quite a trip down memory lane.

    1. Hop it was a fun trip
      And yeah into teeaching my feet dip

  46. This was good. Thanks.


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